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"Well I'm sure you have some surprises up your sleeve." She said as she knew that vampires normally did. she liked being with Damon even if it was just for the time they had here. She didn't mind but she loved the fact she could be herself with him and not have to worry.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 1y 9d 7h 58m 47s
"Think that is why I seem to have a draw to you. People who don't scare easily are ny favorite kinds." The man said as the two of them continued to walk. He wasn't lying to her. He was intrigued and pretty much ensnared by the young woman at hos sise
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 1y 11d 4h 18m 44s
She nod, "well that is there opinion but I am not easy to scare off." She admitted. Though she had plenty of opportunity to get away from him she stayed by him while they walked. She really liked Damon.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 1y 103d 23h 57m 4s
"Yes they do see me as a threat because they know what I have done and what I can do. They don't really trust me." Damon said with a shrug as his hands found their way into his pockets. He then gave a slow nod. "Then we can continue our walk here for a bit longer. Just being alone with you like this is nice."
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 1y 104d 57m 42s
"hm, well we came to the party but I do notice people look at you like your gonna attack me or something. I'm just guessing people expect that since you're well a vampire." She said and for his question, she really didn't know. this place they were walking in was so beautiful. "I really don't mind what we do, as long as I'm hanging out with you." She said
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 2y 23d 22h 2m 40s
It was a little odd to say the least that she didn't fear what he was, but strangely a comfort as well. "Good to know.. and I like that you decided to come with me. So what else do you want to be doing?"
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 2y 49d 16h 24m 51s
"Of course, I'm with you tonight." she said as she gave Damon a smile. She didn't fear him for being a vampire.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 2y 256d 4h 46m 50s
He was silent for a little as they walked the garden, eyes looming around at the flowers and trees. He knew it was more or less just them and so was being extra careful on his watch. "So are you enjoying the night so far?"
  Damon / dawn_petrova / 2y 289d 18h 29m 4s
Britt smiled as they walked into the garden, she thought it was a beautiful garden when they first walked in. It was also kind of quiet and they were alone away from her sister watching.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 24d 10h 2m 50s
Damon smiled lightly, an arm going around her. "I was hoping you would say that." He said as he continued to lead her towards the garden. The man had a few things in mind, giving her the necklace one of the first.
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 25d 45m 47s
"sounds like something we could do." She said, she was very interested in what surprises Damon could come up with. Bre was still watching her sister, yet she seen with every move Damon was making her sister was falling for him.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 39d 24m 40s
"There is a mini fountain and rose garden not far from here. I thought it would be a good place to get away for a little while." The man explained after being completely silent and keeping her guessing for a while.
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 40d 5h 25m 53s
Britt walked with him wondering where they were going. He had her curious about where they were going but she was having fun With him despite the people staring.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 72d 5h 22m 15s
Damon was actually having a good time. A much better time than he would thought he would. After dancing a while, Damon led her out to get some air. It had become too crowded for his liking.
  Damon / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 74d 21h 52m 51s
Bre relaxed, she had no need to ruin her sister's fun but the fear of her sister sharing the fate of being a vampire lingered. It wasn't something she could speak of at the moment.

Britt Was having fun dancing with Damon. She couldn't of found anything else better at the moment.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 3y 115d 1h 16m 51s

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