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Natsuo stepped forward as Katsu took his foot off of the man, but halted when he shot him. He should have expected that. Can't let any information escape, no matter who the victim is. No matter what they did see, or didn't see. He gave a sighed, and turned away as the other male started talking. "There were three of us. Sent to infiltrate the three men who would become most useful to the West Side. Gather information, kill targets, return to home base." He took a breath, glancing behind him at the men lying in practically a pile on the floor. He looked up again, meeting the other's eyes. It didn't matter what tone he'd used, how expressionless he was, or if he acted as though he didn't care; Natsuo couldn't shake the feeling that there was a slight accusation in his words. He turned away and walked over to the door, peeking out of it again. He closed his eyes, but still heard nothing. Though, he knew it would only stay like that for so long.

"If the mission was a failure, and an agent was caught, they must terminate themselves before being captured and giving away possible information. Which means one of them is already dead." He turned around again, watching Katsu from across the room. He thought back to the training he'd gone through for that entire year. He'd trained with another man, Grey, and a woman, Mao. They hadn't been allowed to really talk with each other, or get to know each other. They just trained together. But he remembered thinking the entire time, if someone were to get caught, it would be Grey. It seemed to him that Mao's whole purpose in life was this mission, and he knew then that she'd never fail. "Let's get out of here." he finally said, turning back to the door. He stepped out of the crack, focusing down the hallway they'd come from. "It won't be long until other soldiers get here."
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Katsu paused for a moment before he stood up straight. He stayed still for a moment, contemplating the information he got at that moment. One thought repeated itself in his head, one thought that he couldn't shake regardless of the plans and ideas he carried in his mind.

They know.

Katsu lifted his boot off of the soldier's shoulder, hearing a pained sigh of relief as he did so. Though, without warning, he pulled out his gun and shot the soldier clean through the forehead.

He wanted to say something, but he couldn't find the words. He couldn't imagine how this could have happened, and didn't exactly know what to do at this point. The entire East Side would be after him in a matter of hours if they weren't already. He couldn't exactly return to the surface until dark, but it wasn't exactly safe down below the city either.

"You came here with others?" Katsu asked, his voice emotionless. "And you never went back for them?"
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Natsuo watched, a little bit off to the side, as Katsu started interrogating the soldier who was still alive. When he stepped on his shoulder, causing a cry to jump from the man's lips, even Natsuo flinched. Though, he didn't say anything. Instead, he just watched. He'd never been involved in something like this before, though he was curious as to what the man's answer would be. After a moment, he found that he couldn't really watch anymore, and turned away, heading over to the door they had come through to launch the surprise attack. When he reached it, he peered out carefully into the tunnel, glancing in both directions. It wasn't easy to see because of the darkness, but he knew bringing out the flashlight would be a dead giveaway. Instead, he closed his eyes and let his ears take over, listening as carefully as he could against Katsu's voice. Still, he heard nothing.

He was just about to turn back and give the report to Katsu when he heard the strained voice of the soldier left alive. He paused, looking over to the two men. "There intruder from the West...caught two days ago." he said, and his eyes flicking over to Natsuo. "You're suspected of housing one as well." His words were directed to Katsu, though he kept staring at the raven haired male. They found one of the other agents. he thought, chewing the inside of his cheek as he returned the soldier's stare. I wonder who it was? He stepped forward, just as the soldier spoke again. "Now it's confirmed...Katsu are a traitor."
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On the way to the last man, Katsu made a point to survey the shots he had made. In total, he made six shots, which meant he had 10 more left on the clip in his gun, with plenty more clips at the ready. He checked each of his targets and confirmed their deaths, or dying states as one of the first two of them was quickly bleeding out from the neck, unconscious. It wasn't the best work with all the blood everywhere, but at least it worked.

As Katsu reached the last one, he could see the damage he did. There was a hole in the left hand, the first shot he had taken which would have prompted the soldier to drop his gun. Then there was the second shot which went to the kneecap, shattering it, which forced the man to the ground. Then there was the shot to the shoulder, and by the slow flow of blood, he could tell the bullet hit bone and was still inside. It was likely it hit the shoulder joint.

"Talk. What brings you here?" Katsu said, giving the soldier an option. He heard whimpering as an answer, which made him roll his eyes. To be a soldier on the East Side meant you should never have to make such noises. But still, there was no answer.

