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Britt and Bre: Me
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Main characters:
Yami Yugi/Yugi-

Yami bakura- Darkelfprincess
Yami Marik-


All the danger has been delt with and it's almost time for the true test. Ishizu informs the Pharaoh of a missing piece that he must find. The missing Queen of Egypt. She lives among him but he doesn't know her identity. He's given an item called the Millennium bracelet and it will only activate once it's near the Queen. One problem is the villans that he defeated are coming back for revenge. Can he find his missing Queen before they do?

Post as little or as much as you want
if you need to say anything out of character put it in ()
pm me what character you want to be


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"I wouldn't be so sure about that, Yuugi. I almost got it before, except I knew why I couldn't." He said and took a step towards the tri color haired boy.
  Bakura / Darkelfprincess / 5y 169d 1h 53m 12s
"You will never get my puzzle." Yugi said.
  12dragon34 / 5y 169d 1h 55m 59s
Bakura glanced over at Yuggi, before turning to face him. "Hello Yuggi. You know who I am, and you know what I want. So give them to me." He said and gave him one of his famous fanged grins.
  Anna / Darkelfprincess / 5y 169d 2h 15m 30s
Mr. Motou and Tristan were overlooking the ways to help yugi find the girl.

Meanwhile Britt got tired of waiting. "I'll see you at home. Akila is starting to be fussy while she's being held. " Britt said. "Pick me up some more dragon cards on the way there sis. " Bre said. "You and that fire dragon. I'll do it but you'll pay me back. " Britt told her. "Yeah yeah. Man you act like a princess sometimes but more a queen when your ending a duel." Bre told her sister. Britt started heading home "sorry sis, I got the goddess of the nile and her pets." She said. Bre watched as her sister walked away. and that waterdrop birthmark on your back that no has seen for a very long time. Bre thought. Britt walked right past paradox and Ayame as she was heading home.

You can if you want to. )
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 5y 169d 18h 25m 7s
yugi got home and he had a guest. "Bakura." Yugi said with shock. What brings you here?" he asked, looking at the other duelist
  12dragon34 / 5y 170d 3h 50m 0s

  Firestream (Human) / 12dragon34 / 5y 170d 4h 7m 32s
[dragon, you do know that Bakura is waiting for Yuugi at his home right?]
  Bakura / Darkelfprincess / 5y 170d 4h 18m 47s
At home, Yugi prepared his deck. He had a plan, but had to be ready for anything.

  Firestream (Human) / 12dragon34 / 5y 170d 6h 36m 11s
Ayame gave a sigh. She had signed up and was spending some time tweaking her deck, as well as mentally preparing herself for the upcoming tournament. She was going to use her Harpie Deck... It was her best deck.

Ayame grinned, raising an eyebrow. An oddly dressed man was signing up. His blonde and purple hair was enough to pique the woman's interest. He glanced over at her, feeling someone else's gaze on him. A grin crossed his lips as he eyed the girl who had been staring at him as he signed up for the tournament. He was after the queen. If he could find her, he could easily use her to stop Card Games from growing and eventually destroying the world.

After a few moments of staring at eachother, he finally approached her. She could see him better now. He was like nobody she had ever seen before. Mahogany met amber for what seemed like eternity, eyes locked as he closed the gap between the two of them.
"May I help you?" He asked, quirking an eyebrow and folding his arms across his chest.
  【Paradox】 / DetectiveNaoto / 5y 165d 12h 14m 1s
Once he was done with the registration, Yugi went home to pack and get ready.

  Firestream (Human) / 12dragon34 / 5y 171d 1h 42m 40s
Bre had walked in to sign in. She noticed yugi motou was there but didn't say anything to him. She went to the desk her sister had gone to and registered. She then moved out of the way so Rai could register then went out to where her sister was and picked up her puppy.

  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 5y 171d 2h 3m 57s
Where duelits sign up, Yugi was busy with registration. When Britt walked in, the bracelet reacted, but only just. Yugi did not notice.

  Firestream (Human) / 12dragon34 / 5y 171d 6h 1m 37s
Bakura grinned while walking around the city. He knew exactly how to bring anyone down. But he decided to continue what he was doing and headed towards the game shop. He entered the door and called out, "Yuugi!"
  Bakura / Darkelfprincess / 5y 173d 1h 4m 29s
"it's just the sign up. They normally have the sign up open a few days before the tournament is really going to happen." Bre said. Once Britt was done she walked over taking her kitten and the leash for the puppy. "you both can go in now. I can handle these two." Britt said
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 5y 173d 16h 29m 33s
Rai looked around, "i guess i'll go after both of you..." he murmured, seeing britt walk to sign up. He looked around, "aren't they going to be setting up more..?" he wasn't impressed with what was seen. He realised the girl near him probally wouldn't answer. He shrugged to himself, he could just ask at the counter.
  Rai / Ever-Dream / 5y 173d 16h 37m 2s

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