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Camdon's eyes narrowed at the demon as he listened to him speak. Camdon could of rolled his eyes at the demon as he spoke of prejudice. It was not prejudice that stilled him from the demon's vein, it was the fact that he had an injured man he needed to get home and get home now. Carefully averting his attention back onto the brown haired male, Camdon inhaled sharply. A small smile coming onto his face as he cleared his throat thinking of a way to respond to what he had been asked by the half angel, half demon.

"No not all creatures are like that hes just a demon, and a certain kind of one at that. Don't worry about him we need to get you back into the mansion so that you can heal up." Making a small motion for Solomon to follow, Camdon began to make his way through the trees and to the opening that lead into his home. Inside his mother and father were surely still busy doing what they did best and his brothers were unfocused or busy with their own lives. A few of them had secrets they did not wish to tell and Camdon was not going to be the one to tell it.

Leading the hybrid up the steps of the mansion Camdon moved to pull the doors open for him. Azure standing quietly behind them both cradling Caylee in his arms. Azure was never one to talk for as long as Camdon could tell about the boy, and he was often finding himself the butt of his siblings jokes. "Step inside I'll show you to a place you can lay down and then work on finding you some pain medicine and remedy for the night. Hopefully it will help you get some sleep. Tomorrow we can talk more about what happened to you and try to figure out what's going on in the forest."

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The way that the two regarded each other was interesting to Solomon. They didn't seem to like one another, yet the demon insisted on flirting with the vampire as if they were of the same class, the same level. With the way that the demon spoke to him, it was somewhat obvious that he knew the vampire was powerful and could do him damage if he so wished. And so he was not willing to stick his nose further into this business than he already was. Still, he couldn't seem to help but be undeniably interested in Sol and the fact that he was a hybrid of races that should have had nothing to do with one another. It always interested people, in his experience.

Colton kept his eyes on Camdon at this point, listening to the way that he spoke as if he was the best thing to ever happen to this place. "Then why is it I find you here with someone that is half demon? Do hybrids not count in your prejudice?" Tilting his head, he took a step closer to the red head and smiled at him, a deceivingly lovely smile. "Careful? You do not have to warn me to be careful, vampire. I have been put through much more by the human scum than you can possibly imagine. They can do their worst to me and I will do even worse to them." He looked down, suppressing the memories that fought to bubble to the surface of his time spent on that dreadful island in that facility, being held prisoner, being experimented on. Even after some time he had not forgiven human kind.

"At any rate, I do not intend on causing any trouble. I was simply interested in what had landed here." His eyes moved to Solomon, and the hybrid stood up alittle straighter despite the pain in his back. "However, if you happen to get bored, you know where to find me." Colton winked at Camdon before turning to leave, not bothering to disappear. Solomon let out a soft breath, looking down at the ground and then at the man who had been so nice to him so far.

"Are all of the creatures in this forest like that?" He asked softly, pushing his long hair behind his shoulder. He didn't mind demons, as they had been his family for a long time, but he hadn't seen one in a long time. Now that he was forced to live on Earth he imagined he would never see one again, and after this experience, he wasn't sure he wanted to.

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Narrowing his eyes at the male who was approaching him and the other rather fast, Camdon lets out a small low groan. A demon was now in front of him, a creature that was not often allowed into the forest but here he was standing full force in front of him causing his brother to grip his daughter into his arms. "How flattering of you to know of me and my family, I thought that demons weren't supposed to be interfering with vampires? You seem like you know a little to much about vampires." Camdon's tone was sharp, his eyes narrowing at the creature in front of him. Whomever he was Camdon wasn't sure, only that he was rather close to the vampire mansion and humans meaning that there was danger close at hand.

"And no I would not care to try your blood. I prefer not to make a mockery of myself by going so low as to take blood from a vampire. Now if you will excuse me I'm going to be taking this injured man back to my home." Pushing past the demon with a sense of pride, Camdon bends down to the male's level offering a hand to help him stand up. Insulting a demon was not the best choice that Camdon could make, but at this point he didn't care. The vampire wanted to get out of the forest not deal with bringing more creatures into the forest. Most of them were already ready for a war and the fact that humans where starting to become aware of what was happening was not helping his case.

