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Lyla was a pretty,loving,care free, 16-year-old girl that always put her friends and family before her. Lyla was the kind of girl everyone wanted to be friends with, and the kind of girl the every boy wanted to date but Lyla never liked any of the boy's in her school..they all seemed immature to her..she didn't really know why. Lyla seemed happy on the outside but on the inside she was lonely and missed her parents but she always kept a smile on her face..until her guardians son came try and get back up on his feet..sense he lost his job, and his wife divorced him..after she cheated on him and became pregant with the other mans baby. Lyla felt sorry for her 'brother' and she tries her hardest to keep him happy all summer..but after spending so much alone time with him..she began to fall for him..but the only think standing in the way of them being together was..he was 25 and she was 16....Will they make it work? or will they not even give it a try?

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<<hello? where did you go??>
  Devin / porter15301 / 9y 161d 17h 45m 1s
He shrugged "a whole lot of nothing today, how about you? got anything interesting to do? If you and your friends need a ride somewhere. i can take ya, i have no life anyway" he said and took a drink of his coffee.
  Devin / porter15301 / 9y 165d 23h 45m 56s
Lyla was on her back staring up at the ceiling, she had finally stoped her tears. Lyla just laid there for a long time just staring at the ceiling deep in thought about her parents..but she had soon drifted off the sleep and woke up at about 10 o'clock. Lyla finally climbed out of bed and walked down stairs seeing the Devin was already awake and watching t.v on the couch her god parents must have already left for work earlier the morning. Lyla smiled at Devin "good morning" she said cheery then walked into the kitchen and poured herself a tall glass of orange juice before entering the living room again and sat next to Devin "so whatcha watching?" she asked looking at the t.v screen
  Lyla / Kitten1221 / 9y 167d 1m 27s
He was awake. After some more of the adult film, he got up and made coffee, and got a cup. It wasn't long until he was awake, and he got in the shower, forgetting his clothes on the couch.
  Devin / porter15301 / 9y 167d 20h 52m 29s
Lyla had laid away staring at the ceiling she had finished crying and wiped away her tears. Lyla then closed her eye's snuggling into her bed again and had fallen into a deep dreamless sleep
  Lyla / Kitten1221 / 9y 167d 20h 54m 58s
He nodded "goodnight" and went back to his couch, only to lay there, awake and flipping blankly through the TV channels. Nothing was ever good on this late at night. Unless you count the "adult" films. He watched one for a few minutes, and flipped to the next channel. every time he went through the channels, he would watch a few minutes of it.
  Devin / porter15301 / 9y 167d 20h 59m 36s
Lyla tilted her head in a cute way then said "oh that was you" she could help but giggle alittle "I thought it was someone else..probably because you look so different now then you did when you were younger" she smiled at him then yawned alittle. Lyla smiled "well I best be getting to bed I'll see ya in the morning I guess" she waved then went up stairs and laid in her bed..but couldn't fall asleep..she laid there and thought of good old memorise of her parents when she was younger..they gave her all the love in the world..she missed them so much..that she couldn't help be start crying she wish that they could be here with her..but atleast they were in a better place..she hoped
  Lyla / Kitten1221 / 9y 167d 21h 12m 49s
He laughed lightly "you don't remember me.. do you? your parents, and my parents used to be good friends. You would always come over with them" he said and ate his sandwich, with drinks of milk in between.
  Devin / porter15301 / 9y 167d 21h 20m 56s
Lyla looked at him "oh mom was April and my dad was Karl, why do you ask?" she took another bite of her sandwhich then looked at him questionaly. Lyla took a small sip of her drink then stood up putting her plate in the sink she leaned against the counter and waited for his response
  Lyla / Kitten1221 / 9y 167d 21h 24m 11s
He nodded "i understand.. wait. what were your parents names?" maybe she was the little girl that used to come over when her parents visited. The one that always wanted to play dolls.. or house. Now..they could play house in a whole new way... *devilish grin*
  Devin / porter15301 / 9y 167d 21h 54m 48s
Lyla smiled and began to make him one and then stoped for a second when he asked the question. Lyla sighed and continued " died a few years a car crash..and your parents were my guardians I guess they were friends with me parenst so I'v been here ever sense" she handed him his sandwhich then took hers and sat at the table and began to eat. Lyla looked at him smiling "but it's ok I'm doing ok I know they're in a better place now" she smiled then continued eating
  Lyla / Kitten1221 / 9y 167d 22h 5m 37s
He nodded "sure, why not?" and poured them both milk. peanut butter and jelly. one of the simplest, yet favorite foods. He sat at the counter "so...why are you here with my parents?" he asked, hoping to break the silence building.
  Devin / porter15301 / 9y 167d 22h 9m 48s
Lyla rolled her eye's "oh don't pull that boys don't cry it's fine if they do, they're humans aren't they? So when they get hurt as bad as you did of course they're going to cry and it's just fine" Lyla nodded smile at him then made herself a sandwhich. Lyla looked at him "you hungry I can make you one to while I'm making one" she offered sweetly and smiled
  Lyla / Kitten1221 / 9y 167d 22h 27m 24s
"it's not okay for boys to cry" he said softly as she left. It wasn't very long after, before he came in and made a pot of coffee. He would be up for the rest of the day. after all, he didn't sleep much to begin with.
  Devin / porter15301 / 9y 167d 22h 33m 21s
Lyla startled alittle but then sat on the edge of the couch "It's summer no more school for three months" she smiled sweetly at him then bit her lip " know it's ok to cry.." she mummbled and looked at him her smile had faded "I understand why you'd want lost your wife..your job..and your house..I mean I would be crying to so do be ashamed of it" she then stood up and smiled again "I'll be in the kitchen if you need me at all".
  Lyla / Kitten1221 / 9y 167d 22h 38m 13s

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