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[left [pic http://s19.postimg.org/yd3bqutxv/Noah.jpg]] [size11 Noah had never trained anyone in his life, let alone to fight. It wasn't as if he was some kind of master at it. He was blessed with power over fire, destruction of the most terrifying magnitude. Unleashing it on anyone could spell certain death, and that's why he worked so hard to keep his power in check. Why would he need to fight when he could just burn them all alive? That being said, he had been put into self defense classes more as a way of channeling his temper than learning how to fight. At least that was something he could start with, a place to begin.]

[size11 [#b3000e "Avoiding them completely would be best."] He explained. [#b3000e "With blocking, even if you were to block a hit, whatever you block with is still going to take some damage. If you put your arm in front of your face and I hit your arm, then it's still going to hurt."] Noah hoped that made sense in some way. [#b3000e "You're pretty small, so you should have the speed advantage on your side against most opponents. As long as you can figure out how to keep balanced and get away, you can use that to your advantage. Duck and move and then hit them when they are thrown off balance. You don't need a ton of power if their center of gravity is already disturbed."]]

[size11 Turning his eyes behind him, he looked at Harper, who had conveniently taken up a comfortable place in the grass. Noah wasn't going to complain about his unwillingness to help. The last thing he needed was the other boy contradicting him and confusing Amello just to be a jackass. He was perfectly capable of training the son of Athena on his own, right? He actually didn't know... Oh god, he could get this kid killed. He shook that thought away and turned to look back at Amello, his dark eyes taking him in as he explained about his magnified vision.]

[size11 [#b3000e "That could definitely come in handy. Especially in seeing someone coming. You have to be alert at all times."] As if to prove his point, Noah put a hand on his shoulder as if he were simply working to comfort him, and then he hooked one of his feet behind Amello's leg and pulled it out from under him, essentially sending him to his ass on the ground. [#b3000e "And never trust anyone to get close enough to you to take you down."] Noah smirked and stepped back again, motioning a hand at the blonde. [#b3000e "Back on your feet. Try to avoid my hits, and if you see an opening, strike back. I know you're faster than me, so use it. And don't worry about hurting me. I promise you I can take it."]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]
[right [pic http://s19.postimg.org/59f3um5ub/Mathias.jpg]] [size11 While Siobhan was clueless a few feet behind them, Mathias was worried. He'd never in his life seen a child of Athena fight anyone, more like cower and run in the other direction. They were far more likely to have their nose shoved in a book instead of other people's business. Their brains were what made them so useful, and he could understand having Siobhan and Amello on the team to help figure things out, plan, make sure they didn't all walk into some ind of trap. But he didn't really know why Anissa wanted them to learn how to fight. It would be easier to keep them both locked in a room while the rest of them did the fighting.]

[size11 [#2f5c24 "I just don't see what the use is. There's no way they are going to be able to take down children of Zeus himself. Even with powers... just look at her. She's got to be like 100 pounds soaking wet and as dangerous as a flower."] While he had agreed to help train the girl because Anissa would have made him either way, he was skeptical about the success of it. They needed to find more actual warriors, more children of gods and godesses that were used to fighting and scrapping. Maybe a few children of Zeus that didn't agree with their father and were willing to go against him. As it stood right now, he didn't very much like their odds.]

[size11 A heavy sigh left his lips and he shook his head. He knew Collette was right. They were all Siobhan had right now, and they needed to help her to the best of their abilities. [#2f5c24 "You're more of a fighter than I am. I just hope you know what you're doing. I don't trust Noah, but I trust you to whip this girl into shape."] They were coming up on the spot they would be doing the training and Mathias scoffed softly. [#2f5c24 "I'll make sure to get plenty before I die, don't you worry about that."] He crossed his arms, coming to a halt and looking back as Siobhan caught up to them, twirling her hair between her fingers.]

[size11 The young girl had a feeling they had been talking about her, but she didn't bring it up. No reason to cause any awkwardness. Her eyes moved from Mathias to Collette and she felt a jolt of something like excitement mixed with all of her nerves. [#123456 "What are we going to do first?"] She asked softly, hoping it wouldn't be anything too difficult.]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]
[left [pic http://s19.postimg.org/nsxzm0etv/tallahassee1.jpg]] [size11 When you were the child of a god, it was difficult to escape that god's reputation. Tallahassee wasn't as bad as most of them. She liked to party and she liked to have fun, but her sexual antics would be considered weak in comparison to her brothers and sisters. She'd never really seen the point in sleeping around, very much preferring to have actual conversations with people and learn about them. But at that party, with a little too much alcohol being drunk, she'd let her roots get the best of her. Dionysus in all his glory came bursting through her DNA and she'd ended up in the hottest make out session of her life in a little bitty closet. She didn't even really know Anissa that well when it happened, but something clicked between them. She had no doubt about that.]

[size11 [#7e204c "Ah, it's alright."] She waved off the apology for running away, not blaming her in the slightest. It must have been embarrassing to be found like that with her when the door opened, all tangled up in a sweaty mess of hands and disheveled clothes. It had only been kissing, but the way everyone reacted when they saw them made it sound like they'd just been caught completely naked. [#7e204c "I get it. You don't want that kind of reputation."] It didn't occur to Tallahassee that Anissa was saying she would have wanted more to happen. In her mind, the daughter of Apollo was worried about being seduced into it and didn't want it to happen, which is why she ran off.]

