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PoF: TF - a Path of Fire RP Between Omio and I!


Many years after the main PoF shenanigans all is settled and peace has fallen over the world. It's at times like these where our main protagonists rest and build their lives, waiting for the next world threatening thing to come up.

But under their noses a forgotten deity finally shows face, looking to regain it's abandoned throne. From there many get pulled into the chaos, either struggling against or helping this god of fate.


Omio Nilida - Omio
Keir Porver - Oregano
Takoda Nightengale - Oregano
Setfrey Indra - Oregano
Magenta Leia - Oregano
Azris Sifer - Oregano
"Calix" Ragnos - Oregano
Sienna - Omio

Side Characters:

Sai Zeraphime
Sindri Porver
Raem Toure
Momiya Faust


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Omio smirked. "I'd love to see how you'd make me regret it, but I am a blacksmith, and I doubt times will coincide on a different matter." The back of his head held the uncertainty, and Ragnos was going to overhear it. Mmm... ...depends on when the lady decides to go shopping, and how far I have to go... ...Ragnos, just a fair warning, if you tell me of a task, and don't give me a ballpark figure, you might end up being out of luck in terms of getting me to do something. So in the future, do strive to be a little more accurate, please. Also, would buying the couch in question serve well enough?
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 7y 83d 21h 12m 17s
Frowning slightly, Keir brought up a hand to brush at his bangs, averting his eyes from the older Firewing. "Well, uh, that was only partially the truth." Sure he'd probably only be busy first thing in the morning, and being that he was indeed a little intrigued, although he wouldn't admit it.

He sighed for a moment before glancing down the stairs. "You better be there tomorrow, because if I end up wasting my time, you'll regret it." He shot the Deity one final glare before heading down, not even bothering with a light in the dark stairwell, knowing it pretty much off by heart.

Ragnos sighed however. It seems that I judged his character a little wrong. I thought that he'd really help me if I gave him what he so desired.
  Keir / OreganoLeaves / 7y 84d 17h 55m 27s
Omio smiled to Keir. "You said tomorrow was busy, remember? But, I'll be at my forge around here if I'm not running off doing something like an absolute clown." The comical bit to what he said was that he was being serious. He plucked Ragnos off of his arm, and plopped the deity onto his fairly-warmer head. Somewhere where he didn't have to worry about Ragnos at all. "If not, keep trying at later points. We'll catch up sooner or later."

He smirked as a thought crossed his mind. This might not only get fans off my side, but can be a little bit of 'returned favor' for the Corona incident, possibly. Depends on how things go.

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  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 7y 200d 18h 32m 0s
The deity was pleased, clapping his hands together in almost a childish manner, smile across his lips. "Wondeful!" He bumped Keit out of the way so he could latch onto the older Firewing's arm. "Just to put things straight, I'm sure there will be more than just simple tasks. You never know when someone wants to murder someone or something. Anyways, first task will be to convince this old lady that no, buying that couch will not be a good life decision later~!"

Keir just stared, annoyed that he was compltely forgotten about. He gave a grumble, glaring at the both of them. "Hey, gramps, where did you say you wanted to meet tomorrow?"

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  Keir / OreganoLeaves / 7y 200d 18h 59m 36s
Omio smiled. "So we pursue a similar goal. Good news for a change. Lots of imposing people I've been coming across all have been wanting to ruin things for people. I guess the favors you're looking for are stupid things like moving a turtle into an odd river, and moving a large rock to a specific location? If so, I could use the amusement at least." For many years, he had been bored-ish, particularly since he often annoyed Echo out of boredom. While he missed her, she wasn't going to miss him for a while. "I've got time to party around, so... ...name the first favor?" He didn't know what the process was, and simply took a guess.

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Ragnos sighed, crossing his arms. "Don't be silly! Killing people won't earn me their favor! I want to make sure that people who have the possibilty on making a possotive effect on the flow of this world remain with the better fate, wheras people or things that would mess with the progression of this world have a lesser impact." The summon spirit nodded to himself in agreement.

"For you it will probably be more difficult because you can't see the way things will turn out, but I'm willing to lead you through this." The deity gave a sigh. "Mind you, if SOMEONE actually agreed to help me this would go on alot easier~"
  Keir / OreganoLeaves / 7y 206d 20h 57m 39s
Omio looked unimpressed. The deity was evading a critical question; because if this deity was going to ask for a lot of heads to be lobbed off, he was going to considerable side against it, here and now. "That doesn't answer a crucial part of my question: What kind of favors do you need? I swear, if I have to lob hundreds of heads off, I would opt for one rather than many, be you a god or not." Right now, Keir wasn't important, but he did note Keir's nervous reaction earlier. It was at least a sign that Keir was directly involved.

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Calix seemed intruiged, his head tilting slightly, even as Keir huffed at being ignored. The diety slowly made his way over and examined Omio for a moment, a smile growing across his face. "I've never personally delt with you in the past, but Sai always spoke highly of you... As of right now though, I am at a little bit of a loss of what I can offer you considering that I have very few of my powers, but once i have them all back.. well, let's just say that having a god of fate owing you is always a good thing."

