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Bre watched over her sister til the sun came up, when Britt awoke she dressed herself and started out. She checked her mail seeing a package for her sister so she took it in placing It in the shade then she went for her morning run deciding what she'd wear when meeting with Damon later.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 263d 23h 38m 45s
"I wouldn't expect anything less." Damon muttered, being honest as he watched girl walk into the house. It was true, he didn't expect her to trust him. He didn't really expect it of anyone.
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 264d 14h 57m 54s
"Fine, but I'll be watching. " Bre said as she walked into the home of her sister, she knew it was different being near her sister again.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 267d 36m 40s
A smirk crossed the man's lips when he saw the look that was being given. "I did say what you think I did." He muttered, shrugging and leaning on the tree
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 267d 9h 39m 51s
His words surprised her when he said someone who catches his eye, she had her doubts but she wondered if he was serious. Had Britt done something to catch his eye? She wouldn't know even if she asked Britt but it was a discussion for another time.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 267d 9h 51m 31s
"Yes I am known for them, but I wouldn't do that to someone who catches my eye." He muttered, glaring back at the girl.
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 268d 14h 36m 1s
"You're known for the animal attacks. Yes! I think you might." Bre said with anger in her eyes.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 271d 12h 32m 15s
"And you think that just because I can do that that I will be?" He asked, eyebrow raised and a slight smirk playing over his lips. Damon knew that he shouldn't be playing with her, but she was irking him slightly and so he was testing her patience some to see how far he could push it.
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 271d 17h 46m 52s
"Look, she's already invited you in so I have my concerns. You can go in and out of her home without her knowing..but she doesn't necessarily know that. Her friend Nina is supposed to be leaving soon. She'll be alone but I'll be around." Bre said to him wanting him to know she was gonna be watching over Britt's house.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 274d 7h 32m 54s
"That much I can understand. But you don't have to worry. At least not so much. Crowded areas are pretty much the last place something would be likely to happen. I mean they can't be stupid enough to expose the existence of vampires and everything else, can they?" He asked, brow raised as he looked at her.
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 275d 12h 7m 58s
"Just watching over my sister. I hope she will be safe." Bre said, though she knew Britt was preparing for the next day while she slept.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 277d 1h 20m 53s
Damon was behind Bre, his arms crossed over his chest. "You don't have to watch me like a hawk. I won't hurt her." He muttered, rolling his eyes faintly as he leaned back on the car, facing the girl.
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 278d 16h 16m 19s
Britt walked up to her room as she switched into her night clothes. She went made something to drink for herself before going to bed. Bre watched surprised how her sister was around Damon.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 281d 2h 4m 58s
Damon smiled lightly and nodded to her words. "Alright, see you later." He said quietly, watching her as she went into the house. He had not forgotten at all about the necklace or anything, but was waiting for a time where he thought it would be better to give it to her
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 281d 17h 7m 33s
"Sure, that would be great." She said With a smile. "I'll see you later Damon." She said right before entering her house. She'd forgotten about that necklace at the festival with everything that had happened.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 282d 13h 35m 47s

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