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<<>Wanna skip a little and toss ideas?<>>
  Akaviri / Alum / 6y 297d 20h 44m 27s

  White rises / rinkokoro / 6y 298d 10h 55m 34s
<<>Not much to post?<>>
  Akaviri / Alum / 6y 298d 15h 34m 28s
Rin nodded and stood up.
  White rises / rinkokoro / 6y 300d 1h 54m 21s
Fayt looked down to the girl, "Come on, lets go get a room for the night then take a slit strider to Balamora tomorrow."
  Akaviri / Alum / 6y 302d 15h 32m 56s
Rin nodded as ne stopped coughing. She was really scared of why the towns people hated her master. She was still trembling hard.
  White rises / rinkokoro / 6y 304d 23h 21m 48s
Fayt smiled to her and then noticed her choking on the drink. He patted her back a bit, "Hey, don't stress it so much, people here probably don't even know your dad." he said in such a regard.
  Akaviri / Alum / 6y 307d 16h 55m 5s
Rin nodded. She was really worried about her master and what was going to happen to him and her. She didnt know why but she felt really uneasy and people would not stop starring at her. Rin took a sip of the drink and put it down almost imedetly as he started to cough hard.
  White rises / rinkokoro / 6y 307d 23h 12m 55s
"Lets go get a room, you wanted your own bed didn't you?" he asked the girl as he drank down the flin and noticed her sad face, "You're worried aren't you?"
  Akaviri / Alum / 6y 313d 15h 8m 26s
Rin nodded and just sat there. She was still trembling but only lightly. I hope master is ok she thought to herself while looking at the ground.
  White rises / rinkokoro / 6y 314d 12h 3m 31s
"Relax, Rin, Dunel is a friend and a merchant." Fayt said to calm the girl.

Dunel nodded, "I'm just surprised to see you back so early, I didn't expect it, but am very pleased you and your friend have arrived, come and visit Pilgrim's Rest, I may have a few key items you'd like to see." he said with an eager voice and left.

"Dunel's a nice guy," I said with a smile, "Yeah, he's got some overpriced junk."

The barmaid brought over two cups of Flin, a beverage that doesn't really get you drunk, just gives a little courage.
  Akaviri / Alum / 6y 315d 13h 3m 4s
"H-hello s-sir " rin stuttered in a quiet voice. Rin didnt know why but for some reason he felt on edge and scared. It wasn't noticeable but she was trembling lightly. She sat down next to fayt.
  White rises / rinkokoro / 6y 316d 6h 29m 10s

<<>Pics of Molag Mar<>>

Fayt walks up to the bar and gestures Rin to sit down beside him. A dark elf approached him. Fayt instantly recognized Dunel Saryon, a trader from the Pilgrim's Rest across the canton, "Ah, Fayt, what brings you back to our humble town?" he greeted him politely.

"I came by to get some rest, I have recently decided to help this young girl named Rin, say hello Rin." Fayt was trying to be inconspicuous. Dunel was apart of the Temple, though he probably wouldn't do anything to harm her, his superiors might.
  Akaviri / Alum / 6y 316d 15h 44m 13s
Rin follpwed fayt. She looked around at the parte built up town. Rin stayed quiet as they walked in to the bar. She felt a shiver down the back of her spine as they walked in.
  White rises / rinkokoro / 6y 317d 3h 30m 6s
Daedra called these grasslands home, so Fayt had to ne on his guard. Before they reached the Ashlands, thenpassed over into the Ascadian Ilse. Molag Mar was the first destination. An ash storm brewed as they entered. "Come on, there's a bar inside, we can get a room for the night." This great town is built up as a large building of itself. A sewer system within it and a singular bridge in and out. They walked up the side walls to the second quarter and entered the tavern. Many shady characters sat in the bar, many were on a pilgramage, the temple was at the highest part of this canton, they also sold slaves up there.
  Akaviri / Alum / 6y 324d 19h 56m 45s

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