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Knight, nodded to her following her up the stairs to the room. He trailed behind her when she stopped and said his name kind of in a question tone. "Yes?" he asked kind of confused.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 102d 19h 29m 38s
Sage smiled as she giggled at him. She never knew that he could be such a gentlman at times. "Umm Idk anything that is fun"S he said yawning a bit. "Or sleep?" She asked as she head up to their bedroom. She knew nothing to do right now expted sleep but yet she wanted to spend time with knight. "Knight?" She asked.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 102d 22h 7m 57s
Knight smiled and nodded grabbing her hand, walking with her unlocking the door, holding it open for her. "what would you like to do?" he asked her smiling.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 103d 17h 35m 51s
Sage looked at him as he helped her off. She felt him wraping his arms around her and hugging her tightly and closely she smiled when he said kitten. It was allways been her nick name from him but as a couple she loved it even more. She looked up at him as she hugged him back. She then step back and took off her helment. "Umm we should get inside" she said as Sage walked to the door of the wearhouse.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 103d 21h 41m 2s
Knight smiled feeling her nuzzle into him, he heard her say i love you, but couldnt answer back because she wouldn't be able to hear him. Once the bike was parked back home, he smiled helping her off "Yes we are home already, and i love you too Kitten" he said smiling pulling her closely to him.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 104d 11h 28m 52s
Sage got on as soon as she grab her helment and place it on. She lean on his back as she started to fall asleep. Sage grip him as she didn't want to let go. The wind in her face was really good as she kept the sun viser up. "Knight I love you" she said before going to sleep. She didn't know that she was drifting off to la la land till the bike came to a stop and Sage felt Knight getting up. She sat up and looked around. "oh we back all ready?" She asked as she stright
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 104d 11h 42m 38s
Knight nodded,Sage had been through a lot. He was always there to help her when he could be, now he could be there whenever he wanted. He sighed getting up with her. He nodded "Im just going to let the other know, so they dont get worried" he said to her walking inside just letting the other know they were leaving. After that he walked back out to the bike and got on and let sage on behind him.

  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 104d 11h 58m 42s

Sage looked at him as she nodded at him "I was 13 the frist time I ever ran away from my home" she said and lay her head on his shoulder. "My life just changed when I stab my dad" she said and sigh gently. She smoked her cig and got up. "Im ready to go when ever you are" She said as she place her cigs up in her purse. "I don't want to be here any more" She added as she head over to the bike.
  lunalight / 7y 104d 12h 4m 16s
Knight took another drag off his smoke, sitting down beside her. He smiled looking at her when she said his name. He looked at her while she asked a question he looked to her and nodded.

**flash back***
Knight was out on his nightly rounds, when he had seen a girl sitting on a park bench in little clothing maybe about 14 years old he thought. He hated seeing girls of any age out alone. She looked as if she had been crying or was hurt.

Knight approached her "Hey miss, you okay?" he said slowly sitting down beside her trying not to scare her. **

he smiled thinking back to how he saved her from her parents and brought her into the gang, to help her out.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 104d 14h 4m 16s
Sage sat on the ground as she grab her pack of smokes. She grab one and lit it. Then she took a long drag off of it. "Knight?" She asked as she looked up "Do you remember the frist time we meet?" She asked as she took another long drag.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 106d 20h 33m 40s
Knight smiled as she got up heading outside pulling his smoke package out of his back pocket, lighting it and taking a deep drag. He would rather be at the warehouse, laying in bed he was exhausted.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 107d 9h 1m 23s
Sage looked up at Knight as he asked her if she wanted to go smoke. She moved out as she looked at the table. She grab her purse and waited for knight. SHe need one and she could not help but think of rage. Sage was one you don't want to be emenies with if you hand her a weapon then you better run for it.

Flash back
"WHAT THE HELL?" her mother yelled as her dad was drunk again. "YOU SHUT UP BITCH WERE IS SAGE?" He yelled as sage hid in the corner. She didn't move or say a word. Time was up as Sage watch her mom was being betten. She grew the courage and charge at him as she had a knife. She stab in as he lay there on the ground crying. Sage mother screamed as Sage stood over him and yelled "DON'T TOUCH MY MOTHER LIKE THAT AGAIN"

Sage had tears flow down her cheek as she was having it. She just turn 13 and that how she became a bad girl. Her dad and stabing him. After that she join up with Knight and his friends. That when she became a underage striper. She then began to skip school and finly drop out at age 15 and join up with knight compely.

Sage looked at Anna and the rest of the group as they were worry about her "No Im fine" she said with a smile "Have fun guys" She said as she went outside with out Knight
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 108d 10h 54m 41s
Knight gave Jess and Aaron a stern look. Sage came off as an innocent and sweet girl but piss her off, and she could easily do some damage. She had been taught well. He smiled as she leaned into him he wrapped his arms around her. "Wanna go for a smoke?" he whispered into her ear.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 108d 15h 37m 22s
Sage was all ready pissed as it was when they were trying to butt in. She felt someone pulling her arm as she was ready to hit anyone but she calm down when she saw it was knight. "What go Sage pissed?" Jess and Aaron asked at the same time. They know better then to talk to sage right now. "If you nimwits were not to busy flirting with girls you would see two girls try to get knight" Anna said and hugged Sage. Sage hugged Anna back. She wouldn't dare strick Anna for she was like a sister to her. She show the ropes for her and that was it. So Sage was glad that it was not someone else trying to hug her. She lean on knight after the hug and sighs.
  Sage / lunalight / 7y 113d 21h 52m 54s
Knight smiled into the kiss. A tingly feeling sent through his body, he was happy till two girls tried to but in. He held sage back "calm down. Hey Ladies, I'm here with my girlfriend I'd appriciate if you left me alone, 'cause you know your sluts when you try to get a guy whose already kissing someone else" he stated as politely as possible. Knight lost his grip on Sage and she slapped the one girl and tripped the other, Knight grabbed Sage's arm and headed back to the table with the rest of the gang.
  Knight Tanner / xLyrax / 7y 114d 13h 21m 43s

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