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In a world where you can enter an alternate universe, and play as the hero or the villain, would you stay true to who you really are or would you become someone completely different?

Welcome to Eloria, The Land of Dragons, Heros, Quests, and Adventure!

Here at Eloria, you can become the person you always wanted to be! Do you want to be a great warrior? Maybe a person of magic abilities? What about a Dragon Rider? The possiblities are infinite!

Getting to Eloria is easy, all you must do is go to your local AU cafe, enter Eloria's code, login, and begin your adventure!

Eloria is a big hit here, so it seems. People play all the time, the AU cafes are always full with players trying to level up or taking on quests. When you're some one like me, you would rather spend your time in Eloria than in the real world... I mean, I even have a boyfriend in Eloria, and I have never had a boyfriend in my life!

Basically, this is an RP about a group of people, ranging from ages 16 to 20 who never seem to have luck in the real world, whether it be with dates, confidence in daily life, or being a the person that no one notices. In Eloria, you're whoever you wanna be. This group of people become friends through the game, and thought that it might be time to meet each other in person... But, what if everyone isn't who they thought the other would be? This might cause some problems...

The rules are simple. I want decent spelling and grammar, no GM'ing, No drama unless it's in the RP, and I want everyone to have fun. There is no set limit, but please, no one liners. Getting in is easy, just send me your Skeleton via PM, and I'll grant you access to the thread. I'm taking seven other people for this RP. Maybe more if I really like your character! Note: I would like to have at least four male and four female characters. :]

I need more male characters before I accept females!



RL Name: [First, Last]

RL Age:

RL Gender: [If your character in the game is a guy, but your RL character is a girl. Vise versa!]

RL Bio: [Short and sweet, babes.]

RL Apperance: [Anime please, don't fully link the pic.]

IG Name: [First, Last]

IG Age:

IG Gender: [Explained above.]

IG Bio: [Short and sweet~]

IG Appearance: [ don't fully link the pic.]

Accepted Characters


RL Name: Lillith Morte

RL Age: 17

RL Gender: Female

RL Bio: Lillith is a bit of an outcast, she never really did well in school whether it be with her grades, or making friends. She was bullied a lot by the other girls because she looked different from the average cheerleader. She loved to wear dark clothes and listen to angry music. Her home life isn't all to great either. Her mother sleeps around a lot, and her father is rarely home. Her older sister is pilled out all the time, and steals from her... So, Eloria became her sanctuary. She's in AU cafes more than she is at home.

RL Apperance:

IG Name: Nora Tomo

IG Age: 17 | Joined 1 years 265 days 13 hours 19 minutes 11 seconds ago| Level 60

IG Gender: Female

IG Bio: Nora is a well known sorcress in the land of Eloria, and many come to her for aid on quests. She's feisty, stubborn, determined, and loyal to the end. She's very confident in her work and in her demeanor in general. She loves to spend time flying on Dragons, and can be seen in pubs from time to time. She has a strong sense between good and evil, although where her alliance truly lies seems to be unknown.

IG Appearance:

USERNAME: kawaiicupcake

RL Name: Luna Christaz

RL Age: 17

RL Gender: Female

RL Bio: Luna was born in China and was raised in it. Ever since she was small, she has been living in the country. But at age 10 - 11 her parents decided to move into the city. That's where Luna found the internet, the best drug in the world. Around age 15 - 16, Luna has been in love with the internet, and that's when she discovered the website, Eloria.

IG Name: _LemonTart_

IG Age: 15 years | Joined, 2 years 13 months 26 days 5 hours 16 minutes | Level 62

IG Gender: Female

IG Bio: LemonTart was a skilled mage and dragon keeper. She's very popular on the internet website and got to know alot of people that she doesn't know in person. LemonTart got to Level 15 on the second day of her mission. LemonTart is alive most of the day and likes to chat with alot of users. Currently, she doesn't have a boyfriend on Eloria, but LemonTart seeks for one.

