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[ M E D I C I N E ] Minus [ P R E S C R I P T I O N ]

[ x x x ] was the local psychiatrist and therapist. S/he came pretty recommended among the ranks of people. [ o o o ] had heard of him/her, you know. S/he knew [ x x x ] was capable of what people were saying.

[ o o o ] heard the talk. But mostly through hazes--the different drugs and drinks s/he was always cooped up on made it hard to concentrate and even harder to remember. But sooner or later, somebody had to make [ o o o ] get some help before s/he did something insane. It wouldn't be too far off the target, would it, to do something crazy? After all, s/he went streaking in Maine Park after a long night. No one would quite put murder past you, either, after a suicide attempt when s/he were higher than the Empire State. The unicorn living in your closet told you to do it, right?

[ o o o ] is ready for his/her appointment. Yes, so ready. Even put his/her favorite pills away to make a good first impression. To make it seem like there's potential to stop when there clearly isn't.

[ x x x ] tried being nice. S/he really, honestly, truly did. But it just really grinds his/her nerves when it looks like [ o o o ] is making progress but actually relapses back. It's all a joke to him/her, and [ x x x ] is totally fed up. S/he's tired. So s/he gets angry.

Now, [ o o o ] is completely caught off guard. S/he's baffled by [ x x x ]'s complete U-turn of behavior. S/he yells a lot more, is a lot less patient, and a million times more aggressive. [ o o o ] was much too surprised the first time [ x x x ] hit him/her. That just wasn't [ x x x ]'s nature, you know? After all, s/he was a therapist! Those kinds of people are supposed to have soft voices, big tempers, and good intentions!

But [ x x x ] no longer has any of those. S/he's changed. S/he takes [ o o o ]'s drugs, hides/ burns/ throws them at him/her, drinks half of [ o o o ]'s alcohol before throwing that out, too, pushes him/her around, demands things... Things [ o o o ] had never imagine would cross [ x x x ]'s mind on that first appointment.

It's getting bad. Worse than any drug had ever done. [ o o o ] wishes on dark nights that that accidental suicide attempt had gone through.


001. Bring in and use as many characters as you want. Don't make it ridiculous.

002. I'm expecting somebody literate. Whatever you ask for, I can most likely give. Let's shoot for 1500 and above. IF YOU ARE currently in-between levels of literacy, trying to get yourself to post more and such, I won't bother you as long as it meets 1500, though 2000 is really what I'd love.

003.Real pictures. I will approve yours and you can approve mine.

004. If you're faint of heart with love, lust, and violence, go away.

005. Have a dynamic character.

006. Neither one of them is invincible.

007. Romance will surely find its way, but there will be cracks, hitches, and bumps. Nothing instant, obviously.

008. Don't steal this idea. It's mine. I own it.

009. Profanity? Yes.

010. Remember your role. [ o o o ] is a compulsive liar; lies about the most ridiculous things, and is incredibly sneaky. Will do almost anything for a quick fix, and hates being called a junkie or an addict. [ x x x ] is, at first, easygoing and understanding and patient, trying to persuade [ o o o ] there's more to life than drugs and such, but there's a change, and [ x x x ] becomes controlling, jealous, and violent. Hello, dynamic characters!

011. This roleplay is open to all couple pairings, but I warn you, I'm close to no good with homosexual , but much better with straight and lesbian. Don't be afraid to state your preferences; I promise not to bite.

012. I don't expect you to post 50 times a day, every day, and you shouldn't expect that of me.

013. No first-come, first-serve found here.

014. You can play either character. In your PM, put M E D I C I N E if you want to be [ o o o ], but [ P R E S C R I P T I O N ] if you want to be [ x x x ]

015. PM me with anything you have to say. I may be accepting more than one partner, so don't let me scare you away. Thanks for reading! I look forward to roleplaying with you.

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Camden steepled and unsteepled his fingers, inhaling and exhalaing to help himself with his patience. He didn't have many appointments for that particular day, but that didn't mean he'd stop all the ones he did have just to shove in a ridiculously late Carla.

He sighed and loosened his tie a bit, eyeing the clock. She was at least an hour late. Not like he'd expected much from her, anyway; after all, she was a drug addict and an alcoholic and basically everything in between. So he didn't exactly prepare for a bunch of committment.

When his assistant Drea knocked on his door and announced that his client was actually here, Camden couldn't resist a nice, relieved smile from filling his features. The brunette came in looking quite defiant indeed, followed by a male friend. The psychologist didn't know the guy personally, but sure, he'd seen him around town. Well, he'd seen everybody around town. The man didn't stay for long, though. He gave Camden the saddest look he'd possibly ever gotten and left them alone.

Camden sighed and rose from his seat, going around to rest against the front of his desk. He gave Carla his nicest smile and loosened his tie a little bit.

"Go on," he told her, gesturing at the chair behind her. "Have a seat. You'll be here for a while, after all. I mean... You do know why you're here, don't you, Carla Ann?"

