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Sage looked up and then saw him leaning down to kill her she blushed majorly. She enjoy the kiss as they sway back and forth. She didn't think much of it as few females were trying to butt in. She would look at them and they just laugh. "He is mine so back off before I kick your little slut ass" The girl looked at her in furrie. She came at Sage with a hand ready to slap her. Sage stood her ground and dogoe the slap and stook out her foot to trip her. Sage would not get kicked out for that she hopes.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 115d 21h 27m 11s
Knight held her closely the whole song, smiling down at her. He saw her look up, and leaned down and gently placed his lips on hers, hoping she wouldn't mind. He continued swaying back and forth as his lips were still pressed against hers.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 116d 15h 38m 7s
Sage looked at him and smiled as she saw Knight coming back. She was not expeting him to pull her closer and hold her into a tight embrace as they sway back and forth to the music. She blushed and lay her head on his chest as she knew her heart was pouding fast. This had to be a dream now. She though and looked up at him.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 117d 22h 50m 9s
Knight smiled, watching Sage dance in front of him. He loved feeling her so close to him, when the song ended she told him to go get a few drinks, he slowly walked away, and sat with everyone else having a few drinks. He smiled watching sage just go back to dancing. After a few drinks, he smiled and got up and headed back out to the dance floor, a slow song came on. He smiled pulling Sage, but her hips towards him, and turning her around to face him, pulling her into a tight embrace swaying to the music.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 118d 15h 28m 15s
Sage smiled as she danced with him. She didn't care who saw but she dances like there was no tommrow. She dropped it down and came back up slowly and she kept going as if nothing happen. The song ended and she pushed him. "Go get your drinks" She said with a smiled and danced on her own. She liked to feel his body but he need his drinks. She stopped and went over to the tables everone was at. She sat down and smiled as her drink was there. she took a drink and kicked off her shoes and went to dance some more.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 118d 21h 38m 27s
Knight sighed following her "but but but, I need a drink to be able to dance, you know I'm a terrible dancer" he said pouting back to her. "I won't spend all night at the bar, but fine one dance, and I'm getting a drink or two, than we can dance more" he said standing behind her grinding against her to the beat of the music.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 119d 13h 17m 54s
Sage smiled as she saw him go to the bar. She pulled him away and giggled. "you dance with me frist" She said with a pouty face trying not to smile. "Not sit up there all night" She added still giving him a pouty face.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 120d 20h 53m 20s
Knight smiled as Sage`s head rested on his shoulder. After about 10 minutes of waiting the club was open. They let everyone in checking ID`s. Knight had a fake one for Sage made. When they got in, the music was already started. Knight went straight to the bar. Knight loved to party but usually on a beach or around a campfire, or in the comfort of the warehouse, and he usually didn`t dance, so he would defiantly be needing some drinks.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 121d 9h 24m 10s
Sage smiled gently as she was helped off before he was off his own bike. She put her helment into his seat and made sure he locked it as she walked to the small line that was not even in yet. She sigh as she knew it was going to be a long night. She saw Anna and the others in front of them. Sage smiled as she felt her fingers being interwined with Knight's fingers. She lay her head on his shoulder and smiled gently.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 121d 22h 18m 3s
Knight drove his bike, he loved the feeling of Sage being so close to him. He smiled "Yeah its just around the corner" he said smiling turning around the corner and parking the bike, helping Sage off, than getting off himself.

They went and stood in the small line for the club, they for there a little early. The club wasn't open yet. He intertwined his fingers with Sage hoping she wouldn`t mind.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 122d 18h 2m 16s
Sage looked her head on top of his blade shoulders as she smiled. SHe could not help be happy, She was going to dance with Knight. Oh was he in for a surpise with her. She looked out the city and it was beatiful as the lighs zoom passed her. She looked up and saw the lights flashing music playing loud, everything. "We are close arnt we?" She asked not knowing wich club they were going to.

  Sage / lunalight / 7y 122d 22h 2m 46s
Knight was sitll on his bike just waiting for Sage to hop on so they could go. Once she did everyone followed Anna to the club. He smiled he couldn't wait to dance with Sage, and have a few drinks. He smiled driving down the road to the club.

  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 123d 7h 27m 15s
Sage looked at her helmet and sighs gently as she snagged it from Aaron. SHe didn't want to hurt him again as Knight was there. She smiled as she place her helmet on and started head for Knight's motorclcye.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 123d 8h 47m 17s
Knight smiled, he knew she loved riding on his motorcycle. He frowned as Sage couldn't find her helmet. After a while of Sage being a bitch Aaron handed it to her shaking. Sage wasn't a scary person but she was tough and strong.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 123d 13h 36m 33s
Sage giggled as she nodded "You think I would miss the changest to ride on your bike?" she asked with a smile. She then looked in her spot were she place her helment and growled. "Ok who took my helment this time?" she asked out loud. The others were like uh-oh look. That helment was given to her by her grandfather who use to love go on the bikes. "I want it now" She said as she looked in her spot again she was getting pissed about it being missing. The last preson touching it was Jess who just recantly recover from his broken arm.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 124d 9h 28m 10s

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