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Kylie didn't get a reply, so she carefully stood up, feeling a little bit dizzy, she pulled the cart thing all the cords were attached to with her. She came to the information desk. She turned to the girl and asked "Hey, I'm looking to for my boyfriend," she said lying,Zack wasn't her boyfriend,yet. "Whats his name, I can see if he's checked into see you" she said smiling at Kylie. "Zack Maniatakes" Kylie replied to him, the nurse typed in his name, and saw he was in the room of the miracle guy. She looked up at Kylie. "Um, hes in room 545, just down the hall. He was involved in a accident following the ambulance here, with an 18 wheeler truck" she said to her, Kylie face went from smiling to tears, and the look of worry and horror in her eyes. "Is he okay?, can I see him?" she asked. Getting worried.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 121d 7h 53m 4s
Zack woke up hooked up to an oxygen tank and a few fluid IVs. He looked around and noticed his left arm in a cast. Trying to roll his neck, he felt a sharp pain in it. He lifted his hand to rub his eyes and felt a line of stitches running down his forehead. Just then, a nurse walked in. He cleared his throat. "Excuse me, but, what the hell happened? I was coming here to see my girl. She had to be rushed to the hospital and now I'm all tied up in here. Why?" The nurse looked at Zack sympathetically. "Mr. Maniatakes, you were in a car crash with an eighteen wheeler. It's a miracle you're even alive. Your girlfriend, the one that arrived in an ambulance, her name is..." the nurse glanced down at a file, "Kylie? Correct? Yeah, she's fine. Right down the hall. She may need to have some psycological health treatment, but she's perfectly okay. She won't be released for a few days, but I'll send her over to visit you sometime later." The nurse smiled and stepped out of the room.
  Zack Maniatakes / its_alyson_bro / 7y 122d 6h 57m 51s
Kylie was rushed to the hospital without Zack, tears left her eyes as she knew Zack would not be allowed with her, but knew he would follow in his truck or his bike. They rushed her into a room, and started hooking up wires, and getting blood to transfer back into her.

After about an hour she had passed out. She woke up an hour after that to look around the room to see no one with her. She looked around unable to move because the wires "Zack?" she yelled out hoping he was somewhere close.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 123d 9h 53m 9s
Zack held Kylie's hand until the ambulance arrived. Then he hopped into his truck, since he wasn't aloud to ride in the ambulance, and followed the ambulance to the hospital. The ambulance ran a red light at 85 miles an hour. Zack, without thinking, went the same speed behind the ambulance. As he got to the center of the intersection, an 18-wheeler charged straight into his vehicle. The truck flipped three times, landing into a ditch and leaking gas along the way. Zack, who hadn't taken the time to put on his seat belt, was knocked around violently as the car rolled and ended up halfway through the windsheild, struggling to breathe.
  Zack Maniatakes / its_alyson_bro / 7y 129d 7h 11m 58s
The last thing Kylie remember was things going black, and than hearing footsteps, and a voice, she was pretty sure it was Zack, she left a pair of lips on hers and the voice came in clear it was Zack saying he loved her. Kylie's eyes fluttered open, looking at Zack. She looked down at her arm, feeling weak, she couldn't even speak, her eyes threatened to close again.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 148d 9h 4m 48s
When he woke up, Zack heard no noise. Apparently no one had showed back up yet. He slowly walked back upstairs and went to the bathroom. After he pissed, he went to the sink to wash his hands. He saw red and looked closer. It was blood! "God dammit!" He said in a panic and ran to his room. He found Kylie in bed in a pool of blood, probably stoned, the smell of alcohol on her slow, relaxed breath. "Kylie! Kylie wake up! Wake up! Look at me! Talk to me Kylie!" He yelled. When there was no reply, he walked across the room and grabbed a black towel from the floor. He wrapped one of her arms in it to slow the blood, then peeled his shirt off and wrapped it around the other. He looked for his phone in his pocket but it wasn't there, so he grabbed Kylie's from the nightstand and called 911. "Hello? Yes, I have an emergency! At the old Burnsworth Warehouse! My girlfriend's loosing a lot of blood! Hurry!" When he hung up he passed, thinking about what else he could do to help her. He caressed her face and kissed her on the lips. "Kylie you need to wake up. You need to live. Kylie, I do love you. I really do."
  Zack Maniatakes / its_alyson_bro / 7y 148d 9h 39m 52s
Kylie sat on their bed crying, debating on going back to her old habits, and cutting her wrists again. She got the bong out of the closet and packed a big bowl and lit it up clearing the bowl quickly and holding in the smoke for about a minute before blowing it out slowly. She set the bong down and went into the closet, where she had stored a bottle on 80% vodka. She grabbed her shot glass and did three shots in a row.

