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A new world with different ranks of demons. In this world, there are different demons with different ranks. All demons divided with a color to show ranks.
Highest rank- Blue Demons.
second highest- Red Demons.
second lowest- Grey demons.
lowest- Black demons.
highest rank- Yellow demon.
second highest- Green demon.
second lowest- Pink Demon.
lowest- Purple demon.
*The higher demons fight
*the second highest demons guard
*the second lowest demons take care of the higher and the second highest demons when hurt or sick.
*And the lowest demons stay at home and take care of the house and family.
The blue and yellow demons are not allowed to show love because it could affect fighting and protecting the world. But they tend to love in secret regardless.
The other demons can love out in the open.
We have powers and all that stuff
Just find a picture if you can of a male or female wearing that color it doesn't matter to me. :P
No cyber
No godmodding.
violence and swearing is allowed.
Type of Demon:
Name: Chika
Age: 19
Demon: Yellow
Name: Jack
Age: 17
Type of Demon: Blue

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<ugh i know... :(> Chika sighed. "it is..." she muttered and closed her eyes. She opened one and looked around again with a low groan.
  Chika.. / kittygirl / 9y 289d 20h 24m 8s

Jack sighed "It's gonna be a long day." He laid back to take a short nap, but something wouldn't let him. a feeling of some kind that he couldn't really explain.
  Jack / gimpy0 / 9y 289d 20h 25m 27s
"nope" he muttered and shrugged a little bit and looked around. Her large furry body laying across the ground. She listened closely with her large ears and lifted her head up then turned it. She looked around for a second then sighed.
  Chika.. / kittygirl / 9y 289d 20h 29m 16s
"Pretty huh?" Jack thought for a moment. "Not sure a demon's world would be called 'pretty' but I'll take your word for it." It seemed unlikely, but what did Jack know? He gave a long sigh. "Is anything out there yet?"
  Jack / gimpy0 / 9y 289d 20h 31m 35s
Chika smiled a little bit. "Its...really pretty actually" she said staring into the distance. She looked at him and laid down and put her head on her paws. "but we cant go into the real world...we are stuck in this one.." she sighed.
  Chika.. / kittygirl / 9y 289d 20h 48m 34s
Jack contemplated over that, taking another bite. "Whats it like, to be able to see I mean." he asked after swallowing. He had always wondered what it was like, and was surprised how much others took it for granted.
  Jack / gimpy0 / 9y 289d 20h 50m 40s
Chika sighed. "because I do" she said in a low voice. She clamped her jaws together with a loud click and stood there watching. "I can see better" she muttered her tail flicking behind her.
  Chika.. / kittygirl / 9y 289d 20h 58m 25s
Jack went to his usual looking spot with a plate of food. It might end up being another long day. "Why are you like a tiger?" He asked with a mouthful of food.
  Jack / gimpy0 / 9y 289d 20h 59m 23s
Chika stood silently and crossed her arms looking around. She changed into a lion and shook herself off and sat down silently.
  Chika.. / kittygirl / 9y 289d 21h 12m 52s
Jacks stomach growled. He was still hungry. He thought about going after Chika to wacth, but then decided to go get some food first. Jack sighed as he walked towards the dinning hall.
  Jack / gimpy0 / 9y 289d 21h 20m 20s
Chika watched him. "okay.." she said shrugging. She looked at him and walked passed him and walked outside standing in her usual spot, looking around.
  Chika.. / kittygirl / 9y 289d 21h 27m 16s
Jack turned a corner, and pulled Chika with him when she passed. "Nothing happened, that purple doesn't know anything, just go about your usual day." It was more to convince himself than her, and he hoped he wasn't being too harsh.
  Jack / gimpy0 / 9y 289d 21h 28m 28s
Chika looked at the purple then looked at the Jack. She walked out after him and looked at the Purple then looked at the ground.
  Chika.. / kittygirl / 9y 289d 22h 14m 0s
When the door opened, a purple waited on the other side. Jack was slightly taken aback, but walked on as if nothing had happened. If the purple talked, rumors would start. If rumors started, there would be trouble.
  Jack / Gimpy0 / 9y 290d 6h 26m 58s
Chika sighed. "Well lets get you something to eat then...she smiled at him and looked around then started walking towards the door and unlocked it.
  Chika.. / kittygirl / 9y 290d 17h 51m 33s

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