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OOC Chat for those who are in my Soul Eater RP. :]

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I'm being cheeky and using Kai's profile for this chat to show that it's new and not one of the year old stuff.

But I don't expect there to be any responds back in all honesty. But I suppose this RP has always been in the back of my mind regarding the characters.

I did incorporate my feelings into River a little. I never really felt like I was a major part in the story- there was so much going on whenever I showed up I didn't understand what was going on especially with how long the posts were to read. I wish I could've been a stronger part in it but you know what- I want to at least write what happens with River to acknowledge the ending.

Originally I was going to have her be succumbed to madness and Kai would've accidently killed her in self-defense. But with what happened- everyone disappearing. I couldn't. I want there to be a nice goodbye/epilogue to her story since it's gone.

So to any future people that see this message the past me has left. I hope you're having a good life.
  K a i / Renn / 1y 352d 11h 36m 25s
I POSTED- I'M SORRY FOR SHORT POST- but it's basically his soul is watching River and Kai- so if anything happens- his soul can kinda protect her/ keep him up to date!
  Nina / Symphonikka / 5y 237d 17h 5m 9s
oh dear jesus. now i'm starting to miss Deki, KOTA! I HETCHU.

  Nina / Symphonikka / 5y 237d 21h 52m 10s
Life is kicking my ass too, so it's cool by me.

And Dskota, you best woo the shit out of her.
  Angel/Demon characters / ExsulemBellator / 5y 240d 3h 56m 14s
Apologies for no Ana post yet. I've been dealing with quite a hectic week. Provided that today goes well, I will have it up soon. <3
  Marini / GatesofValhalla / 5y 240d 8h 2m 8s
I'll be posting as well later today, probably in a few hours. if not then tomorrow
  Renn / 5y 241d 9h 39m 40s
Sorry for the radio silence everyone, been getting stuff done with the lady for the anniversary haha but I will be back and ready to post something here tomorrow!
  Deki / reiver / 5y 241d 18h 46m 45s
I'll do it. XD Soon. If not tonight it will be tomorrow
  Analise / GatesofValhalla / 5y 242d 18h 54m 32s
Post post post post!

Come on, Ash! You can do it!

For the Freljord!

Wait, wrong game.
  Angel/Demon characters / ExsulemBellator / 5y 242d 19h 40m 39s
I have to post on my tablet. XD This will be a challenge. Yay for my document program. I can just copy and paste
  Analise / GatesofValhalla / 5y 242d 19h 51m 17s
I say post whenever you want :) good to keep the flow going.
  K a i / Renn / 5y 243d 4m 5s
Ana is coming back.....I feel feels coming on and I don't appreciate it.
  Keanehan Diam / ExsulemBellator / 5y 243d 2h 32m 16s
Hello loves. I figured out the song Ana is going to sing. Jilly, when should I make Ana's post?
  Analise / GatesofValhalla / 5y 243d 2h 58m 12s
I enjoyed it very much.

Good job Jill.

Bow to type more so I can meet this damn post limit.
  Keanehan Diam / ExsulemBellator / 5y 244d 21h 7m 4s

it's fixed! the post is up!

i'm so happppy!
  Nina / Symphonikka / 5y 244d 21h 15m 1s

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