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Foxes normally live alone, except family, but this group of foxes is different. They noticed the wolves and copied them. They knew they were more clever than the wolves, and they are determined to prove it. Each fox has its own special ability: invisibility, enhanced hearing, flight, ice, fire, etc. What fox will you be? Jump into this other world and find out.


*I'd prefer you be rather literate, I'm not talking 2000 character posts, but please no one liners and try to write a couple paragraphs when possible
*No GM
*Romance is allowed [obviously] but try not to use to much
*Characters can die [but I'd honestly prefer them not]
*Profanity is allowed, but try to keep it relatively civil
*None of the 'My fox can turn into a human stuff'

Fox Name:

Alpha Female: Trista
Alpha Male: Kishan
Beta Female:
Beta Male: Hachi
Hunters: Roxas, Saber
Healer: Vaidya


My Fox:
Fox Name: Kishan

Gender: Male

Appearance: A strange, yet stunning fox, Kishan is pitch black with red tinting along his sides with a white tip on the end of his, long bushy, tail. Small in stature but large in size he is rather stealthily built, fast and evasive. Eye's a startlingly deep green, with a solid black nose as well. Long sharp, curved black claws, formidable canines, with the muscle to back up the appearance.

Personality: Quick to anger with a short fuse, yet just as easy to please, Kishan is a natural born leader. Commanding attention just by his appearance, he has no shame putting others in their place. Quick witted and with a great mind for strategies. He seems to many to be a cold distant fox, and although he can be, this couldn't be farther from the truth. With a severe desire to protect those in his care he will defend anyone he calls his own with the ferocity of a mother protecting her pups. He tends to act slightly distant, although he is really fun to be around when he wants to be, worried about getting to close to anyone.

Ability: Able to melt into the shadows and become nearly invisible, natural leader instincts, and a strange gift. He’s learned over his life that if he concentrates on a command given to someone they simply have to obey it only one fox has ever been immune to this gift.

Rank/Position: Alpha male


Family: Unknown

History: Somewhat secretive about his life before the pack no one is really sure where Kishan came from. All he lets most know is that he had a tough life shunned and refused by many, which is what taught him to take care of himself and value the bonds he has now.

Fox Name: Hachi

Gender: Male

Appearance: A mid-sized fox with a gloss brown coat over his body with a multiple leaf pattern on his right shoulder. His coat itself is extremely thick but only an inch long and an inch and a half in its thicker areas. His eyes are a vibrant electric blue, his tail is the same as his coat.

Personality: Altogether he is someone that can be approached safely at anytime and normally has a contempt aura about him, but, when he is angry or in a bad mood he becomes someone that tolerates no one nor any joking or stupidity.

Ability: Astral Projection/Telepathy (weak) He sends his spirit out of his body and can walk through solid objects ONLY if he himself knows the area on the other side of said object. While in Astral Projection he can move small objects with his Astral Body.

Rank/Position: Beta Male

Crush: None

Family: His family was chased down by the wolves and when his parents finally got a distance ahead of them his mother hid him in a hole under some trees. The wolves never found him, for the smell of his parents blood covered his own scent.

History: Was found whimpering over his mothers body by Kishan and adopted into the pack and quickly worked his way up to Beta Male.

Username: Sarrabi
Fox Name: Roxas
Gender: Female
Appearance: Slick black coat with a unruly tuff of blood red on her neck. A star pattern adorning her left shoulder, and a blood red tipped tail. Her eyes are eerily white, almost glowing in apperance.
Personality: Strong and silent. She tends to hold her loyalty where it is due and judgement where it is needed.
Ability: She has the abilities of a chameleon. She can change her colorings to that of around her. This mkes her an excellent spy and a craft huntress.
Rank/Position: Hunter
Crush: None.....Yet.
Family: Roxas was abandoned as a pup when a hunter killed her mother. Since then she has been raised by her mother's sister. When she grew up she thanked her aunt for her help and protection a strove towards her own path.
History: She was hunting one day when she ran into Kishan. He saw her skill and inquired her about his idea of a group like the wolves had. Having felt with the wolves before she quickly agreed and watched him closely, just till she was sure she could folow his rule. After awhile she did grow comfortable and has been hunting for the fox pack ever since.

Username: LadySeraph

Fox Name: Vaidya

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is a smaller fox, both long and lean. She inherited this build from her mother, as well as her larger than average ears and her white and grey coloring. From her father she received her black markings, as well as long fur and a fluffy tail.

Personality: She had always been a quiet fox. She is quicker to listen than she is to speak. She prefers talking about the other person in the conversation than she is about herself. She is kind and compassionate, willing to take the pains of others upon herself so that they don't have to suffer through them. It is hard to make her angry, an quick to forgive most of the time. When she is angry at you, she's more likely to give you the silent treatment than to snap at you. She s one of those foxes that are hard to dislike.

