Age Of Darkness

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Such a common word used in today's world...
It can be started by almost anything
years of war has shredded the land of Tiffranus, it used to be a peaceful place full of happiness and peace of one kingdom, then a lord of a hand close to the capital, who was madly in love with the queen, so in love he had to have someone read the songs the bards song of her everyday.
At a party to celebrate of the King and Queen son's birth. the Lord came invited, what the King didn

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Nanalee looked at him and then nodded softly and smiled more. "ok king." she spoke softly in a mumble through her thumb as she did. she giggled again and followed him, she looked at his sword and wanted to try his sword more then her little practice one. "me try." she said reaching out over to it.
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Nick sighed walking down the hall way slowly and took his sword out. it seemed like sure darkness...evil...death seem to be the sent of the sword, and it should be, the sword was the Shadow demon inside of him summoned into this world when the prince was in his teen and was starting to learn the ways of illegal summoning. he walked down the hall way swinging his sword lightly, smiling a sick smile, he didn
Nanalee had yawned slightly and soon after her eyes got droopy. she was tiered. she sucked on her thumb and then looked around, but stayed beside the king as she didnt want to leave hi in case he needed her to do something else.
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Nick smiled at her. He knew this was going to turn out great, but he knew, pride came before the fall. So he had to make sure he wasn't thinking no one could beat him. He sighed looking around; it was rather quiet in the castle today.
Nanalee looked at him and nodded softly and smiled more, her tail wagging happily as she knew that things would made him happy and if he was happy she knew her father was happy.
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"we kill anyone in our way of makeing my dream come true..." Nick said. "I'll make you into the best killer there is" he said. "a person who knows both magic and phyical fighting"
Nanalee looked at him and listened not sure what was going to happen in a few years. "King, what we do?" she asked wanting to know what she would have to do for him really.
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"you'll have to get used to blood...It will be part of your everyday life in a few years" Nick said to her, he looekd over watching the Demon eat the remains of the dead...shattered magals body. blood seemed to be everywhere in the area. "the start of a new age indeed" he said smirking
Nanalee looked at him and nodded, following him. looking around the area when they had gotten to the arena. she looked at the people, a little scared but didnt move. she watched everything that happened and let out a little squeak when she got a little blood on her face.
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Nick entered a round, arena almost. "i just got this built" he said. "I'm going to show you there are people...Close people, even people in the castle, who want to kill me and end the dream that I plan" he said as 10 people, all dressed like they where of rich statues, though there cloths where ripped and dirty. Nick looked at the guards and put his hand up and a man dressed in a black cloak put his hand up. a dark purplish portal appeared, demons dropped to the ground, all looked different, but they all where dark sick creatures of nightmares. they attacked the people, ripping them apart, blood spewing everywhere. there yells of cries and pain and there yelling of mercy rang threw the area.
"we must not let my dream's be taken away" Nick said to her. "and all rebels will die if they are found" he said.
Nanalee looked at him a moment and then followed behind when he told her to. she shuffled her feet as she walked with him. "show what?" she asked him.
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Nick just watched nanalee for a moemnt. 'shes just a child' he thought. but then smiled lightly. 'got to get them when there young' he thought. "come with me Nanalee, i must show you something" he said walking knowing she would fallow.
Nanalee nodded at him and bounced around the area she was in. she shook her head and wagged her tail, happy to know she was helping him make the world better. she looked at him and twitched her ears when he got different and she went over to him and nodded.
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"everything i for good...i can promise you that" Nick said smileing. "much better good then my father ever did" he said. "i'll build a bigger legicy then my Father ever dreamed up" he said. those misty red eyes appeared again. "and soon the darkness will rain across the world and the dead shall be mine" he then shook his head to the side, his hand going to his face. "just ignore me....been...doing stuff too much" he sighed.
Nanalee looked at him and nodded softly. "its a good thing, right?" she asked him after putting her sleeve back in her mouth and chewed on her jacket sleeve again. she wasnt sure again what was going on.
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