The Age of The New Alchemists

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After Edward went to the otherside of the gate, closing it with his brother Alphones with the help of The Flame Alchemist on the other side, a new test was taken, several were excepted each year. No one knew what was to come...

More homunculus are being made by an unknown source. Who ever is making them uses both artificial beings, chimeras and humans.

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3: No instant romance, crushing is fine
4: swearing is fine, even wanted; but don't go posting sentences full of vulgar
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6: you need to rp with everyone, you can have smaller main groups but at times rp with the others

[ask if you want to be one of the higher ups, like Ryo, Riza and the rest since they're still alive and on this side of the gate.]
~Message me these

Species (yes, there will be those like Greed's companions, you can chose to fight with or against the alchemists, human, homunculus, genecticly engineered human
State Alchemist name:

New homunculus
Gluttony ~ Taken
Wrath ~ taken
Envy ~ Taken

Username: Ever-Dream
Name: Ben
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Species: Human, though there is military records of him being a chimera as well.
State Alchemist Name: Saberclaw Alchemist
Bio: Ben's last name isn't known. He showed up his ability to transmute without a circle and a stuffed mink/bird chimera which is always at his side, proves he may have committed a Taboo, though it is unknown on what. The mink has a blood seal that can be faintly seen if you look hard enough. Ben isn't too keen on talking about himself or his past, he claims he doesn't have any memory. He later shows this to be true when he is being pestered by higher ranks. All he knows is he tried to bring someone back to life, he failed and put the soul in a mink/bird chimera doll his father created. He won't tell what or who but he has no memory from after that. When Suto gets harrassed by some people, he attacked them, all almost died but Sutoraiku stopped him.
Sexuality: Asexual
Crush: None, he doesn't trust anyone, other than the mink, enough

Username: Ever-Dream
Name: Sutoraiku
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Species: Soul bound by Ben to a small chimera doll
State Alchemist name: None
Bio: Shizukana, 突く, meaning Strike in english. It fits her because she's always pushing Ben to not rush into things and that could get him into alot of trouble in the future. Though he never listens she still tries. She worries Ben will have to go through what the famous Edward Elric did to get his brother back. She doesn't want him to go though all that pain just for her since she feels she'd have nothing to return to if he'd succeed.
Sexuality: Straight
Crush: She isn't focased on love, but she cares alot about Ben

Username: Ever-dream
Name: Envy
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, looks 16
Species: homunculus
State Alchemist name: N/A
Bio: Not much is known about her, Sutoraiku seems to know something about her, but won't say anything. Envy sticks with Gluttony and now Wrath. It is unknown if she wants war or not.
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Crush: None

Username: Saphirehope
Name: Yeira Jain
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Species: Human, Ishvalan to be exact
State Alchemist name: The Soul Binding Alchemist
Bio: Yeira was still a baby when the Ihsvalan War started in 1901. She grew up in a place where death and murder was an ordinary occurrence. By the time she was three, most of her family was dead, and the living ones did not wish to bother with raising a child who would most likely die. She was secretly taken in by a Amestrian Solider who dabbled in alchemy. Though he as quite inept at it, Yeira learned as much as she could from this man, was she was still too young to know that alchemy was forbidden in Ishval and she could be exiled for practicing it.
She began to live on the streets again at age five, when the solider she lived with returned to central. This is when she found the book. Her prized possession, the book taught her all sorts of things she never thought possible, and her favorite chapter: Soul Binding. She began binding souls of every dead Ishvalan she could. The bonded Ishvalans didn�t like this though. After all, they had been made with alchemy, the forbidden skill of their people. Many went insane, killed themselves and the others. Many of the remaining Ishvalans had seen Yeira�s work and shunned her, causing her to live in solitude. But Yeira was still too young to understand the reason for their attitudes, and continued to bind souls, hoping that one day one of her �victims� would thank her, rather than running a knife through their blood rune.
In 1908, when Order 3066 sent state alchemists into Ishval, Yeira, now nine, escaped the east, knowing that staying meant death. She retreated to a small village outside of central until recently when she decided it was time to put her alchemy to use.
Yeira had the strange ability to bind souls without abiding to the law of equivalent exchange, but nearly every other form of alchemy she�s tried has had horrible effects on her. When trying to use fire alchemy, she damaged her vocal chords and can barely speak without pain. Nature alchemy caused her left eye to go in and out of blindness. The only exceptions are the most rudimentary alchemy she learned as a child, and water alchemy.
Sexuality: Straight
Crush: None