[size11 [#7e204c "I don't think anyone even remembers, honestly. They were all drunk off their asses. You were pretty close to it. No one is gonna think anything less of you for it."] There was something slightly somber in her normally laid back tone as she spoke. Just another child of Dionysus using their powers to lure someone into bed. That's what most people thought of her, of all of them. She couldn't blame Anissa for not wanting to be associated with someone like that. [#7e204c "I remember, though. It was a pretty nice kiss."]]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/6nBkqAI.png]] [center [font "Segoe Print" Amello nodded softly, biting down on his lip. Defense would probably be the best place for him to start. If he was going to be attacked he should at least keep himself from getting killed. Without that he would die and who would be left to run the brains of the operation? Especially if his half sister failed the same way that he did. If they were both dead and gone it would leave the rest to fumble around for some sort of battle plan or strategy. Something he was sure Colette could do.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Slipping off his own jacket, Amello dropped it into the grass and placed his glasses on top of them. While he didn't actually need them to see, they kept his overly sharp vision in check. Blinking a few times, Amello waited for the vision to kick in. The sharpness almost blinding to him as everything ampt up in color and in clarity. It was over whelming at first but once it started to fade he turned his eyes onto Noah, able to see clear features on his face that most people struggled to with normal 50/50 vision.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+ForestGreen "Alright come at me, just be careful of my eyes."] It was a soft warning but Amello knew that Noah wasn't going to hurt him. [+ForestGreen "What should I do to block them? Or should I try to avoid the hit's all together."] His vision would give him an advantage, at least he hoped that it would. [+ForestGreen "My vision is enhanced.."] Amello felt stupid saying it now but he might as well warn the others. [+ForestGreen "It is like someone put magnifine glasses on my face and everything amps up in clarity and color. I don't know if it's just a gift from my mom or..what it is."]]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Harper promptly took a seat in the grass, leaving the son of Hades to train the son of Athena. There was no way he was getting involved, the last thing he wanted was to get his face punched in. One wrong move and an injury to the son of Athena and he was sure the son of Hades would come unglued. A site that he never wanted to see a day in his life. Son's of Hades were known for anger issues and extreme power. Traits that Harper never wanted to deal with before.]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/BRlwxL3.png]] [center [font "Segoe Print" Colette glanced at Mathias from the side, then behind her to see if Siobhan was listening. When she was assured the girl couldn't hear them, she cleared her throat at him. [+indianred "It's worth a shot in the dark. The girl has to have some powers and maybe trying to get her to focus on one it might unlock others."] If anything they would at least teach her to avoid being killed by a powerful demi-god on the other side.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Any child of Zeus was going to be hard to take down. A battle that Colette hoped that Sio was not going to have to face alone. She would struggle, especially with their control of lightening. If she had no powers to defend herself with she was going to find herself struggling hard to stay alive. [+Indianred "IF anything we can teach her to defend herself. Last thing we need is the brains of our operation going down in flames. While I think Amello will be alright, seeing as Noah has taken some strange attachment to him, she needs our help."]]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Colette could see that the son of Hade's was strangely attached. Especially the way he seemed to instantly calm down when Amello was the one to approach him in the hallway. No one would mess with a son of Hades, not with the threat of death on their heels. Sio? She didn't really have anyone to take up for her, not really. [+indianred "So let's just try and see what we can get out of her alright? I know you'd rather be fucking around with Harper right now but if you die you will never have sex with him again."]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/5Jn12yf.png]] [center [font "Segoe Print" Silence filled the room as the others vanished and Anissa could breath. It was just her and Tallahassee now and she hoped the other female wouldn't bring up the last summer. It had been quiet an adventure with the party Mathias had managed to drag her to. She had gotten a little drunk and when it came time for seven minutes in heaven, she found herself in the closet with the daughter of Dinosyus.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" The two had ended up making out and Anissa knew that if she stayed close to her any longer, that wasn't going to be the only thing that happened. So she had bolted the moment the door opened in order to prevent herself from doing something stupid. It wasn't like the children of Dinosyus were exactly known to behave. In fact they were quiet known for the opposite. For sleeping around and partying it up the best that they could.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Red pulled at Anissa's cheeks when it was finally brought up. Her stomach rolling and her nervousness increasing. [+Goldenrod "It depends on what you want it to be. I did want to see you again but only to apologize for running off like I did."] Anissa bit her lip trying to think this through. The shy, quiet, soft spoken daughter of Apollo wasn't really known for that kind of thing. [+Goldenrod "I knew if I stayed close to you that things wouldn't stop at making out."]]]
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[left [pic http://s19.postimg.org/yd3bqutxv/Noah.jpg]] [size11 It was no surprise to Noah that Harper turned on him immediately when no one else was around to hear. He was used to people being snarky to him, treating him like he was some kind of plague on their time and energy. He'd already blown up once, and while his temper was unruly, he managed to keep a hold on it this time, even with Harper's sarcastic tone of voice. [#b3000e "He's not a Labrador, you pretentious asshole, you don't have to act like he's hard to talk to."] There he went again, taking up for the son of Athena like it was his job to do so. Where did that come from?]

[size11 A huff of air sent smoke from his nostrils and he looked away from Harper and to Amello, who was staring at the grass like he was willing it to grow and cover her so that they couldn't see him anymore. He really didn't know where they should start. He wasn't exactly a master at fighting himself, and he definitely wasn't a teacher. All he had going for him was the strength of his fire power that, when unleashed, could do significant damage to a lot of people. How that was going to help a meek little mouse like Amello was beyond him.]

[size11 [#b3000e "We'll start with defense. That alright?"] The question was directed toward Amello, not Harper. As he was the one learning to fight, he wanted to make sure that he was okay with the direction they were going. If he knew how to defend himself then at the very least he could keep himself from being killed. That seemed pretty important in Noah's mind. He took off the leather jacket he was wearing and tossed it aside, pushing his fingers back through his black hair. [#b3000e "I'm not going to actually hit you while we train, but I'm going to get close enough to make it seem realistic, so try not to freak out. It's for your own good."]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]
[right [pic http://s19.postimg.org/49tecng2b/Siobhan.jpg]] [size11 Siobhan wasn't sure she was going to be very much use at all. Her powers were limited, and even if she could learn how to fight using her fists, there was no way she could put much strength behind anything. How was she going to fight another demi-god? It was more likely she was just going to get her butt handed to her, or even killed. But wars needed brilliant minds behind the scenes, and if she couldn't protect herself then she wouldn't be able to stay alive long enough to help them figure things out. So training was a necessary evil.]

[size11 [#123456 "Well, like I said, they are just rumors..."] She'd never actually met a child of Athena that could communicate with birds, but she'd read about them plenty. She always thought it would be cool if she could talk to them, to learn the secrets they knew. Birds could fly to far off places and bring back knowledge and stories. How glorious would that be? But she'd never been able to understand them, no matter how much she talked to them. But she'd also never had any belief in herself.]

