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<<>I can wait you know :P<>>
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 7y 143d 20h 27m 50s
I will work on posting
<<>Well, this one gets left behind and I don't see it after a while :/<>>
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 7y 153d 18h 35m 40s
-Oh no, you're totally fine... I have been busy so I haven't looked on here for like three days.-
<<>Sorry for the wait<>>

I looked around and saw Naomi again in the class, she's done her best to hide, but she had to come to my class.
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 7y 160d 18h 37m 20s
The next day she showed up and ignored him and tried her best to stay away from the teachers. As a matter of fact she really did not want to be at the school at all because she had been forewarned about showing up at school again after she had been jumped months ago. She hurried to her desk and finished up her drawing, it was a beautiful one in deed but the effort that was used to make the drawing a master piece was ignored since it was a drawing of Professor Shun Aonuma. She felt bad for hitting him and wanted to apologize, its just that he was in her space and she thought he was going to be her brains out like her mother tried.
  Mimi_Marquez / 7y 172d 15h 45m 41s
Well, I got slapped for trying to help....

Are all these people hopeless? Why does this feel like high school all over again. Why hasn't kids matured yet? Bullying, child beatings, and shy reserved students. Hell, I moved up for maturity.

Guess I won't visit the girl later. Instead I will have to steady myself.
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 7y 173d 16h 49m 33s
"Do..Dont touch me" she backed up after smacking him. A look of shock came onto her face and she ran. She had just assalted a teacher.
  Mimi_Marquez / 7y 173d 19h 34m 26s
<<>@-@ yeah... mind blowing stuff, just, getting lost, FB not working, etc. >_<>>

"Naomi, you're hurt." I walked closer to her and turned to the source of blood, "Here, let me clean you up." I frowned as I move and touch the stitches, "What happened to you?" I then ask as I fix her up and gather the wet rag and clean the blood.
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 7y 173d 20h 1m 8s
- it is okay i am getting one too-

"Professor" she replied automatically covering her head and acted as if she went into the teachers lounge. "I was just uhhh" she went to lie but could not figure out a good one.
  Mimi_Marquez / 7y 173d 20h 16m 15s
I was walking around and followed a trail of blood. "What's going on?" I asked as I walked into the room. "Naomi, what happened to you?" I asked approaching to her.

<<>Sorry, I've got a block a bit D:<>>
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 7y 173d 20h 19m 39s
She frowned at her score, she knew it was from sympathy and she didn't like it as a matter of fact it enraged her luckily she had just gotten called to the office. As the left she ripped her essay up and threw it away. Why do teachers have to show her sympathy it was fucking sick. She did not need sympathy she needed someone to love her for her. As she was walking out of the classroom she had gotten kicked in the side and told to buzz off from the school. That had done it she fucking decked the guy in the face. No one was going to do this to her. He punched her back and soon it had gotten in a really big fight. One so bad that she was beating the shit out of the guy who in turn gotten enough of it and ripped the stitches out of the back of her head which had been covered by her hair that was beginning to get soaked with blood. She got up and walked away only to pass out at the door by the teachers lounge which no one usually went to besides her teachers on her team after school.
  Mimi_Marquez / 7y 174d 6h 31m 36s
I look up and see Naomi. "Alright class, lets keep up the good work." I look around and then clap my hands together, "You may come up and get your essays as I call your names, I'm sure you'll find the scores to your liking." Naomi had an excellent score, but it was my sympathy to how she's been treated.
I began calling out names and then looked up to the girl and noticed her scar. Maybe I'll pay her a visit at home to discover what has happened.
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 7y 174d 17h 31m 13s
The next morning when she showed up she tried to stay clear of him, she had yet again for the fourteenth time wrote and rewrote her essay wanting it to be perfect all because it was a major part of her grade. She had gotten so caught up in this project that she did not sleep at all that night. Thats when the bullying began. "Hey warped face, got my lunch money" some guy had made a snide remark about her scar and others were shoving her around. Finally when she got to her seat she felt relieved.
  Mimi_Marquez / 7y 174d 17h 47m 16s

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