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Bitches Will Be Bitches.

Haven Bay, California.

Haven Bay High School.

Popularity is all high school has ever been about. We all know that you fight your way to the top one way or another. People fear you. They respect you. They might hate you.

Sex, parties, relationships, backstabbing, lies, revenge, rumors... But you already know that.

Soccer is Haven Bay's most popular sport. The best team is the girls' varsity team; they're undefeated and the whole team is totally hot, Their captain is a complete bitch, though - a complete bitch at the almost top of the social ladder.

Cheerleading has always been that sport that everybody knew was high and mighty. It still is. They're right up there with the soccer team - oh, and their captain is a bitch, too. Again, almost at the top of the social ladder.

So yeah, the soccer team and the cheerleading squads are mortal enemies that hate each other with no visible end. They always have, always will.

High school is all about popularity. Pit two hateful bitches against each other, both competitive beyond comprehension, and it's war.

Who can throw the wildest parties? Who can have the most relationships? Who can gather the most phone numbers? The most kisses?

It's a never-ending spin of games, challenges, deceit, lies, secrets, revenge...

Haven Bay High School, Haven Bay, California; one big school full of fake bitches.


001. Bring in and use as many characters as you want. Don't make it ridiculous.

002. I'm expecting somebody literate. Whatever you ask for, I can most likely give. Let's shoot for 1300 and above.

003.Real pictures. I will approve yours and you can approve mine.

004. If you're faint of heart with love, lust, and violence, go away.

005. Have a dynamic character.

006. Neither one of them is invincible.

007. Romance will surely find its way, but there will be cracks, hitches, and bumps. Nothing instant.

008. Don't steal this idea. It's mine. I own it.

009. Profanity? Yes.

010. Remember they do not get along. Challenges will be put in the description as they come up. Don't be afraid to suggest some.

011. This is a lesbian roleplay, in case you didn't catch that.

012. I don't expect you to post 50 times a day, every day, and you shouldn't expect that of me.

013. No first-come, first-serve found here.

014. PM me if I didn't scare you away. Thanks for reading.

Let's Fuck Shit Up.


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Roleplay Responses

Ryleigh sat at her table and munched on her apple thoughtfully. She didn't wat want to eat the pizza on her plate, but occasionally took a French fry. She wasn't as hungry as she thought; it was anxiety gnawing at her. She couldn't wait to get the day over with and get on that field with the open air and sweat clogging up the oxygen, the determined faces on the players, the admiration among the spectators...

It really was something to behold.

Ryleigh didn't know where she was looking; her eyes were staring but she wasn't focused. Then she saw Jenna toss a particular look and she narrowed her eyes, tuning into the conversation. She heard the joke and the table laugh despite the stupidity and empty punchline. Whatever. Ryleigh knew what Jenna was trying to get at; sure she'd play along.

"Macy, Kassandra, come with me," the brunette said, snapping her fingers. The two sophomores stood up and walked dutifully along behind her until they had gotten over to the varsity cheeleading squad's table. The JV squad half turned to look; it was every day a soccer player entered their territory. Ryleigh wasn't afraid, though. They wouldn't dare touch her. It was an unspoken rule: the only person able to touch Ryleigh and breathe was Jenna, and vice versa. People usually stuck to fights with people in their rank.

"Well, well, I see we've got some jokes over here, right?" Ryleigh said, her eyes roving over the table before finally settling on the redhead. "You can say whatever you want about me, sure - but I'm sure your other bitches-in-arms were at the party too, huh? I know you all remember your faithful captain stuffing every boy in sight's face in her boobs. Or was that just the alcohol? Was it, Kassandra? Macy?"

Both the other players snickered out a no. Ryleigh grinned maliciously at the table of girls before her.

"I hear Regionals is coming up, huh, girls? You all excited? I'm pumped! I can't wait to go root for our winning cheer squad! But, uh, good luck practicing without a field. If you dare to step on a single piece of our grass today - well you're just going to be shit out of luck. Your darling captain can't save you, I promise you that." The brunette grinned and snatched an apple off the nearest tray, straightening up again and beginning to walk away, chanting, "Haven Bay Cheerleaders! Gooooo, Haven Bay!" She raised her voice, saying, "Can I get some applause for our wonderful cheerleaders over here?"

The entire cafeteria complied, wooing and whistling. Ryleigh sat peacefully down at her table and whispered some words with Penelope as she munched on her apple. There were a few glances at Jenna, but no more obvious indicators about what they were talking about. Just the way she liked it.

