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Staring between the two Anissa knew what was going to happen. Fights where going to break out and it was only going to be more difficult. Perhaps this wasn't going to be as easy as she had hoped it would be, it seemed like there was going to be a lot of tension between some of the groups...which she wouldn't mind if it wasn't between people she needed to work together. Licking her lips the female shifts slightly, pushing her long blonde hair back out of her face as she cleared her throat the room around her slowly beginning to become brighter and hotter by the second. The sound of whines coming from some of them enough to know she was capturing hopefully their undivided attention, at least she had Harper and Colette's undivided attention as well as Amello's.

"I understand you guys have your differences but now is not the time to be picking at one another. A full out war will come down upon the humans otherwise and we will be used as tools to kill them and be killed mercilessly by Zeus if we don't act." The words left Anissa's lips sharp and commanding, demanding the attention of everyone in the room whether or not they where listening. She knew what would come if they did not start this war, she knew what hell would be raised and it seemed that the only way to stop it was to begin a war. The goofing off and fighting was alright, but there was a lot of work to be done. A lot of people to be trained.

"Now I know we might not all be happy with our pairs but you know what they work. We will each work with that person on controlling and using our powers to the best of our ability. That said, Collette and Noah you are going to be charged with the task of teaching the children of Athena to fight. I know it's not something you might not want to do but we need you to help them be at least able to defend themselves. They are good at strategy and other things that will be needed so we can't afford to loose them." If the siblings where lost then the hope of organization would be lost. The hope of finding more technology would be lost, and information they wouldn't normally get. It was crucial everyone learned how to fight.
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Mathias knew he wasn't going to be allowed to mess around with Harper while Anissa was around, just the look on her face said it all. Though, that didn't mean that some time alone wouldn't afford them some fun. If there was anything that excited Mathias more than the fact that they were going against the king of the gods in a war, was the fact that he was allowed to be paired up with Harper. "Don't worry, Nissa. We'll all be good." Mathias laughed softly, his green eyes moving to Harper. "So good." He muttered, biting his bottom lip. Suddenly this room seemed to become less about the war and more about the respective pairs and the romance, or otherwise questionable things, that they could get up to.

Noah was just frustrated, though, not even sure why he was here. He was being harrassed already and being forced to pair up with the likes of Amello. He didn't have a problem with the son of Athena, but it was annoying to be teased about it when he wasn't even the one with the crush. His dark eyes narrowed at Collette, growling gently under his breath. He didn't even dignify that with a response, considering it didn't seem to be very directed at him. "Can we just get down to business and get this over with?" His voice was pointed toward Anissa, the apparent leader. The sooner they knew what they had to do, the sooner he could get out of here and stop worrying about everyone, except Amello, since he'd have to be paired with him.

"Chill out, brosef." It was Tallahassee, who had for some reason pulled out a flask that no one was probably fooled at all by, there was definitely alcohol in there. "I think we should just relax and do what we need to do when we need to do it. Plans are stupid." Taking a big drink from her flask, she smirked, and now Noah's eyes were on her. "Who invited her, seriously?" At which point the daughter of Dionysus raised an eyebrow. "At least I'm not an evil conivving son of a bitch." She said cooly, as if it didn't even really bother her, but Noah flared, and sparks ignited and flew from the tips of his dark hair. That's when Mathias stood up.

"Both of you chill the hell out, before I chill you out." He said harshly, ready to drown anyone in water that he needed to. This wasn't ever going to be easy, but he wasn't just going to let everyone snap and quibble and be a bunch of babies about it. He sat back down in his chair and fixed his hair while everyone settled down, his green eyes roaming the room. The only two not being trouble were his cousin and the two children of Athena. While Amello was just sitting and blushing, Siobhan was almost hiding behind her hair, hunkered beside Collette like that would do her any good. If anything it would just make everything worse when the blonde decided to cause more trouble. Mathias let out a soft sigh. This was going to be hell.
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Listening as everyone said that they would join, a small smile forms over Anissa's face. Everyone was going to join them, and soon that would mean they had the chance to fight the war that was bound to come. Though she still wasn't sure how Collette was going to be when it came down and time to the war, she was someone who would take to the side that war worked on best being the daughter of Ares. The female though said nothing as she let her eyes move over each and every person in the room. The siblings where both bright red, and Anissa had to admit that it was a bit sad to see Amello's face so red and knowing that he had a slight crush on Noah. It was highly unlikely that the boy would be able to cause the male to fall in love with him.

"I'm glad to see that everyone is on board. I don't mind the match up as long as everyone agrees to try to keep things on a buisness level" Flickering her eyes over to Harper, the comment was meant for him to keep his hands off of her cousin. The blonde rolling his eyes at the female's words but not saying anything. Harper knew better then to argue with Anissa, the female was the daughter of Apollo and strong enough to make his life a living hell if he dared open his mouth against her orders. Besides that the female was the leader of their little group so that meant he had to obey orders, or at least make her think he was obeying them. Once he and Mathias where alone though the story would probably be very very different.

