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His eyes went to her once more and he nodded. He then looked to the clock to the left of them that seemed to hand over the sink. With it, the vampire noticed it was late and would probably be best to let the little human get some sleep. "Yes, and for that I am happy. If you'll excuse me, it is getting late." He said, a small smile on his lips. "Until later."
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 138d 22h 35m 29s
Britt smiled "yeah it is." She said. She noticed it was getting late and she was finally starting to get tired. Though to be nice she tried hard not to show it. "tonight is just crazy though." she said. Hearing what he said about getting to know someone new it made her smile. "well you'll have plenty of time to get to know me." She told him.
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His eyes were on the girl, his fist clenching at his side as he heard about the girl's brother. And the action even seemed to shock him as he felt protective of this girl, though they had only met. But then he let that go, thinking that it had to do with the fact that she would become his new form of entertainment.

"It was smart of you to call your friend. During times like this, it is always better to have someone with you and not be alone. And I am sorry for your lost." He said, his eyes seeming sincere.

As she mentioned that she would stay, a slight smile traced his lips. "Well..it will be nice getting to know someone new."
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 144d 21h 9m 50s
"hm like most would. A fresh start with people who know nothing about you. But my brother, he never liked Joey. He doesn't like the simple thought of me being happy after something happened to my twin sister. So if he did this I wouldn't put it past him but he's not the type to kill someone unless he had some kind of wild animal with him." Britt said as she was more thinking outloud then realizing she was giving him an answer to his question. She did smile though "After I found him I called my friend though and she's staying a couple days with me until I'm able to get over what happened. But I'll still be staying in town after she goes back home." She said in wanting Damon to know for some reason.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 149d 14m 4s
The vampire listened to her words of her boyfriend and his death. His eyes widened almost instinctively as he was a good actor and knew it would be the reaction one who didn't know what had happened to the male would do. His head canted slowly when she had mentioned her past and why she had moved. "What do you mean about coming here? Why would that make him get attacked?" He asked, Britt having his attention there. Lightly his head shook, 'no' as she asked if he wanted a drink.

His eyes then went to the other young woman in the house. A small smile on his lips. "You weren't a bother. And have a good night." He muttered, being polite to Nina. Once more, smokey blue eyes went to Britt. Question still burning in them as she had not answered him and he wanted an answer
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 149d 19m 32s
"My boyfriend. He's dead. I found him outside where some Animal had attacked him or one of the guys from where we came form followed us and attacked him." Britt said. A tear started to fall but she wiped it away and sighed. She closed the door after he had come in and she tried to make herself feel better. "guess you can't run from your past even in a new town. Just surprising that he'd get attacked on our first night here." She said. In knowing she had another guest she decided to be nice "um would you like anything to drink?" She asked.

Nina heard the sound downstairs and it woke her up. She went down to check and make sure Britt was ok when she seen Britt was talking to a guy. Britt noticed her and she thought maybe she had been too loud. "sorry Nina." she said. "Hey it's alright. I just wanted to make sure you were safe. Is this the guy you were talking about earlier?" Nina asked. "uh heh yeah." Britt said sounding a little embarrassed that Nina brought it up. "hm well don't mind me I'm going back to bed." She said going back to her guest room. Britt smiled knowing her friend would talk to her about this in the morning.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 149d 27m 18s
As soon as she had said he could come in, the vampire nodded and walked in. His eyes slowly wandered around the house as he could see all things had been unpacked and the boxes that had been repacked. Slowly, blue eyes came back to Britt and he shrugged. "Actually, I don't. My brother and I happen to live on the outskirts of town, but I like spending my time in town and I like to walk." He said, seeing the look in her eyes.

As he saw the look of pain, a slight pang of guilt went through the vampire. But it was quickly gone. "If you don't mind me asking, what's wrong? I mean you seem kind of down." He said almost casually as he had been watching and observing her
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 149d 34m 50s
"uh sure, come in." She said. Once her feelings of being shocked passed she felt the sadness come back. Though she tried hard not to show what had happened. "So you live by here?" She asked figuring out a way to start a conversation. In the house where everything had already been unpacked. Nina and Britt had packed up Joey's things so the boxes were in the kitchen until she decided what to do with them.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 149d 41m 43s
Damon was looking left and right, making it seem like he had wandered almost aimlessly to her door and when she opened it, the vampire turned his head and looked to her. A slight smile came to his lips. "Hello." He said and then noticed the look of shock on her face.

