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Katsu furrowed his brow, and looked down a bit, trying to piece it together. It didn't make all that much sense, considering that he wasn't exactly a face for the East Side. In fact, it was more like he was known of in very small, tight knit circles around the East Side higher-ups, but further than that, he was quite confused as to how the West Side would know of his existence.

Well, if it didn't hurt to ask before, he could ask again.

"My question is how the West Side knew about me specifically. I'm not that well known around here outside of people who work almost directly with the head of the East Side, and they are tight-lipped about everything I..." Katsu paused when he heard a small beeping sound on the other side of the room. He tensed up for a small moment and then jumped up, heading to the other side of the large room. Images came up on the counder across from the small half-kitchen and showed some walking figures.

"Crap," Katsu said. "We have to get out of here."
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 6y 364d 16h 13m 57s
Natsuo nodded, watching the other male curiously. Thoughts ran through his mind about what he might ask, ranging anywhere from questions about his family, to even more personal questions about himself. He could easily tell that Katsu was curious about something regarding the darker haired male, just by the way he was looking at him. And in that moment, he felt like a puzzle, and Katsu was trying his hardest to piece it all together in order to see what the full picture was. Natsuo himself wished he knew what the full picture was.

As Katsu spoke, the raven haired male was silent. He watched him intently, not really sure what to say after he'd finished. He stared, a little surprised that that had come up. But, he figured it would have eventually, so why not now, when there wasn't much else to talk about? Nothing else they could think of, it seemed. He opened his mouth to speak, but wasn't exactly sure how to say it. He wasn't exactly all that sure himself. He didn't know the thoughts that ran through the Head of the West Side's brain; didn't know his reasons for anything. Not unless he was told. Which, regarding this, he hadn't been.

Natsuo leaned back in the uncomfortable couch, taking his eyes away from Katsu to look up at the ceiling about them. "I was never actually given a reason." he finally said. "But, I have a few theories." he shrugged as he glanced back to the male beside him, though he knew a simple shrug wouldn't brush the subject off. He gave a light sigh, running his fingers through his hair. "My father's an important figure in the government." he said after a moment. "I'm not sure exactly what he does, but he's one of the few people on the West Side that has direct contact with the Head. I have a strong feeling that he played a role in it." he paused, letting his bangs fall back into his face. "I'm also extremely well at handling knives, if you hadn't noticed." he gave a small smirk, though it faded quickly. "You were the assignment given to me because it is believed that you have close connections to either the Head of the East Side, or with the higher ups in the government here. But, it's also because you were deemed one of the more tougher subjects; that it's harder to get close to you. And, apparently, I get along with everyone." he shrugged, though now that he thought about it, maybe it was true? He'd never really had an "enemy" before, and he had gotten closer to Katsu than he ever thought possible. "Looking at it now...maybe they're right?"
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Katsu nodded at the hesitant response, and knew that caution would be necessary if he were to ask the question he had soaring through his mind. "I was curious, very curious for a while now. And I'm not sure how this would qualify as personal, but if anything, it's more work-related."

He looked almost intensely at Natsuo, placing all the features that he already had committed to memory. There were attributes about him that were unique, and yet it was as if Natsuo could easily blend into a crowd if he so pleased. There was a disposition about him that didn't attract too much attention unless you were absolutely looking for something. And yet, there was a small remarkability in him being assigned to this mission, as he had very much expected West Siders to have noticeable differences to East Siders. A part of him wondered if it was the training or careful selection...

"It's more like two questions, actually," Katsu continued after the short pause. "I was curious as to why you were chosen for your assignment....and how it came to be that I was either the target or one of them." He inhaled silently after letting the words out, and wondered if Natsuo was permitted to give such information. After all, it didn't seem to be all that necessary to hide it now, did it? Unless, of course, there was more to it that Katsu hadn't calculated.
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 7y 1d 11h 40m 52s
Natsuo shrugged, though Katsu's words weighed heavy. He was right. He shouldn't be thanking him for saving the West Side yet, when nothing had really been saved. But, he still felt that it was right. Without Katsu, the darker haired male wouldn't have been there, and wouldn't have any knowledge about what the Head of the East Side was planning. So, no matter how far they'd come, or how far they still had to go, Natsuo believed that the blonde sitting beside him deserved his thanks...and so much more than just the simple words.

