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Katsu blinked, then comprehended his reaction in the fact that Natsuo didn't trust who Katsu was speaking to. "I understand what you mean," he said, thinking a bit hesitantly. "I'm not even sure if I trust them anymore." Katsu stayed silent for a few moments, then he lifted his head as he realized what he had said, how it may have come across. It would have sounded like an unshaky person to put trust in, when it was far from that.

"I don't mean that they aren't exactly deserving of trust. It's just's been a few years since I've heard from him." He looked over at Natsuo. "You don't look at ease at all. I think I can put your mind at ease a bit. We're in the southern-most part of the East Side, a part of East Side that used to be the most dangerous...that was until a project launched by the Head made it so that constant rebuilding of this area would be a thing of the past. He fortified these buildings to make it so that they could stand against various types of assault, basically equalizing this area. The doors can withstand a few thousand pounds of force, and the windows are resistant to bullet impacts. The walls have a steel inner casing to help the building remain intact against explosives. That should give you a bit of an idea of how dangerous this area used to be."

He looked at his phone again as he sat back in the couch. "Can I tell you something? It's a bit personal, but I feel like I owe it to you, at least in some way." He scooted over to the edge of the couch, somewhat gesturing to the empty space beside him. He waited a bit before speaking. "The person on the phone...that was my ex, Lyn. First time I've heard from him in years and it's to save my butt. Then tells me in a few short sentences that he's gotten a new life right now, and that nothing happened between us when I even try to bring it up." He sighed, frustrated, before leaning forward and burying his head in his hands in an attempt to clear his head. He was over Lyn, that was for sure, but didn't hurt any less than it would have if he still liked him.
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 6y 322d 10h 24m 18s
[I read your post this morning, and omg...I've been thinking about it all day. XD]

Natsuo nodded at Katsu's suggestion, watching as he locked all possible entrances into the room. There was no use staying in there if they became easy to access. Though, he guessed they could still be considered "easy access" even with the doors locked. The doors were heavy, thick slabs of metal, but only two led in and out of the room. It wouldn't be hard to trap the two men in the room. Especially with the ability to fire on them through the windows. Natsuo grumbled at himself as he realized he was pacing. He didn't need his thoughts to be wandering to those types of things at that moment. All he wanted was for them to settled down and relax...without him falling asleep.

Hearing an odd chiming sound, Natsuo jumped and spun around. He watched as Katsu stared at a cell phone in his hand, before bringing it to his ear and speaking into it. Natsuo frowned, watching as the male across the room from him started talking to the person on the other line. Suddenly, he got a bad feeling in his gut, and took a step back. This couldn't be a set up, could it? Of coarse it was possible that Katsu had been playing him to think they were on the same side, getting him to confess and to relax around him, so that all of what had happened could happen. This could be the ambush right now, couldn't it? It was highly likely. The only thing that kept him from leaving Katsu there was the look of surprise on his face, and how he'd reacted to the phone call himself.

It took a couple of minutes for Katsu's words to sink in, and when they had, Natsuo shook his head. "I don't think we should bother, really." he said, watching the blonde male across from him. "That person just now...I don't trust them."
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Katsu scanned the room as Natsuo was doing, coming to similar conclusions. They would be reasonably safe here, so long as they were careful about noise and visibility, as well as protecting the exits. He sighed in relief as he lowered his gun, his guard going with it. He locked the door and made sure to lock the door on the other end. "So..." Katsu said, looking over at Natsuo. "Maybe we should take the time figure out what to do from here, shouldn't we?"

He went over to the living room and sat down on the couch, resisting the urge to groan with relief at the comfort it gave. It was the first rest they had in a few hours, and a comfortable one at that. If what they had wasn't so pressing, they could stay here for a few hours, maybe even until it was time to leave the East Side. But still, they had something to accomplish.

Without a moment after he settled down, his spare phone rang, making him freeze. It was his private line, one that he hadn't had the necessity to use in over a year. Hesitantly, he took it out of his pocket and answered.

"Yes?.....You? How did you.....?.........Yeah, that's what I'm planning.........Could you?......Okay, thanks. Oh, and before you go...........Oh, I understand.............Okay, we'll stay here..........I'll be waiting for it..........Yeah, it's still connected.........Okay, goodbye....again."

