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::Kingdom of Vamora::
Vamora is the kingdom of valor and courage. Every King or Queen that ruled has been benevolant or strong. Opposing Vamora is like taking on God in some cases, for the Sword of Valor, once wielded by an archangel, is the key figure of the country, only people of the royal bloodline can even touch it and the sword itself will choose the right king.

In Vamora, there are 3 Great Houses that formed, they built the industries and world around.
House of Hlallu is the one that grew technology, politics, industries and trade.
House of Reardon is the defense and offense, they are the remnants of old armies and sell swords.
House of Telliva are the mages, the scholars, the insane and old wizards that have held the bounds of magic.

Also, there's a great library underneath the city, built by the ancient Blades of the time. The Psyjic Library.

::The other Kingdoms::

To the north is the Velo-lor Kingdom, a place of tall deep yellow skin. They hate Valamor, he killed their old king after they sent assassins to kill his mother. They are peculiar in a way.

To the east is Altmor Empire, they are trying to take over the world. Valamor built up an army of man-eaters who resided in their main country and civilized them when he was 14. His canable army defeated the Empire after their coward emperor surrendered. Altmor are mostly elves.

To the west are Okko and the Hummi Kingdoms, Okko are a bunch of orcs, Valamor quickly gained their trust by defeating their leader in single combat and then they led a war to defeat the Hummi who were enslaving the Okko. Okko are Orcs.

To the south is the sea, beyond the sea is the Nutainian clans. They are a mystical and peaceful group of people who support Vamora Kingdom to the fullest.

Beyond them all is a separate empire called The Vor. The Vor Empire is abandoned, a curse on their lands, unable to cross without death. Valamor was said to have gone there with his father once, but they returned because beasts of the unimaginable power resided there and not even Valamor was a match for them.

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:::Royal Family:::
.::Valamor needs Children::.


Username: Alum
Name: King Ender Ixis Valamor
sessesion: Current King
Age: 56
Weapon: Vamora's Great Sword
Speciality: As a king and gifted child, he's a king of all trades, all arts and especially war.
Bio: He's the king, youngest Son of Paladar, younger brother of Peter Llarrus Valamor, Valatine Valamor Khemaunt, Lessa Valamor Khorr. Husband to Alxa Leida Valamor. Father of several children. Has 50 cousins, 147 second cousins, 3 neises, 7 nepheus.

Username: Tiryn
Name: Sandra
Sesession: Eldest daughter
Age: 27
Weapon: swords, knives, guns, and anything that has a blade on it
Specialality: fighting , strategies, basically disappearing whenever she wants to, being a proper woman in front of people, speaking in front of large crowds
Bio: didn't exactly like being carted off, but she decided to go with it. During those seven years, Sandra has attended as many schools as she could while keeping in contact with her siblings through anything that she can get her hands. Despite her age, Sandra has not found a noble that likes her or vice verse and is single. Doesn't want to particularly be on the throne if someone better is still on it and she cares more about her siblings than the throne itself

Name: Harabel
Secession: youngest daughter
Age: 19
Weapon: Flick-blade in her purse or anything handy
Specialty: Art, etiquette, aim, decision-making
Bio: Once leaving the family, Harabel made her way to an art school at a young enough age. At this school, many types of art were taught. She learned each within two years. This was her way of excelling in the fields that her siblings did not excel in as well as herself. During this time, she lived with some quickly made yet questionable friends. Actually, a blacksmith's family. They taught her as well, even in the 'art' of creating poisons. Yes, poisons. Somehow they managed to get away with making them and selling them on the black market. Little did Harabel know they did this. When hearing of returning to her family, she dropped all of the connections she had to the others with a farewell, and immediately came back home. She has no real hopes for gaining the throne.

