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I'm looking to do a god/human rp.
I will be playing a female human and a god has been stalking said human.

I do not care which god it is.


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She watched him leave, but didn't move her hands away from her breasts. "I understand that, mistress, but I fear it is something that most mortal females do. Shall we follow my master and join him?" She asked moving to get out of the water.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 25d 22h 48m 45s
"Psh.. Humans.."

Anubis crossed his arms and rolled his eyes,

"Don't seem so ashamed, mortal. The human body is nothing new for my eyes. I've mauled plenty of bodies from men, women, and children."

The jackal only glared slightly and turned, "I'll be in the dining hall." Anput let out a sigh when her husband left. "Don't mind him. He may have a body of a beast, but when it comes to instinct or anything of the latter, Anubis rarely is one to gawk at bodies or even more so follow out his indifferent instincts."
  Anubis / Yukisukano / 6y 26d 20m 17s
She heard the voice of Anubis and sighed softly. Next thing she knew he was right behind her and speaking. She squeaked and covered her breasts, sinking low into the water.

"Ye... yes, master." She said, a mad blush across her face.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 29d 14h 51m 4s

Anubis had returned from his nightly spree - soul-bag in hand as they moaned in agony. As for the jackal, he slipped into the pyramid's dining hall where the dinner was being prepared.

"Madame Anput and Alyssa are in the baths."

One of the hound servants stated with a bow as his master then walked away in the direction of the bathhouse. Entering, he simply stared down at the two - unfaltering.

"Dinner is about to be prepared. Best you two do not lag behind."
"Oh. Yes dear."
  Yukisukano / 6y 29d 18h 56m 36s
[[OOC:: That is perfectly fine. Take your time. Thanks for letting me know.]]
  Alyssa / darkelfprincess / 6y 30d 48m 45s
[[OOC:: I will post some time later today. Work's been iffy. I apologize.]]
  Yukisukano / 6y 30d 58m 48s
She gasped and jumped at the voice. She kept her face turned away from the goddess. "Yes. I am thank you very much."

She allowed her head to rest against the tub edge. "The pyramid is beautiful."
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 35d 21h 51m 5s
"Enjoying yourself..?"

Anput returned with a ivory towel wrapped around her figure. Removing it, the female jackal then sank down along side the human - a relaxed expression on her face,

"The water's have special salts that help with muscle relaxation. You will feel rejunivated afterwards I assure you."

The black body of fur seemed to highly contrast against the bath's white tiles,

"So, I hope you have enjoyed the pyramid so far. The architects of our time did well in attempts to create it. Their goal was to please us."
  Yukisukano / 6y 35d 22h 7m 49s
She nodded her head and was about to ask the goddess if she was supposed to be helping with dinner, but stopped as she began to talk more.

"Okay. Thank you." She said and allowed herself to be lead. She looked at the bath and gasped softly. She was a little worried about being naked in front of a goddess though. When the jackals turned she stripped quickly and got in, welcoming the warm water.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 40d 19h 57m 3s
"They are just down the hall. And I will join you in a moment, I just was out to see what the jackals were serving us all for dinner."

The female smiled again before motioning for her servants to lead the human towards the bath-house. "Don't worry about anything, just make yourself comfortable. The water is self heated by certain properties so there's no need to fear of it being cold. The temperature is regulated."
  Yukisukano / 6y 40d 20h 18m 25s
Alyssa smiled softly and kept her head down some as Anput came down the hall. "Yes I enjoyed my time exploring the pyramid and the garden." She said softly, wondering what she would do for the rest of the time.

"Where are the baths, I fear I do not remember where they are. Also, would you be joining me?" She asked and then lifted her head up soon. She was happy that Anubis would be out for a while.
  Alyssa / Darkelfprincess / 6y 40d 21h 42m 54s
Eventually the pyramid's clock rang half passed nine. It was now 9:30 P.M. so the bath's should have been empty. Anput found Alyssa and her servant down the hall, with a smile on her face,

"There you are. Did you enjoy yourselves..?"

The jackal tilted her head to the side, "If you'd like, the bath's are now open. Anubis has gone out to tend to his nightly duties. He should be back at midnight."
  Yukisukano / 6y 40d 23h 36m 7s
"Okay." She said softly and smiled softly. She listened to the tale of the story about the room and began to wonder what to do. She wanted to know what was on the other side of the door that Anubis used. She looked over at the jackal.

"Yeah. Lets go." She said and smiled softly. She still wondered about the room.
  Anna / Darkelfprincess / 6y 42d 21h 29m 31s
"I can show you the gardens, miss."

The jackal gave a small yip and wagged its tail, "They are very lovely, but then there are many rooms in here that are. However, the room at the tip of the pyramid is Master's special room. He rarely comes out of it once he enters it. Sometimes for days. It's forbidden however to enter it. It.. will surely ensure one's death if the door is opened in the hands of someone else other than Anubis." The servant's ears drooped slightly before he then tugged on the human girl's hand, "The gardens are this way."
  Anubis / Yukisukano / 6y 42d 23h 52m 0s
She smiled weakly and then began to explore the castle. She looked around, unsure where to go or if she should talk to the other servant. She sat down on a bed and began to look at the walls and frowned some. She wasn't sure what to do.
  Anna / Darkelfprincess / 6y 42d 23h 56m 7s

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