Katsu listened for a few moments to the dial tone before sighing and hanging up himself. "Good news and bad news. The East Side knows what we're up to. One of the soldiers had a wire on them, so we were listened into the whole time, and were planning an ambush at the radio station. So we have to stay here for a while. But a....friend I apparently have in the higher ups can get us the information we need, so long as we lay low." Katsu looked down at the phone in his hands, still reeling in shock from the voice he had, from hearing Lyn.
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At Katsu's comment, the raven haired male nodded and stepped aside while the other stepped forward. He watched him for a moment while he pulled out a small piece of what looked like rolled up leather, then turned his back on him to watch the way they had come. He brought two knives out from behind his back, and held them out as he crossed his arms over his chest. Just in case the soldiers did decide to ambush them, he at least had his favourite line of defense. And he wasn't planning on letting any of his knives go too soon, either. In situations like this, they were too precious.

When he heard the click of the door unlocking, he glanced back over his shoulder at the blonde male just in time to catch the corners of his mouth quirk up slightly. So it's this kind of thing that makes him smile? Natsuo though, turning fully to follow down the rest of the stairs and out the door. They were now situated in a very large room, with large windows set in the two walls to either side of the two men. Lucky for them, though, the curtains were drawn, and the room's lights were off. With the room dark the way it was, it would make sneaking through it easier, even with the large windows. As he stepped across the threshold and further into the room, Natsuo found his eyes wandering, taking in the details. It was like a sitting room, with a dining room setting to his left, and a sort of living room setting to his right, minus a TV. It would have been a nice place to break, if they had the time.
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Katsu followed closely to Natsuo, shadowing his movements while keeping an eye and ear out for movement other than them. It was suspiciously quiet since the first shot, and he doubted any soldier would have passed any movement off as a stray animal, especially during lockdown. If he knew their training enough, he knew they could differentiate easily.

The stairwell was bright, and each step of theirs seemed to be painfully loud against the rubber covering on the steps. He heard the rummaging of the door at the end and jumped, considering he was covering the behind of their descent. He looked down and sighed in relief. "Only a locked door?" he said, looking at Natsuo. He patted his pocket, making sure he had what he needed to get through. "Cover behind me. I'll take the door."

He stepped forward and pulled out a small roll of leather from his jacket pocket. Inside the roll was a set of metal rods of various sizes, shapes, and thickness. He tried a few sets on the door, and eventually settled on a hook and a long, thin instrument with a curved end. It took longer than he wanted, a good ten minutes of jimmying the lock and a few nearly-theres, but the unmistakable click of the door unlocking brought a small smile to his face. "Okay, we're through. Ready to go?"
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 6y 331d 14h 22m 20s
Natsuo nodded, checking the male beside him. He didn't look like he'd hurt anything when he landed, and he wasn't favouring any limbs. Good. They didn't need that at that moment. "Alright. That works." he said briefly, before beginning to make his way over to the door that stood alone in the middle of the patio roof. It was weird that no one was firing at them yet; that nobody had fired at them before while they leapt from the previous roof onto the new one. He glanced to either side of him, but he couldn't see anyone, or anything. No metal barrels glinting with the sunlight, no hurried footsteps, no bullets being fired. It was silent, just as it had been when they were below the surface. Which could only mean one of two things: that the military had decided to retreat and regroup, or that they were trying to be as secretive as possible to catch the two men off guard. And he really doubted that it was the first one.

When he reached the door, he tried the knob and found it open. He wasn't particularly surprised, so he pulled it open. No shots. Slowly, he glanced inside of the doorway. Fluorescent lights lit up a pale white stairwell that wound downwards awkwardly. Glancing back over his shoulder, Natsuo nodded toward it. "I'll go first, then." he said, before taking a step in. Being in the stairwell was a bit nerve wracking, considering there were no windows or other exits. The only way out was down or up, and if anyone wanted to they could corner them in there, and be done with them. But nothing happened. Except for when he tried the door at the bottom of the stairs, and found it locked. And it wasn't budging, either.
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Katsu made sure to shadow Natsuo's movements, to keep close and not miss a beat. If he lagged even the slightest, it made him a better target, for how much or little they may have been caught off guard by Natsuo's movements, falling behind would make his more predictable.

With the slow of movement, Katsu spoke up in a low voice. "We should probably keep moving. Staying in one place is too dangerous and time-consuming." He looked ahead at a way inside. "Going inside would be better. We would have more cover and be able to scope out a possible route. Judging by the building, there's a garage down below. If possible, maybe we could...well, use it to get where we want to go."