Username: Goldenspider666
Name: Katherine Valamor
Sessesion: Middle Daughter
Age: 22
Weapon : dagger and bow
Specialty: politics, logic, music, reading, reading people
Bio: Katherine has always been sort of a loner, never having very many friends, but the family will be suprised when the see her after the 7 years. Once she had left the sactuary of the castle, she started wandering, settled upon a small Village in the Far reaches of the lands, where not with her title but with her skills, became mayor of the town, she also became a author writing a small number of popular stories, and poems. She took up the lute, and is adaquete. while still un-married she has a secret coutier.

Username: Josiejo/Ophelia
Name: Odessa Da���¯e
Age: 14
Wepon: long bow
Specialty: strategy, archery, crafting, traveling, hunting, flute playing
Bio: after her mother died, Odessa decided to travel after a fight with her father. She started up her own clan, her father the grizzly bears, and has grown to a full thriving clan. She has not yet since spoken to her father, but is known as one of the youngest leaders of a clan in the kingdoms.

Username: yellowordeath
Name: crescent
Secession: princess of Vor
Age: 16
Weapon: a staff that can control unthank ably creatures that live in vor , Along with a sword.
Special ability: is a quick learner, fast on her feet, and is swift when it comes to fighting.
Bio: crescent was born blind however do not take her lightly because of her lost sight. Because of this she is more in tuned with her soundings. Crescent does not know if her father or mother is even alive. In fact she does not even know how she really is or if she has a family or a home, because at the age of five she was separated from her family. When she got separated she was alone left with her family staff and an old sword. Then somehow she got remember lose. Ever since that day she is living in the deep dark woods of vor, somehow coexisting with the unknown creatures there and if anyone somehow made it out of that forest and spot her. Those people would describe her as golden or silver beast (depending on weather night (silver) or day (golden).

Username: Simmal
Name: Galt Valamor
Secession: Eldest son (Vamora)
Age: 27
Weapon : long or broad sword
Specialty: politics,war, stagy of all kinds, silver tongue
Bio:Has spent the last years focusing all his time and energy into preparing to rule. has become a master stagiest and handy with a blade. favors convincing other to join him with his silver tongue but won't hesitate to kill all that's in his way. is more suborn that a mule and will fight to the no matter the challenge had an ok relation ship with his siblings mostly his eldest sister but over all cares more for personal gain than anything else

Username: ShadowOfSkills
Name: Fain
Sesession: Non-royal, Velo-lor
Age: Unknown, over 1000
Weapon: Steel Scimitar, Silver-leafed Dagger, Magic
Specialality: Fain does not quite have a "specialty". One could say she is skilled at combat, but she is not as talented as a swordsman of her age that has trained their whole life. One could say she is skilled at magic, but elves who have committed their lives to the study of the arcane are far more skilled than her. She is a jack of all traits, master of none, and she has devoted her life to being able to be skilled at more than one thing. She is good with both sword and magic, particularly magics of a darker nature.
Bio: Fain grew up in poverty under her human masters, and has grown a great racial resentment against human races as a result. She now leads a rather unusual and violent uprising against humans.

Username: Lovemepurely
Name: Annalee Valamor
Secession: Royal child (Vamora)
Age: 17
Weapon: Flintlock pistol
Specialality: Writing
Bio: annalee was always away from the world and lived in a small library under that city. she didn't see her father very much and wasn't sure that anyone knew she was alive.

.:others are welcome:.

