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Britt took a sip of her drink thinking "Maybe my mom and dad at first. I mean they're part of the reason I left my home town but they're still my parents." Britt Said as she listened to everything he said "Maybe all the perks and starting a new life." She nod in understanding about the ring.
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"So what about being mortal will you miss? Or what are you looking forward to most about becoming a vampire? Oh and for the record the sun thing is true. Hurts like hell." He said as he showed her his ring. "We'll get you one.."
  Damon Salvatore / SheDevil / 169d 9h 58m 22s
"well I look forward to it." She said as she smiled knowing things couldn't of been more perfect. Sure she'd be immortal after one more year of living as a human once they were married but she didn't mind the thought of it. It excited her to know this was coming to pass.
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It's totally fine. I hope things got better!)

"Trust me it will get boring for a while. But the part that is the most interesting is watching the times change. What's new and all." It was nice to be himself. Nice to be open and everyone else didn't realise what they were saying. "You will.."
  Damon Salvatore / SheDevil / 169d 10h 37m 19s
Britt smiled at him glad he could be himself with her and tell her things while everyone thought they were talking about other things. It was nice for a change. "Well I'll learn that in time." Britt Said

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  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 169d 10h 44m 22s
"Never stops. Sometimes you think you know it all and something new comes." Damon said with a smirk. They would have plenty of time. He could teach her what he knew and they would learn together too. "So what are you looking forward to learning the most?"
  Damon Salvatore / SheDevil / 201d 20h 28m 41s
Britt laughed a bit "So much to learn and so much time to learn it." Britt Said as she smiled knowing they had plenty of time. Soon they'd have eternity but for now she had one more year as a human to live her life after they were married to enjoy a taste of married life as a human.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 215d 1h 53m 36s
"And they will all be yours soon too. Though have their downfalls. It's a pain in the ass to get them 'perfect'.." Damon said, smile never faltering. He had learned by now these people heard a matter of everything. Even the so called crazies and so the pair of them were safe to say pretty much what they wanted.
  Damon Salvatore / SheDevil / 225d 11h 52m 21s
Britt laughed a bit "all those neat little tricks come in handy, don't they?" She said casually since they were at a nice table. She knew it wasn't going to make anyone take a look toward them no matter what she said. Still she liked how things had gotten to be nice even in a short time.
A faint smirk crossed his lips to her words of getting them in rather quickly. "Rather wait forever?" Damon asked as they were sitting at the table. He knew that she guessed he had compelled the host. "But this is one perk to being me." It was an after thought but he meant it was a perk in general to being a vampire.
  Damon Salvatore / SheDevil / 225d 15h 17m 52s
Britt felt a little under dressed at the place seeing they had the best table. Still she calmed down knowing that it didn't matter anyway. Her sorta boyfriend was a vampire so he could get whatever he wanted. "Well you got us in quickly" Britt Said to him keeping it casual. Truth was he amazed her and to think they would be married soon just made things a bit more exciting.
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Damon had just straight out turned his phone off. He didn't want to be dealing with Stefan and all the calls that he would probably give. All of them telling him to bring Britt back. "I can't wait to be married. And to see everyone's faces." The man said, smirking again. He was sure it truly would have hell rain down on them. BUT it would be worth it. And they would be living.

Soon, Damon had left her into the restaurant that he had mentioned and they were led to a table. More like he had compelled the host so they didn't have to wait and it was one of the best tables. Perks to being a vampire.
  Damon Salvatore / SheDevil / 240d 21h 6m 56s
"Of course" She said knowing anything that happened could ned up being fun. She knew that it couldn't hurt to live her life a bit even with everything going on. She was a bit glad her phone had died knowing her sister would find her after the wedding was over when it was too late.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 241d 17h 57m 59s
At least she wasn't arguing with him over it. As luch the badass as everyone thought he was, Damon did have some kind of a heart. Just he had to care a hell of a lot about you before he showed that part of himself. And he did look to her again as they continued walking. "We'll both have a lot of shit to face. But it'll be together." He said, a smik coming to his lips. It would be "fun".
  Damon Salvatore / SheDevil / 244d 22h 25m 3s
"Alright" Britt Said with a smile and as they walked she knew there were things she still wouldn't be able to do. Her parents wanted her to have kids and she knew Vampires couldn't do that, not to mention it would of been a miracle but she had accepted that already knowing Aiden could give them what they wanted. She knew when they went back to Mystic falls there probably was a lot she would have to deal with.
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