[size11 [#123456 "A-alright..."] She got up from the couch and followed the blonde from the room, feeling even more nervous. She lagged behind a few steps while Mathias and Collette walked in front of her, leading to where they were going to train. She was nervous, but it was nothing compared to the hope she was feeling that this might actually work out. That she might be able to put a stop to Zeus' plan along with her friends... if that's what they could be considered.]

[size11 [#2f5c24 "So you really think we can get anything out of this?"] Mathias kept his voice low as he spoke to Collette, not wanting Siobhan to overhear. He wasn't a jerk to most people, and he didn't want to upset her, but he did want to know how confident the daughter of Ares was about all of this. [#2f5c24 "I mean... birds? Really?"] It was one thing for the children of Athena to be ridiculously smart, but he'd never heard of anyone being able to gain the help of animals. That just seemed out of the realm of possibility to him. Not like controlling an element. Animals had minds of their own, and he couldn't see them listening to anyone, even someone as sweet as Siobhan.]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]
[left [pic http://s19.postimg.org/nsxzm0etv/tallahassee1.jpg]] [size11 Everyone had left, leaving only Tallahassee and Anissa in the meeting room. They were all going to train, which left the two girls with nothing to do. She still wasn't quite sure what she was doing here. She was nothing more than a party animal, a daughter of Dionysus, not one to traditionally be trusted with serious matters. Beyond that, the children of Dionysus were much more prone to symptoms of madness than any others. Most of them ended up dying early due to their hardcore lifestyle or they ended up in the loony bit because they'd given into the little bit of madness passed on by their father and gone completely bonkers. She didn't particularly like the thought of either of those outcomes, but it was hard to deny her roots.]

[size11 [#7e204c "Anything you'd like me to do in the meantime?"] She asked, fixing her violet eyes on Anissa once the room had been vacated by everyone else. Her fingers were wrapped around the silver flask that she carried with her everywhere giving off the impression that she was drinking all the time. Really, it was filled with grape juice. She didn't make it a habit to drink at school, no matter how much she craved the alcohol. Damn her absent daddy for making her an alcoholic from birth.]

[size11 [#7e204c "Need me to go gather intelligence or try to persuade anyone onto our side?"] One of the things that she was particularly good at, given who she came from, was getting people drunk. People trusted her easily because she was the life of the party. Children of Dionysus were almost like alcohol themselves. When people were around them, their inhibitions were lowered, their walls taken down. It was a unique power of a sort, to be so easily trusted. If she wanted someone to talk, she could easily get information from them. She was incredibly persuasive, and when no one saw you as a threat, it was easily to get what you wanted from them.]

[size11 Keeping her eyes on Anissa, she smirked softly. [#7e204c "Tell me the truth."] She said, changing the subject a bit, now that they were alone. [#7e204c "Was wanting my help in this thing really the only reason you invited me?"] She tapped her fingers against her flask, knowing she probably shouldn't bring this up, but unable to help herself. [#7e204c "Or was it partly because you wanted to see me again after what happened over the summer at that party?"]]

[size11 She had only ever seen Anissa at a party once, and during a game of seven minutes in heaven, she'd ended up in the closet with the blonde. They'd made out, and if they had more time before the door was open, Tallahassee was sure it would have gone further. But as soon as the door opened, Anissa had run off, The daughter of Dionysus couldn't be sure if she'd accidentally used her power of persuasion to get the other girl to kiss her and the opening of the door had broken her spell or if she'd done it because she wanted to. She never had the chance to ask, considering this was the first time she'd seen her since then.]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/6nBkqAI.png]] [center [font "Segoe Print" Amello could feel his cheeks heating up as Noah spoke to him, instructing him to come on to get it over with. Without much argument the blonde trailed after Harper towards the area he would train. Why him? Why did he have to get stuck with two of the most attractive men in school? While he got along fairly decently with Noah, he had no clue what Harper was like without the mischievous behavior and the sexual romps he seemed to have around the school.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" As they entered the clearing, Amello could feel his heart-beat increase. His stomach churning as he looked from Harper, who had stopped dead in the field, and Noah. Harper turned on them, and instantly a grin lit up his face. [+SaddleBrown "Alright so what should we start with first oh great son of Hades?"] Harper's words came out rather rudely, and Amello could only hope that it wouldn't cause a scene, his eyes flickering into the grass as he took far more interest in it than other things.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+SaddleBrown "Should we start him off with defense or attack? He's gotta learn one place or another. You seem to communicate best with him so you pick."] The blonde stood, arms crossed over his chest. He wasn't terribly thrilled getting stuck with the anti-social son of Hades and the nerdy son of Athena. Neither one of them would provide him any entertainment aside from watching Amello attempt to fight and likely fail. Anissa seemed to think he was required rather than just letting Noah train the boy alone. Something Harper would of preferred so he could spend quality time with Mathias.]]

[center -]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/BRlwxL3.png]] [center [font "Segoe Print" Collette listened as the girl rattled off what it was that she could do. Her eyes moving from Mathias to the girl taking in what she had just said. Well birds was a start, if she could start a swarm it would be enough to take someone down for a least a few seconds. It would be the best place to start and thing she seemed to have going. Perhaps if they could get her to use her powers, new ones would activate. Ones that would make her a little more dangerous than being a shy, sweet, little girl like she already was.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+IndianRed "Alright that's a start. Let's take you outside and try that then. It would at least get something going for you."] Collette nodded to Mathias, motioning for both to follow her. [+IndianRed "I know a place to train, like the one Harper mentioned, it's away from the eyes of the big man. It would give you a chance to work your skills."] Colette just hoped that it wasn't going to end badly. She was going to have to teach the girl to fight and if anyone could do it, it would be her.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" She wasn't the daughter of Ares for nothing. Her father had taught her skill and fighting abilities. Along with the ability to plan any attack. So she was going to attempt to show this girl, whether or not Mathias actually proved to be useful in that training or not. Regardless they were stuck with each other. Even if Colette would of rather trained the girl alone. [+IndianRed "Let's go this way."]]]
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[left [pic http://s19.postimg.org/yd3bqutxv/Noah.jpg]] [size11 The son of Athena was going to require a lot of work to be ready for a war. While his smarts would certainly come in handy for things, there was no way he was going to make it through this unless he was able to fight at least a little bit, and definitely be able to protect himself. Noah was in his own head, thinking about what they could possibly start with. Should he teach Amello to protect himself first or teach him to attack first? It was always Noah's own instinct to attack first, but that was because in order to defend himself he would actually have to care if he lived or died. Part of him didn't care very much at all.]