Katsu breathed a small sigh as he moved closer to the wall. The day wasn't going anywhere he expected it to, and yet it was still a bit of a thrill. It had been a long time since he had done anything of the nature, let alone with someone else. He could actually say he was enjoying himself.
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Natsuo nodded, pushing himself up into a crouch. He scanned the area around them, knowing he hadn't been sighted yet, and probably wouldn't until he was mid-jump. He just hoped nobody took aim at that moment, because it would really throw him off. "Alright, then. I'll go first." he said, offering a slight smile to Katsu beside him. "Have you ever done this before?" he asked, though didn't leave any time for an answer. The raven haired male stood from his crouch, took two steps back, then three forward. In a second, he was flying through the air, his legs moving as if to propel himself, though he knew they wouldn't have any effect. And, in another second, he landed against the concrete rooftop. His feet hit first, though he immediately dropped to his knees and rolled until he was sitting upright, facing the opposite direction of the room he'd just jumped off of. No gun fire, yet.

He turned back to Katsu, just in time to see him jumping through the air as well. In another second, they were side-by-side once again. "That went well." he said, his voice a tad chipper as he smiled at the other male. After another moment, he turned and scanned around them. No one had shot at them. Which meant they were either moving to the rooftop they had just fled, or were on their way up to the roof they were currently located on. Or, they were waiting down below for them. Too many possibilities. He thought, running a hand up through his bangs.
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Katsu listened and visualized what they could work with. It seemed like an unbearably slow pace to be moving at, but then again it was better than being stuck in the alleyway. He thought of the dangers that Natsuo highlighted, and thought about countermeasures in the event that they encountered such obstacles. He had more than enough ammunition on him, and had about five guns on his person, so he thought that he should be set for a good fight or two.

"Okay, it sounds like you know what to do here," he said with a bit of a smile. "Lead the way then. I'll follow and watch your back. But keep an eye out for rooftop gunmen. The one that shot at me was from above, so careful."

Katsu breathed out a sigh as he composed himself. At the very least, he had some of the pressure off now that they were on the surface, but it seemed that as they surfaced, they faced more dangers. He was starting to reconsider the idea of going to the radio center now, especially given the difficult task of crossing half of the East Side without being caught.

As he followed Natsuo to the edge, he took a deep breath. "Whenever you're ready, I'll follow," he said in short, not wasting any words.
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 6y 344d 13h 40m 24s
Natsuo nearly jumped back as he leaned over the edge, almost banging right into his companion. At the question, he nodded, and pointed his thumb behind himself. "There's a building beside this one, only a couple of meters in between them. It's a bit shorter, so it would be fairly easy to jump onto it's roof." he explained quietly as he moved back from the edge, giving more room for the blonde male. As he turned himself, he began heading back toward the opposite edge as Katsu followed behind him. "The roof of the neighboring building is more of a patio, I'm guessing. It's got a door in the middle of it, which most likely leads down onto the next floor beneath the roof. It's got a concrete rail up around it's perimeter, so we'll have to avoid that.

He paused as he reached the edge again, peering over. There was still no one on the neighboring roof, or in the alleyway between the two buildings. So far, it was relatively clear. "The jump onto that building seems pretty easy in itself." he whispered when the other pulled himself up beside him. "My only concern is that the soldiers will trap us either on that roof, or inside of the building itself. We wouldn't be able to get back up here, and that building is on a corner so there's nothing else beside it." He turned to look at the man beside him, watching him carefully. He could tell Katsu was processing the information, probably even trying to figure out what to do. Though, at that point, Natsuo just needed the confirmation to jump, and he'd do it.
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Katsu wanted to protest, to warn him about shooters that were possibly on the roof, but he didn't have the time as Natsuo was already up and climbing. Heaving a sigh, he debated between following him and staying where he was, then relented and followed carefully, keeping an eye out for anyone that would keep tabs on their movements. It seems that they were high-priority enough to shoot on sight.

He laid down a map in his mind, a map of the East Side that he could get a feel of. By the look of it, they were on the south part of the East Side, closer to the eastern fringes. Where they needed to go was a good few miles north, though with no one around, it wouldn't take them long if they had adequate cover. Still, the problem rested in the reality of them having evade attacks from all around, from above, around, and below. It would be a hard trip.

Katsu almost collided with Natsuo at the edge of the rooftop, and he breathed a sigh of relief seeing that it was only him. "Anything that can help us?" he asked in a low voice, keeping mind of how much sound seemed to travel in the narrow alleyway.
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 6y 345d 19h 34m 31s
When the two of them arrived at a ladder that led to a hatch in the ceiling above them , he paused, scanning around them. For a place that could lead to their easy escape, it was unguarded. No guards sent to the place where they could make their quickest escape? Something wasn't right. It was too easy, too quick. There should have been at least two guards stationed in front of the ladder, ready to shoot at anyone who crossed their path. He knew that they would have killed the guards anyway, but at least it would have been something. An effort to keep them below the surface. But why were they leaving it open? A spot like this couldn't be so carelessly forgotten.