He was just about to rise from the couch when he caught the next words out of Katsu's mouth, and looked over to him. A personal question? He chewed the inside of his cheek, debating. He wanted to say yes, but he knew that there were still some questions he couldn't answer. Questions about the West Side. He trusted Katsu now, enough that he was bringing him across the border or train tracks to his home. Katsu would no doubt find out a lot more than he'd bargained for by being on the West Side, but certain things...needed to remain secret. Even from the people living there.
Natsuo gave his head a small shake. Why would Katsu be asking something like that now? Of coarse, there wasn't much for them to talk about, but he didn't peg the other male as someone to make casual conversation about something like that.

He shrugged again, and ran a hand up through his bangs. "I guess so." he said, glancing over to meet the other's eyes.
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A small but almost hesitant smile came across Katsu's face. He could somewhat understand what Natsuo was saying, and could see how he'd might feel the same should the shoe be on the other foot. He would have hesitation about returning to such a place, especially considering all that had transpired. The only thing that he would never not want is seeing people that he considered close to him again.

"I don't know if that can be said yet," Katsu said with a small low tone in his voice. They hadn't saved either side yet, and probably wouldn't if they got caught where they were. At the very least, he could say that they were doing something about it, and that was much better than the alternative.

"We're close to that, though," he said finally. He looked over at Natsuo a bit hesitantly and thought of the question he wanted to ask, but didn't quite know how to bridge it. "Can I ask you a personal question?"
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 7y 1d 18h 41m 27s
Natsuo shrugged, a small smile to his face. I suppose it is benefiting us. he thought to himself, glancing sideways at the male beside him. It seemed to him that Katsu was a bit...socially awkward. It made sense, though. He'd lived his life keeping a distance from everyone else, never letting anyone too close. He had his own walls set up, keeping people out, keeping himself safe. Doing his duty to protect the East Side and to progress toward eliminating the West Side, it seemed. He'd probably never had a serious, in depth conversation with anyone. Never tried getting to know anyone. Except for the man he'd mentioned before...the man he'd been closest to. Thinking about it got him wondering; what had ever happened to Lyn, the man Katsu had talked so little about? Had he been taken by the government officials of the East Side? Given a new assignment...or something? Placed somewhere else? Or...worse?

He shook his head, clearing away the thoughts. "I'm not so much excited to go back," he paused, looking around them. "As I am excited to see the people I left behind." he gave a soft shrug, and the image of his little sister popped into his head. He couldn't help but smile slightly, closing his eyes as he remembered her smile and her eyes: the ones that matches his own. He remembered how she'd been growing her hair out before he'd been accepted into the program. He remembered how sad she'd been when she realized he'd be missing her sixteenth birthday this year...

Natsuo opened his eyes and stared at the shadows flickering around the room, caused by the candle light. He turned back to Katsu, still beside him, and gave a small smile. "I'd like to show you around a bit...not a grand tour or anything, but..." he paused, thinking. "I want you to see what you've saved."
  //Natsuo// / Embaby / 7y 1d 23h 28m 2s
Katsu nodded and let out a small breath as he laid back. The prospect of a movie sounded interesting, although it wasn't exactly something he was used to considering. the most he had ever seen in regards to movies were recorded demonstrations for training, and those were more often than not followed by replication and improvisation based on those demonstrations.

Natsuo's answer was what he expected, except for the idea that he still had some amount of contact with others. He couldn't imagine an organization allowing such a thing, especially with the possibility of pertinent information leaking out. It seemed almost unthinkable to him, although it was paired against the prospect of having a completely lifeless participant.

Katsu smiled at the last comment. "Well, I guess it is to both our benefits that you let some of that wall down, isn't it?" He laughed a small bit and sat up, looking around. He felt as though he was doing horrible in the conversation. "Nonetheless, you must be somewhat excited to go back, aren't you?"
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 7y 2d 19h 7m 59s
Natsuo nodded, a light smile on his face. "Yeah, I did." he paused, thought for a moment. "Maybe when this is all over, I'll take you out to see one." he grinned, a small laugh following his words. But, he had meant it. He wanted to see what Katsu would think of movies and things. He wanted to find out what his preferences were, what he found interesting. And he knew that, as he would be learning it, the blonde would probably be learning it as well. At the next question, Natsuo paused. He was beginning to feel like maybe he shouldn't talk to much about the West Side to Katsu. Maybe he should try to keep some things secret still; maybe he shouldn't know some things. But, those thoughts faded when he thought about what was going on right then. Katsu was risking his life to protect the West Side. So, why shouldn't he know? Natsuo knew that there was still a chance that Katsu would betray him. That'd set this all up. That it didn't matter how much he told the raven haired male, because soon he'd be dead, anyway. The thought almost made him shiver. But, when he looked at the male beside him, he didn't see any of that. And without realizing, his mouth was moving on it's own.

