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Not A Roleplay. Not For You. You Can Watch It And Read It, Even Send Me A PM With Questions, Critique And Anything Else! Just .... Don't Steal It. If You Do Or Anyone Tells Me You Stole It .....

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Arigatou Gozaimasu! :>

Stories So Far.

These Are The Stories I Have Started So Far. Stay Tuned For New Stories And Updates! And PM me If You Have Any Story/ Character Ideas And If You Like My Stories! :>

Story One- The City Of Zasshu: A Clan Is Rising With Evil Deeds And Committing Murders In Maisha's Town As Well As Others. Will Maisha And Her Friends Be Able To Stop the Zasshu? Or Will She Return To Her Ancestors And Turn Away From Her Once Serene Life?

What Are The Zasshu? The Zasshu Is A Clan Of Animal/ Human Hybrids That Are Shunned By Villagers And Called Demons And Such. They Seem To Be Looking For Something, But To Get What They Want, They Have To Kill Those Who Are Unlike Them. The Villagers See Them As A Threat, And Their Deeds Have Gotten Worse Of The Years. Humans Cannot Really Fight Them Off, For Its A Lot Of Them, And Their Strength, Speed, Agility And Knowledge Is Three Times or More Than A Humans.

Characters -So Far-

Maisha Oocora- The Main Protaganist. She was born on Oct.7th, is 23 years old And is known in the village for her kindness and strength. Her mother passed during her birth and her father was possibly taken away by what people say the Zasshu. She lives with her sister and brother, and the town's leader, Zareb is also like a brother to her. She is stronger than most villagers, due to her and her sibling's Zasshu blood that runs through them. Ariki is her best friend.She is also good with using a bow and arrows.

Ariki Monsu-Main Character. She is Maisha's best friend and helps on their journey. She is also mainly Zasshu, like some of the other villagers besides her and Maisha. Ariki was born in April, day unknown, age unknown. She likes sword fighting and hates when people insult her or her friend's skills. She is also very loyal and trustworthy, but will lie if it means getting her out of danger. She can be a bit shy, but never refuses a challenge.

Zareb-Main Character. The town's leader and is like a brotherly figure to Maisha. He was born on January 2nd, is 32 years of age and is stronger than he shows himself to be. The ideal leader, he takes consideration of other's feelings before his own, but still takes charge when things get out of hand. Very kind to those around him, but doesn't hesitate to kill anyone who harms those he cares for. Is fully human but is aware of the Zasshu who live in his village, including Maisha, and is the only town-leader so far who doesn't mind them staying here. He keeps their powers a secret, so the villagers won't attack or kill them.


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Chapter 2

Location:Astrodille, In The Town Of Stars -- Time: The Year 3025, 3:36 AM

Will Continue.

-The City Of Zasshu
  Ziitron Black / YommiNoms / 6y 319d 13h 14m 1s
Reckless Love

Rated: PG-13


Chapter 1

Coming Soon.

  Ziitron Black / YommiNoms / 6y 360d 1h 11m 57s

Chapter 1

Location:Astrodille, In The Forest Of Forgiveness -- Time: The Year 3025, 2:00 PM

There was a rustle in a bushes, the wind still and warm as it settled on Maisha's smooth, brown skin. Her legs bent as she squatted, her silver-colored eyes focused on the moving shrubbery in front of her. She put a thick, short piece of bamboo to her lips after stuffing a small, sharp dart into it. Aim .... For The Heart .... She thought to herself, positioning herself once more. She inhaled slowly and deeply, before blowing hard out of the bamboo tube. Too fast for the animal's mind to process, a loud squawking noise sounded as a bird-like creature with a long neck and four webbed feet ran out of the bush, struggling. Maisha smiled as she stood, walking over to the animal. Blood gushed out of it's wound as she pulled the dart out of the animals chest. It's struggle weakened as it's body fell limp.

Picking up the feathery body in her hands, Maishi set the body in a shoulder bag, filled with berries and other types of herbs and ingredients. She did a little victory dance jumping in the air a few times. "Yesss! We Can Have Rawrocrow Stew Tonight!" She said to herself in celebration. Hearing the evening bells coming from town, she looked east and started jogging through the field of flowers and grass. Just In Time. Good Thing I Finished Hunting For Today! She thought to herself.