Ability: To transfer moderate injuries or illnesses from one person to another. She usually takes it upon herself, but if they are in the middle of a fight, she will put it on one of the enemies. She is also better able to deal with injuries and illnesses, which is what allows her to take these upon herself. She uses conventional medicine more often than her ability, but she doesn't hesitate to use it when she feels it is necessary.

Rank/Position: Healer

Crush: None, at the moment

Family: She was born into the pack as an only kit. Her dad is a hunter and her mother was a healer, like her. Her mother passed away when a badger attacked her while out gathering herbs for her medicine chest.

History: She was her mother's apprentice when the badger attack happened. After that happened, she took over her mother's healing den. She hadn't been done with her training, but she was a quick learner. And she had her ability to help her out as well.

Username: Kettana
Fox Name: Trista
Gender: Female
Appearance: pure white
Personality: very shy
Ability: leading
Rank/Position: Alpha female
Family: unknown
Know one knows where Trista is from she just randomly showed up.

Username: Skai-Skai
Fox Name: Saber
Gender: Female
Appearance: all white except one black paw on her front right paw. her tail is extremely fluffy and her eyes are blind. her nose is a pitch black with a pinkish tint on the very end.
personality: calm and collected, peaceful, graceful and helpful. She can be angered at times when it is needed. She is very headstrong and an excellent hunter due to her patience and timing skills.
Ability: Saber is blind and as an extra unordinary sense of touch, she can feel vibrations from even the slightest movement and hear the slightest noise.
Rank: Hunter
Crush: None yet
Family: She has no known siblings alive and her mother and father have disappeared.
History: Saber came from a family of foxes that were realy close to humans. The foxes would go into the yard of the humans and steal food. Saber was the only pup that was born blind. One day the humans began to notice the foxes and little by little tracked them to the den. Saber's father took notice of this and since Saber was blind, he got her out of the den first and hid her in a tree. When her father returned to the den the foxes were dead. Her father took revenge on the humans and suddenly vanished leaving Saber on her own and she has been on her own ever since.

Username: AnimeAngel614
Fox Name: Jiraki
Gender: Female
Appearance: Snow fox, pure white with a black front right paw. Slender and runt of her pack. Ice blue eyes, and tip of her ears are black as well.
Personality: Out going, curious, and helpful. Serious when she needs to be, but other wise just wants everyone to be happy.
Ability: Able to fit in small spaces. Can fit through anything as big as her head. Quick on her feet and swift, can be able to not make a sound when running and hunting. Can jump pretty high and has pretty small paws so she can balance well.
Rank/Position: Beta Female
Crush: N/A Doesn't have one yet
Family: N/A
History: Got picked on a lot, was the seeker for her pack. All the other foxes would use her to get things for them.

Username: ChaikaPilot
Name: Bjorne
Appearance: Dark brown with piercing grey eyes. His paws are white but are usually stained with dirt and grass because he spends most of his time exploring.
Personality: Reclusive but confident. He takes pride in his discoveries and is never one to run away from a fight but his eager attitude can get him into trouble sometimes.
Ability: Descending from a long line of hunters, he has developed a "sixth sense" that warns him of danger.
Rank/Position: He was never one to go with a clan but he prefers to be a hunter/gatherer. This gives him more time to explore.
Crush: He's closed off when it comes to relationships, he doesn't want to get hurt.
Family: His father was a famous hunter in a mountain community and was very brave in battle, he gave him the name Bjorne which means strength in nordic, which is where most of his bloodline originated.
History: He left his clan to explore the world and is looking for a new family to take him in.


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Roleplay Responses

Vaidya thanked the Beta for his praise of her skills. I'm just really glad I can help." After that, she noticed that Hachi was trying to hide the smell of his breath. "I am really sorry that I had to use garlic. I've tried to go out and collect some different herbs, but all of the plants I use in have already been harvested in the area around the dens and won't be back until next growing season. I guess I'll have to go farther out sometime. Hopefully I can find someone to come with me, because we wouldn't want a repeat of what happened with my mother."

She realized that she had rambled off subject and so she shook her head and continued with the point she was getting at. "Anyways, I have some stuff that can help with the garlic smell. You'll have to take it every few hours until it goes away, but it should keep people from noticing."