Katsu lifted his boot and pressed down on the soldier's shoulder, eliciting a loud scream from the young man no older than him. "Why are you here?" he asked again, his voice stern. He wanted to at least confirm why they were down there, if they were down there for him.
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When the last man had finally fallen, though not quite dead yet, Natsuo straightened from his defensive stance and walked over to the group of dead soldiers as casually as he could, picking through them. When he reached the first of those who had been killed by his knives, the man who'd been struck in the throat, Natsuo pulled it out, the blood fountaining for a second, then dying down to a slow trail over the side of his neck to a puddle on the floor. The raven haired male frowned at the mess on his knife, quickly cleaning it off with the dead man's clothes before sliding it back where it had been before. As he started toward the second man he'd killed, he glanced up at Katsu's words, giving a light smirk. "You saw me throw a few in that training thing of yours, remember? I beat you by a mile." he chuckled, pulling his knife out of the man's stomach. He repeated the action of cleaning it on the part of his shirt with no blood, then the one from his heart. "Good job yourself."

When he turned away, he watched the other male walking toward the man he'd disarmed and probably disabled for the rest of his life, if he lived...which he probably wouldn't. He was bleeding a lot. Maybe we should have let him live? he thought to himself. I mean, he let us live...I guess. With a soft shrug, he stepped closer to them, picking his way through his already deceased comrades. At the question, he smirked again. "Sounds interesting." he said, raising his eye brows as the man on the floor turned his attention to look up at them. Natsuo had been expecting the strained look on his face, but when he looked closer, he hadn't expected him to be so...young.
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Katsu launched three shots at the last man, seeing that he was distracted. Though his shots were quick, they weren't to kill. One hit the man in the hand, disarming him. The second hit the man in the kneecap, dropping him to the ground. Before he fell, the last shot hit him in the shoulder of the same arm that was shot to disarm.

The man fell in a small splash of blood and screams, and Katsu lowered his blood with a sigh. "You're better than I thought you would be," Katsu said, somewhat surprised. "You said you were good with a knife, but I didn't think it would rival a gunshot. Good job."

He stood and straightened himself, then walked over to the downed man. He had a good ten or twenty minutes before the man would bleed out from the wounds. At the very least, it could be used to gather a bit of information to give them some certainty. He motioned for Natsuo to come to his side as he stopped a bit away from the man.

"So, you up for some creative interrogation?"
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 6y 353d 5h 23m 3s
Natsuo nodded at Katsu's quiet words, already gripping the handle on one of his knives. When Katsu burst into the room, Natsuo moved to cover the crack in the door way that only enlarged a bit. He watched as the blonde male took out two of the men in there, but once the others started to reload their guns he took cover. It was easy to tell he hadn't exactly been noticed, the focus of the three men still on Katsu as he slid across the room and behind the make-shirt couch. As they turned their attention his way, one caught his eyes. He raised his gun, but didn't have the chance to the pull the trigger; Natsuo threw the dagger he'd been gripping behind his back at the man, lodging it in his throat. A hear the gurgle of blood before the man collapsed. The other two turned to look at him, drawing their attention away from Katsu. As one of them fired their gun, he ducked away swiftly, gripping the hilts of two other blades behind his back. When he turned, he flung one out after the other, both hitting the same man; one in his stomach, one in his heart.

He collapsed, leaving one man by himself. He drew his gun up, leveling it with Natsuo's face. But, the raven haired male could feel his nerves. He knew he was going to die, one way or the other. His group had once out-numbered them, but in a few short minutes, the cards had switched. Natsuo had one blade at the ready, loosely gripping it in his hand as he covered his chest with that arm, his other hand going around to grip another hilt. If the intended to shoot, he should do it soon.
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Once Katsu could see that Natsuo was ready, he thought for a moment. What would be the best tactic. Of course, the "element of surprise" was on their side even as they didn't know how many were in there, but there were two ways they could go about entering. They could sneak in and take them down, or take a more explosive approach and burst in, firing at any who moved. He thought for a moment. Explosive wasn't exactly his style, but it would have to do. Sneaking in risked too much in an open room like this, and they could use the shock value to their advantage.

"Aim to kill," Katsu whispered to Natsuo. "If you have to, spare only one of them. They could be useful."

With that, Katsu stood. The door was open a crack, but he needed to go through it with force to cause some shock. If they were East Side "soldiers," it was likely that they would be somewhat prepared to react, but you could never train the shock reaction out of the human body.