Letting her eyes flicker from one person to another, Collette could feel a huge smirk forming on her face. "Oh you wouldn't want me to bite you Noah. I prefer to eat things rather then bite then." Winking at the blushing female, the blonde settles back into her seat. Her eyes flashing over onto the blushing male who was sinking down further and further into his chair. Collette knew Amello was no fool and that he knew this was not going to end very well. The female letting her eyes move back to Noah waiting for a reaction from the male.
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It was pretty amazing that everyone was willing to join. Even Noah seemed ready to help, despite the way he always looked so angry. It would be good to have so many different people on their side, giving so many different things to the cause. It would be easier to reach their goals with all of the gifts they were given from their god parents. All they had to wait for now was the answers from Collette and Siobhan to see if everyone was in. Mathias was confident that they would have eight people to work with. His hopes were realized even further as Collette decided she would join. Though the way that the girl winked at Anissa had him feeling the same thing she probably felt when Harper flirted with him. He was protective of her, and Collette was not the best influence.

"Yeah, yeah. Cool your jets, Collette." Mathias gave her a knowing look before glancing over at Amello as he groaned. It seemed he was none too happy about Collette joining them, since she so enjoyed to tease him. Not to mention she could use Noah as a weapon of that teasing very easily and make Amello's life a living hell. That became clear when she mentioned that they should work in pairs and instantly put Amello with Noah, but he couldn't say he didn't like the idea of being grouped with Harper for the extent of his war. "I can't say I dislike that idea." Mathias spoke softly, looking over at Harper and giving him a slight wink, no longer worried about Amello or Collette. Just the thought of possibly getting some time along with the son of Hermes where Anissa couldn't bite his head off was definitely a wonderful one.

Noah's black eyes were set on Collette when she said he was nothing bot the brawn behind Amello's brains. Sure, the kid was smarter than him, but that didn't mean he was stupid. "Bite me, blondie." He grumbled, glancing sideways at Amello who was all but hiding in his chair. Though, the way that he was blushing caused a soft smirk to form on Noah's face, looking down again so that his black hair hid his eyes. He wasn't going to deal with this now. He was vaguely aware of Amello's crush on him, though he didn't condone it. Noah was sure that he would never fall for anyone, especially someone like Amello.

Siobhan was now the center of attention, and like her brother she blushed fiercely under the scrutiny. War? How was she supposed to help in any kind of war? Anything she could contribute, she was sure Amello could do much better. And then the idea of her spending so much time with Collette scared her. The daughter of ares was beautiful, but she was strong and not very kind, and that scared her a little. "I'm... I'll join." Siobhan finally spoke, looking down at her lap as he cheeks burned red and her hair slid over one of her eyes. She didn't want anyone looking at her for too long, or to look at anyone else. She was far too nervous. Maybe joining this fight would help to make her some friends, that is if they all didn't die in the process.
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Biting her lip lightly, Anissa could feel her heart swelling up with joy as she watched the people slowly but surely agree to join them in their fight against Zeus. The only two left where the quiet one and the louder one. The blonde taking a deep breath in nervousness to see what would be decided, though she could see a devious look pass over Collette's face as she stared between Amello and Noah. She knew of the nerdy one's crush on the intimidating man, and she knew it because of classes she had with him, and one awkward event when she had run into Amello doing strange things in the bathroom.

The woman began to shift in her spot, a grin spewing over her face. Oh she could have fun with this, she could make things very uncomfortable with Amello and Noah, especially since she knew that Amello had a thing for Noah. She would not be afraid to make an act on it one way or another, and she was very good at getting her way. Plus if she worked on this she would be around a few very attractive woman that she would want to grope and flirt with when she got the chance, and war was war. She would still be getting a war, and the right to see her father whenever she wanted. Over all it sounded like the perfect plan to her, and she was going to be more then willing to go for it.

"Count me in, I want to have a bit of fun, besides its still a war its not like I'm not getting a battle. Plus there will be some sexy ladies for me to work with.~ Which is what I want more then anything in the world." Winking at Anissa, Collette leans back in her chair watching the quieter girl for a moment. There was no doubt that she was very attractive, and Collette would love to have the female join the team for the seer fact she could flirt with her as much as she wanted. Though Collette was not going to say anything about it, the female shifting in her spot to watch and see what the last of the group was going to say upon joining.

Glancing up from his spot, Amello could feel himself growing uneasy at the look on Collette's face. Something was being planned in that blonde head of hers, and it was probably not something that would end very well for any of them. A small groan escaping his lips as he shifted around slightly, head dropping a little lower as he waited for his sisters answer, she was the last of the people that was needed to join but he had a feeling before she answered something was going to be started partly on Collette's part. The female already shifting from where she was sitting a grin on her face that was making him uneasy.

