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Why the fuck would you do this to someone. What the fuck is wrong with you? he growled and stood up. She had to get out of there and fast. But where could she go where the gods couldn't see her. They always could no mater where she was.

She left the cafe and growled deeply. She didn't know where the hell to go. She suddenly felt the need to run. She began to run to her home and slammed the door shut before locking it. She was frightened now that the information had sunk in. The thing after her had killed her teacher, her best friend.
  Alyssa / darkelfprincess / 6y 66d 3h 47m 51s
"Not a demon, the demon. Your terminology offends me. I would prefer something more along the lines of Soul Connoisseur. That sounds better, don't you think?" I grinned something worthy of a monster hiding under one's bed. It might not be the warmest thing to win someone's heart, but the stick eventually taught love. Right?

It made sense if you did not think about it too much. "Me revealing myself probably means the other Gods are not happy. I wonder what they are going to send out to try you? Are you worthy of this knowledge? So few ever were. . ."
  He Who is Upon the Mountain / Frorgoten / 6y 66d 4h 25m 10s
I listened to his words and placed my cup of cold chocolate down. I watched as it was suddenly heated and looked up at him. My eyes held fear though I didn't feel fear. I glared at him while he continued to speak. You are a demon aren't you? I asked softly and looked back down at my drink.

You killed my teacher. Didn't you. You killed him and made that note. Or did he find out about you and tried to warn me? I continued to glare at him.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 79d 3h 54m 9s

Familiarity, A Stunning Thing

My voice spoke whispers of an easier time, filled with cigar smoke and speakeasys. "You can't feel that nagging intuition, tellin' you something isn't right? Oh darling, you have many more problems that just some cold chocolate." My eyes lazily drifted to the mug sitting on the table. The mug started to gently shake. The remaining liquid began to roll, boiling into the air.

"I believe, you are waiting for me. Does this sound familiar," I held an amusing tone. Toying with mortals was actually one of my favorite past-times. It was so much better than baseball. "You're the only student I can trust. I'm in trouble. Et cetera, et cetera?" A grin touch the curve of my lips. I couldn't help but anticipate her reaction.
  He Who is Upon the Mountain / Frorgoten / 6y 81d 2h 23m 2s
I finished my food and looked down at my cellphone to check the time. I sighed deeply seeing how late it was, and my teacher had yet to arrive. I saw my substitute teacher enter the cafe and then walk over and sit beside me. I was through confused.

Um. Hello, sir. I said softly and offered him a friendly smile. I fear I am waiting for someone. I continued and then listened to his words. I am not sure what you mean by that, sir. I said trying to figure it out.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 86d 16h 57m 30s

The Salesman's Pitch

I entered the cafe, my tie flicking as a slight breeze passed. I had told her to meet me behind the shop, but I guess we would just have to do this in public. My eyes passed over the near empty establishment once, slowly scanning everything. One step, the dull click of dress shoes on hardwood almost deafening in the silence. I took another step, closing the distance between me and Alyssa's table. This was going to be fun!

A maddeningly amusing thought danced through my head, like some devilish circus performer. What if she was to die of a heart-attack when I told her? Would I still win the bet against Luna? Technically, she would have died of excitement. . . or fright. Either one.

I pulled the chair from the table, the wood dragging against the floor. I made sure to apply a little more pressure than necessary, just to make that noise a little louder. I slid the chair around, with the back facing the table, and straddled it."Do you ever get that feeling like you don't belong here? Like you were meant for somewhere else, something else?"
  He Who is Upon the Mountain / frorgoten / 6y 87d 2h 39m 59s

She smiled and sipped her hot chocolate and looked around, wondering if he would come into the cafe to talk to her, or if he wanted her to meet him outside. She took a bite out of her fattening chocolate fudge cake and felt herself gain a pound or two.

She looked at her watch. It was almost four, she hoped he would come into the cafe.
  Alyssa / darkelfprincess / 6y 94d 4h 28m 25s

Rabbit Hole, an old expression

I leaned against the brick, melding my face to play out the next part. Extending my jaw bone, heightening my eyebrows. Mortal forms were really complicated. Mortals were complicated. The one thing I did know, everyone just played their role in the play of life. Norms were kept, scripts followed. It was so simply elegant. I matched my looks for the next scene.

