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Game of Secrets

Five people can keep a secret if four of them are dead...

They grew up with each other and made pinky promises to always stay by each other, never lie, never backstab and never kill each other. A promise left unkempt. They grew up and that was their only excuse. When do you ever grow old enough not to keep promises? The tomboy became the top girl. The innocent girl followed the quote of ‘the good die young.’ The boys lied, backstab, and killed. Eventually, it will all reveal. What made them change, die, lie, addict and kill.

How to Play

Step 1: Some characters has more secrets other that is not mentioned in the Bio. I'll pm you your character's other secrets.

Step 2: You cannot tell anyone your character's secret. They will not know your secret until the end.

Step 3: Secrets I send to you by Pm, I don't want to see it directly in the post

Bad ex." I can't believe that they still don't know Jarren is my brother! "

Good ex. "I turned my head to face Jarren and didn't know how they didn't see it."

Step 4: It's a secret, your character either doesn't want to, embarrassed or afraid to tell.

Step 5: Let the secret slowly reveal itself and we’ll discover by the clues we give each other.

Step 6: Eventually everyone will know all the secrets and either a happily ever after or a Tragedy. Put the PM title as I’m a liar


Rule 1: You have three days to post. Can’t keep up with it most of the time? Don’t join. There are four people before you post, it’s enough time. I’m not going to babysit anyone-don’t expect me to remind you. Of course there are circumstances, so tell me when you need another day(s). I’m understanding but keep in mind that when you join this RP, that you have the mind set to stick it to the end. I want this to be a successful group rp for once!

Rule 2: Be creative. Add drama. Add plots. Do not just make your character all alone. It’s okay for your character to have a fight with another. All of our characters will cause drama, period to keep their secrets a secret.

Rule 3: It’s a mature RP, drugs, sex, violence. That does not mean you can cyber or godmod. Time skip or e-mail.

Rule 4: Above 300 words. No less. Small mistakes in grammar once and while is okay. I accidently miss things too. Just as long as you know how to use a period, comma and capitals...

Rule 5: Repeat: Do not tell other role players your characters secrets. That ruins the whole point of the rp.

Rule 6: Follow the rules. Not first come serve.


I suggest you read all of the character's Bio! The biography, sexuality for each character is filled means you are not required to fill it because it’s already there. As for the date and crush section, fill it out depending whose your character. Just checking if you were actually reading it. Later on I will double as a male character and you’ll have to discover on your own his purpose of being in the RP. 1. Send me a professional done picture-no scene, gothic-with the link. 2. Sample post above 400 words, can be from an Rp you’re doing. 3. Type Berry in your PM.

Female 1 - Taken

Female 2 - Taken

Male 1 - Taken

Male 2 Taken

Male 3 - Taken


Iris R. Black

Puppet Master: Ravenity

Age: 21

Sexuality: Straight

Bio: Iris's family is loaded with money. She used to be your typical blond, blue eye girl in high school. She would enjoy playing with the guys and getting her things her way. When she came back from vacation, she was no longer the same. No one knows what miracle happened through her weeklong vacation to Paris. She slowly started to become more of a tomboy like she was before high school and stay true to her boyfriend Zack. She is now 21 years old and became a well known singer and has a two year old daughter named Bree, that doesn’t belong to her boyfriend. She lives with Zack in a condo.

Job: Singer

Currently Dating: Zack

Crush: No one yet

Minka Kenzi

Puppet Master: Jezzyboo

Age: 20

Sexuality: Straight

Bio: No one knows her last name. [Female2] was always the smartest out of the five and the quietest. Her parents are proud of her and her life couldn’t be more perfect. She was at the top of her class and the most innocent one at all. That was until she hit seventeen and she goes on onboard studies. When she came back she was slightly different than before. When she grew the age of eighteen, she disappeared for a week. Everyone was worried and the cops were searching all over where. Then she arrived home on Monday, perfectly fine and claimed to have lost her memory. [Female2] would never allow any of her friends to come over her house. She is currently dating [Male 2] even though she knows he’s cheating behind her back twenty-four seven. She holds the biggest secrets of all.
Job: Waitress

Dating: [Male 2]


Zack Anders

Puppet Master: kyandykwc

Age: 20

Sexuality: Gay

Bio: The biggest memory Zack had as a child was in kindergarten, [Male2] kissed him after kissing so many girls and getting suspended for it. Zack is average guy growing up with all his four friends. He’s usually seen as calm, collected and responsible although he also has many faults. When he was younger [Male2] would tease him about acting gay. As all his friends grew up and [Male2] would continue his teasing and going out with so many girls, he grew annoyed and mad. Zack started dating Iris. Iris, at the time was queen bee of the school. Iris was someone even [Male2] couldn’t get and it made Zack feel as if he won the match with Eric. When Iris came back from vacation, he did started to care for her but only in a sister way. He continues to be with Iris and Bree, even if he feels a little guilty for using her to beat Eric at his own game.