"If she does join, then I say we make it so we all pair off. I'll stick with Siobhan. Tallahassee can hang with Anissa, Harper can stick with Mathius and I say that Amello and Noah work together. After all Amello has the brains, all he needs is the bronze to work behind him. If you know what I mean." Winking at the male, Collette leans back into her chair, legs folding. She didn't care if Noah was pissed she called him stupid more or less. She wanted to see what it would be like if Amello and Noah worked together knowing that Amello had a huge attraction towards the male.
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Mathias watched as Anissa stood up to address them all. He knew how nervous she was about all of this, about everything that was going on. But she was being so strong in speaking her mind to all of these people. These people that had no cause to help. Only that they asked them to. Maybe that would be enough. It was true that, once the people that were responsible for making demi-gods were eradicated, so would be the demi-gods. Zeus would be happy if there were none of them left, even if they were his own children. No demi-gods meant he could more easily rule the realm of mankind. No one wanted that. And he couldn't believe that the others of their half blood were so ignorant that they did not see that fighting with Zeus only put them in the way of their own execution.

"You know that I am with you, Nissa." Mathias was the first to speak when her speech was through, giving her a reassuring smile. There was never any doubt that he would fight along side his cousin, his sister. He loved Anissa more than anyone else in the world. He was one of the few to be raised by his god parent, Poseidon always being the father to him that he could never ask for better. Then he took Anissa in and kept her out of Zeus' path of destruction. If there was anyone in the world that he would do anything for, it was Anissa. She meant more to him than any of his own half siblings born of Poseidon and raised by their mortal mothers. She meant more to him than anyone. He would always be on her side.

His pastel green eyes moved to Amello when the shy boy spoke up. He was going to fight, and to be the second to speak, that was brave of him. His heart leaped from the joy of it before his eyes moved to Harper as he decided he would join as well. Of course, his love for making trouble would be his number one reason, but that was of no fault of his. It was in his blood. Mathias reached over far enough to set his hand on Harper's arm, since their chairs were next to each other's, smiling brightly at him. It would be brilliant to have him along, for more reasons than one.

The son of Hades was conflicted. He had no idea what to do in this situation. It all sounded so well and good. They were meant to oppose Zeus, his father would surely be proud of him for that. Hades and his brother had never gotten along, he knew that much from the stories. But what did he have to prove to his father? Why should he even care? Why was he even here? Did they really all think that he would be valuable to their cause? They had the wisdom of Athena, the war smarts of Ares, the mischief of Hermes, the knowledge of Apollo, the wickedness of Dionysus, and the water wielding powers of Poseidon. What could he do? Command the dead? He did not even know. If he had any power given to him through his father, he had yet to discover it. He was no better than a mere mortal, and yet... they had summoned him here.

"I will help, where I can." He finally decided, black eyes gazing upon Anissa, their leader. This was her fight, but they would all back her, or she was hoping that they would. Noah was going to go along with this, because as the child of Athena had put it, siding with Zeus would only spell certain death, while this side had a very small sliver of hope that they would all stand living in the end. Perhaps that was selfish of him, but it didn't matter. They wanted him to fight, he would, to the best of his ability. He had been fighting his entire life, this would be no different. Fighting alongside Collette would not be the easiest of things for him to do, but if he could get past her hatred of him, then he could surely do the same with the others, as they hated him to a lesser degree.

"Count me in!" Tallahassee chimed in a little too cheery for the situation, eyes coming to her which she contested with her lavender gaze. "What? It sounds like fun." She smiled softly, leaning back into the couch as she moved her fingers back through her brown hair. That only left two to decide on their own fate. Collette and Siobhan. If they would agree to join, then the eight of them will have been banded together. It was difficult to know how the daughter of Ares would choose, and the shyness of the other was difficult to get past. But, perhaps, they would all be on the same side in this.
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Taking a deep breath as everyone was finally here, Anissa pushes herself up out of her seat. Watching Collette fake pout as she moved, arms crossing over her chest. She was not done taunting Noah yet, but for now she would have to be quiet. The daughter of the missing Apollo was going to speak, the brother her father had been searching for since she was an little bitty girl. Since Zeus had attacked the village that this young girl lived in, and in defiance Apollo had saved his daughter rather then letting his father murder her. Only Collette knew that though, for she was one of the few children to be raised by their godly parent. Her father hiding with her long enough that it would do Zeus no good to kill her now.

Taking a deep breathe, Anissa folds her hands behind her back as she began to pace back and forth across the room. Her green eyes moving over each and every person. "I've called you all here for one purpose and one purpose alone. To rise up and stop Zeus. I know we have been called to this school to fight for him and destroy the human race, but what good has he done most of us? Hes forbade parents to see us, hes locked some of our parents up. I need your help to bring him to a stop, to stop this war upon humans. We are after all half human now aren't we?

"I know it's hard to think about for some of you, but please try to think about it. If we free my father we can stop this all, we can stop things from getting worse. It will be hard, but its the right thing to do. If we don't Zeus could turn on us afterwards and destroy us all." That was the thing Anissa knew she feared the most, someone could bring upon them the destruction. Zeus could turn his godly children who did not bare human sons or daughters on them to destroy them and send them into the ground once they had completed his quest.