"I'd be careful demon, the humans are looking for something to blame for everything that's happening. They are talking about destroying ever last creature they stumble across." That was a lie, they were to afraid of the supernatural creatures in the woods but this was something that the vampire was hoping was going to scare the demon off. It was highly unlikely that it would work but Camdon had to try at least a little bit to get this male to leave them all alone. Demons were trouble from what he had learned and been told from the time he was a small child, which was ironic due to the fact that his uncle was a demon. Still neither parent seemed to fond of any demon but water ones saying that they were to dangerous.
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Solomon was a bit confused as to why Camdon's family would keep things from attacking them. Perhaps they were very powerful? He still wasn't sure what kind of being the redhead was, but he was beginning to want to find out more and more. Still, the idea of a demon nearby rattled the young hybrid, and he looked off to the side again, attempting to see what could not be seen. This demon was particularly good at cloaking itself, he must have been. As strong as its wavelength was, it was close enough that Sol should have been able to see it. Still, there was nothing.

Looking back at Camdon, Solomon smiled softly. "I believe I might try to move. Whatever you gave me has reduced the pain quite a bit. It may not be a joy, but I'd rather not stay here for another night." With that, Solomon put his hand against the tree he had fallen out of and began to attempt getting to his feet, however it was harder than he first imagined. His back was a source of great pain still, and it burned as he made his way to a standing position. But he made it, because he was determined, and because he was sure nothing could be more painful than that pain he had endured when having his wings cut from his back. Before he could say anything, though, a deep bout of laughter broke through the forest and echoed around them in a way that Solomon was unable to pinpoint where its source was in relation to them.

"I thought I felt something weird around here." The voice was smooth and coated in a perfect British accent. "You feel like a demon... but not a demon at the same time." Solomon's eyes moved around them in an attempt to locate what he was sure was the demon he had been feeling earlier. And in only a moment the being materialized before them as if from thin air and black smoke. With his entire being there, he proved to be much stronger than Solomon had first realized. "What are you?" Colton looked Solomon up and down, studying him. He had never come across something like this man, but Sol didn't say a word. It had been a while since he'd been around any such demons. Colton's eyes left him to lay upon Camdon.

"Ah, I know who you are." Colton smirked, tilting his head a bit. "Come to save the day, have you, Kurama? I've heard all about you and your family. So, don't worry, I'm not going to hurt him... whatever he is." Looking back at Solomon with his eyes narrowed, Colton circled the young hybrid with reverence. It was very unnerving to him that he could feel demon in him, and yet he wasn't a demon, not fully. "What are you a hybrid of? Because you're not entirely demon, but I cannot put my finger on your other half. It's odd." Tilting his head a bit, he reached up and brushed some of Solomon's hair behind his ear. "Come now, love. I'm not going to hurt you."

Solomon backed away from Colton and his touch. As it was, the demon's skills had very little effect on him, because of his angel side. Full angels would be completely immune to it, but since he was only half, it was only half so in his case. Moving around Colton carefully, Solomon went to stand beside Camdon, as if it would keep him safe to be with the vampire. "I'm half angel." He finally answered, once he was no longer cornered by the other demon. This seemed to raise Colton's interest, and surprise him as well. "But I've been banished, so I don't have any wings or powers anymore. So, you're wasting your time, you can just leave now." Looking down, Solomon felt his stomach lurch. But not as hard as when Colton appeared behind him.

"You sound more like a demon than an angel, darling. And I would watch yourself, hanging around with this lot." Moving away from him again, Colton turned to Camdon once more, a half smile on his face. "I always liked vampires. There's just something about the way they bite that feels like pure ecstasy. Ever had demon blood? Because if not, I assure you, it would change your entire world."
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Tilting his head as the male began to speak again, it hadn't occurred to Camdon that there could be a demon out there. The red-headed vampire had simply forgot that demons tended to roam the forest from time to time, though they where completely docile for a reason Camdon wasn't sure. Perhaps it was his family name, or maybe something in the forest that kept them from attacking but none the less they were more reluctant to attack anyone or anything when they did show up. "Yes there are demons out there, but they are not very dangerous. Something keeps them from attacking at least my family. As you probably have figured out, we aren't exactly human like the rest of the creatures on earth."

Behind him, Camdon could hear Azure moving back and forth with Caylee, attempting to calm the child who was far more hyper then she honestly should of been. The ginger glancing into the deep forest straining to see if something was out there, though unsure if he was going to be able too or not. "Will you be alright here tonight or would you like to try to move back towards my manor? It might be safer to do so if demons are about, it usually means trouble." There seemed to be trouble every time he entered the forest, usually after he left something would happen. An fairy would be dead, a pixie would be horrified, someone would be tied up to a tree. It depended on the strength of the demon when he entered the forest.

