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Speed issues or the "504 gateway timeout"

The issue is fixed! After a lot of tweaking and adding an exta index PMs shouldn't kill the server anymore. We're still gettin' a new spiffy server. If you want to help you can donate $1 - $5 on my ear training site, though the upgrade is not expensive.


  1. 30% faster
  2. Double the ram
  3. The latest Ubuntu server OS instead of old Debian Squeeze
  4. The latest nginx, php5+xcache, with Percona Mysql Server which is faster and more stable than Mysql + spiffy optimizations due to higher ram + switching to innoDB where needed
  5. The disk is set with noatime and other spiffy sysctl opts for max performance

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

1) No, we are not required to be fucking polite. Read the rules carefully, and it doesn't say that you can't be a complete dick about things.
2) This is not a fucking chat. This thread exists because of an issue that surfaced with the PMs. This issue is no longer present, and Jimmy has been too damned lazy to delete this thread.
3) That kind of RP-ing has better place in the thread I'm linking right here anyways.

Go away.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 6y 281d 18h 45m 31s
"Well okay... just stop being rude thats what I Request from you Please.'
  |:|B.U.N.NY|:| / BlckBld / 6y 283d 17h 6m 20s
That's because it's not a chat.

Stop being stupid and posting in here.
  Alexander Graham / oshamaru / 6y 283d 17h 10m 18s
walks in "this is dead."
  |:|B.U.N.NY|:| / BlckBld / 6y 283d 17h 14m 46s
... oh, my
  .:Water=Peace:. / Vaminoptraonly / 6y 306d 12h 36m 7s
Okay osh. We are leaving. I just made a chat thread for him. Don't ever insult my intelligence again please.

Click to chat Crona.
  Purple / Blue_Roses / 6y 306d 12h 38m 6s
"oshamaru Scares me" Hides behind Blue rose

  |:|B.U.N.NY|:| / BlckBld / 6y 306d 12h 53m 33s
And they should not.

Like you.

Using you're brain is usually healthy.
  Alexander Graham / oshamaru / 6y 306d 12h 54m 7s
what's wrong Crona?

Hi Osh. I do know that but alot of people tend to use it as one.
  Purple / Blue_Roses / 6y 306d 12h 57m 49s
I hope you know this is not a chat...
  Alexander Graham / oshamaru / 6y 306d 12h 59m 42s
Grabs his own arm holding it then looks down

  |:|B.U.N.NY|:| / BlckBld / 6y 306d 13h 11m 51s
_> Fine cyaz
  Female Anime Me / SakuHinaLover / 6y 306d 14h 38m 14s
Then go to the introduce yourself thread.
  Alexander Graham / oshamaru / 6y 306d 14h 41m 23s
Hey everybody i know i'm just a random person but i'm bored and i wanted to say Hi x3
  Female Anime Me / SakuHinaLover / 6y 306d 14h 44m 50s

  |:|B.U.N.NY|:| / BlckBld / 6y 306d 17h 9m 59s

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