Shifting in his seat, Amello listens to the words that he was being told. The girl was right, they would most likely be destroyed after what happened. Taking a deep breathe, the male shifts trying to calm the burning sensation in his face. His skin slowly paling as he regained control of himself, the male sitting up fully and letting his eyes run over each and every one of the demi-gods. Stopping momentarily on his half sister that he had not meet before this day. Sure there were many others, but she was the one he had been told he would get along with the best. The others were ruder, cruder and did not care to much about anyone but themselves.

"I say that I will fight with you. After all, your right. We are in danger if we don't. I at least want to stand up for what's right, and avoid the chance of death. I mean this way we are only at a slight risk of death, if we fight for Zeus we are sure to die for definite." Shifting, Amello could see Anissa grinning at him. Though the looks on the others faces were not to thrilled, Harper shifting in his seat before letting a large grin move over his face. The blonde pushing a strong arm through his white blonde hair.

"I'll join the fight, sure why not. I mean my pops got taken from me before I could get to know him because of Zeus. Why not. It's a lotta fun, and a lot of mischief." Anything mischievous was his joy. He didn't have much else but being mischievous and delivering news from one person to another, after all those where the powers he had inherited. His eyes moving onto Collette, waiting to see if she was going to answer, or if any of the others were going to answer. As far as he saw it, he worked with them he got to see the sexy ass all the time.
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Mathias watched the chaos unravel around them, but he couldn't help but smirk lightly. As much as it was probably dangerous, it was intriguing to watch Colette piss off the son of Hades. They were all very different people coming together for a common purpose, there was bound to be a little bit of fighting involved. As he ran his pastel eyes over the lot of them, he couldn't help but think of how very unique they each were from one another. It was hard to imagine them all getting along right from the start, if at all.

Noah, who was glaring at Colette from his chair, didn't seem all too amused by her teasing. She was causing Amello to turn beet red where he sat, but the dark eyed boy could have cared less about the son of Athena. His fists clenched angrily on the arms of the chair as he fought to control the fiery temper that no doubt came from his father. It was surprising that steam wasn't showering from his nostrils and flames leaping from his onyx gaze right at his antagonist. Mathias wondered if he should step in, but it didn't seem like the best idea at the time being.

"You think I care what you say about my father? He's a monster, but it'd probably do you some good to be around him. Maybe he could properly scare some of the pretentious bitch out of you." Noah's voice was deep and nearly a growl, eyes narrowing into a knife sharp gaze that didn't break even as Harper entered the room. It was incredible the amount of hatred he could muster into a single gaze, but he was the son of the god of the underworld. It was in his blood.

Mathias, however, had his attention taken away from the two as Harper joined them, a cocky smirk forming on his lips. Oh, this was definitely his favorite. He followed him with his eyes, giving him a rather sensual look even though Anissa was watching him for any signs of flirting. Mathias made sure to give him a wink when he caught him staring, but he wasn't so bad to look at either. Settling back into his chair and pulling his legs into a crossed position in front of him, Mathias chuckled softly at Harper's comment toward Noah, gaining them both a quick side glance from the raven haired boy before he shut his black eyes and leaned back in his chair, seemingly trying to calm down. Out of them all, he seemed the one that wanted to be there the least. It was admirable of him to have shown up at all, knowing nearly everyone hated him for the mere fact of who his father was.

Siobhan was the last to arrive, and maybe that was on purpose, but it meant that everyone would be able to look at her when she entered the room. She managed to only trip on the stairs once on the way down, and didn't end up falling. She peeked her head around the corner and then walked up to the door, biting onto her bottom lip gently before she pushed it open to see the other seven sitting around her. It seemed to strike her slightly, freezing into place like a deer in headlights. This daughter of Athena was very timid, but she probably wasn't the only one.

In a moment of concern, Tallahassee noticed the newcomer's aversion and rose from the couch where she was sitting with the other girls and walked up, slinging an arm around Siobhan's shoulder's. "Come on, sugar. You can sit next to me." She said happily, dragging her over to the couch and dropping back beside of Colette before patting the end seat for Siobhan to sit in. She did so slowly, sinking onto the very edge of the couch and casting her blue eyes down at her hands. She looked up once and glanced at Amello, aware of the fact that they were half siblings, but when she saw that he was blushing so much, she was confused. Then she looked down again.

"Well, that's everyone." Mathias spoke up before any more fighting could break out, moving his eyes to his cousin and raising an eyebrow. "This is your thing, so maybe you should start us off, Nissa." He said softly, giving her an encouraging smile before flipping his brown hair back from his eyes with a simple movement of his head. He was picking at his jeans where his legs were crossed, making sure to keep a partial watch on Harper to be sure he caught whenever the other boy would check him out. It was so good for his confidence, something he very much didn't lack in the slightest.
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Watching as the son of Athena all but fell into her cousin, Anissa covers her mouth to keep herself from breaking out laughing. It wasn't nice of her to laugh at the boy, but it was funny seeing how flustered he looked when he found himself in Mathias's arms. The blonde ducking under his arm and bolting onto the sofa nearest to her. His eyes on his hand's as he shifted, head dropped and glasses sliding down his nose. For someone so small, he was smart. Glancing up as the others came in, Anissa could see the pissy look in Collette's eyes as she stared towards Noah, then at Amello.