Job: Free lance journalist

Dating: Iris

Crush: Eric

Andrew Lust

Puppet Master: Missindepent

Age: 21

Sexuality: Gay

Bio: From toddler to teenager to adult, he’s always been a ladies’ man. He was suspended from kindergarten for kissing pretty girls and being rude to ugly ones. His parents were for sure he was straight but didn’t notice why he was kissing the girls. Then one day he kissed Zack and blurt out he liked him. As years go on [Male2] would make fun of Zack for acting gay and didn’t notice it was bullying. In high school, being gay was looked down upon and Male2 decided to play with the girls. He was the biggest player around and one of the most popular guys but never could seem to get the biggest toy yet, Iris. When [Male2] saw Zack get Iris, he got jealous that his crush got the biggest prize. He is currently dating [female 2] but still cheats behind her back and only cares for her as a friend.

Job: Model/fitness trainer

Dating: [Female2]

Elias Killan McConner

Puppet Master: Believe

Age: 21

Sexuality: Straight

Bio: He is seen as a bad boy. He’s family life was a little rocky with his dad being abusive. His mother got away from his father, bringing him along with her. They moved into the new town where he met four other kids. He started to grow up with them, yet become the most troublesome of all of them. At that time he had a crush on Iris, a tomboy blonde because she would be the only one to tell if something was up. High school arrived and the group wasn’t as close as before. He started taking less interest in Iris from the big change and got curious of [Female2] and how she remained so perfect. Elias holds one of the heaviest secret of all. Elias has now back taken an interest of Iris and to get to Iris was harder than it was in high school. That doesn’t stop him from getting what he wants. It annoys him that Zack is in the way.

Job: Movie Fight Scene Choreographer & Stunt Double. Also Works As An MMA Instructor For Teens And Adults, On The Weekends.

Dating: No One.

Crush: Not Really A Crush But A Need To Prove Something, He Wants Iris. Still Fascinated With [Female2] Perfection.

Shh, don't tell anyone...


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Roleplay Responses

-Sorry guys I have to drop. I should have posted sooner instead of keepin you all waiting , I apologize sincerely. As well as I wish you all good Roleplaying days& maybe see you in the near future.-
  Elias Killian McConner / Believe / 7y 24d 31m 4s
Andrew smiled at the sight of Iris, she may have changed her hair but she still had an amazing smile. Smirking at her comments, he simplely shrugged. You couldn't change that, he worked out most days, he had an image to keep up. He hugged her back tightly.
"Thank you dear, you look great too."
He held the smirk on his pouty lips. There wasn't anything that he wouldn't do to have her in highschool, maybe it hadbeen because Zack had her, this was a possibility, but she was stunning. He chuckled slightly at her, being good would be hard but the outcome sounded good.
"I guess I'll just have to be good then, won't I"
He whispered back with a wink. Tonight would be fine. Or so he hoped.

Seeing Zack brought back, not only feelings but meomories, he fely like glaring but simplely smiled at the male, he was going to be a spoil sport and act like he didn't care, he was very goodat hiding things, so good in fact, nobody knew. He looked at Minka and smiled. He sat near her and kissed her cheek.
"Hey miss me?"
He teased as he watched everyone gathering around to play a game of truth or dare. He laughed, he hadn't played that game in years, it sounded like fun.

Andrew watched as Minka did her dare, he smiled. Turning to Zack he raised an eyebrow then looked to Elias and shrugged. Wih a nod he put his elbow on the table and waited for him to take hold, he wasn't sure on who would win.
"This might take awhile."
He was strong as well, he was a little competitive, who wasn't? He was sure that they'd draw or maybe he'd win. He couldn't call it.

He got a good grip of his hand and was ready to go whenever he was. He smirked at him.
He asked a little eagerly. He suddenly wanted to win, it was maybe a little childish but he didn't care too much.
  Andrew (Andy) Lust / Missindepent / 7y 43d 10h 29m 34s

Zack couldn't help but smile at Eli's warm greeting. It was a bit refreshing to see that he wasn't forgotten by someone so high up there. He tried to suppress the red from surfacing to his face at the mention of his arms. He remembered being really skinny back in school, much to the point that it was unnerving to be around a lot of his guy friends.

