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Britt looked at her brother "well I'm hoping things will improve." She said. She had noticed the change in their family and she tried to ignore what was going on. She thought about a few things . "Brother, I know things are not as they were. When it really comes down to family, we can only rely on each other. Mom and dad are always busy that we're always the ones left alone." Britt said to him. high school is a new begining. It's how life may change for the better. There'll be after school activities and partys. She thought
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Jarek closed his eyes to listen to Britt's offers with a soft sigh. A game could be fun. Though he wasn't entirely sure that he could focus. And telling her what to expect in high school? Well, he wasn't entirely sure. She was smart, had many friends, and was, well, gorgeous.... She would most likely fair much better than he did.

But this conversation about his parents...? This he wasn't sure that he could handle. It was depressing. Sad. Not exactly what he wanted to focus on. "Uh...Britt...." He sat up, opening his eyes rubbing at his cheek. What could he say? As the big brother, it was his duty to comfort his sister. But he didn't really know how.... "I don't really know.... I hope so. I hope this is just...some sort of phase for them, but I don't know...." Except he did know. He knew that their dad was taking late night calls from his female coworker. And he knew that their mother took hours and hours of work for some sort of sick release from her dull home life. He also knew that she had hid a pregnancy test in the outside trash the week previous. He knew all too much, but he couldn't share that with his naive little sister.
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Britt thought about it for a few seconds before she answered her brother. "Hm, well maybe we can find a game around here to play. Unless you want to tell me what to expect in high school." She said to him. She was really trying to figure out what to do while waiting for it to arrive that she started thinking about what could be for desert. She went to the freezer to make sure they still had ice cream there for later. Closing the door after she seen it she sighed a little "You think mom and dad will ever be home at the same time once in awhile?" She asked him.
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When Britt walked away, Jarek had to force himself not to watch her go. Not to indulge that screaming voice in his head. He sighed softly, shaking his head and pulling his cell phone from his pocket. He unlocked it, staring for a moment at the background - a happy picture of Britt and him two summers ago. Before he himself had started high school. They were smiling and laughing, splashing one another in a kiddie wading pool at their grandparents' house. The last summer before they had started to drift apart. And before....

Quickly, Jarek brought up the number pad and dialed the number for the Japanese place. He gave them his order easily, then hung up. "Thanks, Britt," he said with a genuine smile and slipped the forty into his pocket. "Alright, so food's on its way. Whadda we wanna do tonight?" he asked, turning around and hopping up to sit on the counter beside the sink. He only spot where there wasn't a cabinet in the way, so he could freely lounge back a bit.
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"what? It's not such a bad idea." Britt said to him as she listened to what he had to say. She never mind hanging out with her brother and sharing opinions. Though she never forgot how close they had been growing up. She heard him ask her to go get fourty from their moms jar on the nightstand. "yeah I can go get it." She said as she went upstairs.

things are almost like the used to be except that we're not as close as we were Britt thought

As she got the money from the jar she came down and handed it to him. "here's the forty you asked for." Britt said to her brother.
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Jarek couldn't help but to laugh, looking sidelong at his sister. "Really, Britt?" he asked, laughing softly. "Our mom the nurse, and our dad the post man? Being archaeologists?" His laughs turned to snickers of enjoyment and sigh squeezed his sister's side. "You're much too adorable, Britt."


He held back the startled blink from his own thoughts and again loomed down the menu at all the possibilities. He found a notebook and pen and wrote down what he wanted, as it was easier to have everything ready. "Okay, cool. Can you go get...forty bucks from the jar on Mom's nightstand?" He smiled up at her, genuine and true happiness coming through. It was nice to spend time with her like this. Well...sorta.
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Britt went over and looked at the menus he brought out. She was looking through the japenese menu "hm the steak and chicken sounds good to me." she said. She didn't really care for Sushi much and she never wanted to hurt her brothers feelings with the differences they had. She was trying to think about how their parents schedules were. "maybe they should try to find a job that both of them could work at like archeology. I mean they'd always be on business trips but it makes a lot of money." She said knowing that their parents did need something that made sense. After she decided what she wanted she looked at the jobs ad wondering if there was anything close by to make some spare money.
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Okay, seeing Britt soaking wet in her beach clothes really wasn't helping. Jarek swallowed, looking back down at his controller. "Yeah, alright," he muttered. "I'll be...right here...." He cleared his throat as she went upstairs, trying to will away all of these intrusive thoughts. Again. Clearly, this wasn't normal. Finding your sister to be...undeniably gorgeous was not normal. "Fuck," he whispered, pulling up thoughts of nonsexy things to counter the way his body wanted to react right now.