It took him a moment, but he was able to come up with something to tell her. "I was walking back from the Grill and saw the moving truck.. And I figured I would apologize for what happened back there." He said slowly, knowing that seemed like a likely story. "It's cold out...do you mind if I come in?" He asked, giving her one of his charming smiles.
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 149d 48m 50s
Britt was finishing up when she heard the door. She knew Nina had gone to bed so she was the only one up. Also knowing the police had left she kept in mind Joey's family didn't know anything yet. Drying her hands she walked to the door and answered it. For once she was surprised to see Damon and more surprised he knew where she lived. "Hi." She said.

well I never expected Damon to show up on here. I wonder if word spreads fast here in Mystic falls. Though it was porbably easy to tell with the moving van still here. She thought. Nina was still upstairs and asleep.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 149d 52m 14s
Damon stayed leaning on the tree in the shadows. His eyes closed as the conversation being had was hardly anything worth his attention, but then his eyes opened as he was hearing how the girl wished that she could be a vampire and never grow old. And for a moment, a slight smirk came to his lips as he remembered making that same wish right after he had fallen for Katherine and found out what she was. But all of that had been another life time ago.

He continued to listen and shook his head. Girl doesn't know anything. She wouldn't be able to last watching those she loved die and leave her all alone. He thought, finally pushing himself off the tree when he heard that Britt was now on her own.

Slowly, Damon walked up the drive and to the door. The vampire knocked on the door and stuffed his hands in his pockets, waiting for the girl to answer.
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 149d 59m 43s
Nina picked up one of Britt's books. "Joey always did want you to get rid of these. Now you don't have to." Nina said. Britt nod as she finished her tea. "He never understood my fascination with them. But the thing is I want to believe that vampires are real....I want to be one. to never have to grow old." Britt told Nina. Nina gasped at Britt's confession. "you never said this before. But you know they're not real. it's just in movies that have vampires and werewolves." Nina said.

Britt shrugged as she got herself something else to drink. "I know, but living forever I could find the right person to be with so I wouldn't have to live an eternity alone. Not have to worry about my brother trying to come find me and..." before Britt could finish Nina said it "leave your best friend behind." Nina said. "you know i wouldn't do that. I'd want you to join me."She told her with a smile. She sighed "but it's just a what if dream." She said to Nina.

After an hour Nina went to her guest room while Britt cleaned up some.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 151d 22h 20m 21s
Damon's lips twitched slightly as he heard their topic of conversation. It seemed that because he was what people would call a 'bad boy', he would be a good match for little miss Britt. At the moment, the vampire decided to toy with the idea in his head. It could be fun to make her into a long time 'mouse'. But on the other hand, the girl smelled so delectable that he couldn't help wanting a taste of that warm and sweet blood.

I think I will let her live for now. I can play the concerned friend and slowly make moves on her. And then when she least expects it, she will become my 'dinner' just as her dear boyfriend did. There's no harm in playing with my food as it is what we are known for anyway. The male thought
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 151d 22h 48m 42s
"So you're single again. Have you met anyone in this area?" Nina asked. Britt took a long sip of her tea before she decided to speak. "One person. A guy and honestly I haven't been able to get him off my mind since i met him. He has these blue eyes that literally could draw a person in." Britt said. Her friend was surprised that Britt had already met someone. "So are you like interested in this guy?" Nina asked her friend curious. Britt just looked at her in shock while she felt sad from losing her boyfriend. "I don't think so. I just met him and that would be jumping too fast. But he did seem like he would of been more fun than Joey." Britt said. Nina started to smile knowing this was the first time she heard Britt talk about this. "oh do tell. What was he like?" Nina asked. Britt just shrugged "Hm he seemed like the bad boy type." Britt said. Nina was sipping her tea when she heard Britt say that and she swallowed what she had. "the bad boy type? Sounds like he's in the type of guys you like." She said. Britt smiled and just shrugged again.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 152d 2h 35m 41s
When Damon got back, Stefan was waiting for him. And from the look on his brother's face, Damon could see that the other was not happy. "Where have you been Damon?" Stefan asked as Damon just shoved his way past, not saying a word to him.

It wasn't long before he found himself pressed against the wall, being held by the collar of his shirt. Blue eyes met the eyes of his brother and he shrugged. "Out having fun. What does it matter to you? You've got the girl and can be happy." He muttered, a darkness now coming to his voice as he soon had Stefan shoved up against the wall, a knife in him. "You would do well to remember not to challenge me Stefan." He hissed and then let him go, walking out of the house once more.

The male was curious as to what the girl's reactions would be and so went back towards the house. He stayed in the shadows and watched, listening to the conversation. So, she is going to stay after this? Interesting..it means I truly can make her into my little mouse and play games. He thought, a smirk playing over his lips
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 152d 2h 45m 21s

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