"Everything changed." he said finally, and turned his attention back up to the ceiling above them. "Those friends I'd go out with all of the time? I haven't seen them since I started the program. Sure, I get calls from time to time,'s not the same. I didn't get to see my family as much, either." a picture of his little sister fluttered into his brain, and he had to push it out or risk slight depression. "Basically, a wall was up around me. Nobody is allowed in. They say it's to protect my family and my friends, and even the government itself, if I were ever to get captured." he shrugged, letting a small smile touch his lips. "Apparently, that wall wasn't very well built, since I'm talking to you about all of this."
  //Natsuo// / Embaby / 7y 8d 3h 16m 50s
Katsu thought Natsuo's response over for a few moments in wondering what that was like. People he really considered friends were mere associates that worked in a system of favors and mutual benefits in lines of business. The closest person he could have considered a friend was Lyn, in all honesty and in recent reflection, he couldn't exactly determine whether that relationship was valid or not. It seemed more like a fling of convenience more than anything at this point.

"I remember you saying something like that the other day," Katsu said, half in memory. "You were saying something of movies and how they could serve as entertainment value." He thought a bit more for a follow up. "Did things change a lot when you got...well, enlisted for this assignment?"

He thought it was a reasonable question. A person would have to devote themselves a lot to their training and briefing, as well as making certain they were always familiar with the information at all times. That would likely require a lot of testing and affirming that a person would be ready at any time for just about anything. If that wasn't certain, then what could a chosen person for an assignment be worth?
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 7y 8d 7h 20m 22s
As he glanced back at the male behind him, he could easily tell he was thinking hard. But what about, he didn't know. He could see it in his expression that he was wracking his brain for something. Maybe trying to remember all of the tunnels under the city? Maybe trying to remember where they intercepted with those of the West Side? Maybe even trying to remember an exit for later so they could resurface, possibly get some fresh air. The thought almost made his stomach growl; with fresh air came the scent of food. Lots of it.

With a light sigh, he turned away fully from the candle and was on his way back to the un-comfy couch when his ears were met with Katsu's voice. He looked up to him, meeting his eyes. Had that been what he'd been thinking so hard about? If it had, Natsuo would have laughed at him. It seemed to him that the blonde male in front of him was actually quite...socially awkward. And he seemed to be trying really hard to make conversation, then to keep it going. Not that he blamed him. They'd been down there for, what, half an hour? And they were already bored, with nothing to do.

As he sat down, he had to think about the question. It had been a long time since he'd been rewarded with actual free time. Since he'd been brought into the program that sent him to the East Side, he hadn't really had any. His time was always filled with training. The only time he wouldn't be training at something, was when he was asleep.
"Before I entered the program that put me here, I guess I was like any other guy my age." he paused, still thinking about it. "I used to go out with my friends a lot. To the movies and bars and stuff. I dated a bit, but I was more interested in having fun with my friends than having a relationship." he shrugged, though now that he thought about it, he felt bad for all of the girls who'd ever liked him. He knew, undoubtedly, that he'd let them down.
  //Natsuo// / Embaby / 7y 10d 2h 16m 48s
Katsu looked away briefly, trying to distract himself. There was at once way too much time on their hands, and still not enough to make use of. He couldn't think of a thing to do, not a single thing in the bare-bones room. He felt a bit claustrophobic in the room, knowing that he had to keep on his guard and occupy his attention.

He looked to Natsuo, and he thought for a moment. He wondered if there would be something that could be available to talk about. They knew a small amount about each other, some things personal and some surface level, and yet he somewhat wanted to know more. There wasn't much that he knew in full about Natsuo.

"So," Katsu began, trying to think of something. He paused for a moment and ran through his head the things that he knew about him. "What do you like to do in your spare time?" It sounded like a weak question, but it was all he could think of at the moment, all that he could think to ask and want to find out. After all, it could be an idea of things to do to kill time.
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 7y 10d 11h 8m 54s
Natsuo blinked at the male beside him, thoroughly shocked. He couldn't believe he was going on about this, something so trivial. But, it seemed to really matter to Katsu, for some reason. And it only brought another laugh out of the raven haired male. He put his hand to his mouth, turning his face away. He didn't want to offend him, but it was funny. He seemed quite...passionate, about getting his feelings and the meanings of his words across. After calming his laughter, he turned back to the blonde haired male beside him, a goofy smile still on his face. "Thank you." he said, holding down a small chuckle. "I really appreciate your honesty."