Username: Carlos68
Name: Elizaveta Savinci
Gender: Female
Valamor Constable (Former)
Valamor Chancellor
Running of the castle in the absence of the owner
Hold the duty as a Secretary to a noble or royal person
Age: 37
Weapon: None
1. Political Genius - Elizaveta is skilled within politicians and political science since it was one of her hobbies since she was a 12 years old. She studied and understood how politics work very well despite her family being too poor to give her a formal education. Although, it doesn't consider the interest of the Kingdom of Valamor since Elizaveta is not born with the name 'Valamor' and her different views of the political system of the kingdom rather make her personally unfavorable to the Valamor family members, especially the King and Queen. However, it was only by her luck that they decided to put her as a political representative member due to her great skills in politics.
2. Governmental Writer - As poltics became her favorite hobby, this increase her skills in English even though her family was poor as she was a child. She could write at an average of a 4-page report per hour, as she is somewhat critical in her description and it makes reading by others look completely real and detailed.
3. Gifted Sewing Skills - Since her family was poor as she was a child, her mother taught her about sewing that includes from patching holes in clothing to making her own clothing of mostly all types. Her most valuable clothing she made was her white hand-made suit and tie . She commonly wears her suit and tie whenever she is at work at politics or as formal fatigues to hide the fact she is a middle-class citizen. She�s also skilled enough to work with silk so well, that she created an 8 layered silk vest that is hidden underneath her coat that also keeps her warm or cool from the elements.
Allegiance: Valamor
Background: Elizaveta's personality is not as prominent as many other royal figures . Elizaveta was a closed, reserved woman. However, noticeable traits include her high determination, high self-confidence, and extreme focus. It can be said that Elizaveta showed an obsession with revolution and unpredictable yet organized hatred of authority. Many of her traits were also her weaknesses. Her determination can be seen as almost obsession, her self confidence as partial arrogance, and her focus can be seen as a partial sociopath. In many ways Elizaveta's traits led her to a bunch of yet medium mistakes, however, also led her to many successes. It�s not easy describing Elizaveta's personality, as in many ways her actions support some of her traits, yet conflict with others.
Bio: Born within a village of the Kingdom of Valamor, Elizaveta Savinci was plagued by Heterochromia Iridium directly after her birth; resulting for her left eye to be a strange yellow and her other eye to be a rose red. Her parents despite being scared of her appearance, she was extremely intelligence and was able to walk before she turned 1 year old. As she progressed through her poor life of her family, her village started heading into a horrifying summer resulting in starvation and uprisings of diseases. To make matters worse, after she turned 6 years old during the summer; Elizaveta was plagued by a medium dose of Waardenburg syndrome from a bunch of mosquito bites. The syndrome caused her hair to turn from black to white quickly and it was followed by skin hypopigmentation. The syndrom made her family even more frighten and concern to her conditions.
Oddly and miraculously, she survived her Waardenburg syndrome 4 years later despite having no cure to help her. However, Elizaveta in the end kept suffering from minor depressive episodes and a slight blindness within her yellow eye. After her recovery, her family increased their confidence and happens to make enough wealth to move out several months afterwards. Elizaveta and her family move out of the village and moved into a small town that was much better in condition and sanitary.
Because of the lack of wealth required to put Elizaveta into a formal education, she had to partially unconditionally sell her toys for books. During that time, her family was too busy to homeschool her since they were making adjustments and struggling to interact and work in the town. To improvise for this bitter compromise, Elizaveta taught herself how to read and learn from these books.
As she grew up, her family began to partially struggling in debt over the next 8 years. Somehow, one day; as the family were about to be booted to foreclose in a month, Elizaveta got her family out of debt within a couple weeks and saved her family from being poor again. The secret; her knowledge into politics allowed her to seek strong points and she used them to her advantage to pay out of debt with the cost of a couple rules being broken unknown to the Valamor government. Afterwards, Elizaveta made a living in her life by running as a young Constable when she was 20 years old. After 6 years, she was resigned to being a Chancellor due to her above-average skills of politics, controlling power, and keeping a keen respect in check. Unlikely for something to happen, the family of Valamor begins to slowly and personally hate Elizaveta for her different views of the political system and secret anti-devotion to the Kingdom of Valamor. After 7 years, she was fired from office for this exact reason but she was saved from being beheaded thanks to the people pleading her innocents.
Now, she is known by every member of the entire Valamor family as a Dark Leader because of both her anti-devotion and different views to the political system of the Kingdom of Valamor. Her whereabouts remained unknown ever since.

Name:David Sellier
Job:Captain in the Vamora Guard
Weapon:Long sword, Short sword and dagger
Speciality:Leadership, Politics, Resourcefulness,
Bio:Heir to the House of the Sellier, David has been raised to be a leader. He begun his training as soon as he could walk, and has thus far proven himself to be a capable young man, both on and off the battlefield.