"Collette leave them alone. Sit down please, I know you love to make Noah's life a living hell but come on. Please behave just for a little while? We need to make sure this goes well." Seeing the bored glint in Collette's eyes, the female rolled her eyes moving to plop down next to Tallahassee. Her eyes narrowing at the comment that he was making about watching her, because she could turn on them at any given moment. "Oh and the same could be said for the son of Hades. I'm sure you would love to keep this poor innocent boy trapped in your bed for eternity wouldn't you."

Hearing the gulp, Anissa could see Amello's face turn red as the male shoved his face down into the arm of the couch. Collette feeding off of his reaction and running her fingers over the back of his neck. "See he even enjoys the idea of it. Little nerd. He wants you Noah.~ Don't fuck him up like your dad seems to do to anyone he gets pregnant. There is a reason my daddy told me to stay far away from your father, and I'm going to listen to it." The tension in the air was thick, so thick that you could cut it with a knife.

The sound of chaos was already coming from the room as the blonde walked forward, a huge grin plastered on his face. He knew who was going to be there, the eye candy he loved to grope and get a hold of. The male licking his lips, and slowly pushing the door open to make his entrance known. The male pursing his lips at what Collette was doing to Amello, causing the male to squirm. "Collette, don't you dare ruin my fun. Hes fun to make turn red, and now your doing it over the son of Hades."

A small groan could be picked up from Anissa, the female running her hand over her eyes. Lightly yanking Amello onto his feet and pushing him into the chair she was in. Taking the seat next to the females earning a glare from Collette, a small pounding in her head. They needed one person to show up and then everyone would be here, and the meeting could start. For now she could see the chaos beginning in the room, her eyes flashing to Harper, knowing exactly what he would do unless she watched him closely.

Groaning at the feeling of being watched, Harper makes his way to a chair. Dropping down in it and crossing his arms. He couldn't flirt with Mathias, not with Anissa watching him like a hawk. Though the female didn't know her father, she could easily over power him if she wanted to. Meaning he was stuck, unable to do what he wanted. Though he could lean back and get a pretty good view of the males behind. His eyes racking over it a he put both hands behind his head. "So we got siblings that are going to meet for the very first time. This should be interesting, and Noah? Don't scare and arose him to much, we need him functioning."
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Mathias nodded slowly, his pale green eyes considering his cousin from the distance he was sitting. She seemed so worried, and he wanted to comfort her, but he wasn't completely sure how. "I know, Nissa. We'll find him. I promise." He wasn't really in a position to be making such promises, but he wanted her to feel better about this whole thing. That seemed like a good thing to say to help her feel better. His eyes swung toward the door at the same time as Anissa's did, and he smirked slightly. "See? You were worried for nothing." And he pushed himself up out of the arm chair, intending to open the door to see who was outside lurking, but he didn't really get the chance.

By the time he was close to the door, it swung open, and Mathias found himself catching the son of Athena in his arms as he all but bolted through it. "Woah, where's the fire?" Mathias chuckled, placing his hands on the boy's shoulders and stepping away from him and the unintentional hug they had run into. Reaching around him, he took hold of the door and looked out, matching eyes with the son of Hades, which turned his charming smile into a smirk. Noah's gaze faltered, though, when another person called to him from down the hall, and Mathias recognized the voice. "Play nice, Colette." He called out to her, shaking his head slowly as he wandered back into the meeting room and dropped into the chair he had been sitting in before so that no one else would take it.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say they were all showing up." He was talking to Anissa, a soft smile on his lips. This may be turning out better than they had expected.

Noah watched as Amello scampered into the room like a terrified bunny rabbit, and he shook his head slowly. It was amazing what being the son of Hades could have an effect on. It seemed everyone had some sort of adverse reaction to him. His black eyes locked with the pale green ones on the other side of the threshold, but he didn't have time to say anything to the other boy before an obnoxious voice rang out from the end of the hallway, and Noah's eyes moved to clash with Colette as she rattled on to someone. A soft sigh left his lips, this was going to make things that much more complicated. He gave the daughter of Ares a sneer to match the likes of Hades himself, and as if to challenge her, he stepped into the room to make it evident he had been invited.

"Watch your step with that one. She would turn on us in a moment's notice." Noah spoke to whoever would listen about Colette, because he thought his words to be true. Any child of the god of war would be more than willing to do anything to make sure it didn't stop. Noah swept past Amello and into the room, sitting on a chair a little more removed from the rest so that he didn't seem too involved, and one of his legs came up to perch his ankle on his other knee. He looked like a dark, brooding type of bird, like a raven sitting on a tree branch, watching with beady eyes everything that transpired. It was no wonder people felt uncomfortable around him.

