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Knight smiled as he stood. Knight was taller than most people in the gang standing 6'4. He looked down at Sage. As she stood on her tippy toes to fix his hair. If he wasn't in love with her, he would have flipped that someone was touching his hair. He followed her down the stairs. "You coming on my bike or??" he asked Sage.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 124d 10h 53m 58s
Sage smiled as she kissed him after putting on her lip gloss. "you know it" she said as she got up and place her weags on and was all ready to go. She smiled as she looked at him. She fixed him hair a bit and giggled. "There" She said and walked down the stairs. She looked behind her to see if Knight was coming.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 124d 10h 55m 57s
Knight was basically already dressed to go out to the club, he sat there and watched her get changed but tried not to make it obvious, he had already seen her naked so many times before. He smiled when she was ready "ready to go?" he asked smiling.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 124d 13h 33m 38s
Anna smiled and ran down the stairs as she yelled "YAAAHOOOO" Sage smiled and looked at knight. "I understand Im sorry" She said as she sat there. She got up to go close the door so she could change into something diffent for the club. She found her halter shirt that was cut half way. She took off her bra and shirt and place the holter on. Then she found her mini skirt and black leggings. Sage didn't care since they changed infront of each other before. She smiled and sat on the bed next to him as she brush her hair.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 124d 17h 37m 44s
Knight listened to her as she spoke "Next time ask me okay? I'll give you the money to get you out, I have it and I don't want you in that situation" he finished saying as Anna walked in the room. When she asked if they wanted to go to the club, Knight hadn't done that in while. "Sure why not" he said smiling.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 124d 18h 4m 54s

Sage looked down at her bong and sigh. "While you were gone, The crew wanted some exacited pills, I didn't know that it would cost so much and plus the normle amount of weed I get for you guys as well. I try to give the money to them that I earn but they wouldn't take it. and I own 10 grand" She said as she waited for a reaction from him.

Just then Anna came up the stairs and came to the door way "Knight sage you want to go to the club tonight?" She aske Sage looked up Knight then to Anna "I would like to" She said with a gentle smile. "GREAT!! what about you Knight you want to go?" She asked as Sage looked back down at her bong.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 124d 21h 30m 17s
Knight looked at Sage, as she spoke. He didn't even know she had been in the deep. "Sage how did you get in so deep?" He questioned he was willing to do anything to get her out. "How much do you owe? Honestly tell me," he asked. He would give her any amount to get her out, if it meant she didn't have to strip for anyone else but him.

  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 125d 7h 43m 59s
Sage looked at him as he said he didn't want her to strip any more. She sigh as she sat down on the bed. "I'm still under a contrack though" she said as she looked at him. "Till I get enough to pay off the deat I own them" She said as she lay back on the bed. "what am I soppest to do tell them I can't do it any more so mine as well kill me?" She asked as she pulled her bag of weed out and her bong that he made for her and she packed it really good. She then lit it up as she smoked it complity.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 126d 7h 36m 3s
Knight smiled. "really, I made the arrangements a few days ago" he said smiling as Sage jumped at him. "I love you too Sage" he said. He smiled knowing he made her happy, as she rested her head on his chest, he played with her hair. When she got a phone call Knight got annoyed. "thats another thing. I don't want you to do the stripping thing if you're going to be with me. I'll help you with money and stuff until you can get a real job" he said. He hated her stripping always had. Know that they knew how each other felt about one another, he didn't like the idea of her getting paid to take her clothes off for other guys.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 126d 12h 59m 41s
Sage looked at him. "Really?" she asked with a smile litting up "That great" She said and jumped at him. "Yay that is good news" She said and giggled gently "I love you Knight" she added and looked at him with her blueish greenish eyes. "You made me happy" She said and lay her head on his chest. No more fear of how long he will be gone. That was the end of most of her prombles any ways. Just as she got confurable her phone rang. "Damn it" She said as she picked it up "hello?" the other preson was her boss she dose gigs for "I will be there soon as I can" She said as she got up and grab a few things. "I am sorry I have to go. Damn boss wants me to do a gig at the club" She said as she packed her stuff up.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 126d 13h 44m 10s
Knight finished his last bite of pancake, just before she jumped on the bed, he gave her a little peck she pulled away and sat. "Its good news don't worry" he said smiling seeing the worry in her face. "I won't be traveling far anymore, If I do it will be only a few towns over, and for 2 days at the most" he said smiling.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 126d 14h 11m 52s
Sage jumped on the bed as she smiled and lean in for a kiss. She then pulled back and giggled "What you need to talk to me about?" she asked as she ate her pancakes She didn't know what he was thinking or what he was going to say. She was kinda scared about him having to leave soon when they just found out that the other loved them. She ate her pancakes slowly.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 126d 14h 20m 36s
Knight smiled as she handed him a pancake in the shape of a heart, he put a little butter on it, and headed up to the room before she did. He sat on the bed and slowly started to eat his pancake. They were so yummy. He smiled seeing her come into the room.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 126d 14h 28m 42s
Sage smiled and nodded "ok" she said as she did the rest of the cooking she made pancakes for everyone she made one spicle for him. She giggled as she handed him his place. It had a heart and then yelled "Breakfast You come and serve your self" she added as she grab few for her self and started head up thire room. She didn't like sweet so she didn't put anything on hers to have a suger tast to it. She had a few dollor in her back pocket from the last time someone need her to strip.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 126d 14h 33m 7s
Knight kept his arms around her as she turned to face him. He smiled at her "Yes I do really love you Sage." he said smiling. "I didn't know how to tell you, and with me always traveling it was hard" he said. "I know how you feel, how about you finish cooking and eat, than we can go to our room and talk, I have something to tell you" he said to her giving her a small hug and removing his arms from around her so she could continue.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 126d 14h 47m 59s

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