Username: Destruction
Name: Jacob Delric
Rank: noble
Job: Freelance worker
Age: 18
Weapon: silver and black(Eclipse) rapiers
Speciality: close combat, thieving, sneaking, trading, bodyguard, one man strategies
Bio: Jacob was born into the noble rank, thus life was quite easy going as he grew up. When he became 5 he learned of combat and eagerly had his father begin to teach him fencing. Around the age of 7 he learned of a group of thieves and when he was eight he joined them. With his natural rank and trustworthy stature he could easily take advantage of people. When he turned ten he was a full blown thief and one of the highest ranking in the group, which earned him the nickname Lunar King among the thieves. On a high ranking job he took to rob the King at the age 13, he learned of Harabel, the youngest daughter of the king. He fell insanely in love with her on sight of the first picture he saw and abandoned his mission for the sake of not having ill will with her. He quit the thieves at the age of 15 and began freelance work for anyone who needed it, with his specialty being escorting or defending jobs. He also soon became well known through freelance network. He never fails any job and his records are perfect on all scales. He earned the title Lunar Song for his tendency of singing almost all the time and became well known throughout the kingdom for his works, but mainly because he named all of his own original attacks. It's been five years since he fell into that love and he has still never really seen her face to face, but he hopes one day he will get that chance to speak with her. It's all he really wants.
Allegience: Vamora


Username: Akiho
Name: Julia
Rank: Noble's servant
Job: Anything she is asked to do by her masters; spying on others
Age: 21
Weapon: Magic; knives and daggers; her own sharp tongue
Specialty: Contradicting others; being a smart alec; sarcasm; fighting bare handed; fighting with most short range weapons; convincing others; dark and light magic
Bio: Julia was born into a family of commoners who practiced magic against the Kingdom of Vor; they were soon found out for it and executed. The children of the family, Julia and her brother, were to be kept as pawns. They were stripped of their family name and were sent to different noble families to act as their servants. Lately, Julia has been used for more spying and undercover assignments, such as traveling and 'keeping an eye' on those in other Kingdoms.
Allegiance: Kingdom of Vor

Name:Jazlin Remora
Job:shes a loner hi is well known only to the high lords/kings
Weapon:She dosent fight
Speciality:WitchCraft and seeing the future and necromancy
Bio:nobody knows
Allegience:She offers her advise to all who have the bravery to seek her out

Name: Tresa
Rank: rouge
Job: rouge /freelancer
Age: 17
Weapon: magic ,dual daggers ,smoke bombs ,grappling hook
Speciality: lockpicker ,pick-pocket, magic, she can cast almost any spell, but tends to passout once shes out of juice. shes agile, flexible, stealthily,and can do some real damaged.
Bio: she doesnt know much about her family blood line or history .only that the magic that runs throught her veins is pure and strong. she grew up with rouges/theifs never knowing of her brith place or where she truly belonged to.liveing with rouges all her life she has learned many skills ,travled to many places and has done both good and bad. she follows her own path .she doesn't care who you or what you do. get in her way and know the true meaning of being cursed.
Allegience: none for she is a rouge. she does not want to be bound to anyone or anything.

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  Carlos68 / 6y 229d 19h 16m 53s
  Carlos68 / 7y 95d 21h 10m 6s
he saw the blade lord and was a bit suspicious until they explained it all "well... i guess we go with him" he said stepping toward the portal. he looked at his siblings "im glade you are all ok" he said before stepped though the portal. He was assaulted with a blast of cold air. he staggered a bit at the unexpected wind force. he did his best to fallow Belca but the weather wasn't helping the matter.
  Galt / simmal / 7y 100d 6h 56m 40s
Annalee shot the women a look, how could she doubt something like this? If her uncle didn't put her there then who did? She looked to the women and said in a voice that was crisp and odd
"do you really think that you are in a place to tell me what happened and what did not?"
  Annalee / lovemepurely / 7y 102d 19h 51m 20s
<<>Seriously sorry for the wait, I've got life issues holding me back and these are some long posts... I'm seriously impressed by you guys!<>><<>Here I was, thinking the pride in valor was long forgotten :P<>>

The woman seemed kind of shocked, "I'm not sure he did that on purpose." she said with a bit of an odd sense. Valamor was a brutal man, but never to children, especially in the sense she was saying. "I've never known the king to do so Annalee."