She went around the room collecting various herbs and putting them in one of the little herb sacks she had for when others need to take some medicine with them. She put leaves from mint, parsley, and coriander in it, as well as cardamom seeds. While she was doing so, Hachi asked her about the piles of herbs she had. She watched as he stuck his nose in a pile and started to sneeze. "You mght want to be careful what you sniff. All of the really dangerous stuff is kept on a hidden shelf, but some of this is rather unpleasant if used wrong. What just made you sneeze is peppercorns. They are used exactly for that purpose, it helps clear out stuffy noses. I usually grind them up because they work better that way, but they can still make you sneeze whole. That pile of leaves next to it s Devil's Nettle, it's good for colds and stomach issues. Over here we have custard apple leaves, which gets rid of parasites, and this one is Yomogi, which reduces itching."
When she was done collecting the Betas herbs, she gave him the bag. "When you notice the smell again, just chew on a couple of each and you'll be good to go for a few hours."
  Vaidya / LadySeraph / 6y 183d 5h 32m 39s
Hachi swallowed the last bits of the garlic clove and exhaled a deep breath. Realizing his breath would not be pleasing for the next month he quickly closed his mouth and making sure before talking that Vaidya hadn't noticed his horrid breath. "Thank you Vaidya, i'm sure my leg will be better soon with you as healer. You've gotten us through worse than this." He gave a light nod at saying thank you.
He knew he had to wait at least another forty minutes before he would be able to leave so he began to look around for a moment, staring at little piles of herbs and odd roots, some he recognized automatically and others looked more like poison rather than healing items. "So what are some of the piles you have here? Some of it just looks like dried leaves and seeds to me." He sniffed a pile next to him and barely got his nose buried under his paws and chest before going into a short sneezing fit.
  Hachi / whitewolfm / 6y 186d 7h 10m 18s
Saber made her way out of the med den, she looked around not sensing anyone else around she made her way to the middle of the clearing and sat, her white tail lay over her paws and she let out a small yawn. Saber let the moonlight spill over her fur and she enjoyed the quiet for now.
  Saber / Skai-Skai / 6y 188d 6h 51m 0s
Bjorne nodded. "Sure, Kishan. See you tomorrow." He turned around and saw a small hill next to the large oak he had sat next to earlier. A small blue jay sang it's song in the dwindling hours of the day as Bjorne walked over to the tree and dug his paws into the fertile soil--he had begun his den.

Paw full after paw full of dirt was excavated from the earth and he dug. One large root curved down into a hammock like shape. This will be my bed. He thought, a smile stretching across his face. As he flattened the ground inside the den he squared the walls and made it as round as possible. Two hours had passed and he took a step back to admire his creation. From the entrance, the bed was on the right side and a larger area to the left would be where he would keep his things. He wandered outside into the pitch blackness and gathered some plush, soft long-grass and he laid it on the floor of his den.

He smiled. His body heat was already warming the place up and the grass added some much needed color to the place. He found himself resting on the root and drifting off to sleep.
  ChaikaPilot / 6y 188d 6h 26m 35s
Meandering towards his den Kishan was only half awake when he heard Bjorne's last question. "Well, anywhere you don't smell another fox, and if you do just ask. If you'd like I can help you dig your own tomorrow." Sleepy and feeling heavy pawed Kishan didn't mean to be rude but he didn't particularly wait for an answer he looked over his shoulder and said finally "If you'll excuse me, I really do need a good nights sleep though" Slipping into his den he curled up with his tail over his nose and was asleep before he had even closed his eyes.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 189d 13m 35s
"Yes, I know. Garlic is not something a fox wants to eat. But it's really good for warding off infection. I'm out of some of my other herbs at the moment, or else I'd have given you them. But as long as everything gos well, it's a one dose type of thing, so you won't have to eat it again."
  Vaidya / LadySeraph / 6y 199d 4h 42m 15s
Hachi sat patiently as Vaidya applied all the herbs and sap. Then she placed garlic in front of him. What am I supposed to do with this? Ward off Fox Vampires? He chuckled to himself and stopped when she said he had to eat it.
"Wait.. I'm supposed to eat... that?" He looked at it with distaste, he hadn't known any fox that would willingly do this to themselves. He bent down to sniff and sneezed several times after he did. "That is definitely a strong scent..." He stared at it grudgingly and began to crunch his way through garlic cloves.
  Hachi / whitewolfm / 6y 199d 7h 52m 17s
"If that's what you want, Hachi." She followed him into the medicine den. Pulling various herbs out of bags, she chewed them up and mixed them together. She walked over to him and made sure all of the wounds were clean, and then put the herb mix on the smaller cuts and scrapes. For the larger ones, she spread tree sap on them. "You'll have to wait a little for that to dry. In an hour, you can scrape off the herb mix, and the tree sap will wear off on it's own in a few days. If the wounds don't look like they're closed up enough to leave them alone, I can put on another coat." Then she came him a few cloves of garlic and a poppy flower to eat. "These will keep infection out and ease any pain that you might feel. If it starts hurting more, I can give you some more poppy for it. I'm all done now."
  Vaidya / LadySeraph / 6y 200d 2h 42m 7s
Jiraki looked around trying to find who was in charge other than Kishan. Everyone just kept walking passed her, I don't know what to do. Jiraki walked into the beta den unaware of which was which. She ran into an older fox laying down asleep, How can someone sleep through all that noise and commotion? Jiraki walked up over by her and started to sniff, her ears perked up.