Almost to the town's borders, the sun began to go down. Night was approaching, and she needed to hurry before Milan and Saki began to worry.She didn't feel like being scolded and she certainly didn't want them to set her as a target. Once Maisha made it to the town, she smiled. People were getting their finally things from the salespeople and getting ready for the night. She stopped by a local trader, trading in some special Boccana Berries for a few coins. Maisha was saving up to get a new set of arrows. Her older ones were wearing out, and that hindered her hunting.

Finally finished with all her trading and good-nights, the woman was on her way home. She was just a few feet away from the house until a tall, slim woman, with a *battle suit and a cloak on, her short,pink hair bouncing as she approached Maisha. It was Ariki, her best friend. Maisha smiled. "Raki! Long Time, No Talk." She said, hugging her. Ariki smiled, a flicker of worry flashing across her face. "Maisha! Same To You .... Umm ... We Have A Bit Of A Problem."She said, urgency and worry in her voice. "Problem? W-What Problem?" Maisha asked, her cheerful tone dropping. She looked at Ariki with a confused expression."It's Mrs. Amiya ..... She's Dead." She said. Maisha gasped. "W .....Wait ....What?!" She said, shocked. Ariki grabbed her hand."Come On! The Town Is Having A Meeting About It!" Maisha followed, still trying to figure out if her ears were deceiving her. Amiya was a good friend of not only Maisha, but basically the rest of the town as well. Her kind tone and sweet smile always comforted the town, and for her to be gone from the physical world forever was ..... Surprising.

Maisha looked back to her home. All the lights were off, and she was certain that her brother and sister was already at the Starlight Centre Park, the place where the town holds all their meetings and special events. She looked back at the back of Ariki's head, tears welling up in her eyes. They soon made their way to the center of the town, people walking into the large hut that took up most of the Starlight Park. When they came in, the town's leader and four councilmen stood in the middle of the room, the townspeople making a semi-circle around him. Zareb, the town leader, stood atop of a wooden square, making him a bit taller than he already was, so everyone could see him. He cleared his throat, the confused and worried chatter calming down to an eerie silence.

Zareb cleared his throat. He had a serious look on his face, which was sort of pale, his long, brown hair slightly covering his eyes. "I'm Sure You All Are Wondering Why I Called You Here. I'm Am Very Sad To Say .... That One Of Our Fellow Friends Are Not With Us Any Longer. Miss Amiya, One of Te Local Housewives, Has Been Murdered By The Zasshu." The confusion of the crowd soon turned to fright and depression. A few people could be heard crying, mainly Amiya's cousin, brother and mother."I Am Sorry You All Have To Hear This ...."Zareb said sadly. One of the councilmen turned towards Zareb quickly."This CANNOT Continue! The Zasshu Must Be Stopped!" He shouted. Zareb looked down at him. "We Tried Stopping Them .... But Half Of Our Army Men Died Trying To fight Them. And Those Who Survived Said They Didn't Even See What Killed Them."

"Still .... If This Keeps Up, The Zasshu Will Kill Us ALL! Do You Want Your Precious Town To Become A Grave Yard?! This Is The Third Death This Month!" Chatter began to fill the room once more.

Zareb was silent for a moment. The Zasshu have terrorized the four main towns - The Town Of Stars, The Town Of Seas, Skyville and The City Of Diamonds. For many decades, The Zasshu have attcked and killed many. The four towns have attempted to fight against them At the City of Zasshu, But it hasn't helped. Ariki looked at Maisha, her eyes welling up with tears."I Think It's Time .... Maisha." Maisha looked up at her friend, a sigh escaping her lips. She looked back at the crowd. I Guess So ... Rain. She thought to herself. Maisha took a deep breath and wiped her eyes before speaking. "I .... I Will Fight." She said, loud enough for everyone to hear. Only Zareb knew about Maisha and her two sibling's powers. Everyone else looked at her, a few ignorant giggles.

