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Once inside the elevator, Natsuo pressed the button that would lead them to the lobby of the building. He had thought about going down to the garage, but he guessed it would look more suspicious if they came out of there on foot rather than if they left through the front entrance. As the elevator started moving, he leaned back against one of the cold, mirror-like walls, and watched as the screen above the panel of buttons counted down the number of floors. "That makes sense, I suppose." he said, looking over to the other male. "You've never really had to hide from anything before, have you?" his voice held a tinge of curiosity, even though he already knew the answer to the question. "Don't worry, though. You've got a professional with you." he said jokingly, just as the elevator chimed to let them know they had reached their desired floor.

Once the doors open, Natsuo checked the lobby quickly and casually before stepping out, finding no one there. He walked out, crossing over the clean carpet to the other side of the room, to the front entrance. He paused when he reached the glass doors, watching as more people began to flow through the streets. It was definitely reassuring. "Um, we should probably do something to make it even less obvious that we're, well, who we are." he said, his voice dropping a couple notches as he looked up to the blonde male beside him. "Oh! Hold my hand!" he suddenly said, and held his hand to the other male. "If there are soldiers secretly looking for us over here, then they aren't going to be looking for a couple."
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Katsu had the door open in no time, and then followed Natsuo to the elevator, checking over his shoulder ever few steps. Mentally, he justified his paranoia, but he eventually had to admit that his discomfort had to do entirely with the clothes he was wearing. It felt so...casual, so inappropriate for everything they were doing. But it was necessary, more necessary than his own discomforts.

"This feels weird," Katsu finally said once the elevator doors closed. He looked over at Natsuo and smiled nervously. "You would think I would be used to things like this, but to be honest, I've never done anything like this. I was rarely one to be in hiding, or even one to carry any sort of disguise. It feels....weird."

He shrugged and listened to the movement of the elevator. He was surprised how little comfort he always got from it, and yet now he had some amount of comfort there. He chalked it up to being anxious about being outside, especially considering that it could be any one of those people outside that had taken a shot at him.
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Natsuo raised a brow as Katsu started speaking, calling him cool and laid back, and telling him that he looked good. The raven haired male had to stop himself from chuckling at the other male's actions and words. He could tell that compliments weren't exactly Katsu's strong suit when it came to other people, but he didn't mind much. It was fun watching the other male get flustered and embarrassed over the things he said, and the things that Natsuo said to him.

Natsuo made his way over to the door that led further into the apartment when Katsu agreed that they should be leaving soon, and tested the knob. It was locked, but he could feel that the door wasn't as heavy as the one directly it's opposite, and the lock didn't feel as heavy duty, either. "You should probably be able to break through this with ease." he said, turning back to the blonde male. Picking locks had never really been something that Natsuo was good at. For some reason, he just didn't have the patience to do it himself, and always wound up getting frustrated when faced with the task. Lucky for him he had Katsu, who seemed to be able to go through them with ease.

Speaking of ease, they were through in what felt like less than a minute. "Well done." he said, giving Katsu a small pat on his shoulder. On the other side of the door was a small hallway. On the right side were the washrooms, on the left, further down, as an elevator. That was it. "Well, I guess it's time to head down, then." he muttered, mostly to himself as he walked over to the machine, clicking the arrow pointing down.
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If Katsu was one to blush, he would have found himself blushing fervently at the compliments he got from Natsuo. He wasn't used to such things, as any compliments he ever really got was on some assignment well done. He looked away briefly, before deciding on a shrug of shoulders. "I haven't worn anything like this in...well, I don't think I ever have."

He chuckled nervously before going to sit down. A few good moments' wait in patient but nervous fidgeting in the clothing he wore, he heard Natsuo step out. He looked over at Natsuo before a grin fell over his face. "You look cool. Laid back. It almost suits you, but in a way I wouldn't think of," he said, starting to ramble again. "It looks great," he concluded, hoping to stop the rambling before he embarrassed himself any more.

