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this story takes place in a city on a earth were life has advanced greatly ...well not so greatly for this young man

zeke markesse a young man who was helping out at a orphange as a assistant till the owner was shot now he is riaseing the kids there alone he went out one day to get food and see's a young girl being assaulted by a thug,after beatin the tar fromhim he helps her up and makes sure she is ok then heads off ,not nowing that the girl is following to see were he is going

.....lets see were this leads now shall we???

Area's and people

the orphanage

lil tif

Sasha Uzumi

the market

and any other characters wanted as well the girl is needed majorly
what you do:
accepted characters
name:zeke markesse
what you do:orphan caretaker
bio: zeke is a lone person keeps to himself but is usally accompanyed by lil tif everywere has a love of children and cares for them as his own family

Name: Sasha Uzumi
Age: 20
What you Do: Orphan
Bio: Sasha has always been willing to help since she was a baby, even though she only learned her real name twelve years ago and was told that her parents were assassinated. She knows nothing of herself beyond that aside from loud banging noises when she was quite small

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  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 319d 8h 51m 56s
Sure!! :3 i'm sorry for not answering, spring cleaning, watching my brother and being in a zillion rp's is NOT heping!! i'll brb okay?
  Sasha Uzumi / shion / 8y 319d 8h 54m 14s
would you be willin to help me in a nother one of my rps ?
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 319d 9h 12m 32s
do you need help like actors in your rps ...just woinderin
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 319d 9h 14m 40s
Sasha felt herself grinning widely. "Really?!! I'd love to stay!1" she said excitedly, trying not to cry. She'd never had a real home, maybe as a baby she had, but as for age seven and up, she had found a huge abandoned, stainless steel safe, and the had been her happy home ever since. "Thank you.. again.." she said quietly.
  Sasha Uzumi / shion / 8y 319d 9h 28m 44s
zeke looked at her stay here live with us be a part of our family he says with a smile ,lil tif smiles as well can i call you big sis?? says zeke please stay and help me with these kids the girls can use a female figure anyway...
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 319d 9h 33m 26s
I won't be leaving for a while yet!! >XD
  Sasha Uzumi / shion / 8y 319d 9h 38m 0s
still here i hope
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 319d 9h 39m 44s
Sasha blushed and shook her head. "I don't live anywhere..." she mumured quietly, again feelig entirely alone. Even though they were being nice, she knew it would be rude to stay forever...
  Sasha Uzumi / shion / 8y 319d 10h 29m 46s
tif looked up at her do you have a place to call home miss? she smiles as if she was so happy that nothin could go wrong the others kids wondered to and looked at her even zeke was lookin at her still eating though .tif smiles at her again and said so were do you live ?????
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 319d 10h 42m 58s
Sasha smiled at all the kids. "Hm? I don't see anything wrong here at all..." she said with a tilt of her head. this was the best house SHE'D ever remembered being in... She shruged mentally and sat between Zeke and the little girl from earlier. They all looked so happy...
  Sasha Uzumi / shion / 8y 319d 10h 46m 44s
zeke followed them in welcome to our home as she is lead in tif heads for the dishes to set up for dinner while lots of kids come over to see see sasha they start to watch her as zeke sends them in the living room sorry about that we havent had a visiter in days he smiles at her and thinks come take a seat he pulls out a chiar inbetween him and tif

this one )
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 319d 10h 49m 46s

  Sasha Uzumi / shion / 8y 319d 10h 52m 55s
ok type (pic location followed by the matching mark and put space betewwn pic and loaction of image
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 319d 10h 57m 26s

Sasha nodded to the girl and managed to smile a bit. "Sorry... Thank you.." she said to him embarrassedly, studying the ground with added interest.
  Sasha Uzumi / shion / 8y 319d 10h 59m 45s

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