When Andrew arrived, Zack felt the energy of the evening shift. He felt a bit more nervous than he would have anticipated. He knew full well that Andrew was likely to make an appearance, but he wasn't exactly ready for how much it would change things.

Zack stayed reasonably close to Iris, knowing full well that there was always a different kind of tension between them. He kind of hoped he could use that to his advantage. As petty as it was, he felt a bit better in simply putting an arm around her, knowing he would see.

The prospect of truth or dare with at twist only served to make him more nervous. He wasn't exactly sure how far things would go there, but at least it was in a place where they were all friends.

During Minka's little dare, Zack snuck away at the sound of the doorbell and picked up the pizza's that were delivered to the door. They were a bit late, but he didn't exactly mind. When he returned, however, he was almost surprised that it was his turn.

"The boogieman?"

Zack thought for a few moments in comical contemplation for effect. Then he shrugged and said:

"I'd definitely be lying if I said there wasn't some little part of me that didn't believe."

He contemplated going for the obvious choices, Iris or Andrew. With Iris, he felt safer, but with Andrew, it was a risk he couldn't really calculate. But he had a fun idea.

"Eli. A dare."

He glanced back at Andrew.

"Arm-wrestle Andrew."

  Zack Anders (cl) / kyanydkwc / 7y 50d 19h 51m 51s
The look on Elias' face, only made Minka smile a bit. It pleased her that he was so confused on why she was there. He didn't even know what happened! she shook her head when she went to sit down, crossing her legs, she watched Iris a soft smile on her lips and then she leaned bak and relaxed a bit until she heard Andrew's name, she turned her head when she saw her boyfriend. She nodded to him, the patted the spot next to her, just in case he would like to sit with her, although she had a feeling he would not. Once Iris went to put Bree to bed, Minka yawned a bit. She was pretty tired, she would probably as to stay the night here, maybe...

Or maybe she would leave early. Maybe she just wasn't ready for this, or maybe she was? She didn't know, she looked down at her hands and she folded her fingers together, and closed her eyes. Once Iris was back, she slowly opened her eyes to look at Iria when she said her name and she laughed a bit, winking at her. "You're going to have to do harder than that to get to me..." She laughed and stood up, she knew full well that she would spit out the mouthful of cinnamon, shaking her head, she went into the kicthen, and began to search for the cinnamon. Once she found it, she scooped out a spoon ful, and walked carefully out the living room again, and raised the spoon to her lips.

She dumped the spoonful in her mouth and of course, coughed, and spit it out a bit, before she started laughing, and licked her lips, "It's a good thing cinnamon taste good, mon." She laughed and sat with her legs crossed once more, she looked towards their group, and narrowed her eyes. She had to pick someone and pick a dare or a truth. She lifted her hand up lazily and pointed towards Zack. "I pick you Zack. Hmmm... I pick truth; do you believe in the boogie man?" Minka wiggled her eyebrows a bit, and giggled. she really didn't know what to ask or what to have him do.
  Minka Kenzi. / SugarCoatedCandy / 7y 51d 18h 30m 32s
It wasn't a minute after Elias knocked had the door opened to reveal someone he had not expected. The warm smile that had been on his face while the door was closed seemed to wipe away with the sight of Minka. Blinking several times to check he was truly awake and not dozed off at home or in the taxi. After humorously pinching himself he took a deep breath and pushed away the feeling that dared to push him into darkness.

As Zack came up first with open arms and then with a second thought Elias chuckled and pulled the man into a bear hug.
"Since when were formalities needed between us?" he asked as he patted his hand against the other males back. Pulling back from the hug Elias looked over Zack and blew out a breath and shook his head,"you look good man, I see some muscle on those arms for once!" he teased and patted his cheek with his palm.

Seeing a dark haired female come towards him he rose any eyebrow in confusion before she spoke.
"Good lord, Iris! You look so different! The hair it looks nice, you look absolutely gorgeous!" he said and hugged her back and gave her cheek a small peck in greeting. Pulling back from her he nodded at her dismissal to put Bree to bed. It had been a long time since he had seen Iris' famil. Been awhile since he'd seem the old gang, Andrew and Minka...

Minka, why was she here? With a sigh Elias decided to not think about much of anything in hope of not frying his brain as he took a seat on the couch as Andrew arrived a bit later than Elias had and was greeted before everyone seemed to find their spot in the living room, as a very Iris like game started. Truth or Dare, the game of secrets and embarrassing stories and hilarious actions.