IG Appearance:

USERNAME: Hoshizora

RL Name: Victoria Chandler

RL Age: 17

RL Gender: female

(center RL Bio: Victoria is the only daughter of a super rich family and they expect her to act like her the high lady she is, making her do activities like piano, ballet and many more.
However Victoria, or Tori as she prefers to be called, hates them and is much more of a tomboy. But her parents don't want to hear about it. So to escape her parents' clutch, Tori fled into the virtual world and partially to spite her parents, but also to not be judged, she chose to become a guy.)
RL Apperance:

IG Name: Valor Nightshroud

IG Age: 17 | Joined 1 year 185 days 20 hours 5 minutes | Level 61

IG Gender: Male

IG Bio: Valor is a mage warrior, who is known throughout the whole web for on the one hand being very kind and helpful, but also for being ruthless and cutthroat, if the situation calls for it. Although he sometimes just lays back and relaxes in a meadow or a pub, he also does lots of missions, alone or in a team. For obvious reasons he hasn't met anyone outside of the game nor does he have a girlfriend.

IG Appearance:

USERNAME: simmal

RL Name: Robert Harris

RL Age: 17

RL Gender: Male

RL Bio: He has never been the most popular but in game hes a hero and has lots of friends. Outside he is a nobody with only enough friends to count on one hand unlike others he knows. But here he is able to open up and be himself

RL Apperance:

IG Name: Drizzit

IG Age: 18

IG Gender: Male

IG Bio:is a spell caster of unknown origins. he can cast many spells and is not to shabby with a dagger. he doesn't talk of his past but will admit he has royal lenige to a far of land. will act childishness and unserios at times but in battle he is merciless and cold but cares for hes friends

IG Appearance:


RL Name: Margaret[Maggie] Clark

RL Age: 16

RL Gender: Female

RL Bio: Margaret is what others at school call a nerd. She sometimes wore glasses, which only worsened the pranks and name-callings. She was a loner. Pretty much never new a good, strong friendship with someone. The only 'friends' that she'd ever had ended up leaving her for someone better. She lived with her mom, which was nice enough, but she was always out working so that they could pay for rent. Life was tough in her mind, but she never was down weeping over her problems. She stayed strong for her mother, sometimes going to AU cafe to bring home a nice treat. That's where she found Eloria.

RL Appearance:

IG Name: Syri Nagami

IG Age: 17 | Joined 1 years 127 days 16 hours 32 minutes 15 seconds ago | Level 57

IG Gender: Female

IG Bio: Syri is a lone warrior, never asking for an aid in quests or missions. She's definitely not the strongest or well known among the lands but she loves to help all in need. She has few friends and preferrs to stay quiet. So far she has not met anyone who is 'right enough' to become her comrade in arms.

IG Appearance:


RL Name: Jack Swift

RL Age: 20

RL Gender: Guy

RL Bio: Jack's in college and lives on his own which gets rather lonely sometimes. He was always good with technology , computers, smart phones you name it he could make it dance if he wanted. He is currently employed by his school to fix their computers. Jack being so busy with work and school didn't really have time for most other people that was until he discovered an AU cafe down the street from his apartment.

RL Apperance:

IG Name: Reiver Kuroshi

IG Age: Joined 1 year 2 months 6 days 12 hours and 53 minutes lvl 55

IG Gender: Male

IG Bio: Reiver is a spell caster focused in shadows, blood and life force. He isn't much hand to hand but the magic more than makes up for it. Reiver being rather dark looking has scared off most shy players but the more brave have benefited from his presence on the battlefield. Reiver is calm and focused most of the time and is more likely to use fear as a weapon than feel it himself

IG Appearance:

USERNAME: MeuRedenzon

RL Name: Meu Redenzon

RL Age: 17

RL Gender: Male

RL Bio: Meu had a troubled life, getting abused by both of his parents. At oen point it got so bad he questioned whether or not he could keep his sanity. he became a runaway, and changed his name. He rents out a small room in the city and goes to school, and forges the name of his parents, keeping out of trouble because he doesn't want to risk being sent back. Although he believes his parent's haven't been looking anyway. he avoids most contact with people as well, only going out to school, work, eat, and play Eloria.