Returning his attention onto the fallen male, it was obvious from his speaking he was a half breed or a fallen angel, though which Camdon wasn't sure. "I'm warning you though, your going to be entering into the home of a powerful vampire family. Our family is ancient and has had trouble with the Judas family for as long as I can remember. It's said that we came from the same peoples, but that is a story for another time." Licking his lips lightly, the ginger looks down at the male again waiting for his answer on if he wanted to go with him now or not.
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It was difficult for Solomon to process the idea of anyone being nice to, since he was so unused to it happening in his life. Because of what he was, the demons or angels he grew up around didn't take too kindly to him, because he was mixed partially with their mortal enemy. He didn't fit in at any point, and both groups labeled him the outcast of both heaven and hell. Perhaps he was too quick to judge Earth in thinking that it would be a horrible place to spend eternity. Maybe his exile would end up being a blessing of some sort. The long haired hybrid shifted, despite his pain, to get more comfortable as he was handed a questionable looking drink. It could have been anything, but at this point he was more than willing to try anything if it helped. And if this red headed beauty was lying and this was some sort of poison, he wouldn't have minded. What purpose did he have left to serve?

Holding the drink carefully in his hand, he drank it all at once, the taste making him want to stop, but he refused to do so until the entirety of it was down his throat and he could hand the empty glass back to Camdon. He had been asked a question, and it was one that he could easily answer. "Well, I don't suppose they really know that I am here yet. I haven't run into any of them since arriving, and I didn't exactly just walk into this forest." Reaching up, he pushed some of his long hair back from his face, already beginning to feel his pain subsiding to more of a dull ache. He was hoping that it would go away even more than that. "I was exiled here by my father, from heaven." A soft sigh accompanied his words. "I committed sin, and this is my punishment. He took my wings and sent me here to send eternity. This forest is simply where I landed."

Solomon looked at Camdon and found himself thinking of how beautiful the red head was, and how he could have been an angel. Though Sol would have been able to tell if he was, and he was something entirely different. Of course, demons were beautiful as well, and just as deceitful. "You really are too kind to me. I wouldn't know how to repay you." A small smile began to form on Solomon's lips before he looked to the side. He hadn't heard anything, but the frown on his lips returned as a familiar feeling came to him. It was faint, perhaps some distance existed between them, but it was there. "Tell me, are there demons in this forest?" Being half demon, Solomon was able to feel them nearby, and that was distinctly what he was feeling. Not a powerful one, but a demon nonetheless. Probably one from a lesser ranking of hell, on Earth to wreak havoc on the humans.

Looking back at Camdon, Solomon awaited an answer. "I believe there is one nearby. Could that be dangerous?"
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Glancing behind him, Camdon catches site of orange hair sticking up and glasses sliding done the males nose. Azure was the one who Caylee meant, and that was somewhat comforting for the vampire though not as much so as if it would of been someone else. Azure was likely going to lecture him about taking off like this without a second word, something the orange haired male was famous for. Taking a shaky breath, Camdom returns his eyes onto the male who was having trouble sitting up. The site of pain on the males face heavy and obvious, meaning moving him was likely not going to happen. "You took a hard fall then. It's probably not wise to move you from here. So I'm going to bring you a drink, and some blankets to cover you up for the night."

Glancing over towards Azure, blue eyes meet in the middle. The younger slowly turning and making his way back through the woods. Returning ten minutes later was a strange looking substance and a few blankets in toe. At this point the four eyed male knew better then to argue with his brother. Their parents were busy at this point and whatever this was, was obviously in danger of humans finding him. Taking the drink from the younger, Camdon makes his way back over to the male on the ground holding the green liquid out for him to take. "I Know it looks disgusting but I hope that your willing to take it. It will help with the pain, and healing your spine if it is bruised. How did you get here? The creatures out here don't often let others near them."

Many of the creatures were violent, and Camdon had learned that one from hard experience. Will-O-Wisps were able to take human form if they desired, and seduce men or woman into following them into the forests. They could be a guiding light for others that were not as smart as the ones who resisted least sexual attraction was involved. There were nature spirits and pixies deep within the forest and if gone far enough in one would hit the forest guardian's territory. That was dangerous, and something Camdon wanted to avoid all together. The wars in the land were deadly and if someone was injured and came to close it would not end well.