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Oh the pleasure Jenna felt watching Ryleigh's bitch ass get hauled off was remarkable. That would serve her right for fucking with her. She stood there with her arms crossed, watching the girl get carted off by the principal. Her only wish was that Ryleigh had actually hit her in front of him, that way she would be in far worse trouble then she was about to be.

When the two were gone Jenna turned on her heels and made her way to her locker. She wasn't surprised to see half the cheer squad surrounding it. No doubt they had bolted as soon as their class was over to see what she was going to do about Ryleigh's little surprise.

"Jenna," Kendra, the youngest and only freshmen on the varsity squad, was the first to speak. "She's not really taking the field is she Jenna? Regional's are two weeks away!"

"Hell no they aren't taking the field!" Jenna said as she went to her locker and opened it up. "Look I want everyone on that field, dressed and ready to go, at 2:45. I don't care if you have to skip your last fucking class to do so. Be there. Anyone who isn't is off the squad."


"I have a whole team of JV girls who are dying for your spots. Try me bitches."

Jenna looked each one of them in the eye, daring anyone to contradict her. She was going to make sure they had that field today since they desperately needed to work on their lifts and tosses. Of course she was bluffing when she said she would replace them if they weren't there, but they didn't need to know that. Besides, it wasn't like any of them would dare go against what she said. Jenna's word was law with the cheer squad.

She suffered through two more boring classes before it was finally lunch time. Jenna never ate the school food because it wasn't good for you. Instead she opted for bringing her own salad from home. At least she knew what she was putting into her body then.

The varsity and JV squads held the two middle tables in the lunch room. They had since the school was created, and everyone who was anyone pined for a spot there. Of course you had to be pretty damn special if you weren't a cheerleader and you got to sit there. Currently they had two non-cheer people who sat at the table, but both of them were freshmen and were sure to at least be on JV by next year.

The hot topic of the table today was the announcement during first hour. By now the entire squad knew about the time switch for practice, but none of them were stupid enough to tell anyone not at the lunch table it had happened. The last thing they needed was for Ryleigh to find out and change her time too. Jenna tossed a glare over at Ryleigh then smirked.

"Hey Ashley," she said rather loudly to one of the other girls.

"What Jenna?"

"What do you call a girl who can't hold her liqueur and starts to take her clothes off after one shot?" Ashley looked like she was thinking for a minute and then shrugged. "A soccer player."

The joke wasn't that funny but the entire table knew to laugh. Jenna met Ryleigh's gaze across the room and smiled evilly. Take that bitch.

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After the bell rang and Ryleigh was released from class, she left class with a smile on her face, content with the way her day was going so far. The only way it could get better was finding out that she had won the challenge against Ms. Cheerleader.

She bobbed her head happily side to side as she held almost pointless conversation with another sports athlete - she wasn't sure, but she thought that he may be another soccer player on the boys' varsity soccer team. That was cool. Something they had in common.

She was rounding the corner when she saw that flash of red hair - one of the only people in the whole school with hair of that color. Jenna.

Ryleigh was just opening her mouth to say something sarcastic when the other girl shoved her into the lockers. Ryleigh was caught off guard and her books fell as she arched her back in pain; she'd been straight in the back by one of the locks.

Okay now she was angry.

"Do you know who the fuck you're shoving, cheer bitch?" she snarled, pushing the redhead back half as hard as she could. The shooting pain in her back was hindering her a little bit, but she was furious enough to ignore it.

"I am a fucking soccer player! Do you know what that means? I am going to kick your ass." She pushed her again, harder this time. "You so picked the wrong day."

Her fist was in the air in a moment, ready to strike, when suddenly, a strong hand - perhaps stronger than her own - stopped its momentum where it was.

Ryleigh turned fuming, but the fury was quickly averted when she recognized the person holding her back as their principal.

"Mr. um.... Mr. Gibbens, how nice to see you." She smiled halfway. "I was just about to demonstrate to our, ah - winning cheer team how we crushed the competition last game..."

He stared at her and released her hand. "Mhm. Is that so? Let's talk about this competition in my office."

Gibbens nodded his head and the crowd that had started to gather parted like the Red Sea. Ryleigh glowered behind him, casting a last parting dirty look at Jenna before she left down the hall to meet her fate.

"What do you mean, detention? She hit me first! Ask anyone around, that godforsaken ginger pushed me into the lockers and I think I'm even bruised to prove it."

The older man before Ryleigh sighed, closing his eyes for a moment as he sucked in a breath. "Maybe so, Ryleigh, but I didn't catch her raising her fist like that. Not to mention you lied about it. In fact, you're lucky I have such favor for our sports teams otherwise you'd be suspended. You have weekend detention this Saturday."