She couldn't take the pain, she had loved Zack for as long as she could remember since they met. She went into the bathroom and found her razor dissembling it, and cleaning a blade before taking it to her wrist. She let it run across her left wrist where her tattoo wasn't several times watching the blood flow from her wrist. She made a few cuts on her right wrist under her tattoo, and put the blade under her lamp, she cleaned off some of the blood, but it wouldnt stop. She grabbed a black towel and held it on her arms. After it slowed down almost to a stop she took a few more shots before putting the bottle away. Packing one more bowl she cleared it letting it out with a small cough. She laid down seeing more blood running from her arms as she slowly drifted off.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 154d 3h 8m 37s
Zack banged his head against the seat and sat there thinking. After a minute he got out the car and went inside. He guessed Kylie was in their room but he didn't want to bother her. He grabbed a blanket out of a spare room and stretched out on the couch. Tucked himself in and dozed off.
  Zack Maniatakes / its_alyson_bro / 7y 154d 10h 40m 40s
Kylie sighed tears still streaming from her face, she wasn't mad she was upset. She listened to Zack talk but didn't say anything at all this just caused more tears to stream down her face. When they pulled up at the warehouse, she didn't want to really be around Zack. She knew she shouldn't have told him. When the car was parked she turned to him " Don't worry about it, I get it. I'm fine" she said as tears came from her face, and she got out of the car.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 160d 12h 41m 44s
Based on the way Kylie had turned so quickly, he figured she was mad. "Look Ky, it's not you. I like you! I really do. It's just, with all the responsibilities I've been having, I haven't really had time to even think like that. Don't take it personally okay?" Zack tapped his thumbs on the steering wheel. "I'm sorry, okay? I just don't want to say something I don't mean. I know it'll only hurt you worse if I do." He pulled up to the warehouse and pulled around to the alley where he parked. He turned the car off and sat. And waited. For her to say something.
  Zack Maniatakes / its_alyson_bro / 7y 160d 13h 16m 35s
Kylie was taken back by his reaction. She was about to cry, she shouldn't have said anything. She felt like total shit now, the tears still threatening to leave her eyes. She looked at Zack, as the tears started to fall from her face. She turned her back to him and looked out the window tears streaming down her face as he continued to drive.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 160d 13h 28m 4s
Zack slammed on the brakes when Kylie spoke. He then realized he did that and started driving again. "Wow..umm...Ky," he thought for a moment then started again. "I don't know what to say Ky. Umm. Wow." Zack loved Kylie, of course! She was his roommate and his best friend and they were really close. He just didn't know if he loved her in that way. In the way that she loved him. Zack scratched his neck and thought about what else he should say.
  Zack Maniatakes / its_alyson_bro / 7y 160d 13h 41m 36s
Kylie smiled at him as he looked over "I have movie on my laptop, that can be hooked up to the tv" she said smiling at him. She was so happy he was home, and basically for good. She looked at him as he started driving back towards the warehouse. Kylie took a deep breath in and let it out slowly "Well Zacky, I don't know if anyone else has ever told you but, I'm kind of in love with you, and have been for a while" she said looking at him trying to see his reaction.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 162d 5h 37m 1s
Zack put the key in the ignition and started up the truck. He nodded as he put it in reverse. "Okay, sure. Do we need to stop at a Redbox or something? Or do we have movies at home?" Zack sat at the stop light outside of the parking garage. He turned in the direction they needed to go in and put it in cruise. "So what was it that you wanted to tell me?" He asked, turning his head from the road to her, and back again.
  Zack Maniatakes / its_alyson_bro / 7y 162d 9h 35m 7s
Kylie stood as close as possible to Zack, still scared the tears had stopped but she was shaking slightly. When the sirens stopped and the doors opened she let out a sigh of relief, but she was saw the police officers she was scared again. She looked up at Zack, just before they started speaking. Kylie was still shaking being shook up from being stuck in an elevator. She listened to the police, knowing it was probably Zack with the gun, he carried his gun everywhere as a safety precaution because of what he did for a living. She smiled finally getting back to his truck. She smiled when he asked her what she wanted to do for the rest of the day. She looked over at him " can we just go home, and have a movie day. Plus there's something I need to tell you" she said looking over to him.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 163d 9h 28m 0s

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