"Alright, seems like tonight is looking up, this will be a great way to catch up with everyone too."
  Elias Killian McConner / Believe / 7y 52d 14m 37s
Iris remained oblivious to her friend’s uneasy emotions of the gathering. It was set straight in Iris’s mind that this was a perfect idea that it would go out smoothly. She had longed to hang out with her friends that she’s known since pre-k. Since the change of her personality and hair, she wanted to show it off a little. Simply to show that she really was no longer the bitch that everyone knew. She couldn’t help that she took Minka’s text a little too seriously because it touched something she didn’t want to be reminded of. That reminded her since Minka told no one, it meant that...She shook her head and decided that she shouldn’t be thinking so hard about this. It was unimportant. She frowned at Andrew seeming not to care about Zack being her boy toy. She had gave a simple reply ‘Yes.’

Seeing Bree be bubbly and excited as usual made her smile. She allowed Bree to spend some time with Minka and her once and awhile. They were the only two girls in their group of friends after all. The little girl nodded to Zack’s advice and burst out with a big “Okay!” Bree then ran along to do what she usually did. Iris planted a kiss on Zack’s lips and was pleased to feel it returned. She wanted more than that. It has been years since they’ve been together and had wondered when it was ever going to get past a couple of kisses. If he didn’t make a move, she was thinking about making a move herself. Over the years she thought she’s grown past the damage and it wouldn’t be hard anymore. She shook her head as she replied to him “I know I don’t have to but I came up with this idea so I’ll take responsibility for it. I’m sure you’re just as stressed out,” She smiled at him.

Then she had help to clean the condo and thanked Minka for the help. She was about to die of being exhausted if she didn’t have help. Going all over the city got a little tiring. Her attention had broke from the finishing up the cleaning and turned to the door. When she saw Elias she broke out into a smile. She had wished they were close as they were back in elementary and middle school when she was more of a tom boy. Now, only Andrew needed to arrive. She watched Mink head off into the couch and then Zack running up to hug him. She moved from her spot and moved to Elias, and once Zack finished, her eyes met his.

“Looks like I won’t be doing any avenging,” She smirked and then wrapped around her arms around him for a hug, “I missed you but don’t let that get to your head. How is my hair by the way? Better?” She pulled back and glanced at her black tinted navy blue hair. It was a big change from blonde. Then she remembered she had to set Bree to sleep. “I’ve got to go to put Bree to sleep, you three keep yourself occupied while at it. Zack you know where I keep the liquor-but if anyone of you throw up on the carpet, you’re cleaning it.” It was a fair warning not to get intoxicated. She could hear Bree saying ‘awe!’ in the background. Bree complained that she wasn’t tired but as soon as she hit the bed the little girl fell asleep. Iris had only changed into a violet shirt and black jean shorts. Just as she came out she heard the door and went for it. When she opened the door she pulled out a smile for him. Andrew being his usual self looked attractive as ever. Well, no surprise there he was a male model.

“Hey, damn Andy...” She spoke as she grabbed a good look at him, and muttered “You’re still as sexy as I remember you.” She always thought he was attractive but hell, so was the rest of the boys and Andy happened to be of those big players in high school. It was the main reason why she went for Zack at first. It got Andy fired up, and jealous. Those games were over though. She was ready with working with this new leaf she had. She leaned in, hugged him and whispered in his ear, “If you be good, I’ll go get that drink with you after.” She then backed up and then plopped down in the couch.

“How about a classic game of truth or dare?” She suggested, “But instead of letting the person deciding whether they want a truth or a dare, the person who supposed to ask decides for them. Makes sense? I’d go first and I choose Mink. I’ll pick dare, and I dare you to go into my cupboard and swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. If you refuse the dare, you have to do a truth. Vise versa. Should we continue with this game?” She always loved that game. She knew that cinnamon would make you spit it out right away. She took her dares seriously no matter how crazy it was. Although she did regret one in high school about taking her shirt off. She wished she could erase her memories of how she was during those times. It was fun as long as nobody let information about what happened out of the room. She also thought that letting into secrets or some truths will help bring things back together again. Some of Iris old habits didn’t die, it seemed.

  Iris R. Black / Ravenity / 7y 52d 1h 49m 30s
Andy stopped by the computer store on his way to the photoshoot, he wasn't ssue i they would be able to fix it, it was older thanhis dad, he had enough money to buy a brand new custom made one, his dad just refused to buy one, he was old fashioned and stubborn so he wouldn't be buying one anytime soon. He arrived a little late to his calendaa shoot but that didn't matter to much.