"Why wouldn't you want to be here? A party's a party." That voice belonged to Tallahassee, daughter of Dionysus. She had appeared out of what seemed like nowhere, hooking her arm through Colette's as she passed her by and pulled her along into the meeting room. "Ah, you all look so dull and serious. Lighten up!" She laughed softly and pushed her glasses up on the bridge of her nose so that they highlighted her violet eyes and made them look bigger. "Who else are we waiting on?" She asked softly, looking around at the six already having arrived. The two that called it, the son of Hades, the son of Athena, and the daughter of Ares, as well as herself.

"We're just waiting on two more, the daughter of Athena, Siobhan. And the son of Hermes, Harper" Mathias answered her from where he sat, seeming to get a little glint in his eyes when he spoke of Harper. Such a lovely boy. Tallahassee shrugged and walked over, dropping onto a couch and fiddling with a strand of her wavy brown hair as she chomped rather noisily on her gum, bringing about a stoic glare from Noah.

This was all going to be tricky.
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Chewing her lip, Anissa stares towards the door. She could feel her heart racing, she knew her uncle wanted her to do this and she knew deep down inside she had no choice. Not if she wanted to free her father and meet the man who had vanished from her life so many years ago. "I know you'll help me, I'm glad for that. I just..I want to stop this and free my father. I've never met him and I would really like to. I mean your dad is wonderful Mathias, but I want to meet my real dad." Feeling the blood starting to rise from her bottom lip, Anissa releases her bottom lip glancing towards the door at the sound of a collision outside of it.

That meant one thing, people had actually decided to come to the meeting, at least two of them had. Though which two she was not sure of. Part of her hopped it wasn't Harper, knowing she would have to smack him from checking out her cousin. The other half though didn't care about who it was. People were coming and that meant she was not a total failure. "Well, it sounds like people are actually coming." Shifting in her seat, Anissa leans into the side of the chair. Her eyes on the door waiting for whoever it was to make their way into the building.

Nearly falling on his ass, Amello catches himself before his ass made contact with the ground. His black glasses sliding off his face and onto his stomach, showing how pretty he really could be. The blonde snatching his glasses and pushing them up onto his face, his heart pounding faster when he saw who it was he had run into. Noah. The gorgeous son of Hades. Considered one of the darkest demi-god's out there, though Amello wasn't sure if he should believe the tales he heard from the other demi-gods or if it was their way of bullying the dark haired demi-god without getting into trouble.

Listening to the other, Amello swallows feeling his throat very dry as he moved to stand completely up. The blonde fixing his shirt before looking towards the door. "I..uh..uh...uh yes...I'm here for the meeting." Swallowing hard, Amello slowly moves towards the door. The blonde jumping when he heard someone coming down the stairs that he really did not want to see. The sound of foot-steps followed by the sassy yelling up the stairs at someone though who he was not sure of. Collette, the daughter of Ares.

"Why the hell am I even here? War sounds great to me." The sound of someones voice drifted down the stairs, causing Amello to quickly bolt into the room. Afraid to see what was going on outside. Collette glaring up the stairs at her younger brother, who was sadly more like their mother then she was. The blonde twisting on her heels and making her way towards the door, eyes falling on Noah for a minute sticking her nose up in the air at the male. "Oh joy, they invited the likes of you here. Great."
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Mathias should have expected it, but he still gasped when Anissa jumped on his back. It wasn't a struggle to keep her up, hooking his hands under her thighs where they wrapped around his sides. He wrinkled his nose at the kiss and shook his head slowly. "You're going to mess up my clothes, Nissa." He said casually, though there was a smile on his face. He couldn't help but love it when she did things like this, even if they were annoying. He loved her, and the things that she did that made her so like a sister.

Allowing her to drop from his back, he chuckled at her words, giving her a look as he fixed his shirt so that it looked good again. "I look good, and he notices. That's not such a bad thing." Throwing that naturally flirtatious smile her way, Mathias let himself be dragged to the room where the meeting was going to be held. He dropped into an arm chair so that he could see Anissa from where he was sitting. He knew that she was worried about this whole thing, unsure if anyone would actually show up, but he wasn't so worried. He was sure that there was someone on their side of this, and the six people they had invited were the most likely to want to help. He was uneasy about some of them, the son of Hades for instance, unsure how someone like that would be help with anything, but he was willing to give him a chance.

"Don't worry so much, okay? If they don't show, we can always find others. There are plenty of demi-gods in the world to be able to find someone to help us." He smiled softly at her, brushing some of his hair back from his green eyes. "Even if we don't find help, I'm sure we can find a way to do something, just the two of us. You'll always have me in this." That much was at least the truth. Mathias was never going anywhere, not if Anissa needed him. They were family, and family always helped, and was always there. Besides, it's not like he had anyone else to fight for, or anywhere else to go.

