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She took a bite and smiled when he took one too. "Thank you." She said and smiled. She continued to eat and grinned softly.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 4y 306d 16h 38m 55s
"Thank you Miss." He murmurs softly. He waits until she takes the first bite before eating himself. Upon taking the first bite he smiles. "This is really good." He says. Though in truth he never eats human food so this was new to him.
  Kai / _Fallen_Angel_ / 4y 306d 16h 42m 31s
"Okay. Breakfast time." She said and smiled softly before serving the food. She poured some orange juice for the both of them.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 4y 306d 17h 8m 9s
He runs a hand through his hair, not sure what would be a proper answer.
"Well....I work with the dead." He says.
  Kai / _Fallen_Angel_ / 4y 306d 17h 13m 43s
"Oh. So you like dress people up for funerals or examine how they died?" She asked and began to make some eggs and bacon for the both of them.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 4y 306d 18h 37m 26s
He follows her, pondering how to answer his question.
"I am not certain how to explain it. But I work with bodies so to speak."
  Kai / _Fallen_Angel_ / 4y 306d 22h 6s
"What is your job?" She asked and smiled before heading towards the kitchen. The jobse did most people wouldn't like at all, but it kept food on the table. She grabbed some eggs and bacon from the fridge.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 4y 307d 14m 59s
He shakes his head, his gaze mirroring the amusement in hers. "No thank you Miss." I have work to due and it is quite...mess shall we say." He smiles, though to some it may seem like he does a dirty or disgusting job, like plumbing, but if they truly knew what his job entailed then perhaps they would understand what he had said.
  Kai / _Fallen_Angel_ / 4y 307d 18m 17s
She gout out of the shower and grabbed her jean miniskirt and black t shirt and put them on. She exited the room. "If you want, you can take a shower now." She said and smiled at him. She had a confused look in her eye about the change in clothing.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 4y 307d 22m 43s
He smiles softly, aware of her embarrassment. "Such an interesting human." he murmurs softly. Shaking his head in amusement he gets off the bed and is suddenly wearing a black muscle shirt and blue jeans. Downstairs a small, silver suitcase appeared. At least this way he would be able to explain his new clothing once she exited the shower.
  Kai / _Fallen_Angel_ / 4y 307d 26m 24s
She smiled and pulled away, blushing. "Sorry." She said before running into the shower. "I will be out in a few to make breakfast."
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 4y 307d 28m 38s
Feeling her stir he smiles, "good morning to you as well." he murmurs softly. He continues to stare up at the cieling unsure of what the dawn has brought.
  Kai / _Fallen_Angel_ / 4y 307d 33m 36s
Her nightmares stayed away and she woke when the sun poored into the room. She groaned and partially burried her head into his chest. "Good morning." She said softly. It felt so strange. She jyst met this man, but it felt like ahe has known him all her life.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 4y 309d 3h 41m 46s
Feeling her snuggle into him he smiles and strokes her hair. Still he continues to hum, wanting to keep her nightmares away. As the night continues he begins to think about staying human, but he was quite certain it wouldn't be allowed.
  Kai / _Fallen_Angel_ / 4y 309d 7h 8m 53s
She smiled as she fell into a restful slumber. She cuddled more into him as she slept.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 4y 314d 17h 42m 42s

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