RL Apperance:

IG Name: Quez Kobayashi

IG Age: 18 | Joined 1 year 146 days 8 hours 24 minutes ago. Level 61

IG Gender: Male

IG Bio: Quez is much like he is in real life, drifting away from other players. Sometimes he takes on a job as a mercenary, helping guilds in wars, among other various things, but lately not so much. His attitude however, is different on the game. he is more social in Eloria, though he tends to be alone more than not. He is more charismatic and outgoing, but he never permanently sticks with a group, and in the end, usually ends up being alone. Though it bothers him none.

IG Appearance:

USERNAME: Kitsunekit

RL Name: Kaoru Lavette

RL Age: 17

RL Gender: Male

RL Bio: The soft spoken, almost innocent looking male is Kaoru. He is known across the country as a musical sensation, girls loving his music, and his almost feminine, shy nature. Even if his parents, seem to only be in it for the money. He is not nearly as boisterous as his character. Slipping a hoody to hide his face, the young singer will hide in the AU cafe and escape to the world of Eloria.

RL Apperance:

IG Name: Shou Tsubasa

IG Age: 17 | Joined 1 years 128 days 20 hours 8 minutes | Level: 60

IG Gender: Male

IG Bio: A bit of a pervert, the young male is a bit more open then his real counterpart. He is an elemental mage, of ice but also not a half bad warrior. The reason why he has an eye patch, is unknown.

IG Appearance:

USERNAME: Frigusfury

RL Name: Charles North

RL Age: 17

RL Gender: Guy

RL Bio: Charles North didn�t do much until the AU games came out.. he was like any other geek of the times, sitting in his room with a few good comic books and a controller, watching movies and TV shows, hardly any friends.. After the AU games were introduced, though, he instantly jumped on the chance to develop a personality for himself, through not just an avatar, but an actual person..

RL Apperance:

IG Name: Desmond Nesterson

IG Age: 22

IG Gender:Guy

IG Bio: Desmond, is a lightning mage, specializing in electricity/lighting based magic, he doesn�t do much else in the way of power, unless you count brewing some great potions of healing.. He had an interesting childhood, raised in a castle faraway.

IG Appearance:


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Roleplay Responses

A soft chuckle escaped the pale male's lips at Luna's words. Though a faint pink tinged his cheeks in embarrassment at the compliment. It was almost as if he was used to be treated like a regular person. But the soft blush was tipped with a delicate smile, his cheekbones showing small dimples with the facial gesture. But otherwise Kaoru didn't say anything.

Smiling fondly still at Lilith's words, he filed in after the others, taking a seat out of the view of the window. Settling at the computer the young male pulled off his hood, uncovering his unruly red hair, and showing off more of his angular face and bold green eyes. Letting the headset flatten his hair to his head as his fingers flashed over the keys.

A green head of untidy hair poked sleepily from his own pub room. "Geez Nova, spare us the loudness." He chided the younger lightly, promptly closing the door to get ready. Within a few moments he made his way in the direction the girl had gone, his bedhead now in it's usual style, and not a hair out of place. Shifting the sword equipped on his shoulder a yawn escaped his lips as he padded out, and waited for the others.
  Kaoru // Shou / KitsuneKit / 7y 170d 52m 8s
Everyone began to file into the AU Cafe, and Lillith was already itching to get the mission going. Being Nora went she had to lead the way, and she would. Jack asked if she wanted anything, and she shook her head. "I've got a two liter bottle of soda in my bag." She smiled, and slid into a seat that was towards the middle. She had people on each side of her once the whole group took their seats. She dug through her bag, pulling out her headset and soda. "Well, you guys ready, or what?" She grinned as she logged into Eloria. Her headset was in place, her music was blasting into her ears. "Alright, headsets on everyone. That's the only way I'll hear you." She joked.