Standing, he walked over to one of the candles, seeming to be burning away quicker than the others. He put his hand above the flame, the warmth of it warming his cool, damp skin. He shivered, the change in temperature a bit startling. But it felt nice, to be warm again. Down there in the tunnels, it was cool and made him shiver. Not just from the temperature, but also from the darkness. He used to watch scary movies all of the time with his friends, before he knew he'd be sent on a journey like this one. And because of that, whenever he was in dark enclosed spaces, like the ones they'd been traveling through, and much like the room they were in right then, he always felt like something was watching him, or lurking in the shadows ready to strike. He shivered again.

Turning away from the candle, and his thoughts away from the darker things, he looked back to Katsu when he heard his voice. He nodded. "Alright, thanks." he said. It was good to know that there would be some kind of alarm to let them know if someone else was in those tunnels. It would definitely make escape that much easier, for sure. "I'll keep an ear out." And he definitely would. They couldn't afford for anything else to happen.
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"You would know if I was forcing it, and this isn't so. I'm not forcing it now, so you have nothing to fret about." As he said it, Katsu felt a bit of guilt in the tone he might have conveyed. "I mean, you shouldn't have to worry if I'm faking it, because I'm not. Faking it, I mean. And if I did, you would know. Not that I would, because I wouldn't."

Katsu shut himself up before he could continue speaking. He felt a bit flustered in what he was saying, and didn't want to look like any more of a fool than he may have appeared to be at that very moment. After all, he needed to be on top of his game, right? Being flustered so easily by words wouldn't let him continue to appear calm and collected.

"So..." Katsu began, clearing his throat so that he could change the subject before such assumptions were made about his character. "Nine hours here, or at least in these passageways. We may have to switch to another room about a mile or two down the passageways if one of the alarms go off. Keep an ear out for a beeping sound, much like a wrist watch. It gets faster when someone nears, and keeps a constant beep when they are too close to the room. If it is low, then it is that door." Katsu pointed to the door they came in through. "If it is high, then it is that door." Katsu made a motion towards the other door. "So long as we're alert, we'll be fine."
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Natsuo couldn't help brightening at the sight of the other male smiling. He'd never seen him smile before. Not really. This one wasn't crooked and only half of one. It wasn't false, either. It was real, even though it was a small one. He could tell. He looks a lot...softer, when he smiles. he thought to himself, watching him. And then he spoke, and Natsuo couldn't help laughing a bit. "Yes, yes, it was a compliment." he told him, nodding his head a bit. "It's good that you're different. If you weren' would have killed me by now. Or..the other way around." he shrugged. But at this point, he didn't like either option. Though he had been ready to push Katsu out of a 18 story high building from the top floor earlier that week, and Katsu had even held a gun to Natsuo's was different now. Now, there was something between them there hadn't been before. Mutual trust. Mutual hope.

Looking back at the male beside him, he was more than a bit surprised by his words. He hadn't expected to receive a compliment back. He blinked at him, then saw the look on the other's face; he obviously wasn't used to this. He gave another small laugh, shaking his head this time. "You don't need to force yourself to say nice things." he told him, meeting his eyes again. As his smile sobered, he nodded. "But thank you."
  //Natsuo// / Embaby / 7y 15d 2h 53m 36s
Katsu listened and a smile drifted upon us face. He knew that the time they were in at the moment was tense and that they were soon to be under a lot of pressure past the noon hour. Then, of course, there was seven hours to put up with the idleness of remaining where they were. It wasn't something that would be productive to let things go to his head, but he couldn't help but take appreciation in the interesting compliment.

"Thank you, I should say. I should be the one to thank you." He turned to face Natsuo and smiled, something that he rarely did genuinely as the opportunity rarely came up. "And thank you for the compliment, I guess. If, of course, it is a compliment."

Katsu wanted to offer a compliment to Natsuo, but the words were difficult to find. Compliment didn't come up very often in his daily life. He often only received them in spite, and found no reason to give them when his observations lay in assessing and preparing. Complimenting gave advantages, and he was most used to using them for the purpose of giving false advantages to any potential adversaries. This time was a bit ...well, "different."

"I'd have to say you, well. Amazing, I guess would be a word to describe it. To put any ounce of trust in me at this point."
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 7y 15d 11h 16m 10s

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