Soon Alyssa would be here and I could get this party started. There were many ways to get a mortal to love you. Hell, gods had been doing it for ages. It really was a refined art by now. Alyssa would meet me here and fall, fall, fall; down, down, down into the rabbit hole. I would show her the truth of the world.

One way to get a mortal to love you is to, simply, tell the truth. A complex idea for mortal men.
  He Who is Upon the Mountain / Frorgoten / 6y 94d 4h 34m 37s
She smiled and looked back at Nell. I have had him since he was a foal. His mommy died giving birth, so I took care of him. She said and smiled. She opened the note and gasped. She looked at the clock and then outside. It was beginning to get dark. I am sorry. I must be going.

She slipped through the window and onto Nell's back before riding off towards the coffee shop. She ordered something to eat while waiting for the sun to set.

  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 100d 16h 2m 21s

Mortals. . .

"If you do not mind me asking, what is with the horse? I mean, I know this is a small town, but that is just a little overkill." I smiled, skin pulling back against the essence inside me. Mortal forms were so hard to control. Its a majestic mechanism, it really is. Mortals were easily one of Atum's only good ideas.

I couldn't help but think of Luna. I wondered if she was watching right now, hoping that Alyssa would not fall for my trap. I kind of wished she would not either. It would be interesting at least, although I would not know what to do. It had never happened before, but "new" does not mean "bad".
  He Who is Upon the Mountain / Frorgoten / 6y 100d 16h 32m 35s
Alyssa continued to pet Nell and smiled as she waited for the sub to return. She began to wonder what was taking so long as well as if she should go look for him. She was about to when he came back in.

Nell whinnied at the male, his ears pinned back. "Sorry about him." She said softly and took the envelop. "Thank you." She said and opened it.

  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 101d 23h 19m 45s

An Offer

I shut the door behind me again. His body would be found, but it would be much too late for Alyssa. She was my only interest here, mostly because Luna needed to be shown why was in control. The door shut with a snap, the finality of it symbolically sealing this mortal's fate.

I turned and my eyes met the bastard horse again. I wanted to ask if it was against the rules to have such a large animal on campus but decided against it. The question would have only served to anger Alyssa. I extended the manilla envelop, offering it to her.

My tone held a hint of achievement, like I had finished something on my to-do list.
"This is what he wanted me to give you."

  He Who is Upon the Mountain / Frorgoten / 6y 101d 23h 56m 14s
She smiled and patted her stallion's neck as he whinnied and then began to graze. She smiled and waited for the bell to ring to signal class and school was over.

The bell suddely rand and some kids jumped from the noise due to sleeping. She grinned as her horse snorted and nickered beconing her to climb out the window like usual. I have to wait for a note, Nell. She said and looked at the door, waiting for the sub to come back.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 104d 1h 42m 47s
That old salty bastard needs to keep his business to himself. I was obviously annoyed but no one noticed. They were all too busy fawning over some horse. Who still has horses?

If people knew he had made them to whoo some girl, maybe they wouldn't be so majestic. The class bell snapped me to attention, its incessant sound making me what to catch the school on fire. No wonder people shoot up schools, especially with bells like that.

Oh, too soon?

My grin only grew larger as the class filed past the teacher's desk. A stack of their tests grew in a haphazardly way before the final student straightened the stack. "Ah, Alyssa. Let me get whatever he wanted to give you." I exited the room and went across the hall, motioning for Alyssa to stay. I closed the door behind me. I had to hide all of the blood or else my plan wouldn't work.

I grabbed the envelop from Hamond's dead hands. It was his last words, in his own writing. The teacher's scribbled something like,

I need your help. You are the only one I can trust. Meet me behind the coffeeshop tonight.

Right before I broke his hand into tiny pieces.

<<I apologize for the post. It sucks but its all I can give at the moment>>
  He Who is Upon the Mountain / frorgoten / 6y 104d 4h 13m 55s
I can get it after class. I have a few other things to do today. I said wondering what the teacher needed me for. I was his star pupil and perhaps he needed me for some assignment again.

I sat back down at my desk, which was next to an open window and was suddenly greeted by my stallion poking his head through the window. The other students began to laugh softly telling Nell that he shouldn't do that.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 106d 17h 52m 14s

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