The Queen of Fear sat upon her throne, victorious in the cue that took over the kingdom of Vor. Now with her own 3 loyal dogs by her side as well.
"The blade beckons of feed on Valor, we must go to Vamora."
As she commanded, the slaves of her new empire were beginning on a grand machine to lead forth.

Horthrath, the Thane of Chaos stood to her side and spoke in a sinister voice, "Mad'am, your power will be supreme by the end of the next year." as he spoke a grin appeared on the woman's face and soon, the world would see the fear.


The figure answered the girl's concerned query, "Sorry, every Valamor has to go through this gauntlet, well except your father, in order to test you to see if you had what it took to be the next king." he crossed his arms, "Well, its either this or you get fried by the sword and then your corpse would just be a lot tougher to clean up." he joked slightly and then stayed looking towards as others approached.

Belca walked up from behind him and then stared intently with an empty gaze, "Looks like they all made it, but Harabel more intuitive than the others, right King Orrus?"

The old king shrugged, "Its happened before." he said with an unnerved remark, "I believe you all want to return home, it's right this way." he opened a portal that held on the other side a snowy plain and a large temple. "Sorry, but this is how it goes. The ancients monks who oversaw the forging of these weapons live at the tallest peak and have taken upon themselves to move the sword as you went through the trials." an old man with his upper head and eyes covered walked to the portal and waited, Belca jumped through into the cold as ghosts of the old thanes of Strength leapt through ritualisticly.


  Valor / Alum / 7y 102d 20h 13m 17s
Jacobs stood perfectly still without a hint of movement. His eyes stayed locked into his enemies when suddenly a small figure blocked his view. The figure landed on his fave and moved to his shoulder. He sneered and whispered to the small creature. "Thi is twice you've disturbed me, what the hell do you think you're doing?" the spider wasn't of the same air as before, but it was the same entity, but with a darker purpose. "There has been a problem-" before he could even finish Jacobs cut him off. "Can anyone of you explain to me why everytime there's a problem you come running to me?" "Master Sky is dead." The spider said without hesitation. Jacobs' eyes widened and shifted to the spider, as if checking the seriousness in his face. "So, you're here to retrieve me for his burial?" he said with a weird calmness. "No, I'm here to tell you that we can't get his body." "What the hell does that mean?!" Jacobs shouted, completely forgetting that he wasn't the only one in the room. "It's impossible at the moment, due to the conditions..." Jacobs lowered his position and guard, resheathing his blade and putting the knife back into his jacket. "I'll be right there." he said as he grabbed the spider and crushed it in his hand, releasing a puff of smoke when he opened his palm. The tip of his left pointer finger let off a frigid air and he wrote a mysterious sign that contained about three languages before clasping his hands together. A film of ice completely covered his body until he resbled a complete statue of pure ice. Looks like I'll accomplish my goal my own way. he thought to himself as the sculpture shattered, leaving nothing behind but a pile of ice.
  Jacobs Delric / Destruction / 7y 124d 16h 27m 7s
"Dear House of Reardon,

Recent heavy fighting has caused substantial casualties in killed, wounded, and missing. This alone, however, is not a sufficient explanation for the losses in materiel that we have suffered in the last war. I am well aware that many members of every regiment—nobles included—do not sufficiently realize their responsibility for the recovery and salvage of weapons and equipment, or even parts thereof, which have been damaged in combat. Moreover, and as a consequence of such losses, the problem of replacing material is growing more and more difficult. Indeed, in some cases the problem absolutely cannot be solved. This may lead to a dangerous weakening of our combat efficiency in the future.