Name: Richard Howl
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Species: mostly human
State Alchemist name: steam powered Alchemist
Bio: richard was a child of a mechanic and a frost alchemist so this lead to his fansantion with combineing them when his parents died from unknow cause he cut of his right arm and left leg and replaced it with automail out of respect for his father and mother and now strives to become a state alchemist for parents sake
Sexuality: straight
Crush: none yet

Username: Luminesque
Name: Gluttony
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Species: Homuculus/Albino Chimera (Human/Vulture/Hyena)
Appearance: White hair and red eyes. His arms double as wings and are covered in white feathers. He also has a bunch of fluff that goes around his neck and partially down his chest. He possess claws. His legs are canine-like, covered in white fur, with black hyena markings. He also has a hyena's tail. An albino is rare but an albino chimera is far rarer.
State Alchemist name: N/A
Bio: WIP
Sexuality: Homosexual
Crush: N/A

Username: Ever-Dream
Name: Rellik
Gender: Male
Age: Maybe 17
Species: Human/Wolf, Lion, Cobra, Porcupine Chimera
State Alchemist name: N/A
Bio: Rellik was a normal human but was experimented on and turned into a Chimera. He is bitter and hate humans. He escaped and killed the man who mad him what he was. He killed other humans until he was caught and put up on the market. He was not bought for three years, but finally Envy bought him for the war plans.
Sexuality: Asexual
Crush: N/A


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Yeira sighed. She had absolutely no idea what they were going to say to Central. She had a few ideas, but none were very strong and they wouldn’t work very well without actual proof or word from Ben himself. Yeira took out her book anyways and scribbled the first idea onto the page. She wrote: He’s conducting independent study? That might work. She wrote it quickly and the est that she could while walking in the darkness of the road and showed it to the others in the dim lighting of a streetlamp. When they had read it she took the book back and shrugged.I don’t know, seems like our best bet.
  Yeira Jain / Saphirehope / 7y 28d 13h 55m 55s
Envy looked to Wrath/Ben and Gluttony. She sighed, "We need to find people to fight for and with us..." She looked to Gluttony, "I'm going to go find some Chimeras and other mutants" She looked to Wrath then back to the other male, "You two stay together, try not to get into fights or kill each other" She walked to the door, "I'll be back soon."

She walked out and down the street, She looked human enough to pass as one, and if someone found out what she was, she'd kill them. She made her way into a market found the Chimera section. She bought some with change she gathered and stole.

She took the five Chimeras to the old store house.
  Ever-Dream / 7y 28d 17h 52m 45s
Suto looked to Richard when he asked how this was going to be explained to central. She sighed softly, "I'm not sure, but were going to need to think of something or they may think he left in order to hide something or keep out of war..." She looked to the sky then to the road. She was going to miss her friend but if they brought anything related to a homunculus it would be killed.
  Ben / Ever-Dream / 7y 129d 13h 58m 1s
Yeira nodded reluctantly.I understand. She still didn’t want to leave Ben with the others, but she knew that Suto was right; He was safer there. Before she turned around to leave, Yeira took one last long look at Ben. She felt an odd mix of annoyance and sadness. And we came all this way in the rain. Darn it, Ben. She sighed, turned around, and left with Richard and Suto.

