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I'm looking to do a god/human rp.
I will be playing a female human and a god has been stalking said human.

I do not care which god it is.


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Alyssa woke from a nightmare and groaned. She was covered with a sheet of cold sweat. She stood up and changed into a revealing tanktop and a pair of panties before going outside. She normally would go outside for a few moments after waking to a night mare, just because it calmed her. She soon went back in and got a drink before sitting down on her bed. She was tired, but also awake.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 64d 1h 24s
Hades was just wandering around the city since normally he didn't sleep. At all. So around the city he went. Some people were half drunk and others were just fine. Sometimes it was hard to tell even so. With a sigh he took another turn, he found himself close to the girls house again. He smiled up at it before using smoke to disappear from the street. Up on the roof he could see more and it helped sometimes when he didn't know what he was planning on seeing...
  -Hades- / SilverNightRain / 6y 64d 1h 5m 15s
She got back to her home and sighed deeply as she unlocked the door. She went into the room and sat down on the chair. She then took a deep breath and started on her homework. When that was done, she changed and then crawled into bed before falling asleep.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 72d 6h 33m 0s
She got back to her home and sighed deeply as she unlocked the door. She went into the room and sat down on the chair. She then took a deep breath and started on her homework. When that was done, she changed and then crawled into bed before falling asleep.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 72d 6h 33m 57s
He smiled gently. “ I know a lot of things about a lot of things that I shouldn’t.” he said to himself he had heard her question from the rooftop and scanned over where she was going to make sure she made it back safe. For some reason that was his only concern at the moment. Once she had obviously gone to bed, he went back to his job of the night. After all gods of death liked dark more than light and he loved the cooler feeling from the black of night.
  -Hades- / SilverNightRain / 6y 72d 6h 44m 12s
She knew she should be more careful and actually keep track of time. But when it came to finals coming up, she couldn't help studying her ass off. How do you know the area? I have never seen you around. She asked and turned towards him, but he was already gone. Wasn't he going to walk me home? She asked herself and continued towards her home, sighing softly. Once there she changed for the night and crawled into bed.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 83d 5h 24s
Hades looked over his shoulder and nodded. Most students around in the human world apparently lost track of time, what they were doing, and other things like that that normally got them into trouble. He knew this simply because he helped with the trouble and death around the world. That aside she needed to be more careful. He then looked back as they were near the edge of town where she lived. “I know where most people live around this area.” He said. It wasn’t a complete lie it just wasn’t the full truth. But he did know where people went home for the night around this area because he tended to hang around it a lot more than he should. He turned back to the street and walked in the opposite direction. “Be careful the rest of the way home.” He said and with a wave he turned the next corner and disappeared to the rooftops.
  -Hades- / SilverNightRain / 6y 83d 11h 21m 41s
She smiled softly and started to walk with him. She wasn't sure why, but she felt safe with this man. She felt as if she knew him, as if she had met him before. I was held up at school studying. I forgot to keep track of time. She said softly. At least she was studying. She then stopped walking and looked up at him when she realized they were almost at her home. She was frightened, yet she wasn't.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 92d 4h 17m 17s
Hades looked back as he had started to walk away. He smiled at her request and nodded. “Come on then.” He said kindly. He led her between the dark streets to the area he knew was closest to her house. “How come you were out so late to begin with?” He asked looking back at her It seemed strange for her to be wandering around so late. Sure he kept tabs on those he knew were supposed to die at some point or another, but he didn’t stalk them. That wasn’t his job. He’d keep it that way, only do what he felt like and nothing more.
  -Hades- / SilverNightRain / 6y 92d 5h 49m 11s
She nodded her head. She had completely forgotten what she had sent out to actually do. She began to walk out of the ally way. I am sorry to trouble you, but would you be so kind to assist me at least to where more people might be? Please? She asked him. She didn't mean to be sounding needy, but she feared the men coming back and due to it being late already, she just wanted to get home safely.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 97d 49m 21s
Giving her a gentle smile he nodded in response to her thanks. It wasn't anything special knowing him he wasn't thinking highly of anyone else right now. He wasn't even truly sure why he stepped in when he did. He shrugged it off in a way that made it look like he was adjusting his jacket. Sliding his hands in his pockets he turned to face her completely one the boys were out of sight. "You should be more careful." I don't want to have to take you to death... he added on in his head. He thought very highly of this human especially. Gods normally didn't do that kind of thing but this was different. At least in his mind he figured it was. "You should get home before it gets too dark." He warned kindly. He didn't want to see the same thing happen twice for this.
  -Hades- / SilverNightRain / 6y 97d 59m 29s
Alyssa began to walk back till her back hit a cold stone wall. She gasped and began to cry as they continued to approach her, spewing more vulgar ideas about raping her. One pulled out a knife, as another was picked up. Dude. What the fuck? One called out. When he was put down they all ran off.

Alyssa looked up to see the man and gasped. Thank you. Thank you so much. I don't know what I would have done if you didn't step in. She said weakly, but didn't move from where she stood. Her legs were pressed tightly against each other and her arms still covered her breasts. Her body was also shaking.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 100d 2h 37m 14s
Hades wasn't interested in the human world. Only one thing had caught his attention in all his time here. He had seen deaths, destruction and so much more, mostly what he caused but some the humans did it to themselves. He sighed and pushed his hands deeper into his pockets wandering around the city. It was rather boring, guessing the humans liked that he gave a deep sigh. Life like this was terrible. He looked at the sky as it started fading.

He heard some voices across the street with threats and dark tones. Looking over the smirk that had come up faded seeing the girl. Why was she here? He growled under his breath and then crossed the street when he got the chance. He waited a ways behind them for them to actually try something and when one of them stepped forward he grabbed the back of their jacket and shook his head at them. "You must have a death wish if your trying to do that." he said. He looked the man in the eye and saw a bit of fear. That was a good feeling to have since at the moment. He was about to be killed. Not wanting to scare the girl to much, Hades released the males shirt and watched them walk away. "You alright?" he asked kindly.
  -Hades- / SilverNightRain / 6y 100d 5h 20m 52s
She did her daily chores before eating breakfast and then heading towards her school. She had a bad feeling about the day. She kept on her guard as she walked. Her day went by well, but when she began to walk back home, she looked around, frightened.

A group of males walked up to her, a few holding knives. They began to talk about all that they would do to her.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 109d 2h 40m 39s
After the fire had been put out, Hades lay on the roof of the old warehouse. It was still dark but it sounded like whoever was inside was awake and getting ready for the day. He smiled to himself letting his body fade into smoke as he reappeared on the soft earth. It was a bit annoying how little he could do here, after all it wasn’t controlled by death. It was life that resided here. And that was the reason he was here, well sort of the reason. He was to give death to those who requested it or just flat out deserved it. And sometimes he didn’t give it to those who asked because he was told not to. Sadly he had to listen.

He sighed and started walking down the trail away from the warehouse only looking over his shoulder once as to see that nothing special was happening in that girls house. Her parents had to die a few years ago and that meant he was sent to do it. But he wanted the girl to live for some reason. It was almost like a tug on his black heart that made him save her instead of let her die like the rest of her family. It was strange.
  -Hades- / SilverNightRain / 6y 109d 10h 24m 27s

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