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plot: Damon is known for being a bad vampire at least for the ones who know him. Like Elena Gilbert, his younger brother Stefan Salvatore, Caroline Forbes,Bonnie Bennet and Alaric Saltzman, and Jeremy Gilbert. Britt is new to Mystic falls meaning she has no idea of Vampires or werewolves existing in her world. She lives with her boyfriend Joey but when she moves to Mystic falls something tragic happens to her boyfriend and he gets killed by Damon. Now she's on her own and she's caught Damons attention but he can't decide what he wants more. To kill her or to make her his girlfriend forever

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"we can move on to our next mini date." Britt said as she was glad he didn't seem bothered by her words. She was just relaxed with him and how easy it was to get by with everything.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 6d 19h 26m 32s
The words that she spoke were so very human and so endearing in their way. They were almost TOO innocent and had a slight sense of guilt kick in. But as soon as it had come, the guilt was gone. Britt knew what she was in for. "Yeah, that would about sum it up." Damon muttered as he stood. "Want to play more? Or on to the next mini date before we're married?" He asked, smirk crossing his lips.
  Damon Salvatore / MourningGlory / 19d 10h 44m 22s
"Makes sense, either you can win big or you can lose everything." Britt said in a human perspective since she knew vampires seemed to always have money to get by. She never asked how that was even possible at the time.
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A faint smirked crossed the vampire male's lips when the game matched and Britt spoke her words. And Damon gave a slow nod. "A way to keep you addicted and to keep you spending money. It works because you are not regularly rewarded and yet you're still hoping for it." He said and once more pulled the lever, the machine once more being one away from a match.
  Damon Salvatore / MourningGlory / 33d 4h 56m 50s
Britt listened to his words and was impressed he had thought that far ahead. True she hadn't figured it out but she watched and he was right that it did match. "So it's like a way to get you to spend more money." Britt said
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 45d 15h 33m 45s
Damon was watching the machine, it moving in slow motion to his eyes. He could see if they would match or if they wouldn't. "Intervals...they make you play multiple games...reward you with a win and then back to bust. Keeps you guessing and it keeps you playing. One of the oldest lessons in 'conditioned' learning." Damon muttered. He had taken a psychology class or two in his time and it was something he had learned. "Like next pull and they will be matching..."
  Damon Salvatore / MourningGlory / 45d 14h 40m 45s
Britt smiled at his words "You're right, we do have all our lives literally." Britt said as she was enjoying her time. Watching the game it was always a gamble with trying to figure out what the chances are but she wasn't sure.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 49d 16h 16m 3s
It was one of the few times he was being what people would call sweet and what he would call 'sappy'. But what could he really say or do? The girl came yo mean a lot to him and in so short a time. Even seemed more than Katherine and Elena. Now THAT had been the thing to shock him the most. "You'll just have to wait and see what that entials, baby. We have all our lives." Damon said and gave her a smirk. And once more he motioned to the machine so they could play more.
  Damon Salvatore / MourningGlory / 52d 10h 46m 18s
Britt looked at Damon as she smiled knowing that was sweet of him to say and she appreciated the words he said. She knew she cared about him in ways that she couldn't explain sometimes. "Well I look forward to whatever you have in mind." Britt said
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 67d 17h 29m 55s
He once thought of things as she now seemed to. That the risks of both games and life were worth it. Or that you could cheat it. But the hundred and fiftyish years as a vampire taught him more. He was more cynical when it came to it. Well he was when it came to those he cared about. And he did a lot about this girl. "Trust me. I'm not going to let you get into places where you will have to play by those 'rules'. Have fun and live, yes. Live or die will be over my dead body."
  Damon Salvatore / MourningGlory / 52d 10h 49m 27s
Britt didn't see reality the way he did but she was being open to his world and that was good in time. She knew over time they would be getting even closer and she'd become a vampire in a year or two. "Life and Games is all about risk and chance. Live or die it all depends on choices sometimes." Britt said
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 72d 14h 56m 54s
Smokey blue gaze went to the human girl as she spoke and a faint smirk came to his lips. "That is the thought. Works on these games, but not in life." The vampire muttered and then looked back to the game. It had not been a match, but then he had known it wouldn't be. The game literally spun in slow motion to his eyes.
  Damon Salvatore / MourningGlory / 75d 11h 44m 26s
"Chances of winning all depends on how the game is played." Britt said as she watched the spinning seeing it wasn't a match. She knew these games were a bit of chance when it came down to everything. She wondered what it'd be like to just win most of the time but she knew that wasn't always fun either.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 76d 22h 16m 8s
"Usually it is. But when you don't have the time and have to do it the first time..then things can get a little messy and complicated. Hope we can keep you out of those kind of situations." The vampire muttered quickly and quietly as he pulled the lever and watched the images spinning round and round. From how it looked, Damon knew they would not be matching
  Damon Salvatore / MourningGlory / 77d 16h 27m 23s
Britt nod in agreement with him as she took a seat by him. "Well that's the best way to learn, isn't it?" Britt said knowing the best ways were to learn from experience and gain the knowledge over time.
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