It had stopped raining, making the walk a back a lot easier their confused trek there. As they walked, she listened to Richard. Yeira shrugged at his question. I have absolutely no idea. She sighed and rubbed her head. She was tired and didn’t have enough energy to think. She hoped Suto had an idea on how they would explain all this. All she knew was that when they got back, she was going rest for a bit.

So as they walked, Yeira kept quiet. She was sure Richard had a lot of questions and she’d give him time to talk.
  Yeira Jain / Saphirehope / 7y 202d 13h 16m 28s
Richard looked to suto "so how are we going to explain this to central" richard had so many questions like what is the connection between the two or what is wrong with ben in the first place but he knew as soon as they got back he is going to train as soon as possible because if there is a war he could barely fight one of thous thing by himself
  Richard Howl / Rangj / 7y 203d 13h 32m 54s
Suto walked to Yeira slowly, "If he comes back now... they'll know somethings not right. they'll find out and dispose of him, since he'll no longer be a human to them" her voice shook, but it was clear she was being strong. Suto looked to Ben for a few moments then back to Yeira, "even though i don't like it... its safer for him here..."

She walked closer to the girl and climbed onto her shoulder, "theres a slim chance this will help him... though it sounds stupid... and even selfish" she paused, "he at least will have something that makes him stronger, you saw him fighting that silent fox guy... he was out of breath after one attack..."

She shook her head looking to Envy. "i don't like what you did... but it may have saved his life, and if thats the case i'm grateful... and i may regret this later on, but he needs to stay here... he can't go back like this"

Her voice hardened, "we'll leave you now. but i'm sure we'll meet again if there really is a war" Her gaze turned to Yeira, "lets go... i'll tell you all you wish to know about Ben... and we'll need to somehow get the state to think he's gone..."
  Ben / Ever-Dream / 7y 231d 9h 31m 43s
A homunculus? Yeira knew what they were, but she had never seen one, But that means…No.Yeira looked to Ben, but then quickly looked back to Envy, A monster? Yeira shivered and turned away from Envy, not wanting to look the monster in the eyes,“Still…” Yeira spoke up after she took a deep breath. Her voice was coarse, but she didn’t even allow herself to cough. Her eyes narrowed in concentration, “Military will look for him. Not safe.” She turned to look Ben straight in the eyes, “Please, come back with us.” Her face felt hot and her entire body shook. That was a really bad idea. She thought as the pain set in. “If not…” Yeira managed to squeak. She began to cough and almost fell to the ground. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to finish her sentence, she pointed towards the door. If not, I’m leaving.

She needed to rest now. It was well into the night-time and Yeira couldn’t think straight with all the thoughts swimming around in her head. Suto was there now, so she could handle Ben if he chose not to come. Anyway, if he joined their side, she didn’t want to be his friend anymore. Guess I’ll be alone again. She looked to Richard;I guess I have this guy though. Oh well, I’m pathetic either way.
  Yeira Jain / Saphirehope / 7y 231d 9h 45m 58s
Envy had spotted Suto coming in as well and she looked to Yeira and Ben, "Yeira is it?" she turned her gaze to just the girl, "I'm doing him a favor, do you really think the state would let someone like Ben walk free?" She sighed, "he's preformed two taboos, and his alchemy's unstable, he once almost killed someone for messing around with the chimera he attached a soul to"

She looked to Ben, who was still watching Yeira. "The first Taboo was when his closest friend died... it failed, or he thought so he took her soul from the gate and gave most of his mind for her... but the first time he created something... a Homuculus, can you guess who that was?"
  Ben / Ever-Dream / 7y 232d 21h 34m 37s
Yeira met Ben’s eyes and shuddered a bit.He may be acting calmer now, but he still looks ruthless. Yeira thought, but she allowed her muscles to relax a bit as she dropped her arms down. She still held the gun, but only in one hand that hung loosely at her side.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw movement. Yeira’s head turned and she spotted Suto, who had just walked in. Yeira let out a sigh of relief and cracked a smile. Suto! Maybe she can jog Ben’s memories. Yeira’s eyes shifted to the side nervously, I really hope she didn’t see me pointing my gun at Ben. Yeira pushed these thoughts away and waved to Suto. When she caught her attention, Yeira worriedly pointed to Ben. We have a problem, her face clearly said.
  Yeira Jain / Saphirehope / 7y 233d 9h 57m 47s
Ben looked to him, "if you're real friends leave Envy and Gluttony alone..." he pushed Richards hand away. "they did nothing to you" He turned back to Yeira, watching the gun in her hand.

