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Britt found his words to be more about vampire life then what she knew. "So do you read about Vampires to?" She asked him. She knew there are some who would probably think that Vampire life was weird. She also had always wondered if they were real but none of her friends would think that. She heard what he said about games. "yes, I am one of those people who likes games and likes to learn new ones." She said. She was going to say more but then Joey walked in and he was behind her. "Britt, what are you doing?" Joey asked and she looked back at him. "oh Hey Joey" She said. He walked closer to her and then he seen she had been drinking while talking to Someone even he didn't know. "that's it. your going home. You can read another one of your creepy Vampire novels." He said. "they're not creepy if you give them a chance to understand." Britt said annoyed. "whatever." He said and then he looked at Damon "stay away from my girlfriend." He said feeling threatened by Damon as he grabbed Britt's hand and took her home.
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A slight smirk came to Damon's lips as she said she knew some about vampire life from her reading and about their immortality. It actually quite amused him and so he thought he would "enlighten" her a little bit there. "Yes, some vampires are the 'bad boy' type as you put it. They pray on helpless young women that they meet in dark alleys or even in bars. They 'play' with their food by stocking it before they move in for the kill. And most are not capable of being out in the sun, hence why they stick to the dark and night." He said, swirling the ice at the bottom of the glass. He figured their was no harm in his words as it would go almost well enough wish things she could have read.

His eyes came up when she had spoken of the games. "So you are one of those girls who know of some games, but love to learn new ones? That is interesting." He said, now thinking of the game 'cat and mouse' and how he would love to make her into his little mouse
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"just their life. their way of having immortality without growing old ever and I guess some of the vampires I've read could be considered the bad boy type." She said to answer his question on what he had asked her on what her interest in Vampires would be. She knew there was no harm in telling why she was so interested in them.

As for the his question on games she really had no type of game in mind. "all of them. I don't mind what game it is and if it's one I've never played then I like learning the rules." She said. She wasn't sure how much that would tell him or not. She took another sip of the drink but she couldn't help but want to smile now the more she drank from the drink.
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Damon once more stole a glance to her bracelet and then brought his attention back to the girl. From the way she had hesitated, the vampire knew that she wasn't sure whether to trust him or not fully, and there was good reason too. He would be able to compel her if he wanted, but he wanted to see what he could learn without using his "charm" on her.

"Vampires and their stories, interesting. Can you tell me what it is about vampires you like?" The man asked, swishing the last bit of his drink around in the bottom of the glass. He knew that she would not understand his interest in that particular like of her's, but he wanted to know what she knew. Wanted to see what sort of things she had read about what he was.

"Games, what kind?" He asked, getting momentarily distracted from his original question
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She took another sip of the drink as she debated what to tell him. She was feeling more relaxed as she talked with him but she liked something about him. But in her mind she was reminded of her boyfriend who was waiting for her at their new home.

"I like Vampire Novels and some of the movies. " She said for a start as she noticed he had looked at her charm bracelet. She knew there were certain things she could tell and some she wasn't sure what to say. "Hm I like to sing and sometimes play games." She said. She wasn't willing to tell everything at that time knowing she didn't know him that well.
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Damon nodded slowly, handing her the drink that he had offered. A small laugh escaped his lips as the young woman happened to seem hesitant of the drink she held. "It's not poisoned, so don't worry about it." He said and then smiled a little bit when she finally took a small sip of it.

"I'm here alone tonight. My brother and his girlfriend were no fun and so I thought a change in scenery would be good. Besides, you never know who you will meet in the Grill." The vampire said, eyes falling on her bracelet and seeing the charm that reminded him of vampires. "What sort of things do you like?" He asked, his eyes coming once more back to rest on the girl, his head cocked the littlest bit to the side as he waited to see how she would answer him.
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"sure." She said as she noticed the second drink he had. since he was offering it to her she took it and at first she seemed hesitant for once. But after a couple seconds she took a sip. "well it's nice to meet you Damon." She finally said as she was deciding what to ask him.

hm well I have to get to know someone. He seems nice. She thought

"So are you here alone or are you here with someone?" She asked him. Normally she wouldn't ask someone that but she was trying to figure out certain things about him. On her left wrist was her charm bracelet with a charm that symbolized vampires. something she was very much into when it came to things she would read or watch on tv.
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"Being out alone in this town isn't the smartest move you could make, but I suppose you had good enough reason." He said, a light smirk coming to his lips. His smokey blue eyes slowly wandered over the girl's body for a moment and then once more came back up to look her in the eye.

I don't know what it is about this girl. She's new in town which means if I kill her, then no one would really notice, but she isn't like anyone else I have met before either. She doesn't seem to know anything about the supernatural and it being real, so I suppose I can leave her be for now The vampire thought, taking a quick swig of the beer in his glass.

A slight smile came to his lips as he heard her say her name. "Nice to meet you. I'm Damon Salvatore. Want a drink?" He asked, moving the second drink closer to her. His eyes never seemed to leave her
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ok. we can work up to it)

Britt had expected that people would ignore her so when she seen someone had come up to her she just smiled. "yeah, I'm new to town and thought i'd do some exploring finding out where places are." She said. She wondered who he was and she couldn't help but notice his eyes at how blue they were.

Joey would be so mad if he seen me around this guy. I don't even know who he is. She thought.

In not wanting to be strangers she decided to tell him her name. "My name is Britt, and who might you be?" She asked. It was peaking her curiosity to know.
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Damon had been around annoying his younger brother and his girlfriend because there was really nothing for him to do. Or nothing that held any interest to him. He was still irked over the fact that as always, Stefan got the girl. But he wouldn't let that show. And it was as he was teasing Stefan and Elena about their love life did he notice a moving truck, and that perked his curiosity and so he followed it, keeping in the woods, almost like a predator stalking his prey.

Smokey blue eyes stayed on the young couple. He had to admit that they both looked very, appetizing, but there was also something about the girl that was not at all like any others he had met before. So for a little while, Damon decided that he would stay and watch them and see just what they were like.

A small smirk came to his lips as many hours had passed and the two had finally finished with their unpacking. The girl, Britt as he had gathered her name from watching was a brave little thing. It seemed that she didn't fear anything that was unknown to her.

He decided that he would fallow her to the Grill and have a few drinks. The vampire made it seem like he had been there the whole time when she had entered, and offered a slight smile. "Are you here on your own?" He asked, walking over with his drink and a second he had gotten from the bar tender.

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Relocating to a new place sounded fun to Britt. Her boyfriend drove the way and she slept most of the way there. When the truck stopped she opened her eyes "huh?" She said and then looked over at Joey. He smiled "we're here." He said. Britt nod in understanding then got out of the truck. They immediately started unpacking since Joey had bought their house in advance. Soon day turned to night so Britt decided to go exploring the new area. She didn't fear anything at that time and she never feared the unknown. She found the place called the grill and decided it was a good place to start as she walked inside the place.
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would you like to start or should i?
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yeah it's fine.
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you're welcome. this picture is the one I'll be using. So you want to do idea #3? Just wanting to make sure.
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