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Sage stop and trun around to look at him. "you really do love me?" She asked as she looked up at him with hopfull eyes."Then why not tell me earlyer?" she asked and smiled "I lvoed you for so long it not even funny" She said and smiled
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 126d 16h 25m 40s
Knights face turned a bright red, how did she know that. He brought his hand to the back of his neck and gave it a gentle rub trying to think of what to say next. He sighed he was about to speak when Sage lit the bong and than handed the rest of it to him. He finished it off and blew the smoke out slowly.

Knight was caught of guard by Sage's reaction. He mentally answered her 'i do' but he didn't say it out loud. When Sage continued to speak a huge smile grew over his face. He didn't say anything, just watched her. She continued to cook, he sighed and walked up behind her again hoping she wouldn't hit him this time. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear "I do love you, I've loved you for a while, I just didn't know how to tell you.. and plus with my traveling all the time" he said looking at her.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 126d 17h 6m 7s
Sage looked at him and laughed gently. "You don't studder when your telling the truth" She said as she pull out his bong that he let her use while he was away. she then packed it for him and lit it just taking a puff then handed it to him. She pulled her phone out and looked at the back ground. It was him and her at a party they were at She then looked up at him. "The only reason why I asked was I though you loved me" She said in a bit a disappiont ment. "I loved you ever since we know each other but if you have someone else in mine I will forget about the feelings" She said as she was ready to walk away back to the counter and restarted to make pancakes with tears flowing down her cheek. She then walked over to the frige and open up for eggs milk and other stuff. she closed the refrigerator and went back to the counter.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 127d 7h 59m 37s
Knight kept the ice pack on his face, and nodded "its alright" he said. Knight smiled hearing her say she missed him."I missed you too." he said smiling at her. Knight was caught off guard by her question, his face heated up and he was probably slowly blushing "so.. its... um.. a habit.. I picked up" he said trying to make something up, he wanted to tell Sage he was in love with her, but was afraid of her reaction.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 127d 8h 14m 14s
Sage looked at him and sighs getnly "Sorry I didn't mean for you to hit you though you were one of the boys joking with me" she said and smiled again. "I been better and plus I missed you alot. I have a question though why did you call me love?" She asked as she pulled a needle out and place the rest of the hearoin into her arm. She smiled "Better" She said and went up to hug him.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 128d 10h 20m 19s
Knight smiled wrapping his arms around her, when she turned around and smacked him he was surprised and defiantly not expecting that, for a young girl she was pretty strong. "Nice to see you too Love" he said, taking the ice pack from her and putting it on his face, pulling himself up on to the island in the middle of the kitchen. "So how have you been?" he asked her smiling at her.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 128d 11h 50m 43s
Sage was humming to her self and jumped when someone wrap their arms around her. She turn around and was ready to hit who ever did it. She smaked Knight and then looked " oh my god I am really sorry" She said and looked at him. "I though you were someone else I didn't mean to" She added as she pulled away and grab a ice pack from the frezzer. "here place this on to your cheek" she said and smiled. "Wow was not expting you to be home so eairly." She added and giggled as she forgot that she smaked him.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 130d 9h 15m 55s

Knight was driving his bike down the highway, he pulled into town and stopped at the first gas station in town. He filled up his tank, and bought a pack of cigarettes. He road down the road a little and parked for a smoke break. He smiled thinking about what Sage`s reaction would be to seeing him.

He finished his smoke and was back on the road. He was about 10 minutes away from the warehouse. He slowly pulled up trying to get his bike to be as quiet as possible. He parked got off and headed into the warehouse. He saw Jess first "Hey do you know where Sage is?" he asked Jess. Jess told him he had seen her in the kitchen. Sage was looking in one of the cupboards when he saw her, he walked up behind and gently wrapped his arms around her.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 130d 17h 18m 35s

Sage a 17 years old. Normle high schooler. Well not at all, She more of a drop out. You see she is a underage stripper and in in a gang. The underage stripper is for extra money. The leader of the gang was her best friend also her favorit person. She was sad that Knight had to leave so much but she knew he would be back sooner or later. But her secert was she loved with him. She didn't let anyone know not even him. Sage would write letters to him but never send them fear that someone would find them and read them.

Sage was up earily today to make breakfast for herself and others who happen to crash at her place last night after throwing a party. She was living on her own and that why she took up the underage stripper gig. She was happy how her body was so why not show it off to everyone else? She grab her stuff and started to make pancakes. She started to shake as she knew she was having withdraws from not having something in her system. she grab a needle and started to place some harroin into herself. She smiled as she went back to cooking.

Sage didn't know that Knight was on his way here. All she knew was that he was coming home sometime this week. She smiled gently and hum to herself.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 131d 9h 3m 32s
Knight Tanner. Was your normal 21 year old teenager.... Well actually that`s a lie. Knight was a leader of a small gang of other youth. His friends Jess, Aaron, Eric, Anna and __________. _________ was the youngest and was one of the most smartest about most things.

Knight had a thing for __________, but no one knew, because he was afraid of what they would think, because of the age gap. He was on his way home. On his motorcycle. He was driving home from his last transfer away from home. He would still be apart of the gang, but he would not be traveling near as much anymore.

As he drove his bike, he thought about_________. He was thinking of telling her how he felt. Maybe she felt the same way. He was taking a chance on telling his bestfriend who was also like his little sister, that he was in love with her. He didn't tell anyone he was coming home. He wanted it to be a surprise but mainly a surprise to __________.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 131d 13h 42m 44s

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