[[Bleck, sorry crappy post.]]
  Keir / OreganoLeaves / 7y 206d 23h 28m 6s
Omio completely ignored Keir. "You can call it your own stroke of luck, I suppose, because I'm actually interested enough to hear out what you're capable of. You see, I work favor-for-favor, roughly, and now that I know what you are, I now want to know what you have to offer. So far, you're only sounding like a way to get fans off my back. So, Ragnos, let me ask it bluntly: What can you do that will help me, and what kind of favors will you seek in exchange?"
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 7y 208d 18h 1m 19s
Keir glared over to Omio, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "Try it and I'll pull you donw with me you old shit." He turned his attention back to Ragnos, who sighed, running a hand through his hair.

(i "So you already spilt it that I'm not what this body is? Looks like it's unavoidable."
The deity's expression turned serious as he leaned on the corner of his desk.
"I am the god of fate, forgotten by those once faithful to me because I got stuck in this human body years ago. I could have escaped then, but if I had this body would have been destroyed and the fate along with it gone, and because this human was going to contribute a lot to the future, I played his part. But by the time I had finished playing out his fate, I had lost all most of my power. So I made a deal."

He pointed at Keir, whom blinked and swallowed a little. "I exchanged a portion of my abiulity to see and interact direectly to the ties of fate for the ability to change back to my original form. Unfortunately this did not restore my power like I had hoped so I intend on finding someone to work with me until I get my power back."
  Keir / OreganoLeaves / 7y 208d 18h 23m 23s
Omio, slightly ahead of Keir, spoke, first to Keir, then to Ragnos. "Keir, calm your ass down before I shove said ass down the stairs. Ragnos, you have some explaining to do. Who and what are you, and what deal did you strike?" He wasn't going to beat around the bush here. Clearly, Keir was much more involved than he knew, so he was going to get that record straightened. The threat to Keir was more playful, but if Keir took it seriously, it was going to be comical for him.

Omio had an odd feeling, like something was just amiss. Again, he couldn't address it, but the odd feeling was there again.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 7y 208d 18h 35m 45s
Keir followed behind Omio, arms tucked behind his head, smirk returning to his face. "Whatever you say, Gramps." He rolled his eyes a little. It would be easy to make a later date and not show up - after all this wasn't his problem.
But he was intruiged about whatever Sai could have possibly left out, so it was tempting to actually show up. Maybe.

As they walked passed other researcher's labs, he glanced into them to make sure that he didn't see that furry little twat. It was when they reached the Calix's lab when he spotted Ragnos, back in Calix's form and immediately he glared. "There's that ass face!" He was tempted to hurl a fireball at it.

Ragnos blinked and looked over at them, a frown on his face. "Is that any way to address someone who just made a deal with you?" He looked unimpressed.
  Keir / OreganoLeaves / 7y 208d 18h 53m 50s
Omio was about to answer until he was called "gramps". While he didn't appreciate the title, he couldn't help but laugh - and quite heartily. After a few seconds, he spoke. "Ahh, as dense as Sai is... ahahahaha... ...ahh... ...just call me 'Omio' in the future, alright? Anyways, just drop by the forge to arrange a later date, then. There's lots of turf about Firewings that I'm sure Sai didn't cover." All the while, he was walking up the stairs, slowly so Keir could catch up easily.

Dammit, Sai... ...do you always have to leave people out-of-the-loop?
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 7y 208d 19h 2m 5s
Keir hadn't been expecting Omio to conjure a sword, but it wasn't as if he hadn't seen one. Still the surprise was enough to shake him of his foul mood and set him on a more serious side.
He smirked a little, trying to appear unimpressed by the sudden appearance of the sword by his face. "You trained my dad and yet you really think that a sword is enough to scare me? I've seen him spar pleanty of times so why the hell would I be afraid?"
This was a little bit of a bluff, but the you Firewing didn't intent to let on that he was actually a little nervous.

"Besides, even if you did harm me it wouldn't be something I couldn't recover from. Heck you could kill me and it still wouldn't matter." Keir moved aside, crossing his arms and glaring at Omio. He didn't believe that the old Firewing would do something so drastic if he didn't cooperate anyways.

He looked to the stairs leading up and sighed, still a little annoyed. "I'll go help you find Calix but there is no way I'm meeting with you tomorrow, Omio..... Oh....." He stopped and blinked when he realized he had heard the name before. He rushed a hand to his mouth to stop himself from laughing. "Sorry, I mean gramps. I have things to do you see."
  Keir / OreganoLeaves / 7y 208d 19h 26m 3s
Omio summoned Flamberge, and swung, cleaving the chair in a clean half, and the tip of the sword barely a centimeter from Keir's forehead - all in one motion. He knew Keir's type of personality all too well, having had dealt with humans having the same problem many, many times in the past. In fact, and he enjoyed ticking them off. His tone turned a lot more serious, like he spoke when he was presenting a war plan. "One, you're following me. I don't care if you have no combat abilities, you have a better connection with Calix than I do. Two, lots of discussion to be had tomorrow, but in fair exchange, I owe you a favor." And he sheathed the sword. He shook his head. "I swear, this generation's on the fastest decline I've ever seen." He made only the first step, and waited for Keir.
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