"If A Few People Come With Me ..... I ....I'm Sure I'll Be Fine." Maisha spoke, giving a side glance to her brother and sister. Her brother rubbed his shoulders, an old, small pain tingling there. He gave Maisha a frown, then sighed. She nodded and looked back at Zareb. The villagers made a path way for her to walk through. Apparently, they were interested in the young woman's request to fight. Zareb kept a straight, but worried face. When she was face to face with him, Zareb looked off then back at her. "Maia ...... You Know How Risky That Is ...." He muttered to her, whispering. The crowd began to become a bit confused. "Nothing Is More Risky Than Doing Nothing And Letting The Zasshu Kill Us Off ...." " But If You Never Return ....." "Z .... Trust Me .... And Even If My Powers Do Swallow Me Whole ... One Life Is Better Than A Million ..." Maisha replied with a serious smile. Zareb paused for a moment, then sighed. He nodded to Maisha, then looked at the rest of the crowd. "Attention! .... There Is A Discussion That Needs To Take Place With Certain People. These People Know Who They Are, And We Will Decide On A Final Answer, Which Will Be Announced To All of You By Tomorrow Morning. Go Home And Rest Assured.This Will All .... Hopefully .... Be Over Soon. Meeting ... Dismissed." He announced, people slowly and uncertainly leaving, confused looks on most faces. A few people stayed out, including Maisha's siblings. Some people looked back at them, puzzled, but eventually leaving. Maisha had a surprised and a bit angry look on her face. She thought that Zareb would just let them fight and leave it at that, but a meeting with those of her same 'race' was a bit unnecessary to her. She understood Zareb was like a father to her, but his want for her safety was growing too much.

As soon as the many others filed out and the premises was checked and double-checked for any spies or nosy villagers, the meeting began. Maisha sat in one of the soft felted chairs that stood in the semi-circle of the large hut. She had a serious, yet annoyed look on her face, her disapproval of the 'uncalled for' meeting showing in her angered body language. Her brother sat straight up beside Maisha, her little sister on the other side of her. A cousin, two close friends and three other villagers sat around one another, Zareb sitting directly across from Maisha. "This Meeting Is Now In Se--"

"We Must Go. We All need As Much Time As Possible To Find The Zasshu, Lard Takamaru And End This Killing Spree." Maisha stood, arms crossed. Zareb looked up at her and sighed. "I Wish You Would Realize Your Place Maisha. You Can't Just Make Decisions Off The Bat Like This. You .... We Need To Plan Our Attack, Otherwise, Anything Can Happen To You or the Others. And We Don't Need Any More People Dead More Than Already have Died." The long-haired man said, sighing. "I'm NOT Going Off The Bat. I've Noticed That the Recent Killings Are Going based Off Of Your Blood ... And If You Have Some Of Their Blood In You. And The Six Of Us can Become Stronger As We Travel To Our Destination, Plus-"

"You Can't Just LEAVE, Maisha. Think About It. If They Are Targeting YOUR Kind, Then That Would Make It Easier For You To Become A TARGET." Zareb was standing at this point. The others watched silently, knowing that the two get in fights like this all the time. "WHY WOULD THEY KILL THEIR OWN KIND? THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THAT WE ARE GOOD AND THEY AREN'T!!!" Maisha shouted in her soft, yet loud voice. Maisha's hair started growing and getting a lot fluffy, almost as if it was a lion's mane, being prepared for battle. "EXACTLY! You're Good And In THEIR EYES, You Are WEAKER!" He shouted back, before sighing and calming down. He knew that if the shouting continued, it could end up into an undesired battle over nothing. A moment of silence could calm the tension down for now, maybe Maisha's mane would disappear.

Maisha sighed heavily and sat back down,glaring. She brushed some hair out of her face, and crossed her arms. Her brother couldn't help but smile. Even though they weren't technically related, Tamarion always watched Maisha like a little sister. He loved the way she got angry then tried her best to calm down. She was her cutest then, according to Tamarion. Either happy or mad, Maisha looked like a cute little lion cub, and she was always adorable to him. Zareb sighed softly, a serious look on his face. "I Understand The Only Way Is to Fight. You Few Group Of People Have The Power To Defeat Them. However, Its Only A Few Of You, And Its Hundreds Of Them. So .... You All Should First Get A Larger Group. There Are Only A Few Good Zasshu In The Main Towns A Smaller Towns Around. You Guys Have To Look Hard For Them .... Without Them, Your Army Will Not Last. Grow Stronger, Alright?" The group replied softly, agreeing to what he said. "After You All Get A Few More People On Your Team, I Will Send An Army, And We Will Have Our First Attempt To Invade Them. If We Fail.... Hopefully, We Will Be Able To Try Again. I Will Announce Your Leaving In The Morning. For Now, Get Good Rest, And Wake Up Early To Receive Items And *Centra For Your Long Trip Ahead. ....Meeting Dismissed." Zareb said quickly, and stood, giving everyone a hug. He glanced at Maisha and smiled softly. She was still a little hot, but was over the little argument. She smiled and hugged Zareb tight. "It's Alright. I'll Be By Your Side The Whole Way Through." Zareb whispered. She said nothing at first, then nodded and let go of him. Even though she wasn't to leave until morning, she already missed Zareb. The thought of either one of them dying, or her losing any of her friends was just horrid. She just wanted to get all of the over with. And fast.