[size11 It was something of a relief to be stuck with Harper instead of Mathias. While Noah didn't have a particular fondness for either of them, he could at least tolerate the son of Hermes a bit more than his cousin. Just thinking about the fact that Mathias and he were related in any way was painful, but their fathers were technically brothers, which meant they were cousins in the god sense. Noah would never claim him, though. Not when he was such an asshole. The son of Hades rolled his eyes at Harper's comment about keeping it in their pants, and then he set his impossibly dark eyes on Amello.]

[size11 [#b3000e "Come on, the sooner we go the sooner we get this over with."] He didn't mean the training in general, but the training with Harper. He would have preferred to only be training Amello on his own, but no one seemed to trust him to keep the boy alive. He had a temper, yes, but none of them even realized how much restraint he had on it. His control was amazing and if any of them were to see what he could truly do, they would be even more afraid of him. He wouldn't think of that now, though. He made his way to the door to join Harper, not at all looking forward to working with the troublemaker. Especially when the first thing on his mind seemed to be making eyes at Mathias.]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]
[right [pic http://s19.postimg.org/59f3um5ub/Mathias.jpg]] [size11 Mathias didn't miss the way that Harper looked at him and he purposefully bent his body forward just a little bit to give him a nice view. He didn't know why he and Harper had to help train instead of Anissa and Tallahassee, but he had learned a long time ago not to argue with her. When Anissa wanted something done, she had it. There was nothing to be done about it. He knew that she wanted him to stay away from Harper because the son of Hermes was so known for causing trouble, but he would get to him eventually. They weren't going to get out of this war without Mathias getting it on with that hunk.]

[size11 [#2f5c24 "Hmm..."] He mused over Collette's question only after Harper had left the room and his line of sight, taking Noah and Amello with him. His sea foam eyes turned on Siobhan, who was looking down at her hands as if they were the most interesting thing in the world. [#2f5c24 "I'm more of a lover than a fighter. Have you got any powers, love? Anything that may be useful in a battle?"] He reached down and touched the girl beneath the chin to get her to look up, bringing her big blue eyes to meet his own. [#2f5c24 "Don't be shy. We're not going to bite."]]

[size11 Siobhan looked between her two teachers, feeling incredibly nervous but slightly hopeful. She wanted this to go well. She wanted to help. [#123456 "Well, like most children of Athena I have quite a lot of smarts and I can help with strategy and things like that..."] She knew that's not what they were looking for, and she just waited to see the disappointment in their eyes. When it didn't come, she spoke again. [#123456 "There are rumors of some that can communicate with and seek the help of birds. I don't know about you, but I'd be terrified if a bunch of birds came after me."] She looked at them hopefully, knowing it wasn't much, but it was all she had to give in the way of powers.]
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Amello bit down onto his lip watching as Noah came back over to him. Thing's seemed to have calmed down now after his freak out earlier and it was a bit of a relief for the son of Athena. After all he had been the one to cause most of it by yelling at Mathias and stalking out after Noah. Silently Amello was a bit glad that Harper had been assigned to take care of him instead of Mathias but he kept his mouth shut. Drama was the last thing the son of Athena wanted to deal with right now and so he was going to keep it from happening.

Harper glanced at Noah and nodded as he was spoken too. It was odd to hear the son of Hades talking to him or acting the way he was but he shrugged it off. If Anissa was so determined to keep them apart then it would so be that way. "Yeah I know a place that would be wide open to start with him. It's a little meadow looking place out back that the big man doesn't know about." Harper was often going there to do things that he shouldn't do. The son of Hermes was often known for getting into trouble so this wasn't any newer.

Stalking towards the door, Harper straightened out his clothes looking over his shoulder at the two of them. "Come on if your coming I'll show you the way. Keep it in your pants while we are training though.~ I don't want to watch that.~" Harper's sing song voice rang out towards the door as he leaned into the door frame. His eyes moving to scrape over Mathias's form quickly before returning onto the blonde son of Athena and the brunette son of Hades.

Smirking Collette watched as Noah went over towards Amello in an instant. It was no shocking surprise that they were close for she had guessed it would happen. "Alright then Mathias where should we start with the little flower? She obviously needs some work and I'm sure that we can do it."

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Noah followed Amello back into the room, hoping that everything had been resolved. As much as he didn't like Mathias, he didn't want the son of Athena to be upset. For some reason he wanted to keep the small blonde safe and happy. As if he was his own personal responsibility. From now on, he would consider him to be so. He wanted to keep him close and make sure no one hurt him, and that's what he would do.

Looking around the room, Noah was relieved to hear that Harper would be helping him train Amello instead of Mathias. Even with the half assed apology, he didn't particularly want to work with the son of Poseidon. He was cocky and annoying and Noah was half afraid he would kill him in the process. It was surprising to him when Mathias approached him, scratching the back of his head.

"We kind of need you at full force, so..." Mathias looked at Noah's probably broken hand and the son of Hades sighed and lifted it up, giving him a silent go ahead. Mathias focused on it and watched as water from the air formed into a visible stream and wrapped around Noah's injured hand. In a matter of seconds, the wounds had healed and Noah could move his fingers without significant pain. The water vanished again and Mathias smiled, looking incredibly proud of himself. "Try not to hurt it again if you can." He teased, nodding once before walking away to join the girls that would be needing his help to train.

