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I smiled, almost laughing, when Kain started to speak about what she wanted. However, I did not sustain this as I realized why she struggled to pronounce what she wanted. "Hm, it isn't that good, if you eat to fast it will hurt and it is far to sweet for me."
I looked at Remedy and replied to her "I don't really care about sustenance I would rather have a new set of clothing," I cocked my head to the side and looked up for a second and looked back to her "I would prefer silk but any will do."
My thought line circled back to food and wondered if there was any human food I would enjoy, "There is no food possible to attain that I would care for, honestly."

I, at this point, just realized that I was leaving the market and why that was a big deal.

I could hear them again...

The voices, they plagued me after I was cursed by one owner. That one died and those were his last words. Now I heard it again, the voices screamed at me, taunted, insulted. I could feel blood drain from my face, my eyes welled up and I hid my face in my knees to hide my face. I wrapped my arms around my shins, hugging them close.
The voices grew louder and louder, draining outside noise. I was on the verge of trembling but I tried very hard to keep my composure. I did not want them to see my weakness or, at least, think it was a sickness. I knew they were going to find out eventually but I was scared how they would react if they knew.
Especially when the voices got serious.

  Clavilux Zephyr / CMcGuire / 7y 165d 18h 48m 26s
Remedy tilted her head at Clavilux, wondering what he had changed his mind about saying before telling her that he didn't prefer anything. "Come now, Clavilux, there is surely things you would like. If I cannot find them, I will try my best to get something close to it, or something that you would like just as much." She said to him, a small smile on her face.

She pulled her legs up under her, and sat there with perfect posture. Her eyes looked over to Kain as she tried to figure out what she would like to eat. She finally got it right, and said ice cream. "And ice cream you shall have, but only for dessert. I want the both of you to eat healthy and well-rounded meals."
  Remedy / LockAndKey / 7y 168d 19h 34m 4s
Kain followed closely after her new found family as she started to think of them. I mean, they were family right? She had bought her and the neko boy, so in some weird way, they were.

As they reached outside, Kain turned around and looked at the place she hated so much.She felt happiness, finally getting out. She felt grief for all those still to remain stuck in there. But most of all, she worried. Worried for what lay ahead and their life to come. Finally, she looked away, promising herself never to look back again. But she gasped, looking at the amazing car that lay ahead.

She hesitated a bit, but after seeing the neko boy go in, she followed behind. As she sat, she noticed the beautiful woman started asking questions. A bit flustered, she didn't know what to say. So she chose to answer honestly. I uh.. I do not know what I like to eat. The only thing I have eaten for years was that white thing they fed me. But, I see the people passing by licking something that looks creamy but wet. She knew what she was saying sounded strange, so she elaborated as much as she could. I um, I think they called it cream of ice... no! I got it! A child like smile formed on her face as she imagined how it would taste. I would like to eat ice cream.

She sat back, waiting for a response in hopes of not asking for too much.
  Kain / ReddRibbon / 7y 168d 19h 49m 18s
I followed Remedy through the market towards the exit.
I saw her get into her car and took one last look at the market, hopefully I won't have to see this place again. I looked at her car, it was large, large and long.
"Hm, a limo..." I said as I began to trail off. I stepped into the vehicle and slid down a bit to allow Kane in.

I saw Remedy ask several questions in rapid succession and I replied, after her driver spouted something, with, "My favorite clothes are di....." I stopped as I realized that it would be impossible to get those here, so I continued " I love to eat am..." My voice faltered again as I realized the same thing. I looked away, towards one of the windows, "I have no preferences."
  Clavilux Zephyr / CMcGuire / 7y 170d 15h 35m 0s
Remedy looked to Kain, sighing. "Oh, dear, you're skin and bones! That won't due! Goodness. I'm going to need to buy clothes.. Hmm... What sort of foods should I get? I don't wanna feed you and Clavilux things you won't like." She trailed off for a moment, making lists in her head, figuring out prices and numbers. Meanwhile, Clavilux seemed to have disappeared once more, and she sighed. "Oh, what am I going to do with that boy?" She said good naturedly. And just as soon as he disappeared, he had reappeared once more. "Clavilux, please don't keep disappearing like that." She scolded gently, not wanting to make him dislike her simply because she got worried so much.

"Yes, We're leaving right now." She smiled and began to lead them through the stalls, not stopping until they were at the exit of the market. "I live in a forest. With my people. They will love the both of you, and will spoil you greatly." She grinned, and lead them towards the sleek looking limousine. A man with light blue skin and silver hair stepped out from the driver's side, wearing a suit made of the similar material that Remedy's dress was made of. He smiled to Kain and Clavilux, and opened the door for the three of them to get into the car. "Thank you, Tyr." She said as she got inside.

Once all three of them were safely inside of the vehicle, she let out a small breath. "Goodness, what a day!" She said, letting her translucent wings finally stretch out. "I had flown here, but I thought it would be better to take this... auto mobile back to our home." She kicked her black shoes off, wiggling her toes. "So darlings, what sort of clothes would you like? What colors? What sort of food are your favorites?" Tyr laughed from the driver's seat, shaking his head. "My lady, you speak as if they are your new found children." He joked, and Remedy gave him a look of mock insult. "Why Tyr, they are my children in a way! I am just like Peter Pan! I'm am saving them!" She giggled, thinking of one of her favorite human books.
  Remedy / LockAndKey / 7y 175d 23h 40m 29s

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