Andrew had been a male model since his was seventeen, he was happy to keep fit and it was easy for him anyway. He smiled at the make-up artist, he was now half naked waiting for the photoshoot to begin. He did mutiple poses.

He was finished after a hour, he was asked to check which ones he wanted to use. He told them he didn't mind, they all looked great.

After finishing up, he got dressed, he wore a pair of jeans a grey v-neck jumper and a black leathair jacket. He had his phone turned off while he was at work. Turning it on he recieved a message from Iris. He hadn't seen her in ages, what was a drink bewteen friends?
"Oh come on. We'er friends. I'm sure she won't mind. :P Ehh would that matter?'
He repiled not really thiinking to much about it, his meomory was refreshing, he wasn't to sure if should go now, Andy would just have to suuck it up. He hadn't seen the gang in awhile. It would be good to catch up, no matter how weird it would be. That was the past.

Andrew collected the computer and paid thanking them for fixing the old piece of junk and put it in the booth of his car. He drove towards Iris' house already doubting his decsion of going but he was almost there now. He parked his porsha near and made his way to her apartment. He was a little late but it wasn't a party or anything. He knocked on the door gentlely. He cleared his throat as he waited patently outside.
  Andrew (Andy) Lust / Missindepent / 7y 52d 9h 35m 58s

Zack was moments away from answering Minka when he heard the door open. With a small sigh of relief, he watched as Iris and Bree made their way inside. At the news of some girl being mean to Bree, he put on a serious face and knelt down in front of her

"Well, next time, don't give her the chance. Tell her you don't talk to meaners, okay?"

Zack smiled and gently messed up her hair, then smoothed it back into place. He was a bit surprised by Iris's kiss, but returned it with the same energy.

"It's alright. And you don't have to. You've probably had a busy day. All I've done is waste away in front of a computer screen."

But still, Zack welcomed the help, getting the condo into shape and making small talk with Minka. It was nice to be around someone in such bright spirits, although that wasn't to say that Iris couldn't be.

At the sound of another visitor, Zack couldn't help but wonder who it could be.When he entered, it took a few moments of fishing to remember. After all, it could only be one of two people. One he would have recognized instantly, and given that such was not the case, it had to be one other option.


His voice was warm as he went up to the man. He contemplated a hug, but he wasn't sure about boundary issues over time, so he simply extended his hand for a handshake. He wasn't sure who's stress he was seeing, Elias's or Zack's own, but Zack remained smiling.
  Zack Anders (cl) / kyanydkwc / 7y 53d 6h 27m 18s
As Minka stood outside of Iris' house, she tilted her head back, and groaned inwardly, it was kind of cold out here, and all she wanted was warmth. Her phone buzzed and she lifted her leg, and placed her purse on her leg, pulling out her phone she glanced at the text from Iris, she tilted her head but before she could read it, her eyes snapped up from hearing commotion behind the door, she tilted her head and then she saw Zack's lovely familiar face. Grinning widely, she held open her arms and moved forward til she enveloped Zack into a tight hug. She had missed him, since she hadn't seen him in quite a while.

Smirking when he went into the kitchen after she had released him, she walked inside,a nd closed the door, a soft yawn parting her lips. She then pulled the text up from Iris and read it, a soft smile coming over her lips, and she replied. 'Don't worry Iris. I don't see him as just your boy toy. I'm going to enjoy hanging out with him. I'm sorry it bothers you from what I said, I won't say it anymore, I promise. Did anything ahppen to me? No. Nothing out of the normal, anyways... I didn't tell anyone; We promised to keep it a secret, why?' After she sent the message, Minka's eyes narrowe,d and she looked around, and found Zack, still in the kitchen.

"So, Zack, how's the life been, eh?" She tilted her head, as she picked little spots around to clean and such. Once the door opened and she saw Iris, Minka grinned widely. She was excited to see her, she moved to her, but then got a bit hesitant, for she saw Bree. She stopped walking, stayed silent but then drew a bright smile, and waved to her. "Hey Bree-Bree!" She grinned, and it seemed that Minka was in a very goo mood. When she saw Iris start to clean, she went to help her out, grinning widely. Until of course, she heard the door being knocked on. "Hey, I'll go get it." She grinned and went to the door.