"We should head out a soon as we can," he said, reaching for his phone in his pocket to check messages, but remembering that he had turned it off, he kept it as such. No distractions would be better than anything, and at the very least, he wouldn't have to be caught off guard by any sort of alerts that he was sure to expect from Lyn. Out of all the people in the East Side, Lyn was certainly the last person he wanted to talk to, especially considering the person he'd most rather be with was right there with him.
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Natsuo watched on as Katsu began clothes hunting, and was more than a little surprised when he turned out to be successful. Though he averted his eyes the times the other was changing, he couldn't help but stare a little at the other male after he'd done so. He looked...casual. It was weird seeing him in jeans and a regular shirt, along with a windbreaker. He didn't look like the usual professional Katsu, who was always getting down to business. Though, that was the point, wasn't it? "You actually look pretty good like that." he told the blonde male, walking a circle around him before stopping and giving him about his fifth once-over. "You look good in normal clothes, too." he laughed softly.

Deciding it was time for him to find something new to wear as well, he began his own hunting journey. By the end of it, he had come up with a band shirt that was only one size too big, of a band he had never heard of, and a somewhat large navy blue sweater with some random logo on it's front. He looked down at himself, giving himself a once-over. "I feel like a I look like a troublemaker." he mumbled. He'd only ever seen people like that in outfits like these; outfits that spoke by themselves, but no one was really sure what they were saying; on the border of normal and worth staring at. "Well...I guess this'll have to do." he finally said, shrugging. Pushing his hands into the pockets of the sweater, he nodded toward the door that led further into the apartment building. "Want to head out soon, then?"
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Katsu blinked for a moment, having a bit of difficulty comprehending what was said as the drowsiness wore off bit by bit. Eventually, some clarity came to him and he was able to follow what Natsuo was saying, though he only vaguely nodded at Natsuo's question about sleep.

He looked over his own clothes and thought for a moment. He looked around the room for anything that could be of use, and saw a coat rack that had a few jackets on them. One of them was a windbreaker, something that he hadn't worn in years and could get away with doing. He wondered if he could possibly find a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. It would look tame enough, along the lines of clothing he didn't usually wear, if at all or ever.

With a bit of searching, he found a pair of dark blue jeans that would be a bit baggy on him, requiring a belt which, thankfully, he was wearing at the moment. Eventually, with some scouring, he found a black t-shirt that didn't look so big on him. After a quick change in the bathroom, he came out into the "living room", haven't yet putting on the jacket so that his shoulder holsters were there. "Look good?" Katsu asked, his hands outstretched. "Subtle enough?" he continued as he slipped on the windbreaker.
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Natsuo shrugged his shoulders at the question. He wasn't really sure if he'd "slept well" or not. He remembered his odd dream, but he wasn't exactly sure what it meant. Especially the part where Katsu had come along and interrupted his past. Had the world falling away been a part of the dream, showing he shouldn't go with the blonde male, or had it just been him waking up? Natsuo stretched his arms up above his head, yawning softly as he did so. He then swung his legs over the side of the couch and pushed himself up off of the cushions. "Are you okay?" he asked, seeing the other male wobble slightly. "Sleep still not wearing off?" he gave a small smile, before turning away.

He walked back over to the windows on the far side of the room, pushing back the drape softly when he reached it. Outside, the city looked more...alive. There still weren't very many people outside, but there were definitely more than there had been a couple of hours ago. "People are getting more comfortable." he muttered, before turning to look back at Katsu. "With all of these people coming out of their homes now, we'll be able to blend in with them more." he paused, eyes looking up and down Katsu's wardrobe, then his own. "Maybe we should change or something, though. They know what we look like already, I'm assuming, which means they probably know what we're wearing. We should see if we can ditch these clothes for some more discreet ones."
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Katsu's eyes finally fell on Natsuo, stirring from a nap. "Sorry," Katsu said, muttering his apology as he stretched in his little resting place and looked at the surroundings. It certainly...looked darker, although he couldn't tell by how much given that it was reasonably dim in the room to begin with when they first came there.

A quick look over at his phone's timer, and he could see two things. One, that they had just over an hour to remain where they were, and that his phone would be dying soon. With a drowsy yawn, he shut his phone down, marking the time on his watch's timer. At the very least, he had to be aware of how much time he had left. If that meant having to shut down his stoic communication with Lyn, it was no skin off of his back.