Nora woke up with a large yawn, she was in the bed of the room she rented for the night at the pub. It was a decent sized room, that was well kept. Sliding out of the warm bed, she hastily got dressed and checked her inventory. Everything was ready for the quest today. Taking her leave from the room, she walked into the main area of the pub, waiting for everyone else to make their appearance. Her blonde hair was a wavy mess, so she pulled her hood up to tame it some. "Come on guys, hurry! We gotta head out soon!"
  Lillith Morte [Anime] / LockAndKey / 7y 170d 4h 33m 5s
Victoria listened in on the conversation of the others. Just so she knew their names, but even this made her lecture of 'it's not polite to listen in on people' come up inside of her. So now she could identify Nora and the three other people around her. She looked around. That left the girl on the bench and the guy leaning against the wall. Assuming that neither of them switched genders in Eloria like she did, that girl had to be Syri. Victoria couldn't help but smile. She had instinctively picked out the one person that she knew. She turned to the guy in the blue jacket leaning against the wall. "I'm Victoria," she introduced herself, smiling.
Then Lillith/Nora announced that they would be starting the mission. Excitement arose in Victoria as she watched the group around Nora go inside. This would be very interesting. "I guess it's show time," she said to both of the two left and walked inside. There Victoria took a place next to the rest of the group and logged on. Valor here I come, she thought.

OOC: I nearly forgot. I'm on vacation for the week so I can't say, if I'll be able to post and if I somehow can, I can't guarantee how long it will be.
  Victoria Chandler / Hoshizora / 7y 173d 3h 44m 35s
Jack smiled nervously until she stumbled forward into his arms. He instinctively caught her and held her protectively. He let out a happy sigh as she pressed herself closer to him. Its nice being important to someone. He thought as he looked down at her. "I'm still waiting to wake up..."

He froze however when she kissed him. A jolt ran through his whole body as his hands began to sweat and his heart beat pounded away. However he didn't waste his opportunity to wrap his arms around her and kiss her back.

Jack slid away at the same time as lilith and fallowed her into the lounge. He walked up to the front desk and grabbed two energy drinks as per normal for him. "Want anything hon?" He asked lility over his shoulder. Soon after paying for everything he took a seat next to Lil. "You never told me you were into goth." He said with a sly smile, similar to how Reiver would do. "Hot." He said matter-of-factly. "I still am a bit of a cyber goth myself." He said with a chuckle as he started to log in.

Soon he could see reiver stretch and yawn outside the tavern from the day before.
  Jack (Tech) / reiver / 7y 174d 19h 14m 59s
Lillith's eyes widened, as she figured out which of the boys was Jack. "H-Hey." She said, smiling slightly. She was very nervous now that she was getting to see him in real life. She never thought it would happen, let alone her having a boyfriend... and a boyfriend who looked like he might be into the same things as her. Kaoru sang out his approval over Jack, and practically shoved Lillith's into Jack's arms.

Her face was a bright shade of pink, which she hid against Jack's chest, and hugged him tightly. "Wow, this is much better than I have dreamed!" She said softly, smiling against his shirt. She pulled away slowly, and stood on her tip-toes to place a small kiss on his lips. Her face was still, very pink. She looked over to the rest of the group, taking on her Eloria Counterpart's attitude once more. "Well, come on, guys! Let's head inside and get this quest started!"
  Lillith Morte [Anime] / LockAndKey / 7y 174d 19h 34m 11s

Luna observed how Shou and Lilith were chatting, but after a while Lillith 'switched' from Shou to Jack. Jack seemed to be the boyfriend, because Shou kept teasing them and pushing them together. What else would you expect from an internet brother?
Luna stared at the couple until she heard someone mention her name. It was Shou. Well, Kaoru in real, so maybe Luna should address him that way too. She blushed slightly as Kaoru complimented her, and smiled.

Th-thank you! I really like your name too! It's different from the people I know...

Luna thought that she knew Kaoru from somewhere, but she wasn't sure. Then she remembered how Lilith told her that they were in the same school. Maybe Luna's life wasn't going to be so bad after all!
  | L u n a | / kawaiicupcake / 7y 175d 13h 39m 2s
A faint laugh escaped his lips, brought upon mostly by Lilith's words. It amused him somewhat. But at the same time it he was pleasured to find she didn't care about who he was. She never had. But finally hearing his name through her lips.... It just made it all seem more real.

