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''Everything you say to me takes me one step closer to the edge...I'm about to break''

Lance was always on the brink of madness.He wasn't classed as anything in school,he looked like a Jock,thought like a nerd and acted like an emo but because of it he never was able to fit in to the point of having been beaten down by other kids in highschool despite being one of the biggest there.Not anymore...everything they did or said to him took him to the edge of his sanity till it broke and he went on a rampage,locking the school down and killing its content of maybe only 40 kids late on a monday in spring.There were survivors and this is how they did it...
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Name: Lance Thorn
Age: 17
Personality: Keeps to himself and Quiet...before he went insane
Grade: Year 12
Group: None
Additional Info: He is Insane [If it wasn't obvious already]

Name: Taryn Kress
Age: 17
Personality: Indifferent, quiet
Grade: Year 12
Group: The outcasts
Additional Info: Taryn always wears her hoodie everywhere. No one has ever seen her without it on.


Lance Thorn - xXx-Lance-xXx

Taryn Kress - Fushen

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Name: Naru Hakashima
Age: 17
Personality: Icy, Closed off
Grade: Year 12
Group: Scene
Additional Info: He's that one person that people who are smart enough to pay attention stay away from.
  Vishous / Muhrder / 8y 219d 4h 15m 33s
Name: Lili Loiaza
Age: 18
Personality: Anti-social, determined, isn't afraid to speak her mind
Grade: 12
Group: Outcasts
  Liliana (Lili) Loaiza / SilentLullaby / 8y 219d 13h 20s
[Alright, thanks. Should we start now or later?]
  Taryn Kress / fushen / 8y 219d 13h 14m 40s
[Yes you can join :}]
  Lance Thorn / xXx-Lance-xXx / 8y 219d 13h 20m 37s

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