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Britt looked at him a bit surprised when he mentioned that they could play their own version. "I have to learn how to play first." She said as she'd heard of the game. Played maybe virtual ones on a computer but nothing was the same as in real life. She knew that with everything it had to be something to play. "I trust you to look out for me."
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 65d 12h 40m 40s
A smirk came to the man's lips and he nodded to her. "And maybe we can play our own version tonight." Damon was teasing her about playing strip poker because it was his favourite variant of the game. And he had to keep th8ngs interesting and keep her on her toes, right? "Try to relax. They won't notice anything and if they do I can always compel them..so we're good and can have a good tine." He mittered just before they took their seats and their hands were dealt.
  Damon Salvatore / MourningGlory / 67d 10h 29m 30s
Britt laughed knowing that things were always going to get interesting with Damon around. She was glad that it wasn't too bad with everything going on. "Sure, let's try poker." Britt said she was glad people were not seeming to notice but then she was with Damon
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"Knew that from the day you met me. You chose to stay and not run." Damon said with a smirk. But there was still a hint of wonder that underlied his words. She was different. And well he was happy they would have an eternity together. "So what game now? Poker?" He asked
  Damon Salvatore / MourningGlory / 119d 6h 24s
Britt smiled glad that things were going so well "Well I do always like taking risks." Britt said as she knew that things were not as bad as they could of been. As they walked she knew there was time for anything and everything knowing that this was her life and her future was coming in time.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 165d 9h 3m 21s
The girl was more fun than others he knew. Not afraid to take the risk and had a sense for adventure. Yet another reason he had been drawn in and dared he admit even fallen for her. "You know that won't be a problem. We can even win most the games." He said, smirk coming to his lips as that impish sparkle came to his eyes. Why not have fun with the fact that he was a vampire and could compel others to do his bidding? Or just get them what they wanted? "Well we have a lot to do. Shall we get started?" Damon asked as he held an arm out to her.
  Damon Salvatore / MourningGlory / 182d 1h 49m 35s
"the magic show believe. It's later tonight." Britt said as she was glad things were going well. She was just enjoying this "but till then we could go eat and then check out some of these casinos." She said but then she noticed the age to get on the floor and knew she wasn't there yet. She was a bit disappointed at first but then she remembered she had Damon with her who could compel her way in
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 216d 18h 28m 58s
Damon was one whi liked action as opposed to standing around and staring at boards and the likes. But this was her visit and time in Vegas. So he was letting her choose. Though he knew gambling and the casino would be calling his name. "Which thing has your eye for the moment?" The vampire asked as she seemed to stare at one more than the others.
  Damon Salvatore / MourningGlory / 255d 2h 34m 22s
Britt took his hand as she knew he could take her to all the places. She saw the billboards of all the different shows that were in vegas. One in particular she was quite interested in but she knew all in good time. She just needed to figure out what to do first.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 255d 4h 45m 9s
Well she seemed excited, which was a good thing. Would suck if the bride to be wasn't looking forward to her own wedding. And it had not been a lie when he said that he was looking forward to it himself. "Oh we will. Still have to take you to some of the shows." Damon said with a smirk and held his hand out to her.
  Damon Salvatore / MourningGlory / 258d 3h 15m 42s
Britt couldn't help but be happy that this was going to be something they could look forward to. "Let's have the best time in vegas!" Britt said knowing that they had plenty of opportunity going forward with everything.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 258d 7h 53m 32s
This was his first time married. But he knew there would be many times more as the years went on. After all, vampires could marry as many times as they wanted. Maybe as frequently as evert fifty years. "Actually looking forward to this." Damon said with his trademark of smirk.
  Damon Salvatore / SheDevil / 264d 23h 45m 8s
Britt smiled "Alright, that sounds great." Britt said as she was glad he agreed. Even though things ere not as they could be and of course she knew a human only got once. Vampires could get married as many times as they wanted
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 274d 10h 3m 31s
He thought about the question that had been asked. "I will be. Only get married once, right?" The man asked with a wink and smirk. "But lets get your dress first, then worry about me."
  Damon Salvatore / SheDevil / 275d 6h 38m 2s
Britt was having fun while in vegas knowing this couldn't of been so bad. It was nice to think she could have an ideal wedding even if it was just the two of us. She was glad that things were just going well for now. "What about you?" Britt asked as she looked at him "Will you be dressing up?"
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 275d 10h 12m 18s

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