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Username: xLyrax
Name: Kylie Salter
Age: 18
Top 3 school subjects: Art, Music, Dance
Mini Bio: Kylie was abused by her father when she was younger, and she moved out on her own at a younger age. She turned to music, dance, art, and writing to keep her mind off her past, and to help her capture and control her emotions.

Username: Ellen
Name: Ryan Aldis
Teaching subject: Art
Mini bio: Ryan was bullied as a kid for liking art and for a long time never touch a pencil to draw. But after many years he figures out he wanted to teach art. Also he wished to find love but every relationship he got in he ran away from.

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Kylie stood beside him in the kitchen as he ordered the pizza and extras. She smiled following him back out to the couch nodding to him, when he said it would be a bit. Usually pizza places took between 30-45 minutes. Kylie moved closer to him on the couch trying not to laugh as he hit his head. She smiled at him as he offered to let her choose. she looked up at him "It really doesn't matter to me" she said smiling to him.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 145d 13h 17m 28s
Ryan nodded, pushed in the buttons on the home phone and started ordering." Two large pizzas one both with pepperoni and bacon. Yes I would like a side of breadsticks and a soda.. umm..Make it cola." Ryan said and giving his address." Thank you."

" It will be here shortly he said." Ryan flopped down on the couch hitting his head and letting out a moan of pain. But his face went to a smile again and he looked over at Kylie." What movie you want to watch? I have netflix if you want to choose." He said holding out the remote to her.
  Ryan ~ Aldis / Ellen / 7y 145d 16h 15m 35s
Kylie smiled as he looked around frantically for the number. She smiled as he found it. " umm honestly just peporoni and bacon" she said blushing a little looking up, to him she was trying to figure what would come out of this.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 149d 18h 44m 40s
"We'll then I will order it! God I put the number to the pizza place some where... What the fuck?" He said as he searched around for the number he had written down a feats ago.
Finally finding it on the floor under the coffee table he smiled." Ok what do you like on your pizza? Do not worry the bill is on me." He said winking at her.
  Ryan ~ Aldis / Ellen / 7y 149d 19h 12m 12s
Kylie smiled and nodded "Yeah, I haven't eaten.." she said cutting herself off and looking down "Never mind" she said. Kylie could barely afford her place anymore, let alone food most the time. It had been 2 or 3 days since she had last eaten. She blushed putting her head down and turning from Ryan.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 150d 11h 33m 7s
Ryan sighed looking out the small window in the living room for a moment. No sign of anyone." So you hungry or something?" He asked walking to the kitchen and opening it. There was some bottles filled with alcohol and a a few things to make sandwiches but that was about it.

"Well I could order pizza if your hungry." He said with a smile. The same smile that said could fill a person with hope and warmth.
  Ryan ~ Aldis / Ellen / 7y 150d 23h 27m 48s
Kylie smiled Ryan was so cute, she had never been treated like this before by anyone. Hell Kylie had never even had a boyfriend before, when he picked her up she blushed a little bit, wrapping her arms around his neck.

She smiled as he set her down, when they arrived to a small house, just like hers she lived in a small cottage type house. She followed him in.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 151d 11h 31m 59s
Ryan chuckled and looked back at the smaller girl. Them the little part of him that was a great charmer took her hand and pulled the girl into his arms. Her back was pressed against his chest." Well there now no one will touch you. Not when your in my arms."

They had stopped walking as he said that. But looking around he was remind of the real danger they where in, so scooping her up in his arms like a new bride he walked on. "All right so you do not want to call the cops well all right." He said as they pulled up to a small white house." Well we are here." He said putting her down so he could open the door.
  Ryan ~ Aldis / Ellen / 7y 151d 16h 16m 22s
Kylie was scared she thought she had gotten rid of him. She thought she had moved far enough away. She looked at Ryan, and nodded "Sure that sounds good" she said smiling a little as he took her hand.She followed him through the kitchen.

" I don't want to call the police, if I see him again I will" she said. She frowned a little when he let go "actually can you hold me hand I'd feel safer" she said in a shy tone, looking up at him hoping she didnt see her dad again.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 152d 6h 32m 52s
Ryan growled and took her hand. "Come on we will go out the back. We can go to my apartment since it might be safer. He might might know where you live if he has been following you. Is that all right?" The male asked heading to the kitchen. Some of the workers gave them a puzzled look as they walked around the lithe but no one said anything.

Going out the back door he headed down the street." There we can call the police or what ever sound good Kylie? Oh sorry I guess you do not need me to hold your hand like some little kid..." He said with a chuckle letting her hand go.
Ryan' eyes searched the area some what wishing the man soul show his stupid face so he could beat him to death. It was something about Kylie that made him want to protect her. It mad his blood boil and he gave gave a heavy sigh.
  Ryan ~ Aldis / Ellen / 7y 152d 14h 13m 10s
Kylie stumbled into the coffee shop still shocked she had just seen her father. Once seated and a little calmer she looked at Ryan. "thats my father. He's not supposed to be here. I moved out on my own at a young age, because he abused me physically and sexually and both my parents abandoned me after I brought it to the authorities." she said as tears threatened to leave her eyes.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 152d 15h 45m 51s
Ryan had walked a little ages before turning her head if brown hair and not seeing her at his side." Kylie? What is wrong?" Going back to her he followed where her eyes where. To a man standing on he other side of the road. Glaring at him Ryan took her arm. "Come on this way." Ducking into a coffee shop he watched out the window but kept out of sight.

"Who is that man Kylie it is ok just tell me I will help you!"
  Ryan ~ Aldis / Ellen / 7y 152d 22h 25m 36s
Kylie smiled at his willingness to go with her she smiled and stayed seated as he eaded in the wrong direction she giggled a little bit as he turned around and started walking back towards her. She got up and walked with him in the right direction this time.

She smiled walking with him. They were almost there when she realized a familiar face walking in the opposite direction of them on the other side of the street. She stoped dead in her tracks and fought back the tears, the familiar person was her father.
  xLyrax / 7y 159d 7h 17m 30s
Ryan jumped up and pointed to the east, " To the carnival then! As fast as lighting!" He said like a brave hero about to save his lady. Starting to walk he stopped chuckled and turned around.

"The carnival is the other way..." Aldis said heading in the other direction. As they walked Ryan thought about how he might becoming coming off a little pedophile-ish. He could tell she was a little younger him. But he thought not to much younger at least two years younger. Silly him for not asking.
  Ryan ~ Aldis / Ellen / 7y 159d 8h 45m 32s
Kylie smiled at Ryan. She had never had a boyfriend before or ever been close to a guy, but hearing Ryan talk, and be close to him her heart raced a little faster, she got butterflies in her tummy. She was unsure what to think of this. She smiled at him "I'm not sure, I wanted to go to the Carnival that's in town but I don't want to go alone." she said looking at him. She hated going anywhere alone, not having seen her dad in awhile.

Her dad could be anywhere she moved as far away as possible but he could be looking for her, and she was afraid to see what he would do to her, let alone just see his face again after, what he did to her, Kylie's body shivered in disgust just thinking about it.
  Kylie Suicidexx / xLyrax / 7y 174d 2h 13m 24s

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