"That's me." He chimed cheerfully, trying to appeal with some of the dorky side she had called him so, almost mockingly saluting. With a fond smile on his lips as Lilith and Jack spoke. She deserved someone who was willing to devote themselves for her. Almost like a brother, Kaoru's gaze remained calculating upon Jack for a moment before nodding. "I approve." He sang, almost teasing the pair.

But when he was done teasing the two, mostly by shoving Lilith into Jack, the hooded male turned his attention to Luna. "Luna.... that such a pretty name."


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  Kaoru // Shou / KitsuneKit / 7y 175d 16h 58m 56s
Jack observed silently from behind his his tinted glasses. He watched as one by one they all introduced themselves but he was looking for Lilith in particular. He was looking at the tree women trying to pick up a hint as to which was her. Then Luna introduced herself. Jack nodded a silent greeting with a encouraging smile. Then one of the woman uttered a name. She had dark hair which matched her jacket. Jack smiled slightly when she uttered shoelace. "Thats her.... After so long.." He said as his heart beat like a drum but as quickly as his excitement had built his heart sank. She had asked for Shou first. It hurt jack in a way he was far too accustomed to. He hid his slight sorrow and pain well, the glasses certainly helped. "Guess it makes sense. He's a well known sing and I'm well... me. Not much of a competition." Jack then contemplated leaving. But then her sweet voice asked for him specifically. Maybe I was wrong... He stepped forward and removed his glasses revealing his deep brown eyes. " I'm here. Nice to finally see you Lil." He said with some difficulty. He didn't really know what he was doing this was all new to him. But he couldn't help but notice how hot lilith was. He loved goth girls but with how chipper nora was he had never thought lilith would be one. He smiled and stepped closer to her. "You look amazing." He said softly.
  Jack (Tech) / reiver / 7y 175d 17h 37m 52s
Lillith smiled widely, and couldn't help but laugh. "Shoelace! I'm glad we finally get to meet." She said, shoving her hands into her leather jacket. He asked if she had finally figured out who he really was, and she nodded. "Kaoru Lavette. I know who you are, but you're still that dorky Shoelace that became my best friend." She said to him. It didn't matter to her if he was famous, being that he had told her about it from the start. They had become friends over the mutual feeling of feeling isolated, and leaned on one another when times were tough. It was nice to finally see her best friend in the flesh.

"Don't call me Nora! I'm Lillith. Or Lill." She said to him, and looked over to the girl who was known as LemonTart online. "Luna! Oh wow! I think we go to school together!" Which would be a big surprise to her indeed. She really didn't talk to others at school. She stopped suddenly and looked at the three boys, remembering that Reiver was supposed to be here as well. Her heart was pounding in her chest. "Is... Jack... Here?" She asked shyly, unsure which of the other two boys was her Eloria boyfriend.
  Lillith Morte [Anime] / LockAndKey / 7y 176d 6m 7s

As Luna heard someone hum the exact same song from her MP3 Player, she looked up from her screen to see a guy with the hoodie and the goth girl who looked at Luna, and then at eachother. Could the goth girl be...Nora?
Luna tucked her MP3 Player in her pocket and walked towards them. I said before, I'm LemonTart. My real name is Luna though, but call me whatever you want!

Luna smiled and blushed slightly, embarassed of her own, weird action. Luna wanted to become really good friends with all of them, especially the puppet-master of Nora. She seemed really nice and interisting.
  | L u n a | / kawaiicupcake / 7y 178d 2h 6m 44s
It was kind of akward, most leaning against the wall, or busy with their MP3 players. A few girls walked past them, sporting green wristbands in which a bold red lettering said 'Everything is Bright'. Kaoru recognized them immediately, his mother came up with the idea after the single was released. But the trio didn't seem to notice him in the throng of gamers, who he currently wasn't paying any attention too. With a sigh of relief when they past out of sight. A tentative voice picked up.

"Shou?" His response was quick, the words tumbling from his lips in the same, almost exasperated manner as it did from his character Shou.