He turned and shrugged off his suit jacket, tossing it into his chair and going back to face his client. She really was pretty, on the outside. He didn't understand why she'd want to do such horrible things to herself.

"You're a really exceptional person, you know. You're beautiful. You seem smart. I'm sure you've got the potential to do something in this world. So tell me. What was it like growing up for you. Did you have a lot of friends? Boyfriends, too, maybe? Or girlfriends, I don't really know. I don't bite, Carla. You can talk to me."

Slowly, opening her eyes, Carla narrowed them, there was a pounding in her head and a ache in her eyes. She didn't know where she was and was close to probably not finding out. She sat up a bit, and lifted her arm that felt oh so heavy, to touch her fingertips to her face, or at least it felt like her face.

Carla Ann sighed, and sat up fully, moving to her feet, she could feel that last dosage of crystal meth getting to her. Though she loved the thrill it pushed through her veins. She looked around and realized she was in that homeless shelter again... How did she get here? Narrowing her eyes, she looked over towards a male he was sitting on his knees by her.

"Oh, you're finally awake, good thing to..." When he say her confused look, his lips turned into a solid line. "It's Drake, I take care of you?" Realization flooded her eyes and he smiled, and reached forward, patting Carla's shoulder, there was a sick look in his face, but she didn't speak. "Oh, if only you'd remember..." He whispered, and started getting all emotional, and Carla leaned back and shook her head, she started to pat the ground for something and Drake handed what she was looking for, to her. "I don't approve of this, Carly. but, if it makes you happy..." He sighed.

She looked down and saw there was a box of cigarettes in her hand, and slowly a smile came over her lips, she pulled one out and looked around when he again pulled out a lighter and lit it for her. "Just remember, Carly, you're going to see that doctor, it's going to be great okay?" Carla tilted her head as she took a long drag of her cigarette. "He's going to help you... Okay?" She blew the smoke in his face, saw him wrinkle his face in disgust, and she smile apologetically, yet she still didn't talk.

Soon after their conversation, Drake held his hand out to Carly, who was finishing her cancer stick, he then lifted her to her feet, and looked to his watch and grunted. "Great, we're really late... Well, better late then never, isn't that right?" He looked to Carla, who glanced at him warily, then looked straight ahead. He took that as a sign to go to her appointment and stay silent. Once they walked down the streets, he sighed, and tried to hold his arm around her but she shrugged it off and he walked her into the building.

Carla noticed the no smoking sign and narrowed her eyes,s he stuff the pack of cigs in her back pocket and she walked forward, to the front desk and Drake spoke. "We are here for Carla Ann's appointment." The female smile, and nodded, she guided them both to the room, and knocked lightly. "It's Carla, Camden..." She smiled, and gently opened the door, ushering Drake and Carla inside.

Carla raised an eyebrow as she looked at the male behind his desk, she said nothing and Drake nodded. "Well I'll leave you to your work then..." His eyes pleading as he looked at Camden then left, Carla just stood there, and planted her hands on her hips, she was still a bit high.
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Camden tightened his tie in the mirror, clearing his throat as he observed his reflection. He didn't look too rough, did he? He wanted to make a good, clean first impression that said 'I'm a professional and you can trust me'.

His new client... Yes, Camden had heard about her. She was kind of like the town legend. She was the ghost story that moms told their kids to scare them with at night. With good reason, too. As far as Camden knew, from a casual standpoint, that girl was in need of serious help. She was just referred to him so it would be easier for her to accept that she needed to go to rehab.

But no worrying about that right now. Right now, he needed to make sure he was on time so he could start this thing off right. If he started it off wrong, he would scare her, and if he did that, she wouldn't open up like she was supposed to. He couldn't have that.

Like aforementioned, that girl needed help. Camden wouldn't mind giving it to her.

The man smiled as he ran a hand through his hair and put his suit jacket on. He looked like he could be the CEO of a large company, but no... He was just the local therapist/psychologist on his way to help some poor girl who couldn't stay off drugs long enough to eat her cereal.

But he wouldn't judge her for that. He wasn't supposed to. He was supposed to be completely impartial and detached.

Not too hard.

Camden grabbed his car keys on the way out of his apartment, humming merrily as he began his way to the building he worked in, ready to save the poor soul that had become an old wives' tale.

Camden played some classical music on low volume on his way. It wasn't long; just a mere twenty minutes. He still had about ten minutes before the girl was scheduled to show up, but he wasn't worried because it wouldn't seem much like her to be early.

He wasn't afraid.

The young man unlocked the doors, changed the sign to 'open' and went inside, humming merrily again as he set his things down to begin his work. He set down his suitcase, took out a notepad and pen, took off his suit jacket, and relaxed back into his seat so he could wait.

And wait.

And wait.

How late was she trying to be? Was she on drugs? Drunk? He wouldn't put it past her to be dead, either, really, but he sure hoped that wasn't the case.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

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