Noah walked over to where Amello was, crossing his arms as he stood beside him. He wasn't entirely sure where to start with him. The son of Athena was intelligent and could probably take care of himself when it came to this war, but Noah was determined to teach him as much as possible to keep him safe. His black eyes turned on Harper, hoping he wasn't near as annoying as Mathias. "I suppose we should get started." The son of Hades sighed and ran his hands back through his black hair. "We need to find somewhere more open to train." He suggested, looking at Harper. "Do you know of anywhere?"

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Amello stared silently half in shock that the son of Hades had followed him. Not a word left his mouth as he listened to everything that Noah was saying in shock. Noah was right they were going to need to work together in order to win this thing, not throw hissy fits like Amello had just done. His anger had gotten the better of him and before he could stop himself he found himself yelling at the person. A small smile hit his lips when the words that they weren't better where told to him. Blonde hair fell into Amello's face as he listened to Noah talk about the rest of it his heart thundering in his chest.

Amello was beginning to get lost in the males words and his eyes when something happened that shocked him. Noah smiled at him, smiled as in really smiled instead of fake smirked in annoyance. Inhaling quickly Amello's brain seemed to be going in fifteen different directions before he took off after the male trying to keep up and hide the fact his face had turned a light shade of pink. As he rounded the corner into the room he could hear Anissa standing with her hands on her hips and glaring at Mathias with all of her might. The two appeared to really be brother and sister if they demi-gods hadn't known who their parents were, they would of assumed that they were brother and sister.

"Anissa leave him be it's fine. I'm sorry I exploded and I'm sorry I stormed out we do need to work as a team." The blonde woman's chest seemed to deflate as she stared at him in shock. "R.right! Well I guess we need to start working on getting our training going then. Noah you will work with Amello, Harper you go help Noah instead. Mathias you will be helping Collette work with Siobhan. After we are finished we will meet one more time before dinner. We need to work on a strategy so that we don't get caught."

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Out of all of the people Mathias was sure wouldn't have a temper tantrum over something, it was Amello. He didn't think that a child of Athena could even get angry, let alone yell at someone like him. He was a child of Poseidon, people didn't just yell at him like that. Let alone to defend a child of Hades. So when Amello stood and began to curse at him, telling him he didn't even know Noah, that he should just stop making assumptions about him, all Mathias could do was stare. He stayed completely silent through the rant, not feeling a bit of anger, more feeling bad for upsetting the boy so much. It wasn't funny, either. They were the center of attention, and he was being chewed out for being an asshole. It wasn't the image he wanted hanging over his head in the slightest.

A breath he had been holding spilled out as Amello turned to stalk from the room and Mathias looked at the door in absolute shock before Anissa was at his side. Now she was fussing at him, and he looked at her with a bit of a harsh gaze before his eyes softened again. "Chill out, I'll go get him." He muttered, standing up from where he had been sitting and heading for the door. He hadn't been paying attention to any of the others, so when Noah met him by the door, it was a little surprising. He looked up at the dark eyes of the other boy. "Look, I'm..."

"Save it." Noah said simply, not a hint of anger in his words now. "If you apologize now we both know you won't mean it. Do it when you actually are sorry." He was speaking quietly so that no one else could hear. Mathias nodded once. "Let me get him, I don't think he really wants to see you right now." Noah added on, slipping through the doorway before Mathias could protest.

Once Noah was in the hallway he wasn't entirely sure what he was doing. Going after a son of Athena? Like he cared... Maybe he did. No one had ever taken up for him like that before. It was a nice gesture, and maybe he wanted to return the favor. He found Amello, and he looked at him for a second before leaning on the wall next to him. "You shouldn't take what they say to heart." He said softly, looking at the floor. "They don't understand, they will never understand, no matter how much you bash it into their heads. They will always believe they are better than us. But do you want to know a secret?" Looking over, Noah smirked softly. "They're not."

Noah looked Amello over, sighing softly. "The truth is, we all need to be in this together to win this thing. It doesn't matter if we like each other or not, because if we don't do this we're all going to die anyway. They're going to kill us, because they can. If that isn't a case of inflated ego, I don't know what is. So just think of this fight as a way of showing everyone that ever questioned you that you are just as good if not better than them. That you are capable of more. That you are not weak." Standing up off the wall, Noah stood in front of Amello and put a hand on his shoulder. "And like I said, if you're ever in trouble you can come find me and I'll keep you safe. I owe you one, after that." It was perhaps the first real smile that formed on Noah's lips in a very long time, and it was all for Amello. He deserved it.

"Come on." Noah said finally, taking his hand away from the other boy's shoulder. "We should get back in there before Anissa rips her cousin's head off. I don't think he'll be saying anything to either of us anymore."

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Nodding, Anissa leans back into the chair watching the others. This was not going to be as easy as she had originally hoped for, this was actually probably going to be really hard. Yet it was the only way they could stop her uncle/grandfather from destroying the human race and the demi-gods along with it. Despite his promise of life and freedom there was going to be none, he was going to let them die no matter what. It would be the end of them and that would be the end of the story. The blonde glancing up towards the woman who was still standing beside her. "I trust you can do this Tallahassee. It's not going to be easy, it's probably going to be fairly hard. From the looks of it there are already getting along issues between people and we will be lucky if Noah doesn't walk out in anger."

Nodding with a heavy smirk at the female Collette runs her fingers through her hair. Her eyes flickering towards the others before landing on Harper who looked none to happy to be there. "Good, we will start off slow with battle stances and protective things like self defense. Then we will move onto the big stuff, you won't need to know much seeing as your our brains rather then our bronze. Though I bet our bronze walks out." Making a light scoffing noise as Noah came back in the room. The damned son of Hades had to prove her wrong by walking back in and not giving up, the female's arms crossing over her chest. Being daddies little angel helped her hatred for others and her love of war.

Eyes flickering between Noah who stalked back in and Collette, there was one thing the two did agree on. Neither of them cared for Noah, but when Amello's voice hit his ears defending Noah the blonde couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. Amello was defending someone who would probably kill him? Now that was a new one to hear a child of Athena speak up with courage that most her sons and daughters naturally lacked. Still it was quiet interesting for him to stare across room curious as to what was going to happen next, from what he could gather Amello wasn't going to keep his mouth shut from the growing look of anger on his face. The trouble causing demi-god half waiting for the explosion to happen, for things to go out of control in the first meeting.