"Really, Shoelace?" He whipped his hooded head over too the speaker, Lilith. Only once person called him that. A loose, almost goofy smile once is face as he stepped into towards her. "So did you figure it out yet, Nora?" He glanced towards the lit up screen of Luna's MP3 Player and chuckled at the song, softly humming the tune from his head, and turning back to Lilith.
  Kaoru // Shou / KitsuneKit / 7y 178d 2h 13m 58s
And then, people began to show up. Lillith's eyes widened slightly. "U-Uh..." She looked at each of their faces, trying to figure out what would be the best way to break it to them that she was Eloria's beloved Nora Tomo.

There were three boys, and three girls, not including herself. She took a deep breath, and looked to the ground. "Get it together, Lillith! You're confident, cocky, and nice in the game. Try to be the same here!" She thought to herself, and looked back up. "Well, guys! Looks like this is it!" She said, trying to smile. It felt weird to smile unless she was playing Eloria. "So, here's the big surprise. Nora... well, that girl... I'm her. So..." Ah, hell, she was losing it. "Shake it off, Lill!" She thought, and looked over to the three boys. She stared at them for a moment, almost in a creepy manner. "Shoelace?" She simply said, waiting for one of them to say something.
  Lillith Morte [Anime] / LockAndKey / 7y 178d 2h 39m 16s
Meu tried hard to keep count of those who agreed to come and those who were already there. So far he counted seven, four girls and three guys, but he was sure that one guy was missing. He could have sworn there was eight, but he didn't know who was who yet.

He took a look at every person, noting who appeared to be whom on the game. Since he only talked to two guys, he had to assume the two other guys who were here were Reiver and that other strange guy but he didn't know who was who.

He kept his back against the wall, and just waited until he was ready to introduce himself formally. he watched and waited after lemontart shouted who she was, and wondered who would be next.

  Meu Redenzon / MeuRedenzon / 7y 178d 20h 49m 18s

Luna smiled as even more people arrived who were obviously from Eloria. She remembered that her parents warned her about coming home late. That if she didn't come home before 10:00, they wouldn't let her play Eloria anymore. But how could she work on a quest for only 2 hours?
Luna lowered her eyes and focused her eyes on the concrete ground, smiling slightly when people arrived. She needed to hide this though, showing no worries, having a smile patched on her face the whole time. But could that be possible?
Luna took out her phone as a few people chatted and texted her mother as quickly as possible so no one could take a glimpse, even though a the goth girl and a guy with a hoodie was near them, near enough to take a glimpse.

Give me time.

Luna pressed send and clapped her phone shut, tucking it back in her pocket. Luna took out her MP3 player and plugged in her almond earbuds, listening to Lights by Ellie Goulding. She stood by the crowd, waiting for someone to talk to her.
  | L u n a | / kawaiicupcake / 7y 180d 8h 20m 43s
Victoria watched as now more and more people were accumulating, making it impossible to answer anyone at the rapid rate of new people appearing and asking new questions. Were all these people from Eloria? It made her nervous. The first two that arrived next seemed as nervous as she was, while the next girl, Lemon Tart, or Luna as she was called in real life, was all cheerful and happy. Victoria was almost envious of how open and carefree the girl was. Then two more guys came, both rather calm and friendly. Victoria had greeted every new person with a small nod and smile, polite enough, but not too forward or timid either. This was a time that she reverted back to her proper lady training and she actually felt glad for it.
Victoria noticed the first girl to arrive after her slowly back away and sit down on the bench, she had sat on before. She was either just as nervous as she was herself, or shy. Victoria could only sympathize with the girl and walked around the group to her. With a smile and as confident as the situation allowed, Victoria asked, "Are you from Eloria as well? My name is Victoria." Victoria decided it would be easier to reveal who she was in Eloria later when everyone was there, so that she wouldn't have to repeat it so many times. She looked over to the group and suggested, "Why don't we go to the group? We don't want to miss everyone's introductions." Victoria smiled at the girl on more time and then took a step in the groups direction, so that she could hear what was being said, but still close enough to the girl to show that she was waiting for her.
  Victoria Chandler / Hoshizora / 7y 180d 8h 40m 53s

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