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Stefan wanted to try and not worry about Damon, but with the other being his brother and all the hell he had caused them before it was hard. But for the night he was going to try and push it aside and just enjoy his time with Elena.

Damon was silent for a bit as he drove, just watching the road ahead. And he would have kept his attention on the road had her words not caught his attention and he gave her the quickest of glimpses. "I've made more than a few in my time.. But when you've been around as long and as hurt, you don't tend to care what others think and just do whatever the hell you want to do."
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 226d 18h 20m 0s
Elena was just wanting to have a good time and not worry much about their Damon problem. She didn't really find it even a problem right now.

Britt smiled as she watched out the window to see where they were going. She couldn't help but ask while they were on their way. "So since you've been around awhile, do you have any enemies? I mean the way Bre talks about you is like your some bad guy but I don't believe that." She said, she didn't know why she was curious but she was and besides who hadn't made enemies in their life. She had her brother who practically felt like an enemy to her.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 228d 5h 34m 48s
Stefan had been to many things like this over his lifetime and so it wasn't as exciting for him, but to see Elena so happy was worth it to him.

Damon nodded slowly to her words as she spoke them. "Alright, then. If you're sure I guess to the event we go." He said, slightly grudging it, but kind of excited that he had her to go with and wouldn't be forced to watch everyone so happy with someone while he was alone.
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 228d 11h 36m 14s
Britt thought about it wondering If there was somewhere. She felt a bit hungry but she was sure." No. Not that I can think of." Britt said.
Bre was thinking about a few things.

Elena was excited about everything.

Little did anyone know a special person would be joining the mix. Targeting the human closest to Damon.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 230d 6h 56m 6s
"Before getting there did you have a place you wanted to go?" The man asked as he got in, buckling his belt and his eyes scanning over Bre for a moment as she was in the sun.

Stefan chuckled lightly and offered her his hand.
  Damon / dawn_petrova / 3y 236d 2h 34m 33s
Britt smiled though Bre stepped outside watching as Britt got into Damons car. It was odd for her to feel sunlight on her skin again but she enjoyed it.

Elena nod "Yes, let's go." She said as she was excited about tonight.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 244d 23h 36m 34s
Damon smiled lightly to Britt and nodded to her. He held a hand out to her and soon led her out the door and to his car.

[b "Shall we get going?"] Stefan asked Elena, trying to push his thoughts of them 'babysitting' aside and trying to focus on having a good time with her.
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 246d 10h 5m 54s
Britt smiled"we can go now." She answered, Bre kept quiet and watched them as she knew Britt wouldn't change her mind.

"Thank you Stefan." Elena said to Stefan. She knew he was right that they had Damon and Katherine to worry about.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 247d 5h 10m 18s
Damon offered a faint smile to Nina as she opened the door. He was told to behave and so did. "Hello, there Britt." He said when he saw the girl and soon walked in when he was told that he could. His eyes were about and then he leaned on the wall. "When did you want to get going?"

[b "It's Damon...and then we have Katherine out there too. I don't know, but hope so."] He said, answering her question. He then smiled to her. [b "You look beautiful tonight."]
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 247d 16h 49m 57s
"I'll get it Britt." Nina said as she went to the door. Bre knew who it was before Nina had asked but Britt looked as Nina opened the door seeing Damon. Britt smiled and walked over "You can come in Damon." She said which let Nina walk upstairs to get dressed. Bre had her doubts but she had to keep her opinions to herself.

Elena smiled "so do you think everything will be fine tonight?" She asked
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 254d 3h 19m 32s
Stefan was quick to answer the door when Elena got there and led her inside. He knew that she wanted to talk to him about how the night would go and honestly he couldn't deny that he was anxious.

Damon could hear the words that came from inside the house. The distrust and the curiosity that laced the spoken words. And admittedly they amused the man, they also stung the faintest bit. And after a few moments of merely listening, Damon knocked on the door and waited for one of the three to answer, being 'polite'.
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 254d 16h 14m 16s
Britt was still near her window with her dress but she went downstairs. She walked down to see her sister in a dress that was opposite of her. "Blue Bre?" Britt asked. "I was gonna ask you about the red." Bre said.

"I like the red." Britt said as she finished up her preparations. Bre shook her head while Britt was distracted seeing that her sister really was interested in Damon. "Are you sure about this?" Bre asked and Britt nod. "yep, Besides he can't compel me. I have this still." Britt said showing her the bracelet Stefan had gave her.

Nina had come down seeing the two sisters and she was surprised. "Hey Nina, wanna come to the event tonight?" Britt asked, "yeah, I'll be there. Seems you're going." Nina asked. "Well I was asked out to go." Britt said.

"By who?" Nina asked. "Damon Salvatore." Bre answered

Over at the Salvatore house, Elena had showed up to speak with Stefan about tonight.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 256d 7h 46m 4s
Damon had already gotten dressed and turned to the doorway, rolling his eyes faintly and giving his brother an annoyed look. "I'm not going to 'eat' her. I just want to see what sort of things she likes and spend a little time with her. She kind of interests me." He muttered, still giving his brother the whole, I really hate that you think you can control me look.

[b "I know you say that, Damon, but it is you. You have been known to get into trouble even when you claim something so harmless. I won't stand in your way tonight, but know that Elena did give Bre something so she is on even grounds with us now. So you do something you deal with it."] And with that, Stefan was soon gone and going to see Elena.

Damon stared after his brother and shook his head. [i 'I'm not going to do anything...yet...'] And that was when he gripped the little package that contained the necklace that Britt had been so interested in and made his way to her house.
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 256d 13h 50m 6s
Bre looked at the package and opened it, she was surprised to see a ring inside it with a note. She picked both up and read the note. She seen it was from Elena, Stefan's girlfriend. She put it on and smiled. "well Now this evens out my chances of watching Damon and Britt." Bre said

Britt listened to music as she stopped thinking about what she'd wear. "Maybe I can wear the red dress I bought..or maybe something different would be more appropiate." Britt thought but she decided to wear her red dress. When she finished her run and returned home she rushed up to try her red dress on again standing by her window as she looked in her mirror.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 257d 9h 3m 44s
Damon watched the house most the night, well all night until the girl went for her run. Once she was gone and out of his sight, the man went back to the boarding house and went through his clothing to see what he would wear for meeting up with the girl later.
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 257d 15h 44m 5s

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