-The City Of Zasshu

Next Chapter Coming Soon. ♥

  Brown~Apple / YommiNoms / 6y 319d 13h 19m 2s
The City Of Zasshu

Rated:PG-13 - Mild Violence,Horror,Profanity,Suggestive Themes

Chapter 1

Location:Astrodille,In The Town Of Stars --Time: The Year 3025, 1:36 A.M

It was late, the streetlights lightening the way to people's homes. It wasn't the best time to be up, not when it's dark like this. Things .... People .... Monsters come out, and they aren't the nice ones. They aren't angels, or vampires, or werewolves. They are vicious, and take different forms of shape.

First comes a whisper in your ear. The Zasshu Are Here. The Zasshu Are Here. A chill down your back, then a swift shadow, that makes you do a double take. You think you're safe, until they strike, and only those prepared for battle would know what to do.

Groceries in hand, Poor little Amiya, one of the towns well-known housewives was headed home. She was late leaving from a little 'get-together' with some of her friends, and had to get some food for the house. The store was twenty-four hours, sadly, for if it wasn't, she wouldn't have to rush home at this time at night with bags in her hands. Her hands weren't free and her life was at stake, and she knew it.

Amiya quickly rushed towards her home, her heels clicking on the brick sidewalk. She took a short-cut down an alleyway she was familiar with, hoping that she could get home in time. Before her husband begins to worry. Before the creepers got her. She started to feel a chilling breeze, her eyes widening. She gasped, her heart racing and the sound of her heels repeating faster than before. Click,Click,Click ....

Suddenly, she stopped. Amiya thought she heard something. Could she not make it home? Was it too late? Soft, eerie chuckles were carried in the winds, a whisper ringing in her ear. They're Here for You,Ami-Sama. The Zasshu Are Here .... Amiya, frightened to death dropped her bags. A sweet, innocent voice giggled devilishly, whispering the same thing. The Zasshu Are Here, Ami-sama. The Zasshu Are Here. She began to run, turning corners that lead to her home. She was breathing hard, a horrifying shiver going down her back, her black, flowing dress trying not to rip. A shadow ran beside her for a second. Her eyes were playing tricks on her, weren't they? She looked at a small, swift shadow that appeared on the wall beside her, looked away, then looked back to see a blank wall. She gasped before stopping suddenly, covering her face with her pale hands.

It Was Too Late.

The laughter got louder as Amiya backed away slowly. She cover her ears with her hands and fell to her knees,crying. They were in front of her, behind her, all around her. She was surrounded. The laughter got even louder. Then, all went quiet. In a split second, a girl hugged her from behind, a white monkey's tail around poor Amiya's neck. Amiya grabbed at her neck, attempting to get free from the suffocating grip. But, it was too strong. "It's Too Late For You To Be Out Here, Okaasan. The Zasshu Will Get You." She muttered in her ear, the tail tightening around her neck. Spikes suddenly shot out of the tail, splatters of crimson blood on the ground. She screamed, though no one could hear. Her body laid limp on the cold, brick sidewalk, her head detached from the rest of her cold corpse. A gruesome look was stuck on her face, horror in her eyes. The laughter faded quickly into the breeze, leaving her to freeze in the cold. It wasn't a good night for poor Amiya. It wasn't a good night at all. Only one sweet voice echoed through the alleyway after the breeze stopped and the silence returned.

"Heehee, They Got You, Okaasan.♥"

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