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"Gods, you are a fucking MORON! I already told you that it went upstairs!" Keir was pissed off by this point, his quick temper flaring to the point of snapping. "And don't you tell me how to do my research, you little shit!"
He was ready to kill Omio! The bastard dared to make guesswork at his research, on top of demanding all of these answers that Keir barely had.

He clentche his fists, his body temperature flaring drastically, fully ready to slug the older Firewing. Then again getting in a fist fight would be bad considering that he had no skills for such a combat, but the red head was so sassed by this point he wasn't even thinking properly.
In a semi desperate angry notion, he grabbed the chair he had been sitting on and tossed it at Omio with all of his strength. "Just piss off already!"
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Omio sighed miserably. "You should be more alert about information in the future. What you don't know can and may kill you. First, tell me where the furrball "Ragnos" is, and I'll go look. Second, tell me word-for-word what happened, and I won't be so willing to call you deadbeat for a Firewing. Third, if that's supposed to be a ballistic-type weapon, you might have better luck using redstone for the mechanism, and whatever else for the projectiles. I've done some unofficial study on redstone, albeit in powdered form rather than the crystalline form like Calix is looking into now, so my results might be off by a little in practicality. Theory-wise, it makes sense, though. And fourth, just because I've got several decades on you doesn't mean I'm incompetant."

One thought rolled in his mind, and he smirked due to it. I just dare you to try to throw something at me. Make. My. Day.
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This guy was REALLY pissing him off!
Keir gritted his teeth together, ever so obviously unimpressed with the Firewing, his expression only faltering when he hear mentions of 'Firewing' and 'Sai'. Immediately the redhead was put into an even more sour mood. Another Firewing? And one that knew his father?


He was so tempted to pitch a chair at Omio. But he took in a deep breath, rubbing his temples to calm himself. "I really don't care if you taught my father or that you're a Firewing - I don't really know what happened myself. Find that stupid fluffball and it'd be able to tell you."

Just shut up and leave me be. He wanted to snap this remark at Omio, but kept his mouth firmly closed, hoping that the less he said would get the older Firewing ti go away sooner.
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Omio looked coldly at him. He obviously had no clue, and from the look of things, it was about to get a lot more interesting. "Firewing Omio Nilida. Blacksmith, and Sai's swordsmanship teacher, back in the day. His glance warmed with familiarity. "Nice pose, by the day. Reminds me much of Sai all too much." He simply set the boxes down. Keir's last remark had some irony to it. He didn't respond to it quite yet. "Anyways, I hope you realize that it'd be better for you to fill me in than I learn about things on my own - because if I have to do the last part, I sure-as-hell won't be impressed."
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Keir was a little appalled at how Omio basically demanded to be told what had happened, when really the young Firewing wasn't sure himself what had happened. And wait, did he say that his eyes had gone blue?

For a moment he didn't pay the older Firewing any heed, quickly rummaging around in his desk until he found a reflective surface, peering at his reflection.
Well damn, his left eye was blue!
Did Ragnos do that to him?

The idea made Keir seethe even more than he already had been. But before he could focus on that stupid fluff ball, he turned to Omio, hands going to his hips in a rather Sai like fashion. "Listen here, I don't owe you any kind of story - my business is my own! And I don't care who the hell you are - you could be the king of Akata for all I care!"

[[S'all good. Have fun with a sassed Keir BTW. ^^;]]
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Omio noticed the difference in eyes immediately. He was a lot more keen than many let on, and he had to be direct. "Your eyes are blue, so obviously, you have been affected in a serious manner. I can tell you wish to rest, but first, you obviously owe me a bit of a story here, and I swear to the greater forces, if I have to go to volume 5, page 207, paragraphs 6 and 7 of the Akata Encyclopedia to prove who I am, then we've got even MORE stories to swap tomorrow."

[[ Excuse the crap post - character/scenario-wise, there's not much else Omio can/will react on. ]]
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Keir hadn't been expecting anyone else to be coming - all he had been expecting was to sit there and collect himself before maybe going home, so when he heard Omio's voice he glanced over, once again alert.
He shook his head, finally pulling his hand from his face so he could get up and push in his chair, but stopped halfway through.
For a while he just stared, almost unbelieving in what he was seeing, but then again, it made sense. If that creature was right then... was he seeing the flow of Omio's fate?

Keir looked away for a moment then looked back, a little shaken. "No... Um, he left..." The young Firewing bit his lip, a frown creasing his brow. "I don't know if he'll be back. Hell, I don't think Calix was really Calix." He blurted as he rubbed at his left eye once again, completely unaware that it had changed from it's original deep green to a vibrant blue.

"Listen, Calix was going on about something strange and then claimed to be a deity of fate. He-it-- Ragnos went upstairs just as you got here." He sighed again. He wanted to sleep this all off.
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<Omio's image here.>
He had brought his trade here now. Gone were the days where he could pose as a War Tactician. He was now simply a blacksmith, and Merios was prime for it. A lot of people needed different metals for all different things, and he was among the best at what he did. It was almost routine. However, one by the name of Calix requested an odd series of items, to be delivered to the tower. A few boxes, with some infused redstone "lines". What it was about, he wouldn't know for certain. He had a few ideas, but didn't know for certain. He flipped some hair away from his right eye.

The tower's entrance was in sight, and it was his delivery destination. After this delivery, he was going to call the day "done" - the store was already closed, and he was about to go to home before he remembered that he had a delivery to make. Something felt a bit amiss, but he had a job to do, and a bad feeling wasn't stopping him; he was a Firewing. The hair got in his face again on his way in, and again, he swept it aside. "Blasted bangs..."