The military reputation of our Kingdom will suffer disastrously if such losses continue. I do not propose to let this happen as ordered by the King. On the contrary, I am determined to employ the severest punishment to end unsoldierly carelessness, wherever it exists by my order.

I am convinced that commanders of all grades, despite the heavy strain under which they labor, will fully understand and support me in my efforts. This particularly applies to battalion and company commanding officers.

Putting aside all personal considerations, this shall be renounced as to every company, vanguard, and cavalry regiments will thoroughly investigate and explain all material losses suffered during the past month and, as of today, will report such losses after future engagements. The battalion and company commanders will personally certify by signature that these investigations are being conducted with the utmost thoroughness and that the troops have been instructed regarding the consequences. It must be driven home to every soldier that he can avoid punishment by bringing back even some parts of the weapons and equipment entrusted to him. Furthermore, every soldier must be taught that even the smallest parts are valuable inasmuch as they can be used again in the manufacture of weapons.

I am fully aware of the additional paper work that these reports will involve. Their importance to the war effort, however, makes it necessary for me to call for them. On the other hand, if future losses in combat are avoided, the reports will not have to be made.

Within 48 hours, all units will file reports regarding losses of weapons and equipment to the King. For every loss, one or more soldiers will be held responsible. These names will be listed in the report, as well as the action taken in each case. Units which have not suffered losses will file negative reports."

Chancellor Elizaveta Savinci

The full paper said in ink. It instantly became a letter of militaristic demand. Elizaveta put her feather back in the ink bottle to her right on the desk and she reached for the velvet blank book in front of the ink bottle that was right in front of her with all the notes and other documents of Valamor issues that were loosely similar to the letter. The office was a little small and it had bookshelfs on either side behind Elizaveta's seat. The partial curtained covered windows gleamed in the after-morning light that made the office bright from all directions as if it were lighted by a thousand candles.

Elizaveta had just arrived more than 6 hours ago and she has yet grew more and more critical on Valamor's status for the last 19 months that she might about throw all 3 Houses into consternation. But she was stolid about her words and advice to the entire Kingdom. She always been like that since she was a young constable; reserved, and coldly anti-privileged to nonsense.

She opened the velvet book with a coarse touch from the paper and she got to the 4th remaining page at the back and she flipped the book upside down on the fine dark spruce wooden desk. She pushed her chair back she stood up baring her own formal clothing that she propose for herself; she wore a smooth white suit and blue tie with red stripes on the side of the long sleeves and white pants that were draping a bit on the dark 5 sized leather dress shoes that were almost too small for her. Her clothing was rather, unconventional to everyone especially the royal family. Yet she didn't care since it told everyone the fact she was rich. But her clothing was sewed from the finest and smoothest material available since she ever became Chancellor.

She was imperceptibly getting impatient for the ink to settle, the warm welcoming atmosphere of the morning was fading away from her senses as she noticed the time was 10:17am on her grandfather desk clock to her left facing her at a 9* degree angle. She stared down at the letter with no noticeable or uprising remorse in her eyes.

At last some moment in time of rethought, a minute went by and she finally folded the letter on her desk into a vertical fold and into a horizontal fold to the left. As she soothe the pressing of the letter flat, she reached the velvet book with the blank page facing her again and she put the folded letter into the book and closed it.

The book was already filled with so many issues involving mainly the government's status and couple military issues. The letter was already the 4th military issue as it was focusing on the irresponsibility and unthoroughness of weapons recovery and report. And today, the book is finished and ready since the first few paragraphs were written on last year's June. It was time for Elizaveta once again to express such issues to all 3 houses and the entire family even though she can tell from their lack of speech that they personally hate her. But no matter the problem, she had to nonchalantly present the issues and recommended advices to situated them.
  Elizaveta Savinci / Carlos68 / 7y 128d 1h 37m 10s

A long hallway...

That is what greeted me when I finally stepped out of the inky blackness, flicking blood off of the katana.