Eyes narrowing at Mathias, the son of Athena could for the first time feel rage bubbling in his chest as the male continued to down talk the male who had just walked into the room. Going on and on about how horrible he was just because he was a son of Hades, a slight feeling of compassion and understanding coming through. After all what would these children know about being different? They wouldn't they were the highly accepted and honored children, they weren't shunned like the children of Hades or bullied for being weak like the children of Athena. They were normal son's of Gods and Goddesses who were powerful and frightening. Who where considered normal, and yet the son of Posiden himself was running his mouth about how horrible Noah was when he didn't even know the man. He likely had never met him before.

The smirk and the last words were the last thing for the son of Athena, his face completely red as he stood up shaking unsure what he was going to do. "Why don't you just shut the fuck up? You don't even know him but your judging him for who he is. " Amello could feel the eyes of Anissa turning onto him followed by Collette and Harper. "What would you know about being different anyways huh? Your the perfect son of a god whose feared but respected, not the son of a god whose hated or the son of a goddess whose considered weak. You honestly should learn to shut up and learn about a person before you start running your pretty fucking mouth about them." Heart thundering the demi-god turns on his heals stalking out of the room and down the hall, his fingers pushing through his hair. What was he doing? There was no way he could fight in this war, not after just telling off the son of Posiden.

Stalking over towards Mathias, Anissa lets out a small groan of annoyance. Her eyes landing on the brunette as she approached closer and closer to him. "Mathias you know better then to act like that! Now go get him before I call your father and tell him just why his plan didn't work. Every one is needed and no one is not needed. Noah is needed just as much as the rest of us as is Amello. So apologize to both of them and go get him, or you will be hating life." Letting out a hot breath, the blonde lets out a small groan. This definitely was not going to be easy, but the blonde knew her threat was enough to make the boy move. Abet he would likely not like it but he would do it because she did have no issue calling his father and telling him exactly what happened.
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"I appreciate that. I'll do my best to help. As much as I possibly can." Tallahassee was relieved to know that someone like Anissa believed she could be of use to them. It was hard for her to believe it herself, because she had never been much use to anyone. Not even her own father wanted anything to do with her, not like he wanted anything to do with the rest of his children either, though. He was an asshole, albeit a powerful one. Tallahassee had learned much in the years that she had been alive, and not just how to party. She made herself look worse than she was, and maybe that could be her way to help. She could make sure to get the information the others needed. No one would suspect that she was going to be using it all against them. No one was allowed to believe she was that smart.

Siobhan looked up as Harper joined them, but he didn't look very happy about it. That only made her more nervous and she wrung her hands to show that. Part of her really just wanted to bow out, decide not to be a part of this at all. But then what would she be? Just another face in the crowd, a tool for the war? It terrified her, all of it, but she was among friends. At least she hoped that she was. Jumping in fear as Noah shouted and stormed from the room, her blue eyes went from the door, to Amello, to Mathias who had been the one to set him off, and she swallowed hard. She wished that everyone could just get along. Turning to look back at Collette she nodded slightly. "I'll do my best." She said softly, trying to convince herself just as much as the daughter of Ares.

Mathias watched in a bit of shock and even more smug satisfaction as Noah stormed from the room. Something about getting the son of Hades all worked up made him feel better about himself. Though he knew that he shouldn't be causing so much trouble. Anissa would surely tell him off for it later. With a soft sigh, his green eyes turned back on Amello, who was talking to him and basically telling him off in his own shy, reserved way. One of his eyebrows raised as he looked back at the door. "You think he's nice?" He asked softly, a bit confused by that notion. Noah seemed like a complete ass to him, of course he hadn't really given him a chance to be anything else.

"He's reckless. Fire is nothing but destruction, and I know he's powerful, but I don't think we should have invited him. I say he'll quit before it's over." Looking back at Amello, the son of Poseidon smirked softly to himself. He really didn't like Noah at all, not like many people did. Hades was not a popular god among them all. Usually only the children of Hades associated with one another, unless they were really, genuinely kind. Which Noah was not. Power or not, Mathias didn't want him here. He didn't trust him.

Noah held his hand to his chest. His hand hurt like hell from punching the wall so hard, and his knuckles were already beginning to bruise. There was a chance that they were broken, which was never a good thing. He knew that with his water, Mathias could probably heal them, but he would be damned if he asked that pretentious asshole for any kind of help. He would deal with it on his own. Still, he had to go back in. He couldn't just stay out here in the hallway like a dumbass, and he couldn't walk away. If he did, he would be playing into Zeus' hands, and he refused to be that stupid. Everything frustrated him, and he was incredibly upset, but he had work to do. Maybe, for once, he would be able to help someone. He just wished that he could do it without Mathias having to be in the way.

After composing himself, Noah walked back through the door, looking down at the floor where his footprints were scorched into it. His temper really was dangerous. The amount of restraint he had now was incredible, just to be able to keep from setting someone on fire every time he got upset. Eyeing Mathias from across the room with his impossibly black eyes, he walked to a chair that was set aside from the rest of them and sank into it, keeping his hand on his lap where the knuckles were already discolored, but he didn't hold onto it like it hurt. Even if it was killing him, he refused to show any kind of pain. Screw them all, he could take care of himself.
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Glancing up from the floor as she felt the weight of someone sitting on the arm of her chair. Lifting her head it was quick to identify that it was Tallahassee sitting next to her, and the words she spoke made Anissa's heart sink a little bit. There was no joke about inviting her along, despite being the daughter of the party god she was powerful and that was the reason that Anissa had brought her along. Not to mention the fact the female would be a good distraction against everyone that tried to attack them, no one would expect that Tallahassee was behind anything or that she was helping someone prevent a war. "I didn't just invite you here to be a joke. Your strong and smart Tallahassee, I know you can help us in one way or another. Besides people won't be expecting you to be helping us, it will be good to help us get information."