He passed through the reception easily, since he had done business with other researchers before. He had earned the privilege of being able to walk in without any hassle. He began walking up the tower, and even though he had at least a hundred years under his belt, he wasn't any bit "older" about things. He made it all the way to Keir's floor to walk in to the ending of the conversation. He looked over to the two, particularly to Keir. He'd be able to say if Calix was upstairs or not. "Yo, Keir, is Calix still up there? The receptionist isn't as reliable as you about noticing."
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Light was always scarce in the iron tower, and by the time that everyone was gone in the evening, the you firewing still had no idea that the sun was ready to go down in the outside world. Even as he sat, slender fingers toying with his newest experiment of interest, his mind didn't even remotely think of going home or leaving.
Of course, to most of the researchers there, the tower was creepy when it got darker, but the redhead didn't fear it what so ever, nor was he bothered by it.
When things got too dark he'd simply conjur a small orb of flame to shed light on his work.

It was only when there was the slight shuffle of footsteps that he looked up, deep green eyes dazed from a long day of staring. At first there was only a shdow that danced across the far wall until a man with strangely coloured vermillion hair came into view, lanturn in hand and frown set upon his face.

"Master Calix!" Keir called as he stood, chair toppling backwards. It wasn't very often that he saw the strange man outside of his lab, even at this late at night. Sometimes the young researcher thought that the frail looking man slept in his lab.
The man, clearly surprised at another presence, nearly dropped the lanturn, turning quickly. He immediately breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing the red head, a small smile crossing his face. "Keir, I'm surprised to see you up here this late. Productive research?" The robed researcher walked over to the Firewing's desk, setting down the lanturn to shed more light onto the parts scattered across the wooden desk.

The younger researcher merely shook his head, pouting. "Not really - I'm at a dead end." He closed his eyes, a dissapointed sigh escaping him.
The human cocked his head, brows perking. "You've always been working really hard. Why?"

Keir nearly scoffed, but refrained, gaze returning to his researcg. "I grew up with some great people in my life. I promised myself that I'd become something great; that I'd make a differene." He gave a bitter smile, bandaged finger running over some parts.
But the elder didn't look amused nor moved by Keir's words, a certain emotion flashing in his silver eyes, lost in an instant completely unseen.

"And you think this will make you something? Toiling away on something everyday people have no use for?"

The green eyed Firewing's head snapped to glare at the human, obviously angered and upset by Calix's words, a snarky comeback on the tip of his tongue. But the older man shook his head, an apologetic expression falling across his face. "What I mean is wouldn't it be better to go right to the source? To be great is to change the fate of someone."

The Firewing stared, feeling a little unsettled by the older researcher's words, a frown creasing his brow. "What do you mean?" He questioned, his words surprisingly choosy.

For a moment, Calix didn't say a thing, his silver eyes darting to watch the shadows quickly before he spoke, voice suddenly hushed. "I can let you change someone's fate. I just want one thing in return, little Firewing."
Keir tensed, backing away from Calix, green eyes narrowed. "How the hell do you know that?" He snarled, hands clentching tightly.

"Relax, Keir. I know a lot more than you think - I know your parents and I can see what you really want," He outstretched a hand, smiling lightly. "We can help each other out, just say yes."

The Firewing stared for a long while, wondering if this guy was real, but he knew Calix's reputation, and with that in mind he knew that his words weren't a hoax, still he was reluctant.
For a while he just stared, reluctant.
He knew he'd have to, and his brash impulsive nature pushed towards him taking the deal. He didn't even realize that he had taken Calix's hand until he felt the researcher's warm hand resting along the side of his face, beside his left eye.

He felt like his stomach went up through his throat, an unerving feeling washing over his gut. He wanted to back out, but he found himself unmoving, gaze rested on the strange smile that spread over Calix's face as he spoke.
"Then it's a deal." The researcher purred.

The world went blank for a moment, a sharp pain jutting through him enough to send him to his knees. He panted, a shaky hand going up to cover his eye, which felt as if it had been gouged out.
"What did you do?" Keir hissed, glancing up to glare at Calix. But he stopped dead, breath catching in his throat.

No longer was there a human in front of him, but rather a furry creature. The creature stared down at him, warm red eyes nearly glowing. "You have let me return to my original form, for this, you have my gratitude. You, who have given up your natural ability to shapeshift in return to see and directly interact with one's fate within certain boudaries." The creature sat on the desktop, tail swishing as it examined it's paws.

"Now, there is one more thing I wish to ask you. I am a deity with a predicament - I've lost my powers and want you to change people's fates to return my powers." It stared down at him as he shakily got up, palming his eye in pain.

"As if I'd work for you - I'm doing this for myself... For the love of Chronos, why does my eye hurt?" Keir glared at the fluffball, annoyance clear in his expression. "I manifested the power I gave you there. If I hadn't, you would have died from the experience."

The Firewing picked up his chair, sitting down and giving a huff. His mind was racing with questions and he found it difficult to concentrate with the furry diety padding over to watch him intently. "Go away." He muttered. He felt like crap and he needed time to think.

"At least refer to me with some respect. My name is Ragnos, god of fate."
"Don't care..." He muttered, a sigh escaping him. He wanted to sleep now, his mind scrambled. Still his words seemed to have annoyed the creature, and it turned, tail whisping out behind it.
Ragnos didn't even look back, leaving the Firewing, and going off to search for a more suitable helper.
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