His gun at the ready, Katsu went in shoulder first. At first glance, he could tell they were a bit outnumbered. There were five in the room, but only four after his first shot. The soldier nearest to the door fell from a gunshot to the neck. Another nearby turned at the sound and received a shot that impacted on the nose, taking him down and out.

At that point, the reactions were caught up and he could hear the soldiers readying their guns. He managed to disarm one with a shot to the center of the hand, but he couldn't get to the other two in time. With a quick motion, he dove over the other side of the metal-encased couch, which would provide enough cover for a small while.
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Natsuo easily took the hint to be quiet, knowing himself that sound probably carried very well down in the tunnels. It was kind of weird, though, to think that there were more tunnels, underneath other tunnels. Someone put a lot of thought into all of this. he thought to himself. But he could remember never seeing anything like this in the West Side. When he'd first been shown the underground tunnels by his father, a second area beneath those tunnels, that held tunnels of their own, was not on the map. Was it just the East Side? Well, knowing that the enemy had the same basic line of escape as you, and that they could probably work yours out, having an alternate one...sounded like a good thing.

By the time they reached another wooden door, Natsuo was more than just starting to get anxious. He didn't like the feeling of being trapped in hard-to-maneuver tunnels, plus being underground. And to top it all off, they were probably being tracked by a secret military or something...the same thing Katsu might have been apart of. And it didn't make him feel any better when the blonde beside him announced that there were people inside. Natsuo almost sighed with agitation, but kept it in. No point.

He reached around his back as Katsu slowly worked the door open, surprised that it didn't make any sound. When he felt the hilts of his knives, he settled his hand there, the other up protecting his chest. The people inside had guns, he had no doubt. And so did Katsu. But to him, blades were a different story. You can't exactly re-use bullets already fired, can you?
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Katsu smiled and remained a silent. He didn't want to say much until they made it to a safe room. At the very least, they could talk when they were a bit more certain in their safety. As quiet as they could be, sound would travel through the passageways, and he didn't want that in the least.

It took maybe a half-hour of walking, but they soon made it to a wooden door. The passageway only branched once down the way, about twenty minutes back along the path. Katsu knelt on the side of the door and took a corkscrew from the pouch at the side of his pocket and slowly drilled a hole into the door. He put his ear too the hole and listened in, and then a silent curse escaped his lips at the sounds he heard inside.

"There are people inside." He gently tried the door and found that it was one that didn't have a lock. He pulled his gun from his side and readied it. "Ready to clear it and get moving?" he asked Natsuo wish a small glint in his eye.
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 6y 357d 6h 5m 49s
After hearing Katsu's words, Natsuo's own thoughts started racing. How could this have happened? They didn't leave any traces at the bunker apartment that could lead to them being down there. They didn't really leave any traces at all. The man at the bar...could he have sold them out? He hadn't heard the conversation between him and Katsu, but it seemed like there was some history there...but he also felt a bit of loyalty. Had it been loyalty? Of coarse, he didn't really know. But by the way the two of them acted, he would have thought that the bartender wouldn't have sold them out. Or was that just some naive perspective of someone who hadn't been raised on this side of the tracks?

When Katsu spoke again, Natsuo found that he was holding his breath. He let it out slowly, quietly. His thoughts switched over to the task at hand, instead of straying to where the loyalties of the people from the East Side lay. So, they could re-surface and increase the risk of getting caught, but decrease the fact that they didn't know anything. Or, they could stay under ground like they had been for hours already, not knowing anything, but have a better chance of still getting away. "Let's stay down here." he finally said, his voice still quiet, just in case some of their pursuers were near by. "If we go back up...we'll be endangering ourselves more, as well as the civilians. If we stay down here, I think we'll have better chances of evading capture."

Even as he said it, Natsuo's eyes flickered around them. He glanced up, but footsteps from above them could no longer be heard. He glanced behind them, but there was no sound. Not to mention that he couldn't see anything. When he looked in the directions of each branching passage, he felt his gut twist a little more. But it was something that had to be done. When he looked back to Katsu, he met his eyes, and took a quick deep breath. "Lead the way."
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"I wonder the same thing," Katsu said, half to himself and half to Natsuo. He was frazzled mentally, and wasn't exactly sure what to do. There were a few places that this passageway lead to, but if he was correct, very few of those would be safe, although not for long. He wasn't exactly sure how to answer Natsuo's question, since he himself wasn't exactly sure what to do at this point.

