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"Elena are you sure it will be a good idea? You know how Damon can be with these sort of things." Stefan whispered to his girlfriend as she had said all of them could go.
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 330d 22h 35m 11s
"Yeah that sounds like fun." Britt said and nina agreed to go. "That's great. We can all go." Elena said. with a wild party, we get the chance to hook up and get drunk with people. Nina thought with a smile.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 330d 22h 38m 20s
"There happens to be one tonight in the graveyard. It's a place where people drink, get high, and do pretty crazy things. Some people we know will be there, wanna hang?" Damon asked
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 330d 22h 49m 47s
"well i've always wanted to go to a wild party. Never was able to in high school." Britt said with a smile. "it would be nice." Nina said in agreeing. Britt finished off her drink and smiled knowing it was great to have people to talk about.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 330d 22h 51m 0s
Damon gave Elena a sharp look, telling her that he didn't have any major plans for the time being. He then looked to Britt and leaned on the wall near where she had left her drink and thought for a moment. "Sometimes, but depends who you know and where the parties are." He said,a smirk now coming to his lips, a gleam in his eyes
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 330d 22h 54m 25s
"we'll look after her too." Elena said knowing her and stefan were watching Damon anyway. Britt smiled knowing it was good that nina was looking after her. When she was done for a break she went over and drank more of her drink. "is there any wild partys here?" Britt finally asked
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 330d 22h 57m 55s
Damon smiled and nodded slowly. "Well, I find it interesting that she does. Not normal, but more fun and intriguing." The male said and then looked back to his brother, noticing that Stefan was listening to everything that was said. "Yes, I can look after her and make sure nothing happens." He said finally to NIna.
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 330d 23h 4m 1s
"Just talking about my past. Nina brought it up." Britt said to Damon as she smiled at him. Nina smiled "sorry, I just know Britt keeps that blood drop on her arm and when it fades she tracks down another one to put in it's place." Nina said. Britt smiled "well I can't help it." Britt said to her. Bre has the same habit. I wanted to find her, I wanted to know if she found the truth. Britt thought. "Damon in a few days I'll be leaving to go home. Would you make sure Britt is safe since she's staying in mystic falls. " Nina asked him
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 331d 6m 8s
"Damon, did you know anything about her having a twin who was obsessed with vampires?" Stefan asked, now eyes his brother. There was a look of mistrust in his eyes.

"So what if I did? It's not like there is anything wrong with that. I mean we are interesting creatures after all Steffy." He muttered, a smirk playing over his lips as he soon walked over and soon was near Britt. "So what are you ladies talking about?" He said, his eyes calm, his voice almost sweet
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 331d 18m 20s
Britt had a jacket on and she removed it as she put it on a chair. Nina watched her seeing Britt still had her temporary blood drop tattoo on her arm. "I thought you would eventually give up the vampire thing." Nina said. "Bre didn't and she ran off. I'm just the same, after all she was my twin. Except I never ran off, just moved for a fresh start in life." Britt said. Elena found that interesting since Britt never talked much before Nina showed up.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 331d 20m 57s
"Don't think I don't know what you are up to brother. It's clear that you gave her a bracelet with berbain in it. But that won't keep me away from her, or from messing with her head either. Humans can be manipulated more so than just with our powers. You of all people should know that Stefan." Damon muttered to his brother as he watched the three girls now playing, giving Britt a smile as she had looked over at them. His eyes then quickly once more went to back to his brother.

"Look Damon, I don't know what game you are playing here. It is clear to me that you want this girl for some reason and I want to find out why. And until I do, I will do all I can to make sure that you don't hurt her." He muttered to his brother, keeping his voice low as he spoke, looking over to Elena, Nina and Britt
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 331d 33m 49s
Britt took a sip and Nina was curious as to what was going on. "Sure, that sounds great. " Britt said, Nina kept watch on Britt as she wanted to make sure she was safe. she's attracted to him, it's easy to tell that she would of dumped Joey for him soon. Nina thought.

The two put their drinks aside as they decided to play so Damon could watch. Elena went over and joined in so stefan could be free to talk to Damon .
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 331d 39m 40s
Damon by now had come back with the drinks for everyone, his eyes flashed to Stefan, with a coldness in them. He knew what the bracelet contained and cursed. But then he shrugged it off as he could easily manipulate the girl in other ways. So there was really no need to worry about it.

He smiled and handed a drink to each girl and then handed a drink to his brother. "Britt, why don't you and Nina play and I can watch all of you for a little while?" He asked, taking a sip of his own drink.
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 331d 50m 27s
"yeah I did, it was really cold last night." Britt said as she didn't think it was a bad thing. Nina was relaxing by her best friend. She saw Stefan give her a bracelet as a welcoming gift and she took it "thanks." she said as she put it on. "So is this your friend?" Elena asked Britt. "yes, she came when she heard about what happened. She's only in town for a few days." Britt said.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 5y 334d 21h 47m 33s
Stefan looked uneasily at the two. "You invited Damon into your home?" He asked slowly, trying to make it seem like it was nothing, but that was a very bad sign. It meant that his brother could come and go as he pleased. And it meant that if Britt were not careful, her blood could be drained at any point as well. Slowly, Stefan nodded. "I see.. And I am truly sorry for your loss." He said, taking out a bracelet he had been keeping with berbein(sp). "A little welcoming gift."
  Damon / AngelofLove / 5y 334d 21h 52m 13s

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