"Sleep well?" Katsu asked with a sleepy smile. Though awake, he still was under the effects of the strong, combative emotions within his dreams, though the memory of them had all but faded at this point. His body felt heavy with drowsiness, and he stood up. A small dizzy spell nearly shook him off his feet, but he managed to stay up with a weary stance.
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It had been an hour since then, and Natsuo was starting to feel the exhaustion more pronounced now. Watching the people gradually emerge from their homes below was making him tired, hearing Katsu's deep, calm breathing made him tired, and the promise that -hopefully- they would be on the West Side tomorrow was just bringing it out more. So much to do, such little time. Well, he guessed that since they were supposed to be generally safe for the time being, it wouldn't really matter if he snuck in a little bit of shut-eye also. Walking over to the couch, he made sure Katsu was still doing alright before laying down. It wasn't the most comfortable place to sleep, but he wasn't about to go bed-hunting. Besides, when he had been in training, all they got were small cots to sleep on, and those were even less ideal.

After a matter of minutes, Natsuo could feel himself slipping away as sleep claimed him. He let his eyes fall closed as an arm rested over his abdomen, the other beneath his head. Somehow, he got comfortable.

Natsuo's dreams were filled with people he hadn't seen for the last year or so. People he'd gone to elementary school and high school with, the best friends he'd grown up with, his parents, his little sister, his boss and co-workers at his old part-time job. Even some of his ex-girlfriends. Though, even in his dreams they didn't look to pleased to see him. And then there was a face that wasn't from the past; a face familiar and distant at the same time: Katsu's. He was holding out his hand, beckoning for the raven haired male to come to him, to come with him. But in the first step Natsuo took toward him, the world fell away, and he was staring up at the ceiling in the building again. He blinked a few times before opening his eyes fully. He looked over, finding Katsu, awake. He looked a bit startled, but Natsuo only figured his dreams hadn't been too pleasant.
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Sleep came surprisingly easy. For the moments before, Katsu believed it would have came with great difficulty, given the tenseness of the circumstances they were in and how stressed he was over everything, but it would seem that both exhaustion and the small comfort of Natsuo's presence somewhere in the room put him at enough ease to be able to sleep.

The dreams, however, were strange enough to make him think he had some sort of fever.

He dreamed of two things, melded together in an unusual blend of wrong and right. First, of course, was among the many thoughts that plagued him recently. He thought about what he had to do, and how he had to make sure it was done right. As usual, there was no room for error, and he couldn't afford to mess up. That tune played endlessly in his mind, like a haunting children's melody that precedes a despicable murder.

The second, of course, was of Natsuo. He couldn't shake the young man from his mind, and try as he might, the images produced from his mind were enough to grab all of his focus. The image of Natsuo--smaller, headstrong and quite positive--contrasted with the faded image of Lyn; commanding, charming, and with a special allure that was difficult to resist. The images combated in his mind until he found himself startled awake.

He looked around, quite dazed from the now vanished images in his mind. He didn't know how much time had passed, if any at all had or he had overslept. He hadn't heard the alarm on his phone, so it couldn't have been long, but still...
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Natsuo nodded when Katsu said he was going to try and sleep. He stood from his place on the couch as the blonde male got comfortable, flipping up his hood to obviously try and bring more darkness around his eyes. He had no doubt that the other male was exhausted, given what they'd been going through all day. Well, for the last couple of days, though things had only gotten worse since then. In fact, he himself was beginning to feel it. But, he would let Katsu sleep, and keep watch, if that's what you wanted to call it. He knew that Katsu had told him that they were pretty safe for the time being, since the soldiers were looking in the Northern most parts of the East Side, but still. He didn't have full trust in Lyn, let alone his sources. And it was possible that the government had sent soldiers to creep around different parts of the city just in case, without telling anyone.

Even if he were in the West Side, the place where he'd grown up, and was going through a situation like this, he still wouldn't trust anything or anybody. Except for the person he was with. And since that person was currently in the process of taking a three hour lap, it was up to him to keep watch over everything. With that in mind, he wandered back over to the far window across the room, pushing back one of the drapes slightly to peer outside. At the sight of someone coming out of a house, he nearly jumped and dropped the curtain. It took him a minute to realize that it was just a normal person. But why were they coming out? The city was under lock down? But behind him came his probable wife, carrying a baby with one arm and talking on her phone with the other. I hope they aren't just ignorant. He thought to himself.
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"We do get along well," Katsu said in a bit of a low voice, mostly to himself. It was a good observation, although he could remember at some point a day or two ago when he was bent on using Natsuo's West Side nature to his own advantage with the unnecessary targets he sent him after. And yet, he had this new sort of respect for Natsuo, given all that he had faced. After all, Katsu couldn't say he was in a place he didn't know--well, not yet--and he also couldn't say that he knew almost no one where he was. The only thing they really had in common were similar goals and similar circumstances. They were both a bit at odds, but at least they, for lack of a better phrase, had each other.