A secret meeting to talk about war, getting involved in something that barely concerned him. Noah didn't feel distinctly attached to the human world, thinking there to be an incredible lack of humanity there. He also didn't feel attached to the world of gods. What had they ever done to him? What did he care if war broke out? Better yet; how could he be of any help? Still, here he stood with a letter in hand, explaining to him the things that were happening and where he could go if he wanted to help. For some reason he found himself standing outside of the meaning room, considering the option of going inside. He didn't think anyone ever really noticed him, much less wanted him to be on there side in anything. After all, he was the son of a man that most people despised. They very well had a reason to hate him as well.

A soft sigh left his lips as he folded up the letter and slid it into the pocket of his dark denim jeans. He was going to go in, at least he was about to, when he was run into from the side, something that made him have to side step so that he didn't completely fall over. Casting his dark blue gaze on the person that had run into him, he was surprised to see another boy who seemed to be almost terrified of him. That was satisfying in a way, to know someone was afraid of him, but that could have been his father's blood talking.

"No harm done." Noah responded boredly, brushing pale fingers through his impossibly black hair to fix it around his face. There was no doubt that Noah was attractive, but his attitude pulled away from that significantly. His eyes lingered on the boy beside of him for a moment. "I suppose you were invited here as well." He mused, scratching at his jaw slowly as he looked at the door to the secret room and then back at the other male. He didn't know what to expect, and there was only one way to be sure this wasn't some kind of trick. "After you." He said softly, crossing his arms over his chest.
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"I'm ready." The sound of her adoptive brothers voice filled her ear. The blonde pressing herself flat against the wall, bare feet pressing into the carpet and her yellow sundress moving around her legs. Waiting in silence for Mathias to come out of the room, taking the chance to make her attack. The female throwing herself forward and onto his back, legs wrapping around his waist and arms around his shoulders pressing a heavy sloppy wet kiss onto his cheek. "You know how impatient I am with getting ready to go. Now come on everyone's going to start arriving we need to get going so we can meet them there."

Sliding down off of her adoptive brother, Anissa tugs her dress up over her breasts to keep them from falling out. "Though I swear, if Harper's checking your ass out again I'm going to sock him. No-one gets that ass unless I approve of it, your my baby brother so I'm going to protect you." Grabbing onto Mathias's hand, Anissa tugs him towards the room that they were going to wait in. The female throwing the door open, dragging the male in and moving to sit on one of the couches.

Hopefully some people would show up, though Anissa wasn't sure who would be showing up. She had sent letters out to several different people, six others to be exact. Though none had sent a reply form, and she was not sure who was going to be showing up. Getting Collette the daughter of Ares to help was going to be like taking a shot in the dark. The girl had been raised by Ares herself and preferred to stick to war. Anissa's own father was still a mystery to her, she had yet to been able to find him.

"Do you think anyone is going to show up Mathias? I'm so nervous about what's going to happen. I'm trying to do what your father wants, but I'm not sure if its the proper thing." Shifting on the couch to look at her cousin, it was the one person Anissa knew she could go to with anything. He had been the one she told when she found out she was pansexual, he had been the one she told when she got into trouble at school and was afraid to tell her uncle. Anything and everything she went to him with, even things he probably didn't want to know about.

Standing silently in his room with a letter, Amello stares down at the letter in his hand. It was a letter calling for help in the war that was going to come, to stop it. It seemed like the logical thing to do, and half of the nerdy male hopped that there would be some attractive young men there when he went. Anissa the daughter of Apollo had sent the letter, meaning Mathias would be there and the male was not bad looking at all. Though the blonde would never admit it, his hand moving to play with the rim of his glasses.

He was going to go, that was all there was to it. His mother would of wanted him to go and fight against her father. It had been years since Amello had seen his mother. Years, and he wasn't sure if he would ever see her again. She had disappeared about the time he was a year or two old leaving him to grow up with his father. Who in time told him he was the son of a goddess and he was being called to a school that he was not going to have a choice but to go to. So reluctantly he went, and had been there now for at least a year.

Pulling on his shoes, Amello runs his fingers through his hair before slowly making his way down the stairs and towards the meeting room. The male biting down on his lip, his eyes on the floor as he walked. It was what he had gotten used to in order to avoid getting beat up by the other gods who were not quiet as nerdy as he was. The male feeling himself run into someone, his eyes darting up in fear as he started to fall backwards. "I'm sorry! Please don't hit me."
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A school for demi-gods didn't sound too bad, not as bad as Anissa seemed to want to make it out to be. She had been pouting and huffing about it for weeks, and it only did well to make Mathias laugh. He had grown up with this girl, his cousin turned sister from all that they'd been through together. He loved her like one, no matter what. They were practically the same age, though she was a year older than him, but they were close enough. She was lovely, pale skin and light hair, the complete opposite of himself. No one ever believed that they were related, even when they insisted. It was almost funny to think about how little alike they looked. He would always see her as a sister, though.