"What? We have a game Saturday!"

"I suggest you get here early. You're a great player, Ryleigh, and an asset to our team. Take the advantage I gave you with a smile. I'm not kicking you off."

"How merciful of you, then."

Ryleigh slouched back into her seat with a dark look in her eyes. Oh, what she would do to that Jenna for putting her in that position. Or, no - a better question would be what wouldn't she do? Jenna deserved everything coming to her. Hell, she deserved more than that. A lot more.

"Thank you, Mr. Gibbens, for allowing me to attend the second soccer tryouts and continue to lead my team to victory. I'm going to attempt to stay out of trouble. I won't raise my fist to another ginger."

Two more classes Ryleigh had to sit through before finally being let into the cafeteria. She didn't eat much, bbut for some reason, she was out of her mind with starvation like she'd never eaten a day in her life.

After she sat down with her school-issued food, she began talking to the other players on her team, mostly about the altercation with Jenna. Most people wanted to know what happened. Gossip was like playing telephone - things got kind of warped as they went down the line.

"So are we still holding tryouts today?" Penelope asked while munching on an apple.

"Of course," Ryleigh shot back defensively. "Everything goes accordingly. I'm not letting some stupid cheerleader get in the way of the team. Nothing can change my mind. Nothing."

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The weekend had been phenomenal. Or at least what Jenna could remember of it had been. It had been party after party straight up to Sunday night when everyone went home and tried to finish a weeks worth of homework in a night. Jenna didn't have to worry about that, she had guys to do it for her.

She sat in front of her mirror, having already and showered and dressed for the day, checking to make sure every aspect of he was perfect. Her long red hair was tied in a fishtail braid that laid lazily over her left shoulder. Black eyeliner outlined her blue and made them pop, and pink gloss gave her lips a kissable look. She was the exact vision of what every high school wanted to be; thin, tall, and insanely pretty. It was no wonder she ruled the school.

When Jenna was positive there was no flaw in her reflection she stood up and crossed the room, grabbing her bag and cell phone as she went. Apparently the latest drinking challenge was the talk of the school right now. Jenna couldn't help but smile at that. There was need to take a poll, everyone at the party already knew that Jenna kicked Ryleigh's ass. This silly little voting thing was just prolonging the inevitable.

Jenna skipped out on breakfast, wanting avoid her mother and her critical glares, and went straight to her car. It was a pretty little sports thing that her father had gotten her for her birthday. Oh the perks of having a rich daddy.

The young girl lived only a few blocks from the school so driving was pointless, but she would rather be caught dead than walking. The parking lot was the place to be in the mornings and where she normally got her homework from whatever love struck nerd she had do it over the weekend. Normally she would hang out there for a little bit before making her way to her locker.

The worse part about this though was passing that God damn Ryleigh. bitch always had some snide comment to make and every time she opened her mouth Jenna wanted to punch her God damn teeth out. She literally had to fight the urge to yell at her as she walked past. Blatantly ignoring her seemed to help.

Seeing Ryleigh always put her in a foul mood and she would sit in History imagining how good it would feel to strangle the life out of her. To finally one up her and show her who really ruled this school.

At the end of class the announcements came on and Jenna listened since it was hard not to. They were blaring into the classroom after all.

“Good morning, Haven Bay students! How are you feeling today? That’s great, great... But please excuse me, staff and students; this is an important announcement regarding the girls’ varsity soccer team: they are looking for replacements. There are currently three places open on the team, so in order to prepare for the competition against Saint John’s, they’re searching for people like you! Tryouts will be held after school at precisely 3 P.M. Please meet on the soccer field if you’re interested. If you have any questions, any at all, please direct them to Ryleigh Atkinson, the captain, or Penelope Brinson, the vice captain. Thank you, and have a great day!”

Jenna saw red.

The second the bell rang she was out of her seat and out the door. She found her co-captain, Becca, and ordered the girl to find every damn soccer ball the school had and deflate it. There would be no way that the soccer team would be taking away their precious practice time. Not this close to sectionals.

Then she went and hunted down Ryleigh. Just the sight of the girl filled her with such a deep anger that she wanted to punch the nearest wall. However, Jenna was a master of self-control. To an extent.

"What the fuck was that shit!?" She shouted as she slammed the other girl into the lockers. "Do you think this is some kind of game you stupid bitch? The cheer squad had the field today and you fucking knew that! What the hell kind of shit are you trying to play at!?" Jenna was mad. Jenna was very mad.