Staring down at the female below her, a smirk played on Collette's lips. Her arms moving over to her sides as her eyes racked up and down over the female on the couch. "No you won't get hurt. Don't worry I'll start off easy on you." Reaching down to pat her arm, Collette glances up at the sound of yelling going on. Noah storming out of the room like a five year old, the smirk on her face growing bigger. "And don't worry I won't start you off super hard like some idiots would." There was still a growing hate for the son of Hades for a reason that Collette didn't dare share with the others. There were reasons she didn't care for him, and she was not going to change her mind in the near future. The female had seen a few of the daughters of Hades and some of them were gorgeous, her eyes turning onto the female below her again.

Staring into space, Harper blinks as he feels Mathias get up off of the chair next to him. The blonde sighing and running his fingers through his hair, staring over towards the others. It looked like he was going to be helping the she-witch and the smart female that barely even talked. The blonde would rather have gone and played with Mathias in a closet rather then doing this, but since push came to shove he was not going to have much other choice. Pushing himself out of his chair, Harper makes his way over towards the couch that the females were by, his eyes flickering over towards Noah as he and Mathias seemed to get into an argument. Fire and water seemed to battle for a moment before Noah stormed out, leaving a very shocked and nervous looking Amello on the chair near Mathias.

Staring down at the chair as Noah spoke, Amello could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He wasn't going to be considered to much good on the fighting factor, he was a nerd who wore glasses and studied not fought in wars. Yet here he was going to be trained for war, the brief sound of someone walking over filling his ears before an argument started to take place. The blonde glancing up as he heard the sound of Noah leaving the room, his heart beating hard in his chest. He could barely hear what people were saying half ignoring what was going on, but something told him it had to do with him and his training. Why the hell was he even here? He couldn't fight in a war and now it seemed to only be causing increasing trouble between people. He was a nerd and he belonged in a library, not here on a battle field.

Part of the male wanted to get up and follow Noah, but part of him was to afraid to do so in fear that he would be killed. "I don't think that Noah will kill me Mathias, I appreciate your concern but I honestly don't think he will kill me. Besides if it did happen it's because I'm a wimp and a weakling. I'm used to being pushed around by son's and daughters of Hades, hes the nicest one I've met." Lifting his eyes from on the couch, the blonde could feel his hair sticking to his face. Sweat was growing on his skin and nerves where building in his stomach, how were they supposed to fight a war if no one got along? This was going to be challenging.
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Of course Anissa would separate him from Harper, and Mathias wasn't beyond pouting, his bottom lip pushing out. He didn't really mind helping to train one of the children of Athena or the other, but he did really want to spend time with Harper. "Of course, we would be happy to help. Wouldn't we, Harper?" Pastel green eyes turned on the son of Hermes and his hand moved to sit on top of the blonde boy's thigh. Goodness, he was beautiful, and Mathias caught himself staring without being able to help it. There was no such thing as too much of an infatuation, and while Mathias was renowned for being an epic flirt, there was just something about Harper that was... special.

On the couch, Siobhan sat curled mostly into herself, hiding behind her waves of hair until Collette spoke to her. The daughter of Athena was not privy to the knowledge of war, the only thing she didn't know much about. Of course she had read about many wars, but none of those books told her how to fight in one. It scared her, and her blue eyes sought favor with her half sibling from across the room, only to find him tied up with the son of Hades. A being just as intimidating, if not more so, than the daughter of Ares was herself. "Yes... I understand." The young girl spoke, playing with her hair, running it between her fingers as she looked at the blonde who she would be paired with. She looked as if she might cry just from the thought of it. "None of it will be... too painful... right?" She questioned, her voice barely audible over the rest of the chatter in the room.

As the others spoke, Tallahassee abandoned her chair to wander across the room and sit on the arm of Anissa's chair. "Looks like you're stuck with me. Sorry about that." The smile on her lips suggested she was joking, but her tone really sounded apologetic. She looked at Anissa from behind the large frames of her glasses and she reached up to brush some of her brown hair behind her ear. "I've got to be honest, I don't much know what I'm doing here. Did you invite me just to break the tension and be a mindless jerk like most children of Dionysus, or do you actually believe I'll be useful in some way?" It wasn't like Tallahassee to sound intelligent at all, but behind the guise of party and wine, she wasn't an idiot. She was a demigod, and she knew how to hold her own, but part of her wanted to be offended that she didn't seem to have a place here. She wanted to know why she was even here with them.

Noah hardly cared what the other boy was feeling right now. He felt like he had just been given another person to take care of, to watch after, and to make sure didn't get himself killed. He had already been through this once, with his mother, and she died anyway. Where did it say that wouldn't happen again? Maybe he was being so harsh because he feared failing the son of Athena in some way. Failing to get him ready for this war they were about to fight. He was Noah's responsibility now, and that was the bottom line. If Amello died, Noah was responsible, and he wasn't sure if he could handle that. Not again.

"Good." The son of Hades spoke plainly, his opaque black eyes seeming the least scornful of the entire meeting as they gazed at Amello from behind the fringes of equally black hair. The son of the god of the underworld, one of only a few children that came from one of the big three, and loathing of that position. People told him who he was before they got to know him, and he'd retreated behind their opinions of him from the very beginning. If they wanted rude, uncaring, and dark, that was what they were going to get. That was what he had always given them. "I don't believe any of this to be any good. I think we're setting ourselves up for failure. That being said, if you need anything, have anything to ask, you can and will come to me." Even being nice, Noah sounded cruel and demanding. He was being protective of this boy now that he was under his care. "Keep close to me, and you won't need to worry. I am more powerful than I allow others to know."

That was more than Noah had ever disclosed to anyone in his life, and it felt like a weight had been lifted, but he felt sick to his stomach at the same time. It was at this moment that Mathias decided to come between them with his smug sense of self importance, as if he was better than them both because he was one of the few sons of Poseidon. "Break up the love fest you two." Mathias said, even though he didn't hear anything that had been said between them. "Starting out, I'm going to be helping Noah train you, and then at some point I'll switch off with Harper and he'll help. So you don't have to worry about being alone with someone that could potentially fry you to a crisp. I'll be sure to cool him down if he tries anything." Typical of the haughty son of Poseidon.