She opened the door, and looked up to see Elias, she blinked for a moment and remembered the text saying that Iris was trying to get him to come, she smirked, and stepped back, holding the door open. "Hi." She whispered,a nd moved from the door, walking to the living room and sitting down on a chair, with one leg crossed as she smiled to Zack, and Iris. "This is going to bed fun!"
  Minka Kenzi. / SugarCoatedCandy / 7y 53d 22h 19m 52s
The car ride hadn't been too long considering the last time Elias was in a taxi and had gotten stuck in heavy traffic. As the driver had pulled up in front of his condo building Elias couldn't help the big smile on his face as he pulled his bags from the trunk, paid and tipped the driver before waving him off. Entering the nice building he received a warm welcome back from the front desk worker and nodded to her as he entered the elevator and hit the very last button which was the top of the building where the elevator doors opened up to a short hallway which led to one door.

Elias mad enough money to afford a condo the size of one entire the floor, he allowed himself that one indulgence, besides his car which was parked in the parking garage. Placing his keys on the granite counter top he walked down the hallway to the master bed room and walked into the welcoming room. Flopping down on the California king he breathed in the familiar scent of his laundry detergent and sighed softly ready to fall into the depths of dream land. As he was drifting off his phone rang loudly in his pocket causing him to jump and his eyes to flash open.

Fishing it out once again he read the text from Iris and chuckled before pushing up from his bed, leaving his phone in his place and entered his bathroom. Starting up the shower he stripped from his clothes and entered the shower welcoming the relaxation of the hot water as he prepared himself for mentally and physically for the out of blue reunion.

After a bit of encouraging and self pushing Elias had made it out of the building and into his car, which was one step closer to his high school and current crush's house.

"C'mon Eli it's just a little get together, nothing to physically demanding just caching up and chatting, maybe some drinking, then I can come back and sleep for years." he muttered to himself as he started his sleek black 2013 Nissan GTR, hearing the purr of the engine he smiled and pulled out of his space before speeding down the garage. Elias had missed everything back here, his car, his home and now he got to see the person he missed all the time.

Rarely ever visiting Iris' condo it took Elias a few times to get the right street as he drove back and forth having to turn around a few times. Usually they met up for some coffee or he would stop be her studio or at a shoot, that didn't happen all too much either as they were both extremely busy people. Though upon the fifth time Elias came to the living place of Iris, ten minutes pass eight and shook his head. Seemed like all habits die hard.

Brushing off his semi- formal dark grey button up he turned off his car and exited it making his way towards doors, he asked for Iris' housing number and entered the elevator, pressing the button he waited as the floor numbers passed slowly before a ding sounded his arrival and he stepped out and went to the door knocking softly three times.
  Elias Killian McConner / Believe / 7y 53d 23h 57m 36s
Iris took the next steps down the street far more cautious then she had on the way to her photo shoot. It had brought her back to the thoughts of that male. She couldn’t help but think about it and strain herself to make sense of it. He gave off this weird vibe... Iris didn’t have to walk for too long as she stepped into the taxi and made herself comfortable pulling out her cell-phone to see her text responds. It had been long since she’s seen all of them and she felt that they all needed to eventually come together since they were her childhood friends that she grew up with and still kept contact with. She had saw Elias had replied to her. She couldn’t help but smile a little, noting that he was still the same tease as he was before. She didn’t hesitate to reply to him.

Missed you to the point I could die! But I believe I’m the only one, Eli. As for that kiss...I’ll see you in your dreams :P! But hey, if you babysit Bree for me sometime, you might just get lucky and get a kiss on the cheek. I’ll avenge you if Jet lag does kill you. – She sent it out and then checked Minka had replied as well. Her jaw tightened a bit reading her call Zack her ‘boy toy.’ Could she seriously see Zack just as her toy? Sometimes, Minka got on her nerves but it was only natural for that to be happening. She decided to reply to the text.

That’s great, help Zack out please? Don’t call him that Mink, he’s more than that, even if you are joking. Did something happen to you lately? Did you tell anyone about us? She texted her, in slight worry. Maybe she was just over thinking things. The next text, she saw Andy’s. Somehow, she found that Andrew never really did change. She remembered him making a big fuss to get to her during high school for being one of the most popular girl. Iris despised the girl she was in high school. But since, that was out of the way, she wondered what other reason he would have. She didn’t see any other reason-well maybe for the fact that she was up there in the media but he would eventually have to grow out of playing around with girls, right? Probably not. She told herself. Maybe she could talk some sense into him, she doubt it would work but doing something was better than nothing.

I’ll think about it... Ask Mink if it’s okay that I do that first. She is your girlfriend after all. You don’t think Zack’s my boy toy, do you? She replied. It bothered her because she didn’t want to be seen as the same person as she was in high school who didn’t give much damn about their relationship, being unfaithful, and causing drama when it wasn’t needed. She made a lot of student’s high school experience hell. She was thankful and also regretful for that trip that caused her to change. It did change her view of things and she was thankful to come out of that situation. Every time she thought of being stuck there, her heart sped fast and felt sick the point she’d throw up. She shook the thoughts out of her head before it did lead to unnecessary worry. It was over now and that’s the only thing that mattered.

