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Username: Akatsukigirl4life
Name: Nami Utau
Age: 18, Fourth year/Grade 12.
Top 3 school subjects: English, Math, Art.
Mini bio: Lives alone in an apartment. Sings and plays guitar for a living. She also enjoys painting and acting. She doesn't really care that guys drool over her, because she has a major crush on her teacher who is slowly becoming her best friend.

Name: Mark Dooling
Age: 23
Teaching subject: English
Mini bio: Mark was abused as a kid by his father. He moved out an early age, and wanted to help kids like him, he studied for years from finishing high school early, it eventually lead him to become a teacher.

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Mark chuckled and smiled "it doesn't matter to me, in no way am I a picky eater" he said while adjusting his position on the couch
  Mark Dooling / xLyrax / 7y 64d 14h 53m 10s
"Great! I'll go make...uh...what do you want?", she blinked, peeking back around the corner she just skipped off around.
  Alice Lauret / ChaoticMonki / 7y 86d 8h 46m 10s
Mark smiled "Sure it is friday afterall" he said smiling kissing the top of her head.
  Mark Dooling / xLyrax / 7y 87d 13h 42m 29s
"How about I make you something to eat and then you stay the night, Mr. Dooling", she grinned while nuzzling his neck.
  Alice Lauret / ChaoticMonki / 7y 114d 6h 49m 51s
Mark smiled and nodded kissing the top of her head. "now what?" he asked smirking at her.
  Mark Dooling / xLyrax / 7y 114d 12h 37m 24s
"I suppose it does sound exciting...", she purred, snuggling into him.
  Alice Lauret / ChaoticMonki / 7y 121d 11h 35m 18s
Mark looked down at her and nodded "thats why theres fooling around, unless you wanted to drop out, I think it'd be more fun and exciting to sneak around for a bit, its only illegal because your my student. your of age" he said grinning at her.
  Mark Dooling / xLyrax / 7y 123d 11h 3m 28s
Alice smiled a bit more, relaxing into the touch. Then, she suddenly remembered something.

"You do know this is still illegal until I quit Grade 13...Correct?"
  Alice Lauret / ChaoticMonki / 7y 131d 2h 19m 9s
Mark smiled into the kiss his hands wrapping around her back, running up and down, one softly grabbing at her butt, hoping he wasn't going to far with all of this.
  Mark Dooling / xLyrax / 7y 131d 5h 57m 28s
She smiled, kissing back softly as she kept her arms linked around his neck.
  Alice Lauret / ChaoticMonki / 7y 135d 12h 1m 40s
Mark smiled "and your beautiful" he said kissing her gently, his fingers tangling themselves in her hair.
  Mark Dooling / xLyrax / 7y 136d 12h 6m 46s
She smiled even more.

"You're just so...cute."
  Alice Lauret / ChaoticMonki / 7y 139d 20h 8m 28s
Mark cuddled her back but looked down at her "No what, You can tell me or say anything to me. Don't worry" he said to her looking into her eyes reassuring her.
  Mark Dooling / xLyrax / 7y 141d 4h 55m 41s
She smiled and snuggled into Mark.

  Alice Lauret / ChaoticMonki / 7y 141d 14h 58m 42s
Marl stopped kissing her neck when she spoke "yeah?" he said looking into her eyes.
  Mark Dooling / xLyrax / 7y 142d 5h 1m 23s

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