"Once your well enough, I can bring you to my family home to stay. No humans approach there, they drove us out of town so they don't want to get to close to our home." It was well enough the truth. Human's feared the Kurama house hold for they had driven them out of town, so they avoided getting to close. They would only call them out if things needed to be handled, and once they were they would take off in the other direction.
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Solomon's eyes moved to the small child that the red head had brought with him, a little girl with matching hair, calling the other mommy despite his obvious gender. The angel had no time to be confused as pain fluttered up his spine, bringing a mindless groan through his pale lips, making him want to lye still for the rest of his life. He really only half listened to what the red head was saying to him, explaining where he had ended up. He introduced himself as Camdon and offered to help him if he was in pain. He was in pain, but he wasn't sure if he was too proud to admit it. He received his answer when he moved slightly and more pain struck his legs, like his nerves were being set alight.

"I think I could use some help, yes. I think when I hit the ground I probably bruised my spine, which would account for the majority of the pain I am feeling when I move." A deeply irritated sigh left his lips. If he was home he would not even have to worry about this amount of pain plaguing him, but here on Earth it was a common thing, he would come to find out. His pitch black eyes moved to the child when she began getting pretty worked up about something, and between her whining words, Solomon could hear the approach of someone else. There was no telling who it could be, he wouldn't know them anyway, and he was concerned very little about them. If they were dangerous, so be it. He wasn't in the mood to worry whether he would be alive this time tomorrow or not. At this point, death didn't sound so horrible.

"My name is Solomon, and you would be correct in assuming that I am not human." Taking in a deep breath, Sol pushed with both hands and got himself into a position where he was sitting up, pain spiking up and down the entirety of his back and through his limbs. A pretty significant headache was forming, not made better by the loud whines and yells of the child in their presence, but he didn't elaborate on that. His dark eyes switched from Camdon to the new arrival and back again. Obviously he wasn't dangerous, he was their family. Sol could have known so by the distinct red hair. I actually fell into this forest a few days ago, I'm not quite sure how many. This morning I simply fell out of there." He pointed up to the tree, more pain shooting down his arm at the movement, but it was becoming more of an ache now that was constant through the majority of his body. The only time he'd ever felt anything worse was she his wings had been cut off, and he never wished to feel a pain like that ever again.
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"Where am I?" Watching the male move confused, Camdon bites down lightly on his lip. Caylee squirming in his arms until the child managed to get her way down onto the ground. Her soft bare feet pressing down the grass as she walked closer, her chubby finger pointing down at the man that was in the grass. "Mama, pwetty." Shaking his head at his daughters reaction, Camdon moves closer to the child, his eyes locking onto the male that was in the grass looking as if he was confused and in pain.

"You are in North Carolina. To be exact your in the edge of the Smokey Mountain's. Where the forests are heavy and strong. You feel pretty far back, but not far enough we are intruding into a section of the forest we don't want to be in." Camdon knew that there were parts of the mountains farther in, more towards Tennessee that were home to mythical creatures hidden from the view of humans. Though it wasn't exactly necessary for him to bring up at this point. The orange haired male making his way over towards where the male was sitting, cautiously bending over near him.

"Are you alright? You look like your in pain. I can help you if you are. My name's Camdon, and I was sent into the forest to see what exactly had fallen earlier this morning. I assume that you are it." Feeling his daughter coming closer, the child grabs onto her mother's sleeve, staring down at the male that was standing there. Letting out a whining noise at the sound of something moving around really close by. Her tiny fingers gripping hard on her mothers sleeve, pulling down on it in desperation.

"Mommy..mommy..someone comin.." Looking over towards where his daughter was pulling. Camdon takes a deep breath. There were many rumors about this forest, rumors that he knew could be true. "There is another thing you should know though, there are mythical creatures that live in this forest. Ones who do not take kindly to anyone who seems remotely human. I am not, and I am going to assume you are not ether." The sound of foot steps were getting closer, and as they became closer the closer his child got to his side. Her whine loud until she could see who was standing there. "Uncle!"
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The days were going by terribly slowly, and nothing was familiar. Solomon was stuck in a place he had no idea about, trying to figure out what he was going to do now. Now that he had no home, no family, and no way of rectifying that. He hadn't meant to get himself exiled to Earth, he didn't know that it would happen this way. He thought it was normal for him to feed when it was appropriate, the demon side of him longing for the sweet taste of a soul, and the angel's was so delectable he could hardly contain himself. It wasn't as if he'd killed her, she was still alive, and she wasn't harmed to the best of his knowledge. But how did that help him at all? Now that he was here, on Earth, with no wings and no way to get back to heaven or hell for that matter.