When Britt came back down, Jarek was finally back to normal and calm. He stood, putting the controller away and nodding. "Sure, I'm fine," he lied and forced a smile her way. He then continued on to the kitchen, grabbing the take out menus from its special drawer. "I think Dad's just annoyed with Mom's schedule lately. But whatever.... I think I want Japanese. Sushi sounds good...."
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"oh ok. seems dad always goes to the bar when he gets the chance." Britt said as she was drying herself off. "we can order once I get changed. My friends got me soaked at the beach" She said as she ran upstairs to change into dry clothes. It took her a little longer after she got dressed because she was setting out what she would wear tomorrow.

When she came back downstairs her hair was still wet but she as mostly dry and in her usual clothes. "ok, we can sit down and figure out what we want now." Britt said as she was happy that things were good.

She noticed her brother seemed distracted on something "are you ok?" She asked him.
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Pizza or Chinese? Well that pretty much summed up take out food in general, didn't it? Jarek sighed, not even bothering to come up with a response to the text from his sister. She was busy - he could tell. Britt didn't want to be texting her brother while hanging out with her friends. That was uncool. As much as he would have liked for her to want to....

So he'd have to come up with something else to do.

For the remaining time alone, Jarek decided to focus on getting ready for tomorrow. Getting his clothes together, making sure he had all his supplies, printing out his schedule, even packing his lunch. He was all ready much too soon, though. And then he was left bored. For which his solution was to connect the Xbox in the living room and play Halo.

"Hey, Britt!" he called our when he heard the door open, not turning around. "No, guys.... No, I'm talking to my sister." He laughed out loud, shaking his head. "Whatever, man. I just kicked your ass three times in a row. But, hey, I gotta go. Maybe you'll stop dying now." Smiling, he pulled the headset off his head and exiting to a menu screen. "Dad went down to the bar, so it's just us. I didn't order food yet, since you were so vague." He turned to look at Britt, but didn't fully look at her. He was distracted, but not that much.
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Britt was laying on her towel trying to get a tan when she heard her phone. She sat up and seen the text message from her brother. Her friends except Nina were in the water so she sat up so she could concentrate. Giving it some thought she tried figuring out what she wanted to have.

how about pizza or maybe some Chinese food. She sent in the text

She layed back down soon though but it was shortly interrupted by her friends splashing her with water. So she sat up "hey!" She said as she left her phone on her towel and went in the water to play with her friends to enjoy the last day of summer. By the time it started to get dark Britt was completely soaked so she had to wrap up in her towel as they walked home.

"that was fun and I think you'll have a nice tan tomorrow." Nina said and Britt shrugged "maybe, it'll be natural and not in one of those tanning beds." Britt said to her friends. When her house came into view she waved bye to them as she went in the house. "I'm home." She said so her father and brother would know it's her.
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Meanwhile, Jarek was sitting at home, also dreading the next day. For the last two years, he had been at high school all alone. It was his escape from home and the way he felt there. The awful, strange way he felt. He sighed, lying back on his bed and staring at the ceiling. Though that didn't make him feel all that much better. Not when all he could see were the pictures of him and his sister during childhood. Even some more recent ones. They were happy, laughing, and all over close.

But something had happened between then and now.

That unnecessary feeling crept up Jarek's chest again and he forced himself to lie on his side instead. As much as he tried not to think about Britt, though, the harder it became. As children, they were the best of friends. But just as he started to...feel something closer, that all fell apart. But maybe that was for the best. However, attending the same school once more probably wouldn't be. And that was all he could focus on.

Trying to preoccupy himself, he reached for his phone and thumbed through his contacts until his sister's name popped up. He then composed a very brotherly message before letting he phone fall back beside him.

Hey, Britt. Mom's not gonna be home til late, so dad said we could order in. Whatcha want?
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Britt was like any average sister , she always looked up to her brother when thry were kids. Though things were different after they became teenagers. She wasn't wanting to always hang around her brother, she'd rather hang out with her friends. She knew they would be starting school the next day so she went to the beach with her friends. "So we all start highschool tomorrow." Nina said. "Yeah, and soon we'll meet new people." Britt said
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