Well, it wasn't just a hallway. It was a very, very long hallway with doors every twenty feet. Now, I have this urge to open every fricking door and throw a small little teddy bear in there. Don't ask, I have weird tendencies sometimes.

Of course, I had to walk pass the first five doors before I had to give in to my strange tendency.

I hate my tendencies sometimes; they get me into awful situations; such as the one with the Duke and his son a few years ago. This time, I got to be sucked into oblivion. I hate falling; that sensation that you can't do anything even though you are falling to your ultimate doom. Okay, I might have been hanging around with Catherine a bit much... Ironic, considering I haven't seen her in years.

Now then, how many of you would close your eyes during this? I would, and I did. What's the point of keeping your eyes open if you can't see anything? Just a psychological thing anyways.

So when I heard really loud screams and got almost blinded with light, you can imagine my surprise when I pass a memory of mine.

I can tell it was a memory. For one, it wasn't in my vision area whatever. Two, the 'edges' of whatever it was was kinda fuzzy. That, and none of my sneaky thoughts were invading my mind.

It came and went, kind of like a love letter sent by a duke or something.

I paused; was I going slightly insane? Maybe it was the prolonged contact without people. That would certainly explain my 'teenage like thoughts.' Then again, it's rather interesting to listen to them.

Another memory passed me by; this one was about me and Katherine. It was Valentine's Day, and it wasn't really a good day for us. Katherine was crying on my shoulder, wailing incoherent thoughts and words. I didn't feel that great anyway, but it made me better to help someone that was having their own type of griefs. Come to think of it, I couldn't find any of my other siblings either.

It made me sad, watching that memory go. I believed that we really connected that day, in some odd kind of way.

Then everything stopped. I felt that I was standing, though I was somehow upside down too. The only thing that was 'hanging,' though, was my hair. I didn't think on it too much; I didn't have the time to anyway. I stepped forward, and everything quickly turned white. The only thing in front of me was a tall, black door, one that I seemed to be growing familiar with.

I walked forward and looked at it, not sure what to do.

But then again, to get somewhere, I had to open doors. So maybe it was the same with this one?

The only thing left to do is try.

So I seized a golden handle and opened the door.
  Harabel / Akiho / 7y 130d 22h 22s


Jacob twitched when he heard what the man had said. The thought kept running through his mind like a flame on a fuse. So this is what my father signed me up for? I knew it was going to be too serious, these people don't even seem to be listening to me. If I don't deactivate this spell this room will cool down until it reaches below zero and them continue to drop. He rubbed a hand through his hair and sneered a little before resheathing his blades. "I feel like this will drag on for way too long if I wait for us all to just freeze over. Besides, I could easily freeze myself before hand and preserve my own life, but then no one would be able to come in here and get me." He got down on one knee and wiped a little bit of the snow away before lifting his hand and letting it become covered in a slightly purple mist. "Cancel." he said as he punched the ground and all of the snow and ice instantly disappeared. "Always remember one thing, the Lunar Song is smarter than you think."

He drew the white sword and it gleamed brightly off of the slightest glimpse of light that pierced the area. He stood up strait and curled his arm around before reaching into his jacket and pulling out a decorative mail breaker with a high grade sharpened tip. "The way this is going I don't really want to waste anymore time, so ill say it simply. I'm one of the last three people alive who know the perfect parry technique that can completely parry any attack, physical or magical. The one weakness is that Otha's no assault base whatsoever, ski have to wait for you all to make a move, but it's impossible to get through, and the mail breaker has a paralyzingly toxin that is also extremely poisonous." he let his eyes relax and lost his focus, allowing his eyes to get an entire view of his front while he focused his ear behind himself. "Two choices, either we just end this and I can go sleep or your men can attack and I can either poison them or show you how awesome it looks to counter magic. Your choice." he stood completely still, not blinking, his body as stiff as stone as his white blade let of a slight vibration sound that made an barely bearable buzz.
  Jacob Delric / Destruction / 7y 133d 15h 15m 14s
Tresas eyes seemed to widen at the ominous energy. It had caused goose bumps to run along her skin and the hair to stand on the back of her neck. She was about to respond when she suddenly blacked out.

