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Alex looked at him for a moment and then looked at the hound and then back at him "What would you say if I didn't want to leave?" she asked him and then looked at the hound "Would you allow me to stay?" she added
  Alexandrea / Akasha / 6y 231d 4h 52m 12s
Lyus watched her then glanced away to the side, he could tell she was frustrated and exasperated. Because once again he could feel what she was feeling, that fact still annoyed and confused him but he wasn't going to focus on that now. He looked back at his hound, who was now lounging on his masters favorite chair. Lyus however did his best to pay it little mind, as he looked towards the window and spoke again. "Although I have no intentions at this time of harming you, and it seems also that I will not be feeding from you.. It is somewhat pointless to keep you here against your will." He stated slowly as he paused for a moment as if hesitant, "I will not force you to stay here any longer if you wish to leave, understand given the fact that you know what I am and many things about my home... I would normally not feel comfortable letting you walk out of here without first wiping your memory. However, it has also been brought to my attention that you are a virtue. If you would prefer for me not to wipe your memory, I would accept that.. so long as you are willing to give your word not to share anything about what you know of myself or my household." he added quietly as he still didn't look at her. Even as he spoke he felt an odd twinge in his chest and throat, almost as if saying she could leave pained him. Although he still had no idea why he would have such an issue, after all he wasn't feeding from her or getting anything else he would normally want.
  Lyus Baskervile / MaskOfInnocence / 6y 231d 5h 15m 33s
Alex looked at him for a moment and closed her eyes and sighed then opened them again "What is it exactly that you wanna talk to me about?" She asked him and looked at the hound and he made him self comfortable in a chair and a small smile came to her face.
  Alexandrea / Akasha / 6y 231d 5h 47m 29s
Anna smiled slightly at Alex, she could tell that she was reluctant but Anna was still glad she was willing to do this anyway. She stood back up also, "Thank you.." she said smiling some then led her over to the other room. Once there she knocked on the door, the hound by this point had gotten up and seemed to have decided to come with them as he made his way to the door as well. Just as the master's voice sounded tonelessly through the door, "Enter." Anna then opened the door. "Alexandrea is here to speak with you master." She told him softly, the male turned slowly to face them as he looked slightly surprised that Alex decided to talk to him. He then nodded briefly to Anna, "Thank you Annabell." Anna bowed lightly to him then left the room. The hound on the other hand came in and made himself comfortable on the master's leather chair, the dark haired male raised an eyebrow briefly at his hound but disregarded it for now. He turned and looked back at Alex, it was obvious that he still wasn't exactly sure how to act around her. At the moment he was keeping an almost emotionless expression, "I don't believe we were actually introduced properly last night, your name I have heard by this time.. but it seems only fitting that I tell you mine. My name is Lyus Baskerville." he told her in a quiet tone while his eyes watched her as if studying her.
  Lyus Baskervile / MaskOfInnocence / 6y 231d 6h 15m 41s
Alex looked at Anna for a moment "Fine" she said and sat up and ran her fingers through her hair and stood up and looked at Anna "I'll talk to him..." she said
  Alexandrea / Akasha / 6y 231d 8h 15m 46s
Anna looked at her concerned, "Are you sure?.. oh and I think I have good news, the master asks if you would please talk to him for a moment.." she rubbed her head then realized out of context this might not sound like good news. "Erm.. he doesn't demand it or anything, he just asks that you would if you are willing..." She added sheepishly then looked over at the hound, the hound looked up at them both then at the door across the hall he knew his master was in.
  Lyus Baskervile / MaskOfInnocence / 6y 231d 8h 19m 59s
Alex looked at Anna and nodded "Yeah im okay..." she told Anna and sighed looking at the hound she sighed and layd down and put her head on his sided
  Alexandrea / Akasha / 6y 231d 8h 26m 7s
The hound looked at her then laid next to her, still flicking his ears a little as he rested his head on his paws. After a while the door of the other room opened again, Anna walked back in smiling a little. "Hey I'm back, are you alright Alex?" She asked softly as she sat back down again.
  Lyus Baskervile / MaskOfInnocence / 6y 231d 8h 32m 29s
Alex looked at the hound and sighed "Eves-dropping isn't nice" she told the hound and then laid her forehead on the top of her knee's and closed her eye's and sighed again
  Alexandrea / Akasha / 6y 231d 8h 57m 42s
The hound watched Anna leave then looked at Alex noticing she was sad, he moved to her and nuzzled her hand with the marking on it. Nudging her lightly, he then sat up next to her.. he was a really big dog so he was a little taller than her sitting up. His ears flicked some as they could hear faint voices of Anna and the master talking, it was too far for most people to understand what they were saying. But the hound still seemed to be listening intently, even though he was paying the rest of his attention to Alex.
  Lyus Baskervile / MaskOfInnocence / 6y 231d 9h 6m 50s
Alex watch as Anna walked out and she sighed and looked at the hound and she sighed "There goes my good mood." she said and sighed bringing her feet up onto the bed and wrapped her arms around her knee's and then stared at the floor. She sat there for a long time just being quiet, then she looked at her had studying the design of the mark on it.
  Alexandrea / Akasha / 6y 231d 9h 50m 3s
Anna nodded some looking a little disheartened as well, "Yes I know..." before she got to say anything else. The two females heard the door across the hall slowly open, then just a second afterwords a familiar male's voice sounded. "Annabell, come here." Hearing her master call for her Anna stood up, "Yes master.." she nodded to Alex then walked towards the room her master was in. Before the other door closed, Alex could faintly hear Anna telling the master that there was something she wanted to talk to him about. The hound enjoyed it when Alex pet him, as he wagged his tail slightly again but he looked at the other door across the hall alertly as well.
  Lyus Baskervile / MaskOfInnocence / 6y 231d 20h 18m 15s
Alex looked at the hound and smiled and pet his head again "I guess that would explain things..." she said and then swung her feet off the bed still in her clothes she looked out the window "The suns going down." she said sadly
  Alexandrea / Akasha / 6y 231d 20h 35m 34s
Anna smiled thoughtfully, "Well at a guess, I would say you are Kindness, it would explain how you were able to calm him down so quickly.." she said as she smiled at the hound then looked back at her. "And the way you acted towards him seemed to be out of pure compassion, and now he's even taken a liking to you. He doesn't even act this way with the master, he shows him loyalty and respect of course.. but never affection." She added admiringly as she smiled at them both.
  The Hound Of Baskerville / MaskOfInnocence / 6y 231d 20h 37m 59s
Alex looked at Anna "What virtue?" she asked after a moment of thought. and looked at the hound and looked at her hand
  Alexandrea / Akasha / 6y 231d 20h 41m 18s

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