"It leads somewhere. A few somewheres. The problem we have here is that I'm not sure which one is safe at this point." He sighed and stopped as the passageway began to branch out different ways. "We pretty much have two options," he said as he turned to Natsuo. "We can pretty much hide it out and hope for the best, but have to keep moving. There's no telling which ones they're in right now, but if so, we could take our chances."

He took a deep breath and opened his mouth again. "Or we could go back to the surface and hide out there with a bit more certainty, but less safety. Which one would you be up to do?" He smiled a bit. "I guess my preference would be to lay low for a bit, where at least we could get away or fight it out if we get caught, but we wouldn't really know what to expect down here."
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Natsuo kept the flashlight pointed at the ceiling, illuminating the room more as he watched Katsu run from his place to the door they'd entered through. He watched intently as the other male opened it slightly, but left it alone after that. He's trying to make it look like we already left. he thought to himself, then followed the blonde into the kitchen. He watched as he hauled the fridge away from the wall, revealing a passageway down below. Natsuo pointed the flashlight ahead of them, following down as the fridge slid back into place, closing over their heads. Guess we're not going back that way. Natsuo thought as he followed Katsu along a long hall, the flashlight pointed in front of them still to light the way. It seemed to him that, unlike the tunnels they'd been in before, this one wasn't damp and musty, though it was still hard and cold.

Natsuo paused when he heard the sounds of life break through above them, but they weren't close enough to have been following them down there. Even so, the raven haired male held his breath as he looked up to the ceiling, pounding footsteps barely audible through the room, though the voices traveled clearer. "I wonder how they found out so fast.." Natsuo muttered as he started walking again, though he didn't take his eyes from the ceiling. "I guess I stand out more than I thought I did. he shrugged his shoulders, though the thought weighed a little heavily. He'd always been good at getting lost in crowds, whether he chose to or not, but maybe that only applied to the West Side?

Stealing his attention away, Natsuo looked back to Katsuo. "So, where does the cellar lead to?" he asked, curious. "I mean, it does lead somewhere, right? We're not just going to stay there while we wait for them to leave?" He watched the other's back as they walked, having dropped slightly behind him. If they were stuck waiting again, in stead of moving, he wasn't really sure what he was going to do.
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Katsu made certain he had all of his things on him, as quick as possible given that the alarm was slowly picking up in pace. They likely didn't have much time, as the approaching figures wouldn't be there long. At the very least, he could see which door they would be coming through, and there were at least a few other exits they could take.

"They're coming through that door," Katsu said, pointing over to the door the two of them had come through. "We could go through the other one, but that is expected. What we need to do is this." Katsu ran over to the door and opened it slightly, leaving it ajar. He then went over to the fridge and pulled it out. Behind it, there was a passage way, one that was low and only a bit narrower than the fridge. It would have to do.

"Through here," he said, guiding Natsuo through the passageway. As Katsu went through, the pulled the fridge closed behind him, following Natsuo closely. "Follow this passageway to the end. There should be what looks like a cellar door. It will be a while until we get there, and it'll likely be well into noon before..." Katsu heard a bit of noise behind them, some yelling and things toppling. He was glad that Lyn had shown him the path.
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 6y 364d 7h 23m 14s
Natsuo chewed the inside of his cheek as Katsu started talking again. He wasn't exactly sure how to answer those questions...mostly because he didn't have the answers. He wasn't in on whatever the West Side Head was planning, and he definitely didn't help them track down specific targets that could more than potentially lead them to the higher ups of the East side government. He had no idea why they'd chosen Katsu, how they'd found out about him, or why they thought he was so close to the East Side government. The West Side government didn't include agents on their plans or their findings; they were kept on a need-to-know basis. And although he knew that his father might know something or other, the fact was, Natsuo hadn't been informed about anything like that.

He had just opened his mouth to tell the Katsu all of this, when a light beeping noise invaded his hearing. He paused, glancing behind him at the large door that led back out into the tunnels. He remembered Katsu saying that a warning system would go off when it traced someone else down here, and that it was a quiet beeping sound. He was already standing by the time Katsu spoke, speed-walking over to where the flashlight was. He flicked it on and it brightened the room, giving him light as he blew out all of the flames of the candles around the room. After he'd done that, he grabbed the flashlight and held it out in front of him, turning around in a circle on the spot.

"Is there another way out of here that you haven't told me about?" he asked, starting toward the other male across from him. "If not, are we far enough from them that we can chance going out the front door?"
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