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Dark eyelashes fluttered open to reveal grey eyes that hadn’t quite woken up from sleep yet. With a moan, the body stuck inside tangled sheets put out a hand and swiped her phone from the bedside table. Of course, she was already bombarded with text messages and missed calls and such, but she just skimmed to see if there was anything new regarding the soccer team and their latest challenge: drinking.

The votes were to be put into an online survey until midnight, which would determine, by popular vote of the people that had attended the party, which one of the team captains had won: soccer team or cheerleading squad.

Just because of the sheer fact that Ryleigh still had no recognition of the weekend before was proof that she had most likely won.

A lazy smile on her face, the girl crawled out of bed, pulled damp sheets off her body, and made her way to the bathroom. Time to begin the morning ritual, as usual.

First, look in the mirror and assess for five minutes. Next, run shower. Again assess image. Actually indulge in a shower. Get out, brush teeth, clean face, et cetera...

Needless to say, it took Ryleigh about an hour to get herself up and ready--before getting dressed. She exited the bathroom humming, turning on her iPod as she advanced toward her closet.

Ah, the only thing keeping her so energized was looking forward to seeing the look of defeat on Jenna’s face when she realized she couldn’t beat Ryleigh. Never could, never will.

Okay, well except for the car wash competition. The cheerleaders totally did something with her hose. The pressure wasn't supposed to be that high! It broke some poor guy's window.

Plus the who can be nice to people the longest one; Ryleigh only lasted twenty minutes. There was an infinite hate she had for Jenna, and she just couldn’t resist saying a thing or two...or ten...

Ryleigh shook her head at those thoughts, smiling as she put on her make-up.

I won.

Pulling up into the school parking lot, Ryleigh turned off her vehicle and got out, people already waiting and gathering around her. One of the lacrosse players took her books to hold them on her way to class, for it was his only use. Ryleigh’s vice-captain of the team walked with her up the front steps, rattling off things they needed to get done and had to do. Firstly, they had to open tryouts again because some of the players were either kicked off or quit. Ryleigh really didn’t care either way. People killed to be on the soccer team... And the cheerleading squad, but it’s whatever. Who wants to wear short skirts for old, skeevy judges and choke on hairspray all the time? Ryleigh honestly didn’t understand what glamour people saw in all of that.

The brunette nodded at her second-in-command as she talked, biting her lip as she gave looks to the people that stared at her as she entered the school.

“Yes... Of course... Yeah, tell Principal Gibbens to announce we’re holding second tryouts today on the soccer field,” Ryleigh instructed the girl beside her.

The blonde furrowed her eyebrows. “But um... The cheerleading squad has practice on the field today...”

“Exactly. And any girls fraternizing with those tramps will be sentenced to social death and kicked clear off the team. You understand?”

“Sure thing, Ryleigh.” She nodded and broke off from the group, going down a side hall.

The brunette opened up her locker and stared at her reflection in the mirror, grinning. Today was going to be fun. Nothing like making people cry, now is it? Or winning a challenge. Yeah, that was pretty exciting, too.

With the lacrosse player at her side, the captain of the varsity girls’ soccer team closed her locker and turned--

Just in time to see Jenna, captain of the godforsaken cheerleading squad, stroll in.

“Wow,” Ryleigh said to her as she was walking past, “you’ve really got some nerve coming to school today when you know the results will be posted. Don’t be afraid, though--I have tissues for when you cry.”

She grinned at her nemesis and flipped her hair, walking the other way with the guy that was holding her books, on her way to English.

She couldn’t wait until the day was just going to be over already! There were so many things to do, like taunt some poor soul, hear the latest rumors, steal the soccer field, see the contest results... But only inter alia. you know? There were some other key events Ryleigh could have been looking forward to.

At the end of English, the P.A. system came on, a xylophone playing to get attention before a man’s voice boomed from the speakers.

“Good morning, Haven Bay students! How are you feeling today? That’s great, great... But please excuse me, staff and students; this is an important announcement regarding the girls’ varsity soccer team: they are looking for replacements. There are currently three places open on the team, so in order to prepare for the competition against Saint John’s, they’re searching for people like you! Tryouts will be held after school at precisely 3 P.M. Please meet on the soccer field if you’re interested. If you have any questions, any at all, please direct them to Ryleigh Atkinson, the captain, or Penelope Brinson, the vice captain. Thank you, and have a great day!”

Ryleigh smiled. Ooh, the soccer team was going to be furious!

Which is exactly what she wanted.

Warning: Picture is always subject to change. o3o
This took forever, didn't it?
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Current Challenge:

Who Can Handle The Most Alcohol In One Sitting?

Won By:

Soccer Team: Two Wins.

Cheerleading squad: Two Wins.

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