The dirt and grass was cool against his skin, it distracted from the ache thrumming methodically through the rest of his body. He couldn't really remember what he had been doing a few minutes ago, but now he was on the ground, and he didn't want to move. Long strands of dark brown hair were strewn over his face and neck, his dark eyes closed to the world around him, the sun causing his pale skin to shimmer slightly. He remembered being scared by something in the forest at night, when he couldn't see what it was, and so he'd pulled himself up in a tree for safety. He must have fallen asleep there and lost his balance on the branch, sending him to the ground some seven feet below. That would explain why he felt some amount of pain now.

Solomon couldn't be sure, but he thought he heard someone, or something, coming closer to him, but he still didn't move from the ground. His dark eyes opened, showing white with a large circle of black, no distinguishing between iris and pupil since they were the same color. That's when he heard the voice, soft and lush, and he searched out its source though he couldn't see anything. He lifted his head and turned it the other way, pain blaring from his neck and blurring his vision so that instead of one, he saw three overlapping redheads nearing him, concern on their collective faces. Finally they faded back into one, and Solomon pursed his lips gently before reaching up and brushing his long hair back from where it had come to rest over his face. He had a cut under his right eye on his cheek, small trickles of blood following the gentle curve of his face.

"I am alive." He spoke carefully, as if testing out his own voice which was smooth like liquid velvet as it streamed from his lips. "Where am I?" That was a question that had been wearing on his mind since he'd landed in this forest upon being exiled. He had wandered through it for days with no knowledge of where he would end up. This redhead was the first person the demonic angel had come upon, and so his question came out as if it was just a casual thing to say. He stayed where he was on the ground, afraid to move anymore after the pain he had felt from his neck. There was no telling what else would be hurting when he finally decided to move the rest of his body.
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Ding Dong. The ringing sound of the doorbell going off caused the orange haired male to sit up, his curly hair moving down around his shoulders as he slipped off the bed. Bear feet hitting the cold linoleum as he slowly made his way towards the door, peaking out the peep hole to see who was waiting on the other side.

Normally the butlers were expected to answer the door, but at this moment they were tending to his great grandfather and his many children. Leaving Camdon one of the few people able to answer it. Cain could of, but knowing his brother, it was not something that was going to happen in the near future.

Sliding the door open, Camdon could see the lust fill the village man's eyes as they raked over his curves and curls. It was something normal that happened to mortal's, they became lust filled and attracted within minutes. The male waiting for the man to speak, finally clearing his throat to gain the lust filled male's attention. Watching the brunette man jolt, looking up towards him. Heavy blue eyes meeting the males own light blue eyes.

"I uh..do you mind if I come in young man?" Raising an eyebrow, the orange haired male clears his throat. It was not a good idea to let the male alone into his house. It would cause issues, and Camdon could see it by the way the male was scooping him out. This was part of the reason they were exiled, they were said to be so alluring that men couldn't stay away. It wasn't all true, there was a lot of war behind it all. Camdon knew his uncle and his father had fought the battle against the demon werewolf that was still out there.

"I think here is better, what is it that you need?" Cam could see the look of disappointment on the man's face when he was told that he wasn't allowed to come into the room. His face was downfallen, and depressed. "Something has fallen in the woods. Could you..or someone handle it? You could just come with me instead." Shaking his head at the male, Cam sighs moving to push the male back from him. Seeing as he had moved so much closer to himself. "I will handle it. Go on home now."

Shutting the door without a reply, Camdon moves upstairs. Changing into a pair of tight jeans and a tee-shirt, dragging a jacket over his body and moving to pick up his daughter. "Mom I'm going to handle the problem in the forest!" An okay was all he heard, followed by the resounding noise of moans.

The male making a face before moving out the front door and traveling into the forest. Blue eyes searching for what exactly it was that had fallen into the grass. His feet brushing the grass as he neared the tree where something was laying in the grass. "Hello? Are you alive?"
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