Eventually, she had arrived at her destination. She climbed out, paid and then headed to her interview. They didn’t recognize her at all in the beginning. They called her imposter and then she decided that if they didn’t want the interview, then she would leave but-eventually Amber came to clarify and they were apologizing her as if they’ve committed murder. The interview had passed by smoothly, and then she had to have a chat with Amber about her hair. She dealt with a couple more things as it started to grow late. She felt slightly bad for putting this on Zack and knew she had to make it up to him somehow for letting him set things up when it was her idea in the first place. She recognized the time and then said goodbye to Amber knowing she had to pick up Bree and let her watch TV for a bit and then put the little girl to sleep when others came. Bree slept early, and woke up early, and also was a heavy sleeper.

She went to pick up the little girl who was excited to see her. Bree was stretching out saying she wanted to be carried. Iris decided to carry her until she found a cab. She talked to Bree about her day in the time she was in the taxi until they arrived at their home. She carried Bree until the Condo. She used her own key to open it and saw Zack and Minka. “Hi auntie!” Bree flashed a smile toward Minka and then ran off to Zack when she was lowered.

“Daddy! Some girl was being mean to me today,” Bree pouted. Iris bit her bottom lip, unsure if she should have let Bree sleep over a friends today but it wouldn’t be right since she was still so young. Still... She glanced over at Minka and managed a smile, “Hey, thanks for coming early. I’m sure in a couple of hours everyone should come...” She then moved to Zack, slipped her hand into his and didn’t hesitate to kiss him quickly, “I’m sorry for putting this on you. I’ll help you out right now.” Iris then turned her focus back to Bree “I’ll talk to the girl’s mom but now I’ll get you something to eat, you can watch TV and then at eight, you’ll go to sleep. Okay?” Bree nodded “Okay Mommy!” Iris didn’t feel the most comfortable at this moment but, she could bare through it. She fed Bree macaroni and let her do whatever she liked in the meantime. She helped clean the condo a bit more and helped out set some drinks up. She only wanted to catch up with everyone. Since Elias was off into a different country, she couldn’t exactly do that with one person missing.

  Iris R. Black / Ravenity / 7y 54d 21h 36m 59s

With a small start, Zack nearly jumped at the sound of the knocking on the door. It couldn't possibly have been the pizza, could it? He was certain he asked them to deliver the pizza at eight on a delayed delivery schedule so that he wouldn't forget to order it when the time came. He didn't want to seem unprepared when he felt Isis may have expected him to act, whether or not that assumption was all in his head.

He wanted to ponder the thoughts a while longer but he didn't want to keep his surprise guest waiting.

Once at the door, he took a deep breath and opened it as casually as possible. He was almost surprised to see Minka there.

"Oh, hey Minka! Been a small while, I guess. Come in."

Zack casually motioned for her to step inside, walking into the kitchen to make it seem like he was expecting someone. He didn't have much to show for it, so he decided to be honest anyway.

"You're here early, if I'm correct. I wasn't expecting anyone until around eight. Can I get you anything to drink?"

Zack fidgeted with his hands on the counter, tapping a bit nervously. He caught himself doing it and shoved his hands in his pockets, rocking a bit on his feet. He was caught off guard a bit, but he could at least recover quickly if he needed to.
  Zack Anders (cl) / kyanydkwc / 7y 53d 6h 27m 36s
Andrew was one to please his dad, he loved him, respected him and hated to disappoint him. He would rather get ugly then do that. His father had something and truth be told Andy had no reason to disbelieve anything he swore to. He'd never go against his dad. No matter what.

Andy was about to enter the room when he heard his IPhone going off he checked the time and wondered who would trying to contact Him this early. He was sure it could wait. Andy entered the study and smiled at his father who was getting frustrated with his computer which was being difficult. He bashed the side of the screen. "Forget it. This stupid thing is acting up again. I'll show it to you later." He gave up on the old fashioned thing he would suggest getting a new one but his old man refused to keep up with the technology. He was only interested in finding the truth, but who wouldn't?

