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Stefan looked uneasily at the two. "You invited Damon into your home?" He asked slowly, trying to make it seem like it was nothing, but that was a very bad sign. It meant that his brother could come and go as he pleased. And it meant that if Britt were not careful, her blood could be drained at any point as well. Slowly, Stefan nodded. "I see.. And I am truly sorry for your loss." He said, taking out a bracelet he had been keeping with berbein(sp). "A little welcoming gift."
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Nina had overheard Stefans question to Britt. "is his brother that Damon you invited in last night?" Nina asked her and Britt nod. Then she decided to answer Stefans question. "not really much, we were just discussing a few things like my boyfriends tragic death." Britt said not involving her dream that Damon had been in.
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Damon nodded to Britt and walked off, getting a drink for all of them. He knew that Elena would want to know more about the girl as that was what always seemed to happen. Whenever he found a new 'toy', Stefan and Elena always tried to find out more about the person and stop him. And this time, he was going to act differently than what they said and keep Britt in the dark. He wanted time to play with this one as one as long as he could.

Stefan looked to Britt and leaned on his pool pole and sighed. "Can you tell me what you and my brother talked about?" The male asked as soon he was at Elena's side and then looked over, noticing Nina, wondering if the other girl had met Damon yet or not, praying to god not.
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 236d 21h 24m 0s
"yeah sure." She said and she remembered that he had gave her a drink yesterday too. Elena watched them and she was shocked that Damon could seem..sweet. She did know that the girl was new so it wasn't much of a surprise. She took her turn and hit one in. "So, what brought you to mystic falls? and I don't believe we got your name." Elena said. "oh right. I'm Britt, I moved here yesterday and last night my boyfriend was attacked but I came here for a fresh start in a new town." She said. "and you met Damon." Elena said. "hm well he was the first person i met yesterday. The first one to talk to me and we were talking here but then my now dead boyfriend came in and dragged me home." Britt said. Elena nod in understanding the situation. Her friend Nina walked in around that time. She saw her and waved to have her come over. Nina came over and smiled "I wake up and you were gone." Nina said. Britt shrugged "I couldn't stay in there all day." Britt said with a smile.
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A smirk came to his lips and a glint to his eyes as he looked to the girl who had told him she didn't believe that he was too 'bad' a person to have a girlfriend. For a moment, the vampire's mind played with the idea of her knowing everything, but then shook his head. It was far too early in the game for her to know anything about him and what he was. "Oh believe me, if you knew me as well as my brother and Elena happen to know me, you wouldn't be saying it is too hard to believe. But I will let you get to know me and let you make that choice for yourself." He said and then went to the table to take his shot so the game wasn't held up because of him. He then glanced at Elena and smirked. He knew that she was wanting to know what he was up to, but he thought it would be funny to keep both her and his brother guessing.

Once he had done with his shot and missed it on purpose, Damon was once more at Britt's side. "Want a drink, because I could sure use one." He said in a sweet voice.
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 243d 18h 46m 30s
"I find that hard to believe." She said to him as she was becoming comfortable around him even thou she didn't know his brother that well. Her phone went off and she checked it seeing it was a text from her friend nina saying where are you so she sent back at the grill come join in and hang out. she's up finally. So I can have my backup friend with me. She thought. Elena was watching Damon and Britt seeing how things were going. what are you up to Damon. Elena thought.
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"It would be..but at this point all we can do is hope for the best and that might have a little bit of humanity left in him." Stefan whispered back to Elena and then once more looked to Britt who was by now coming up for her turn.

Damon watched her with a amusement as he wanted to see if she would make this shot. So far she had made two of the three, counting the first one she had missed at the beginning, so he wondered if she could keep that up. But as he had thought, the girl seemed distracted and so missed her turn. When she came back to his, Damon's brow raised and then he shook his head. "No, I don't have a girlfriend. Apparently I'm to 'bad'." He said to the girl.
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 243d 18h 57m 17s
"it would be a miracle if he decided not to kill her in the end." Elena said whispering to Stefan as Britt got up to the table and took her turn. She was trying to concentrate but then her focus went off as she remembered the kiss in her dream so she shot and missed. What the heck? Why was I thinking of that? She wondered as she went over and relaxed by Damon. "I don't think I asked this but do you already have a girlfriend? If you say no, I'll be surprised because someone like you would seem like they would already have a girlfriend." Britt said to him.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 243d 19h 1m 28s
Stefan sighed as he looked down at Elena and nodded. "I know it's not good.. But once one of our kind picks a human or some sort of prey we don't know when to stop. And because she has no idea about what is going on, we can't intervene with it. So all we can do is watch." He muttered, swearing under his breath at the new predicament they were now in thanks to Damon. A sigh escaped him as he walked over and took his turn, now missing completely as he wasn't thinking about the game anymore.