what . . . .what just? she thought to herself and felt her hand twitch. she opened her eyes slowly . looking around she was a bit surprised to be in such a luxurious room. Normally when she had a black out she’d wake just in the neck of time and escape death or be in a sticky situation of some kind. But this was a first for her.
Sitting up in crisp cross apple sauce .

she rubbed the back of her neck and stared at an Vor’s Night’s armor. She grin a chester cats grin and stood. She walked over to the armor an inspected it.I think I’m gonna like working for the queen of fear she said and poked at the armor.I suppose they want me to wear this death trap she said.
  Tresa / hextheblackcat / 7y 133d 21h 31m 53s
Katherine nodded to the figure supposedly of thier many ties great demented grandfather. "Hello sir." She said politely her hand never straying from the hilt of her dagger
  Princess II black dress / Goldenspider666 / 7y 133d 22h 35m 52s
he stopped his rush and looked onto the empty place. he saw the door and opened it carefully. he saw three figures though couldn't tell who they were. he walked over carefully "Harabell?!" he asked in surprise and joy "is...that really you?" he asked allowing himself to smile he was glad she was alright. he wanted to say something to his other sister Katherine but he was unable to he was happy to see her but there last real talk played in his mind. he shoved away the though "i'm glad to see you are ok to Katherine" he siad still smiling. he looked back at the other thing in the room "so you are the one doing this to us?" he asked gripping his weapons. he looked at him "i only have one question..." he stared at him " i have heard of you but why... why are you hear and why must you do this to us?"
  Galt / simmal / 7y 134d 7h 56m 36s
Harabel was taken aback by this person being who they were looking for. They finally, finally found him! Maybe now they could get back to their own castle...

"Well, lovely welcoming party you have. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but you almost made it quite possible to die back there, from hysteria or other means." Harabel smiled, still ready to grab for her weapon if needed. On the other hand, she grabbed her sister's hand and pulled Katherine with her, closer to the demon whom laid out so many shadows.
"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Harabel, whom you may or may not know as the youngest child of the current King's children. I figure you know a lot about us here," She referenced to small visions shadows had made to play at with her. "or your shadow friends are quite clever."

Harabel looked to her sister whom she was holding their hand tightly, not willing to let go, making sure they both would be safer. "This is my sister..." Harabel awaited Katherine to speak.
  Harabel / Akiho / 7y 134d 16h 1m 48s
Annalee looked at her a little hurt and said.
"I don't even get how any can trust my uncle anymore. I never have I just want to see my family again. I am sorry to offended you but that is just the straight truth. My uncle hasn't done anything for me but put me in an under ground library to keep me away"
  Annalee / lovemepurely / 7y 134d 16h 9m 16s
<<>I'm running low on ideas and passion for this<>><<>yeah, I'm doin' lots of rps at the moment, and stress outside of es is getting to me, I'm graduating and my consulars don't seem to want me to graduate, telling my parents I'm an utter failure and all :(<>>

Luma crossed her arms to the girl, "Ender didn't mean to cause this and he never lets his people sacrifice themsellves in vein." she scolded the girl, "I thought you had more trust in him after all he's done?"

The queen ferociously look the woman's hand as an ominous entity flowed through their arms, "Welcome, my dear." she said and then everything would go black.

The woman was carried off to the Castle of Vor. There she would awaken in a luxurious room and a set of Vor Night armor would be awaiting her.

Galt's trial would end as he charged forth into the battle. The illusion would fade as sounds of a gleeful victory took place and a door appeared. On the other side were his sisters and the mysterious man, "So, it looks like three of you then?" Galt's weapn was now normal, and he would now face a final task to become king.

"I bet you all wonder who I am?" the man asked, "Well, it should be obvious, I am the great demon lord and ancestor of Vamora, Orrus Tiber Valamor." he gave a bow to greet his guests.
  Blade / Alum / 7y 134d 16h 11m 51s

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