As he started up the ladder after Katsu, he kept checking over his shoulders behind them. Even though he couldn't see a great distance out into the tunnel because of the darkness, he didn't hear anything, either. Though, it made more sense when he'd heard the gun shot. Natsuo practically jumped as he pulled himself out of the hole in ground, finding Katsu taking cover behind one of the buildings that closed int he alleyway. "That makes sense." he muttered. As he looked around them, he found neither of the two buildings had windows that looked out over the small alleyway, though one did happen to have a fire escape that led to the roof. It would be taking a big chance to go up there, because they might not be able to get down, and then they'd be trapped. But, they basically were already. It was a chance, and since he didn't see anybody poking guns down at them from the rooftop, he figured it was one he could take.

"Katsu, I'm going up. I'll come back, I just want to take a look." he said, and reached for the fire escape before the blonde could tell him not to. It felt like less than a minute before he reached the top, and he was right; there was no one up there. He hauled himself up, and crawled across the gravel rooftop to the other side. When he peered over the edge, he found another building a jumping distance away. It was a little shorter, so they could fall onto it, and their was a door stationed on top of it. "Doesn't hurt to try." he muttered, crawling back across the rooftop to tell Katsu of his findings.
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Katsu walked the rest of the way in silence. There was an exit that went directly to the surface, but if memory served him right, it was further down in the tunnels and likely to be guarded if known. He expected that the East Side would want to flush him out into the open, and although it seemed like a good idea to stay down underground, the dangers of being flooded by soldiers was too high to risk. At the very least, the two of them could blend together in the crowds of people on the surface. It was about afternoon now, so he expected a good flow of people around.

After about an hour and a half of walking, they made it too the surface hatch ladder which was suspiciously unguarded. Taking it in some stride, Katsu lead the way up, making certain that Natsuo followed close behind. He couldn't risk them being separated.

Before reaching the top, Katsu said in a soft voice to Natsuo, "Stay close to me up there. We can't risk getting separated."

With that said, he opened the hatch and stepped outside, standing up in a narrow alleyway on the more impoverished areas of the East Side. He helped Natsuo out and surveyed the area. "Strange," he said after venturing out towards the edge of the alleyway. At the sound of a gunshot, he dodged back inside, cursing loudly at his stupidity. "Damn," he said, looking back at Natsuo. "The city is on lockdown."
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 6y 348d 16h 45m 9s
Natsuo raised a brow as Katsu began speaking once again, though he didn't say anything in response. So...they were leaving the underground? Well, he no complaints. But doing this...could it really be safe? Probably not. If it was suspected that there was more than one West Sider infiltrating the East Side , then wouldn't it be a better idea to lure the rest of the agents out? Like this? All different types of scenarios were running through the raven haired male's mind; if they got out of the tunnels safely, and got to this radio house safely, who was to say that they wouldn't be ambushed there? Or what if they didn't reach the radio house at all? What if they never even got the chance to leave the tunnels?

He shook his head, starting down the hall after Katsu like he had before. He's doing this for me, isn't he? he thought to himself, watching the other male's back carefully, though keeping his ears open in case anyone followed them. In a different situation, Natsuo probably would have smiled; probably would have offered up thanks. But at that moment, he couldn't have said anything. The chance of being overheard was too great, especially when they were making their way to an exit to get back above ground. But how long would that take, exactly? Above them were more tunnels, which were also littered with soldiers. They had limited time to get out of those tunnels and break the surface, then to go to that radio house. And they needed to do it all before the scheduled meeting between himself and the subordinate that night. And he could not be late.
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Katsu didn't offer that much of a response to what was said. He holstered his gun and sighed as he looked around. He now had an idea of what they were going to do now. At the very least, it would kill time and give Natsuo a bit of closure on the situation.

"Change of plans," he said as he straightened up and started heading towards the door. "We're going to the surface. At the very least, we can get some information on what happened to your teammate for certain. Now, come on."

He stopped at the door, realizing he was a bit vague. "There is an information bureau near the center of the city that uses a radio network as its front. I have a few access codes stored on my phone that can allow us access to classified prisoner records. If you're up to doing this, we should do this now. We'd be cutting it close on time for tonight, but at least we'd be productive instead of being sitting ducks."
  Katsu Hikari / kyanydkwc / 6y 351d 4h 16m 27s

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