Damon smirked to the girl and shrugged. "Who knows, I might figure things out before you know me fully." He said and then shrugged slightly. He could tell that she was not like the other humans whom he had decided to play with before and so decided that maybe, just maybe she would be more fun for him. Besides he was trying to figure her out. "You're turn." He muttered and motioned for Britt to shoot.
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 243d 19h 37m 19s
"this isn't good" Elena said as she heard what Stefan said about the new girl. She went to take her shot which hit but didn't go all the way in the hole. Then she went back to Stefan. "What do we do? As long as he hasn't harmed her, and she doesn't know what you guys are then we can't really do much." Elena said.

Britt heard what Damon said about eventually finding out. "maybe. someday. After I know you better." She said. She looked at Damon and couldn't hold back a smile that came to her lips. Remembering the conversation she had last night with Nina, she could tell Damon actually was the bad boy between him and his brother. I've always heard bad boys cause trouble but it's the type I like. She thought as she payed attention to what was going on knowing that it was his brothers turn.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 243d 21h 30m 50s
"Yeah, I noticed that, but it isn't normally Damon's style. So I can't help but think my brother is up to something. I don't want to see anyone else have to hurt because of what we are and what he chooses to do. He has no heart Elena, and you know that." He muttered, his eyes once more going to his brother and the new girl in town. He was still trying to figure it all out. And then he looked down, cursing. "She's his new 'mouse'" He muttered, looking to Elena.

Damon smiled as she happened to walk over to take her shot and make it once more. "Nice shot." He said and then laughed once more as she said that her thoughts were a secret. "You know, I will find out sooner or later. I do have my ways." Damon said, his eyes having a slight glint in them as he left Britt's side to once more take his shot and to make it once more before once more returning to her side.
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 243d 21h 39m 12s
"no idea. but he seems to be interested in her." Elena said to stefan as she noticed the look Damon gave. Britt had listened to what Damon had to say as she took her turn and was making sure she hit her target as it went in the hole. Going to stand by Damon she heard what he said and smiled "hm it's a secret." She said liking the idea to be mysterious when it came to her thoughts. She also knew everyone had their own secrets somewhere.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 243d 21h 44m 11s
Stefan nodded to Elena and went to take his shot, missing as now he was really trying to see what his brother was up to. Something about the way Damon was acting was making even him nervous. Soon, he was once more at Elena's side. "Have you any ideas what he is up to?" He muttered to her, continuing to watch Britt and Damon, his eyes never seeming to leave the two.

A slight chuckle escaped his lips and he nodded. "Sometimes our dreams are like that. They are missing a piece and so try to fill it with something new. But I guess I can handle being in your dreams." He said,a slight teasing in his tone as he looked over to Elena and Stefan, giving them a 'I haven't done anything but kill a human boy' look. He then once more looked back to the girl, his head tilting slightly. "So, what is going on inside that pretty little head of yours?" He asked her, leaning lightly on his pool stick.
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 243d 21h 50m 11s
"oh" Elena said as she went to take her shot and missed since she was trying to figure out what game was going on with Damon. She went back over to Stefan after she made it. "yea, it was..kinda weird but I liked it. I mean it was this dream I have every night but I guess with Joey dead, you were in his place." Britt said and she smiled at hearing what he had said about it being no problem. I really don't want to mention the kiss. It'd be embarassing since I think I kinda like Damon. Not to mention I went ot bed thinking about Damon. She thought to herself.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 243d 21h 54m 13s
Stefan wasn't looking at Britt or Damon, but he was listening to the words passed between them. "She asked him what my relationship with him was like and if I bugged him like her brother used to bug her..He told her it was different and not as others would think and then she told him she dreamed about him, thanking him for coming by last night after everything had happened." He whispered to Elena, knowing that if he was listening to what they were saying that his brother would be doing the same.

Damon watched as Britt walked over to take her shot and actually didn't miss this time. Slightly he applauded the girl as she made the shot and then he pushed himself upright from where he had been leaning. "You dreamed about me?" He asked, his head canted and then he smiled a little, nodding. "It was no problem.. I wanted to make sure you were okay." He muttered, his ears listening for what his brother and Elena had been talking about. He then walked over, taking his own shot and making it with ease, going once back to her side after he had
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 243d 22h 3m 50s

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