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youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38A1NZEHpxY

All Love Is Unconditional. Height, Age, Looks, Skin Color, Gender ...... It Doesn't Matter. We Should All Learn To Love One Another, And That Love Will Grow Into Something ....


This Is For Everyone Drama-Free!

.:If I Know You Carry Drama Around With You, You Will not Be Accepted.
.:If I Know You Get Offended Easily, I Will Not Accept You.
.:If More Than Two People Tell Me You Are Rude, Mean, Or Anything That Isn't Related To Love, You WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!
.:No Racism, Sexism, Hate, Or Anything Negative Is Allowed AT ALL! If You Seem to be Starting Drama Or Talking About Someone Who Isn't Present Here, I Will PM You And Delete Your Post.
.:You Get TWO Warnings Then Your OUT!
.:Pictures Don't Matter! As Long As They Aren't Too Graphic.
.:Keep Profanity To A Minimum! But It Is Allowed.
.:Have FUN! :>

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Unconditional Love<3

Gifs,Videos And Pictures Of Shows That Show U.L.<3

A Personal Favorite, The Short Korean Animation, There She Is! Is A Great Representation Of Unconditional Love. Check It Out!

Scroll Down To See Pictures With Bullet Points And Click On The First Bullet Point On The Right Under Each Picture To Watch Animations.

Draw With Me, Another Short Animation, Is Excellent For U.L., But WARNING: If You Don't Handle Sad Situations Well, Make Sure You Grab A Box Of Tissues Before Watching This Video! Enjoy!

youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRkgH7Uu-hA



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  cris / splitter2734 / 6y 210d 22h 9m 6s
  mou|OOC / Mou / 7y 4d 8h 9m 34s
It Is. o.o

  Lucky ★ Star / Yonodere / 7y 4d 8h 42m 16s
Looks important
  mou|OOC / Mou / 7y 6d 13h 27m 8s
  star|OOC / Starzie / 7y 6d 16h 55m 28s
What that doesn't make outcooked.
  summer|Lazy / Mou / 7y 13d 5h 14m 39s
:D Yaaaaay -Does The Salsa- We Need Chips With This Dance. :I

  Chun Li ~And Others~ / YommiNoms / 7y 13d 5h 33m 4s
Meeh XD
  summer|Lazy / Mou / 7y 13d 5h 42m 14s
:O Really? -Pokes Arm- Well Then .... Daaance With Me. :>

  Chun Li ~And Others~ / YommiNoms / 7y 13d 20h 4m 36s
  summer|Lazy / Mou / 7y 14d 1h 44m 36s
xD Never Done Zumba?

  Chun Li ~And Others~ / YommiNoms / 7y 14d 1h 45m 56s
  summer|Lazy / Mou / 7y 14d 1h 50m 51s
xD I Just Haad To Have Some Cereal. Good Thing I Have Zumba.

  Chun Li ~And Others~ / YommiNoms / 7y 14d 2h 4m 27s
  summer|Lazy / Mou / 7y 14d 2h 9m 13s
:o I'm Not Alone. :> But I've Been Cheating Lately. :I

  Chun Li ~And Others~ / YommiNoms / 7y 14d 2h 18m 56s

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