A yawn made its way into the room from Katsu's throat, and it was then that he remembered how much they had done that morning and how little sleep he had the night before. He was surprised that he had kept moving all this time, although he could chalk that up to adrenaline keeping him going. Aside from that, he was certainly wearing down in terms of energy, and a nap sounded perfect. They were safe enough here, weren't they? Lyn did say they would be safe here for about four more hours.

"Well, if you don't mind me, I think I might take a nap." He set an alarm on his phone for three hours. It seemed like a small amount of sleep, but anything was better than none. He placed his phone on the awkward coffee table before the couch and relaxed into the chair. "I might as well, given that we still have a lot ahead of us, and this might be our only break. Catch you when I wake up." With that, Katsu pulled the hood from his coat up and over his eyes. Though there wasn't all that much light in the room, he preferred that he could at least have a good amount of darkness if he slept. Before he drifted off, he said, "Wake me if there's trouble."
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Natsuo smiled, nodding. It was a promise, then. He wondered if Katsu had ever found something that had made him happy. Maybe even...someone? He knew that he had had Lyn, but their relationship now seemed...non-existent. And that Katsu was the only one who minded. I'd like to meet this Lyn person. He thought. Maybe it'd give Katsu some closure as well? He looked back to the male beside him, shrugging his shoulders. "I wouldn't say that I'm always positive." he said, meeting the other male's eyes. "I'm just trying my best not to make myself panic, is all." He gave a small smile, as if he'd been caught doing something he shouldn't have been doing.

Glancing away, his eyes flickered back to the window, shielded by the long drapes. He wondered why anyone would put those there, because they didn't seem to match anything else in the room. "Even if you don't think so, I already think it's all worth it." he finally said, in answer to Katsu's last statement. "I mean, we may not have saved any lives yet, or maybe we wont at all. But...I mean, I met you, right? I feel like we get along oddly well." he gave a soft laugh, turning his eyes back to the blonde male beside him. "Being like this with you makes me feel like anything is possible. I mean, we're supposed to be enemies. We both grew up being taught how to hate and eliminate each other. But here were are, talking and laughing together." Natsuo smiled. It was a nice thought, to know that even though they came from warring sides, they could put aside all differences for a sort of common goal. And then get close in the process.
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Katsu nodded at Natsuo's reaction, and although he had lost a few "team members" before, he couldn't say he knew exactly how it felt. Up until this point, he would have considered it to be simply a show of how worthless a person was to have been lost like that. He thought that if he were to lose Natsuo, he would certainly have different thoughts. He could even go to say that he would be devastated, even though they had only known each other for a handful of days.

Katsu smiled at Natsuo's words. It sounded like a promise to him, although if it didn't come to pass, he wouldn't blame Natsuo for that. If anything, it was something to look forward to. "I'll hold you to that," he said with a bit of a laugh. "It would be nice to see the world through your eyes for a while. Maybe I might see why you're so positive all the time." He laughed a bit more before continuing. "Perhaps it'll make all of this worth it, then," he concluded, falling a bit silent after the observation.
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Natsuo shrugged his shoulder at the comment, though quickly forgot about it when a soft noise erupted from Katsu's phone. He tensed slightly, watching as the blonde read the message he'd received. Given the sigh and the clear look of relief on the other male's face, Natsuo relaxed a bit. He nodded at Katsu's explanation, finding some relief sweep through himself as well. At the mention that the West Side agent who'd been taken into custody had been killed, he paused. "I didn't know them. Not personally." he said after a moment. "I knew their names, their faces, and their skills. We weren't really allowed to socialize. We weren't allowed to get close to each other." He lowered his eyes to his hands in his lap, staring at his hands. "I didn't know them, but I do know that neither of them, whichever it had been, were ready to die."

After a moment without speech, Natsuo finally looked up to the male beside him again. "Thank you for the consideration in tell me." he finally said, a small smile quirking the corners of his mouth upward.

Leaning back in the couch, Natsuo took his eyes away from Katsu to stare up at the ceiling again. Though, this time, he really was seeing the ceiling, and not his past. "I really hope that I'll be able to show you some things in the West Side." he told him. "I want you to have some actual fun. It'd be good for you, considering everything you've ever gone through." he glanced back at the blonde through the corner of his eye, another smile appearing.
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