Jiraki nudged the fox and it still did not move, she then went to step around her but stepped on her tail instead, that did the trick. The old black/grey fox jumped up in a yelp. She ran back and turned towards Jiraki, who was cussing at herself for always stepping on others tails, and growled with her teeth bared. Jiraki yelp and ran out of the den with the black/grey fox close on her tail. She ran right into another fox and fell right onto her fluffy butt.
  Jiraki / animeangel614 / 6y 201d 7h 41m 35s
Bjorne couldn't believe his ears. His little, pointy fox ears. He knew inside that he wouldn't let him down and that their trust wouldn't be easy to gain... he had alot of ground to cover, but at least his feet were on the ground. With a determined look into Kishan's eyes, Bjorne nodded his head and smiled.

"I won't let you down, Kishan."

His eyes were a little heavy and his legs were sore from walking. He needed to sleep. He looked around but saw that pretty much every den was occupied. He would have to build his own.. with the Alpha's permission of course. "Oh! And, Kishan, where could a fox put his den if he were to have one... hehe?" He laughed and produced a dorky smile on his face. He was to happy to hide it.
  Bjorne / ChaikaPilot / 6y 202d 3h 28m 29s
Hachi watched Bjorne walk out of camp and Kishan follow him out. now it's up to me to keep the peace in order until he's done... Should be fun He sighed then turned around to Vaidya. "My leg will be fine but, if you really want to look at it don't use your power, it'll be fine if you use just the herbs and medicine you have now." He stood and had basically forgotten about it since when it happened, it didn't hurt to much but if he stood on it wrong it made his skin tingle and feel like a bee had stung it. "Let's go ahead and check it out." He began slowly walking towards the Medicine Den.
  Hachi / whitewolfm / 6y 202d 3h 30m 42s
Saber stepped out of the den and nodded. "Alright..." she looked at the new foxes. Maybe everything will be okay, thank goodness for these foxes distracted the alpha for now. For now, she could put her worry away. She let her fluffy tail rest on her paws for a moment as she sat, thinking.

"Saber, Never forget that if you need anything....I'll be here. Right at this cave." Finx said in her daydream. She remembered him clearly but sadly he just disappeared too. It's been moons since she had seen him. What if he he's gone. Surely he will be alright.....right? The new fox mentioned wolves. What if they got Finx, granted Finx was not a fox but he was her friend. She really missed him.
  Skai / Skai-Skai / 6y 202d 3h 41m 46s
Catching up to Bjorne and coming to a halt Kishan cleared a space on the ground and sat lightly. The sky was light now again, it really had been a long day, and the sun was rising high. "Were do you think you're headed? The only dens in the territory are back in camp" Kishan said meaningfully. "There's no reason for anyone to sleep outside" Pretty drowsy himself Kishan couldn't help but daydream a little of curling up in his nest and sleeping until the next dawn, but for now it would have to wait. Glancing down at Him with stern eyes he said, if a little sleepily, "Look, you still have to earn everyones trust but I know your type so I want to give you a chance pup, alright"
  TwistedArtist / 6y 202d 4h 1s
The medicine fox nodded after the Alpha spoke to her. Kishan was a busy fox today, and she didn't blame him for moving on to other things. She looked back at saber and said "You can come out now, I think everything's ok now."

The she turned her attention to Hachi. The Alpha could get away without her medical attention because his wounds were mostly superficial. But the Beta had some that would hinder some of his duties, especially his back paw. "Hachi, I know things are hectic right now and you probably don't have time to come to the healing den, but I need to take care of those wounds. If you like, I could use my gift on them so that you can go about your business without having to worry about them."
  Vaidya / LadySeraph / 6y 202d 6h 8m 47s
Bjorne turned his head to see Kishan standing there, and to his surprise, he called his name. Was this his chance? Could he still be welcome in their clan? He was hesitant to even breath the air in the atmosphere he was so nervous... But he stood regardless, and as he walked, the wind kicked up the leaves around him and the trees swayed as if in slow motion. This was it. He had to be accepted. It was that... or be eaten by wolves.

"Yes, Kishan?" He said, trying not to look to excited.
  Bjorne / ChaikaPilot / 6y 202d 7h 10m 11s

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