Fighter, or Dancer? (1x1)

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Luna is one of the best dancers at a night club. But during the day she is the leader of the Posion, a gang well known around the east side of town. One day _________ the leader of the rival team The pit walks into the bar. They ended up meeting some how and start to have feelings for eachother, but Luna never gives her real name, just her stage name Lulu rider. After they start to get to know each other, ________ tells her that he is the leader of the Pits.

Whill Lulu tell him who she really is? and if she does, will he stay with her or leave. Her and will her gang back her up, or let her fall

real pics please
the guy has to be mature and very seductive.

no oneliners, at least 4+
no cybering---time skip
romance,drama,violence,cursing---is all fine to me.

lulu--taken (me)

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Storm was known for her danceing. People came to the bar on the nights that she was working and on her shift. Those where the times that the bar was the most packed and got the most money. Which the owner thanked her with a raise. She chuckled to herself as she was putting the finishing touchs on her make up. She walked out of the room when she was called being told that it was her dance. This time they had picked a new song for her. How low can you go by Ludacris. She stepped be hind the cutrian and stepped to the top of the stairs. Her eyes were accented with a very bright blue that matched her out fit, which was a pair of very short, short jean skirts. A blue bikini top and a leather jacket. She had knee high boots on that were also leather. She chuckled as she started to sway down the stairs, the beat of the song flowing through her.
  Storm / kikio26 / 10y 52d 20h 17m 42s
ok sure thing hun'
  Jhansen Reys / GoldenStar / 10y 52d 20h 22m 26s
its mine I havent posted anything yet, we are going to start the same way we did before, at the bar.
  Storm / kikio26 / 10y 52d 20h 27m 35s
ok i am back !!!
your post or mine !?
  Jhansen Reys / GoldenStar / 10y 52d 20h 36m 38s
thats fine, I will make the first post when you get back, just let me know your here.
  Storm / kikio26 / 10y 53d 22h 58m 27s
ok well i am goign to get off for a few
so i iwll be back later
  Jhansen Reys / GoldenStar / 10y 53d 23h 55s
oh and there were a few things I fogort to change, her stage name is Storm, and her real name is Shasha instead of Luna,.
  Storm / kikio26 / 10y 53d 23h 2m 31s
sure its your RP not mine
and i had changed the name in this one too
  Jhansen Reys / GoldenStar / 10y 53d 23h 6m 34s
YEa thats fine, it might be easier on here anyway. haha, im going to use a different picture though ok?
  Shasha / kikio26 / 10y 53d 23h 8m 47s
hey you remeber me!?
lolz. can i do the RP with you agian !?
  Jhansen Reys / GoldenStar / 10y 53d 23h 47m 45s

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