Andy returned up staires to his bedroom and searched for his phone. He threw the blanket off his bed he heard something hit the floor. Reading the message he smiled seeing the message from Iris he would have no problem going around eight he was still determined to get her. He replied without hesitation.
"It would be good to get together maybe after we could go for a drink?"
He was a flirt it wasn't his fault. He wasn't that pushed about meeting up with the rest his interest lay was Iris. Maybe he had a reason for not wanting to see the others but that didn't matter much. No one would ever find out.

Andy was working in an hour he couldn't laze around any longer. He walked towards his own bathroom and began to strip, he stepped into the shower and smiled. The warm water felt great against his toned body. He scubbed his body througherly. He washed his blonde hair and smiled.

After showering he did his hair he gelled it effortlessly and it still looked great. He smirked at himself and winked it was yearly a crime to look this good. He got dressed in a loss tank top and a pair of jeans he had a photosphere to go to and it was going to be for some calendar he was happy to do it.

Andrew finished getting ready, he walked into his dads study again. Smiling to himself, watching the angry man glare vigorously at the computer as if by giving it the old stare down it would magically work again. He was just as stubborn as his old man. He picked up the old computer and ignored his fathers complains it was broken it didn't cost that much to repair and it was on the way to work anyway.
"Don't worry I can collect it tomorrow after work I may be late I'm going to Iris' to meet up with the gang."
His dad simply nodded, though he already knew he wouldn't mind. He walked out of the study grabbed the keys for his 2012 sliver porsha and headed to work
He was happy with his job he not got to hang out with hot models he got paid to show his body. It was great.
  Andrew (Andy) Lust / Missindepent / 7y 55d 9h 30m 37s
The more Mink was looking at her computer screen the more depressed she was getting. She had undoubly signed up for an online chatting site, that he knew she wouldn't get on again, she tilted her head as she watched a you tube video, her lips were set into a thin line, and she sat up, with her arms curled around her, she was getting cold. Shivering, Minka placed her lap top onto her bed beside her and walked over to her chest of drawers, and pulled out a sweater, she closed her eyes for a moment, and then shook a bit, smiling.

Her arms wrapped around herself as he slid her palms up and down her arm, trying to circulate the blood within her body to create heat. She looked to her lap top, and just decide to forget it. Her searching wasn't doing very well and frankly it wasn't helping her mood at all, so she just needed to get on with her life and that is what she planned to do. Taking a soft breath she heard the distant bleep of her phone, telling her that Iris texted her. Arching an eyebrow, she made her way towards her chest of drawers, and grabbed her phone, opening it and opening the message. Her eyes scanned the message and she made a slight face in regards to it.

'Iris, lucky for you I'm not doing anything right now, and eight is so very far from now, I'll just stop by your place right now. I'll hang out with your boy toy until you get back, see you soon, hopefully.' Smirking softly, she placed her hone in the back of her jean's, then he grabbed her purse that had only her wallet in it, and walked to her lap top, shutting it down she walked to her front door, and stepped outside of it, pulling her purse in front of her she locked the closed door, and replaced the key in her purse, and headed towards Iris's home.

Once she got there she smiled, and rapped her knockers on the door waiting for someone to answer, she didn't mind spending time with Zack, it wouldn't be too bad. A oft smile on her lips a she waited.
  Minka Kenzi. / Jezzyboo / 7y 59d 7h 19m 35s

Zack went through the pictures with a smile. He liked the change, and it, of course, would give him a bit more to work with in his article. It was quite stunning, actually, and couldn't help but smile at the pictures on the screen.

He contemplated showing Bree the pictures, but she was already at daycare before he received the message, as he had taken a break from his article to drop her off there. Lo and behold, the contents of his article were pretty much dropped into his hand.

At the mention of seeing "everyone" as mentioned in the email, Zack had some mixed emotions. Sure, he was excited about the prospect of seeing the old group together after a while, but at the same time he was a bit uneasy about the idea. It was probably just considering that he had no idea what to do for it. Should he make some food? Order some? Would there need to be music or some form of entertainment?

He dismissed the thoughts in his mind as he completed his article with minutes to spare. He spent most of his free time lost in thought, with a nap or two here and there. It was starting to get dark when he finally relented and ordered pizza.

Two would be enough, right?

He placed an order for two large pizzas for delivery and idled himself with some cleaning. Although the condo was reasonably clean, he wanted things to be....well, perfect. He swept unnecessarily and washed already clean dishes, trying to keep himself busy. He didn't want to let himself rest, otherwise he'd fall asleep again. He somewhat wished that he'd had some advanced notice about this gathering, otherwise he would have slept in a bit more.

Oh well, at least it'll be an interesting evening, I hope.

  Zack Anders (cl) / kyanydkwc / 7y 87d 8h 3m 2s

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