The comments sent Noah right back into himself, hunkering in his chair with sparks just barely flaring at the tips of his hair and in the dark of his eyes. Of course, Mathias could best him easily. With so much water power he could drench any and all fire that Noah wished to conjure from the depths of hell or otherwise. He had been taught by his father, while Noah was forced to teach himself. The son of Hades was sure he had more potential. "I don't recall asking for your help." Noah said heatedly, his voice dark and foreboding to anyone that cared about that sort of thing. Which Mathias did not.

"Yeah, well, you heard the boss. So, call off your three headed puppy dogs, alright? Don't you think I wouldn't much rather be in a janitor closet somewhere "training" with Harper? I don't like this anymore than you do, but I honestly don't think you can train Amello all on your own without killing him yourself or making him even less prepared, so..."

"Fuck you." Noah growled at him, small bouts of fire leaping from his fingertips and scorching the upholstery on the chair as he rose from it in one fluid motion. The son of Hades stormed to the door, leaving scorched footprints with every step he took on the floor in his wake. Slamming the door open, he walked into the hallway and immediately punched a wall, his knuckles cracking with the impact on the stone. A suppressed cry bubbled from his lips as he fought to get his anger under control. Anyone knew that a child of Hades had very little control over their temper, and red hot tears boiled in the corners of Noah's eyes as he pressed his back against the wall and looked up at the ceiling. Again he had to wonder what he was even doing here.
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Half listening to her cousin and half listening to Noah, Anissa knew this was going to be ten times harder then she thought it originally to be. Though she obviously was not afraid to demand things when she needed to do, and it seemed that she was going to be required to take a lot more control of this war then she had originally thought. It seemed that everyone was having a lack of faith in everyone else. Anissa turning to look at her cousin as he spoke to her about if she had anything in mind for him and Harper, and she did as long as it kept the two apart for as long as she possibly could. Per her normally over-protective sister self, she was not going to let the two be alone together if she could avoid it. Her eyes going to Collette waiting for the woman to say anything to the woman she would be training or not.

"I want you to try your hardest alright? Listen to me and I'll work with you, I'll have you trained up in no time sweet thing so don't you worry. I am the daughter of Ares for a reason." Despite her nack for always causing a fight, Anissa had to admit Collette had a way with teaching others to fight without to much trouble. If anyone was going to be able to train the children of Athena it was going to be her despite how much hope she had in Noah. The blonde returning her eyes onto her cousin speaking up once more. "I want you two to take turns helping these two with their training of these guys. The rest of you I want you to work on your training on your own and what ever you do do not let anyone in on our little plan. If anyone knows what we are going to be doing their going to try and stop us. They agree with Zeus that the war should happen, they don't understand that their likely going to die. If we can recruit more people that would be wonderful."

Swallowing hard, Amello nods slowly towards the male before shifting his weight on the chair. It was something he couldn't argue with, he had to listen or he wouldn't learn. Amello could fully admit that he knew nothing about fighting and that he was not that good at it if he even tried. The words about being worthless barely feeling like daggers in his heart, it was nicer then what most of the other children of Hades said to him as well as other children period. The brunette glancing towards his half sister uncomfortably trying to figure out what she was going to be doing without actually asking her anything. This was going to be hard, and recruiting people was going to be even harder. He wasn't sure if there were other people aside from one, a young man who was also the child Apollo. Anissa's half brother that she had yet to meet for his secrecy and trying to keep to himself so that others wouldn't know what he was doing.

"I..I understand. I'll do exactly as you say so that I can at least be of some help." The words were trippy and he knew that if they weren't careful they would not be getting out of this alive. They would be killed fairly fast if they weren't strong enough to fight back and then things would go down hill. Perhaps a child of Zeus would even be willing to help them stop his or her father? Amello wasn't sure but it was said that the children of Zeus where known for hating their father. Zeus did not believe in letting the gods see their children, and so it caused a lot of hate in his children who wished to see their fathers or mothers that were locked away from sight leaving them completely alone.
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Mathias gazed at his cousin, a soft smirk on his full lips. She was demanding when she wanted to be, and she was powerful, so no one really wanted to mess with her when she was in a bad mood. He knew that all too well from the many years they had spent together, being raised together. He would never again attempt drenching her in water as a joke, because that got him nowhere fast. He only used his powers on others, and for his own reasons. With Anissa, he would protect her, but he knew that she could also protect herself if need be. As she spoke, his eyes glanced around the room, taking in the reactions of all of the others given the plan. Noah didn't look happy, but he never really looked happy. He wasn't sure that Collette was too happy about having to mold a child of Athena either, considering how hard it would be to have them ready to fight. But it was what needed to be done.

"If either of you need help, I'd be happy to lend a hand." He knew that Harper and he were very capable of handling themselves in a fight, so he figured it would help the tension if he offered a hand. Though the sea foam green of his eyes retreated back to Anissa after he spoke. "Unless you have a specific task in mind for Harper and I to complete in the mean time?" She was the leader in all of this, and he would do as she said. She put all of this together, and even if he did help, it wasn't his idea in the slightest.

Noah's opaque black eyes turned from Anissa to Amello when she finished speaking. He was going to have to teach this little bookworm how to fight? Impossible. He was fairly sure that the son of Athena had ever held a weapon, let alone used one. A barely audible grumble left his lips as he thought to himself about what he was possibly going to do about this. He was a powerful demi-god, he knew that, though he didn't show it. Hades didn't have many children, possibly four or five throughout the entire world that were spawned from mortal women. As one of the three of the most powerful Gods in the universe, his demi-god children were fierce and had a power that boiled beneath their skin and held strong ties with their often rotten tempers. It was never smart to anger a child of Hades.

Finally sitting up in his chair, Noah leaned closer to Amello, looking him over. "If you don't listen to me, this isn't going to work. So I expect you to do as I say, if you want to learn anything. Otherwise, you'll learn nothing, and you will be of even less worth than I believe you to be." His words were harsh, but he really didn't care. He needed to get it through the boy's head that this wasn't something to be taken lightly, and that Noah didn't care one way or another about him and his crush or his shyness. "Do I make myself clear?"
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