Envy sighed, "sure, now you're trying to blame us for something we had no say in... take your complaints to our boss... but he won't like people telling him what he should or shouldn't do.."

The rain had died down so Suto made her way after Richard and Yeira, she had seen them turn to the building and now she slunk in.
  Ben / Ever-Dream / 7y 233d 17h 32m 0s
"Ok screw this i am done trying to think this through ben or wraith who ever yeria and suto are extremly worried about you i dont know you yet but i can tell we are going to be good friends we have been searching for you all around central" richard goes up to ben " trust us we are real friends" holds out his hand to ben
  Richard Howl / Rangj / 7y 233d 19h 58m 2s
Wrath? Who’s…? Yeira gasped and looked to Ben. He was covered in blood and definitely looked wrathful; they must have taken advantage of Ben’s memory loss and coaxed him into their evil syndicate. Who are these people? They can’t possibly be human. She glanced to Gluttony who she noticed, had almost completely healed from his gun wound,Well of course he’s not human, but what are they exactly?

She gripped the gun with both hands. She didn’t know who to point it at anymore. Her face showed blatant confusion as she eventually settled on aiming it at Ben. Who would have thought I’d end up pointing the gun at the friend I worked so hard to find? What should I do?

Yeira decided her best idea was to try and communicate, but her notebook had fallen into a dirty puddle and she wanted to say her words for when she really needed them. She tried her best to convey her message using hand signals. She pointed to Envy, Ben, and then she shrugged and tilted her head-What did you do to him? Was the message she was trying to get across, but she was unsure if they’d understand.
  Yeira Jain / Saphirehope / 7y 234d 10h 58m 26s
Gluttony ceased his growling almost immediately when Envy appeared and told him to back down. He sank down into a sitting position and whimpered slightly but he soon grew quiet. The wound from the bullet was now healed but he could still feel it throb with pain every so often. His ears were still ringing from when the gun was fired. Being a Chimera his sense of hearing was greater than your average person and that only made it worse for him.

"Gluttony hurt..." he softly whined, rubbing at the area where the wound had been. His feathers and fur was stained with his own blood.
  Gluttony / Luminesque / 7y 234d 19h 45m 35s
Envy stepped into view, "back down Gluttony..." She went to his side and looked to Richard and Yeira. "What do you want with Wrath..." she said, watchign them both. Ben/Wrath had slunk into the shadows when the fight began. He now slammed into Richard, slashing his arm with the Dagger.

He leapt off and looked to Yeira, "leave them alone." he said. His eyes held anger, and a hint of hatred. Now that he was in full view, the dried blood of the man he'd killed a few hours before could be seen dried on his shirt, dagger and some splattered on his face.

"they did nothing to you, so back down..." He smirked slightly, "or i'll have to force you" Envy watched Ben/Wrath.
  Ben / Ever-Dream / 7y 234d 19h 42m 12s
Gluttony was already on his feet so there was no point in this male to tell him to 'stay down' when he was no longer down. The Chimera growled. His body had finally pushed the bullet out and was beginning to mend the wound. The sword that was pointed at him was no threat to the creature but he was still weary of the gun and it was thanks to that that he didn't attack Richard right now. Gluttony, however, refused to respond. He saw no reason to talk to these people. He was doing as he was told and he would continue to do as he was told until Envy told him otherwise. However, in reply to the male he just shook his head. It was his way of refusing without actually speaking.
  Gluttony / Luminesque / 7y 234d 20h 45s

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