Water steamed down on him, slicking his brunette locks down against his head. He was standing directly beneath the water, feeling it overtake his entire body. It felt good, woke him up more, giving him more energy. That's just how he felt in water of any kind, even in the shower. He knew that he had to get, but even as it began to turn cold, he didn't move. He was already clean, simply standing there, thinking about all of the things he had been told. Zeus, rightfully their uncle, was planning an onslaught on the human race, thinking them less than worthy of the lives they lived. His father didn't agree, nor did his sister, and he was on their side. That was what today was all about, the first meeting, when the eight of them would come together and hopefully start to figure out what they were planning on doing about this.

After over an hour had passed, Mathias stumbled back into his room with only a towel wrapped about his slender waist, his skin and hair already almost dry. Taking so long in the shower wasn't the best idea, but he couldn't help himself. He ventured through his room, skimming his fingers over the large aquarium tank that took up almost an entire wall of his room, boasting all types of fish, seahorses, and other matter of sea life. He felt comforted by them, it made him feel closer to the ocean, to water, and that was something he couldn't pass up. With a silent sigh, he dropped the towel from his waist and pulled on a pair of boxer shorts just as Anissa shouted through the wood of his door. The brunette rolled his eyes and walked closer to it.

"You know, cursing doesn't make you sound any cooler." He raised his voice enough so she could hear him, a smirk playing across his full lips. Despite the temptation to piss the blonde off even more, he pulled his clothing on quickly, a navy blue button up shirt with the collar folded neatly around his neck, the top two buttons undone to show his beautiful collar bones. Skinny jeans that showed off his slender legs and hugged his hips perfectly. It took him a moment to get his shoes on, the black high topped sneakers giving him some trouble as he pulled them onto his feet. With a smile, Mathias looked into his mirror and fixed a few loose strands of hair, but otherwise, he looked pretty great.

Walking over to the door, he pulled it open, his almost pastel green eyes bouncing around in search of the girl he knew was bound to be close by. "I'm ready." He said casually, crossing his arms over his chest, but being careful not to wrinkle his shirt in the process.
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Glancing up at the sound of knocking on her door, the blonde female rolls over and glares at the the noise. It was early in the morning, and she was still irritated at the fact that she was told her and her cousin would be sent to a school for Demi gods. Anissa hadn't known who her father was for years, until just a few weeks ago when her uncle told her she was the daughter of the sun god Apollo. That was all that he had told her though, the rest he said would come at a later date.

The sound of the knocking was getting louder, the blonde female rolling over and flinging the door open. Coming face to face with her larger uncle, his sea foam eyes staring down into her sky blue ones. The female turning and walking towards her bed, dropping down and crossing her arms over the top of her chest. It was obvious the blonde was irritated, and her uncle could see the look on her face as the door was shut behind him to keep his son from listening to the conversation.

"Anissa, I know your angry with me for sending you there, but we don't have much other choice. Listen this has to do with your father, before you start questioning I will explain. Your father was kidnapped, well more he was thrown into the abyss. Listen my brother Zeus wishes to start a war, and he demands you all go. He wants to train you all to kill the human race, and then he will destroy you. I need you Anissa to go and stop it, find your father and start a revolution." Watching her uncles face, Anissa takes a deep breath her chest inflating and deflating.

"You need me to start the revolution? Why? Why didn't you tell me this before? I've known you weren't normal, you can stay under water for three hours and it doesn't phase you." Letting her breath come out in a huff, Anissa runs her hands through her dirty blonde hair. "I didn't want you to grow up angry because your father was taken away. Your the only one who can get people on your side, you and Mathias both are good at it. Please Anissa, I need you to do this."

Sighing and nodding slowly, the blonde moves to stand up. Embracing her uncle holding his arms out for her, leaning her head into his chest. "Thank you uncle. I'll try, I mean, we have to start some-where right? I'll do it, just to meet my dad and stop Zeus. Its not good that hes starting war..thank you uncle."

Four Weeks Later

Standing waiting, Anissa paces back and forth across the hallway. It had been a few weeks since she had learned the truth, and three since she told her adoptive brother about them. The female groaning in annoyance waiting for the male to get his handsome tan butt down the stairs. Mathias was to die for in most men, or women's eyes. Dark hair and skin making him attractive, someone that Anissa would date if she didn't think of him as her brother. It made her all the more protective of him, especially if some bad boy was hitting on him. She had already caught Harper, one of the males she had invited checking her brother out a few times.

"Maattttthiiiaaaass get your ass down here and out of your room!" Anissa knew he could hear her, the blonde pacing in front of his door. They needed to get into the secret room before people started showing up, and if he didn't get is ass out of the room soon she was going to be breaking the door down. Whether he was naked or not she was going in there. It did not phaze her a bit, and it would not be the first time she had barged in on him naked. She had done it before when he was hogging the bathroom. Most people would die if the fell asleep in the tub for two hours, but not her brother he would live because he could breath. So she had barged in and woke him up so she could use the bathroom herself.
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